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Trans Angels - Update

December 31, 2020

Stretching Together

Jessy Dubai is a sexy yoga teacher with a body that won't quit and a client that won't start. When she shows up at the house of Micah Martinez it's clear that he's a lot more interested in groping Jessy's tatas than opening his own chakras. Goddess Jessy is tired of men making her drag her yoga stuff all the way to their house when all they want to do is fuck and takes out her frustration on Micah's spoiled ass. Jessy coaches the beefy Black hunk through some demanding yoga positions before tearing open his pants and giving him the hot and heavy pounding he's been asking for. Jessy dominates Micah, giving his whole body the rough and intense kind of workout he really needed.

BareBack That Hole - Update

December 27, 2020

Nice To Meet You

When Covid leaves your favorite bathhouse looking like a ghost town, it's time to make other arrangements. Micah and Luke are tired of striking out at the bathhouse and decide to take it back to Micah's place. During the car ride, they start talking and Luke tells Micah that he has a pussy, which turns Micah on. Once they arrive Luke immediately rips his shorts off, followed by Micah's shirt while they kiss. Luke then pulls his underwear down so Micah can eat his pussy out. Luke loves the feel of a wet tongue on his pussy lips, but now it's his turn to show Micah what his mouth can do. He has no problem swallowing every inch of juicy cock as Micah's face fucks him. Once Micah is nice and hard, Luke sits down on his dick and lets his pussy go to work.

Trans Angels - Update

December 10, 2020

Control Her

Blonde and beautiful Casey Kisses is so excited to finally get off her feet after a long day shopping. In a sexy pink dress she gives her girl Korra Del Rio a video call to see if the brunette babe got the package she sent to her. Korra unboxes the sexy lingerie that Casey sent to her and the two show off their hot new outfits for each other. Korra and Casey give each other a sizzling hot cam show, but Casey isn't done surprising Korra. Korra pulls out a vibrating butt plug that Casey holds the remote to. The sexy fuck buddies explore the exciting realm of teledildonics, Casey buzzing Korra as the two fantasize about each other from their separate rooms. Korra loves it, moaning and giggling as she strokes herself to the sensation.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

December 09, 2020

ManDate 3

Part 3 "ManDate" Ryan Carter, Digger, TripleXTransMan, Peter Hooke - a gay couple, a trans man, a bi/pansexual man... all sex, all bareback, all intensely HOT! There's so much gay erotica starting with some more than eager cock sucking, ass fucking, hole eating, 2 hole DP, kissing, verbal, cunnilingus, sweaty...and a whole LOT more! If you're just seeing this for the first time go and check it out. These guys hold nothing back and your'll love every prick draining moment.

Trans Angels - Update

December 08, 2020

All The Hard Work

Beside being the charismatic co-host of a renovation show, trans goddess Daisy Taylor is also doing all sorts of hard work. She leads the construction teams, handles the big renovations herself and even plays the theme song, while playboy Michael Del Ray, the other co-host, lazes around with the guests. When lunch time comes, the hard working woman decides that she deserves a special snack. Who else than Micheal to provide her with what she wants? The torrid sex scene that follows proves that, sometimes, doing the hard work can be quite fun.

Trans Angels - Update

December 06, 2020


The gorgeous Monica Conti is waiting for her man. As she lazes on her rattan chair, wearing her prettiest nightgown and delicate white lingerie, she starts feeling herself, touching the very tip of her sensitive nipples. Here comes the awaited one, Jonas Jackson, looking good in his most precious pink suit. He won't wear it for too long, as Monica has other plans for him. She gets on her knees, undresses the man and services him, he then does the same to his queen. Those are only the first steps in a passionate and steamy intercourse.

Trans Angels - Update

November 06, 2020

Threetail Therapy

There are few things in life more liberating than a little bit of retail therapy. Stunning gal pals Casey Kisses, Korra Del Rio and Kylie Lebeau have just come home with a massive haul of the cutest new clothes and they can't wait to show them off. Kylie and Casey steal a moment together while Korra is out of the room, Casey showing off her beautiful body in a way that makes Kylie hungry for a taste of her cock. Korra is shocked when she walks in on the couple, dropping her shopping everywhere but when Casey invites Korra to join the sexy brunette doesn't hesitate. The three gorgeous ladies take turns sucking and stroking each other, Casey and Korra working Kylie from every angle and letting the dark-haired hottie suck both of their cocks at once.

Transsensual - Update

November 05, 2020

Not the Only One

Tony (Tony Orlando) gets injured playing hockey and he agrees to go get a massage. Jessica (Jessica Foxx) leads him in the room and invited him to lay down on the table. She leaves the room and lets him get ready, but not before having one last look at him. She discreetly opens the door and peeks on him when he is getting naked. This massage will absolutely be a treat for her. When Tony goes under the towel, she enters the room and starts her massage. Touching him arouses her, but she’s a professional she keeps it clean. Until, she realizes that she’s not the only one who enjoy it a little bit too much.

Transsensual - Update

October 30, 2020

The Perfect Touch

Natalie (Natalie Mars) shows up to her boyfriend’s house uninvited. Colby (Colby Jansen), his roommate, is surprised to see her. He mentions to her that he still on a business trip, but she’s totally aware of that. In fact, she comes to see him, since his recently graduate from a prestigious massage school, she wants to test his skills. Colby is not confident about it, she’s his best friend’s girlfriend. Natalie tells him that he is totally okay with it, it’s even him that suggested to her to going to see him. Even if he is not really set up to receive clients at home, he agrees to take her. The message goes well, and Natalie enjoys the firm touch of Colby and wants more. She wants to feel him inside her.

Trans Angels - Update

October 29, 2020

Soft, Warm, Pink

Gorgeous brunette goddess Carrie Emberlyn lives the sweet life, spending her days in the luxury and relaxation that she deserves. She bathes with rose petals, gently touching her perfect body as she thinks about the man who provides for her and keeps her safe and happy. Carrie shows off her beautiful tits and lacy stockings, getting dressed up in her softest, sexiest pink lingerie for Ryan Pitt. Ryan drops to his knees before his goddess, kissing and worshiping her feet and cock as the two lovers tell each other how much they want what's coming to them. Ryan slides his fingers into Carrie's hole, feeling it clench around him as he prepares it for the real thing. Ryan spreads Carrie's legs and presses his big cock into her as she moans and whimpers with ecstasy.

Cutler's Den - Update

October 18, 2020

Cutler X + Ari Koyte

Sexy FTM Ari gets his Cutler X dream filled. Cutler X is a the nicest man you've ever met but he will find a way to fuck your hole + Guaranteed. Ari Koyote is a super cute trans boy. Fresh faced good looks, big furry legs, a cute little ass and hungry vagina! SUPER HOT FUCKING with the other nicest.

Transsensual - Update

October 14, 2020

Special Treatment

Casey (Casey Kisses) leads Ella (Ella Hollywood) in the massage room. Ella seems very nervous, but the gentle voice and smile of Casey makes her relaxed. During the massage, Casey senses some tension in her patient, she puts more pressor and rubs the gorgeous body of her client. The deeper she goes the calmer Ella become, but Casey never really removed her from all that tightness. After a few more minutes, she knows exactly what to do to please her the way she deserves.

Trans Angels - Update

October 12, 2020

Quick Play

Sandy blonde bombshell Casey Kisses has been gaming all day even though her sexy girlfriend Kylie Lebeau keeps dropping hints that she's horny as hell and requiring attention! Kylie decides that the best way to get Casey's eyes off the screen is by sneakily sliding a massive strap-on into Casey's tight gamer butt, giving Casey a very pleasant surprise! Casey realizes the time has come for her to put away one set of toys in favor of a new set and eagerly deep throats Kylie's strap-on. The two sexy ladies take turns servicing and slurping each other, Casey in a cute pink skirt and Kylie in a full-body mesh catsuit. Casey loves getting pounded by her slim girlfriend, the brown-haired beauty giving her a hardcore high-level ride to remember.

Transsensual - Update

October 06, 2020

When Mommy Is Away!

Eva (Eva Maxim) knows that her stepdad, Ricky (Ricky Larkin), likes her more than a daughter. He always looks at her when her mom is not looking, his niece with her, he understands her. She likes him too. He's a very attractive man, a bit old for her but age it’s just a number. Eva waits for the perfect moment to make a move on him. This weekend, her mom leaves her and her husband alone for the weekend. Eva knows how bad her mom's cooking is, so she decides to cook breakfast for Ricky. She brings it in his room and wakes him up. Ricky is happy to see her and will never say no to a nice breakfast in bed, but he finds the situation a little bit embarrassing. First, he doesn't wear underwear in bed; secondly, it's not appropriate to be in bed with his stepdaughter when her mom is not there.

Trans Angels - Update

October 04, 2020

Unparalleled Fuck

Trans goddess Korra Del Rio is a promising gymnast, training for the 2020 pornlympics. Her favorite discipline is the asymmetric bars butt wiggle, at which she more than excels. As she’s doing her routine, her personal trainer, Michael Jackman, looks over her. He’s quite turned on by Korra's performance but tries to find ways to make her routine even sexier. He’s struck by this genius idea: cranking the room temperature to the max without telling her pupil. He peeps as Korra gets all sweaty and slippery and decides to undress. Now, he can’t help but try to have taste of her. Steamy hardcore ensues as Korra kneels, bends down and spreads her legs for her hungry coach.

Staxus - Update

September 28, 2020

Friends With Benefits 1

By popular demand we have shot a cross dressing scene! Many fans requested it – so if it is not your thing please move on. It is one scene and if it’s not popular we won’t do it again – so no need to bombard us with negative feedback if you don’t like it. To the fans that did request it I hope you enjoy! Danny jones is home alone and bored – he finds his roommates girlfriends underwear and he can't resist trying it out. His straight room mate encourages him to go all the way – and what follows is an explosive sexual domination / submission fantasy that both models totally got into!

Transsensual - Update

September 27, 2020

Daddy Dearest

Khloe (Khloe Kay) is getting ready for a date with her college crush. She stops in the kitchen to make sure that she looks perfect. Her stepdad Draven (Draven Navarro) complements her and gives her the confidence she needs for her date. She smiles at him and leaves the house. A few hours later she comes back home crying. Her dream date was an asshole he treated her like shit. Obviously, Draven reacts like every dad would. He's so fired up he wants to go to kick his ass. Khloe stops him, she finds his reaction cute. She wishes that she could find someone like him someday. In this intimate moment between her and her stepdad, she lets herself go and kiss him. Draven tries to move away, but when she presses her young body against him, he gives up and kisses her back.

Transsensual - Update

September 21, 2020

You're Always Accountable…

When Pierce (Pierce Paris) married Daisy’s mom, he knew that she will be a problem. It’s not that Pierce doesn’t like teenagers, it’s that Daisy (Daisy Taylor) is uncommonly beautiful. When Daisy starts to flirt with him, he knows that is life will be difficult. Pierce is like any man, put a beautiful and charming young woman in front him, and at some point, he’d crack. One night, Daisy pushes the seduction to the next level, she uses the fact that her mom is out for the evening to come in Pierce’s room and ask him for help. Pierce tries to play the nice stepdad, and ignores the signals that she sends him, so she leaves the room. Alone on his bed with his dick pressing against his pants, Pierce had no other option, he needs to let the steam go.

Trans Angels - Update

September 19, 2020

Bitch Craft 3

With the curly-haired cutie Josie (Alisia Rae) seduced to the dark side, Annie (Daisy Taylor) has all of the pieces she needs to lure Rebecca (Ella Hollywood) back into the fold, and just in time for Notre-Ange-du-Bois's big orientation dance. Annie backs Rebecca into a corner, showing her a magically subdued Michael (Dante Colle) and inviting her to make her commitment to magic official with a good old fashioned human sacrifice. Rebecca is tempted by the promise of power, but makes a final choice... the choice to choose for herself. With Annie dealt with, the three college freshmen decide it's time for them to finally get around to that sexual experimentation that people are always talking about with a three-way fuck fest that will leave you bewitched.

Transsensual - Update

September 11, 2020

Letting Go

Ricky (Ricky Larkin) and Ella’s mom broke up. Unfortunately for Ella (Ella Hollywood), she never had a chance to say goodbye. This is why she decided to go visit him in his new house. Ricky is happy to see her; he was her stepdad for five years it means a lot to him. Ella wants to make sure they can still see each other even if he is not with her mom. Ricky assured her that he will always be there for her if she needs him. Ella comes closer to Ricky, the good part in this new situation is that now Ricky is free and it’s okay for her to make a move on him. Her ex-stepdad resists the young girl’s advance, but her charming smile and her gentle touch make him break and he lets himself go.

Transsensual - Update

September 04, 2020

Sister War 2

After having sex with his girlfriend Melanie, Dillon leaves the room but is cut off on his way to the bathroom by Foxxy. She grabs him by the towel and brings him into her room before removing the towel and putting his cock in her mouth. With his now rock-hard wet cock he plows into Foxxy’s tight asshole and she gets more than expected. Having her sister’s boyfriend inside her excites her. Meanwhile, Melanie is wondering why her boyfriend his not coming back, so she leaves the room to go look for him.

Trans Angels - Update

September 03, 2020

Bitch Craft 2

In the second part of this three-part feature conceptualized by Daisy Taylor we get to know Josie (Alisia Rae) the sexy curly-haired roommate of Rebecca (Ella Hollywood). Josie and Rebecca bond as they discuss Rebecca’s secret past as a witch. But, when Rebecca heads off to class Josie can’t resist going through the sneaky blonde’s boxes, finding artifacts from her time as a powerful high school sorceress. Annie (Daisy Taylor) surprises Josie in her dorm, cornering her and demonstrating the dark and desiring side of magic. Josie is hungry to know more and is quick to strip down for Annie, showing off her tight body and perky sweet nipples.

Transsensual - Update

August 27, 2020

Sister War 1

Melanie and her boyfriend Dillon visit her sister Foxxy. Melanie is excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her, but Foxxy is way more excited to meet this handsome gentleman. After saying hello and entering the house, Melanie rushes Dillon into the bedroom to satisfy her craving for his cock. The spontaneity gets Dillon over-excited and he cums a couple minutes into Melanie’s blowjob. Having left his girlfriend unsatisfied, Dillon needs to go clean himself up. On his way to the shower he catches Foxxy masturbating with a huge dildo. Once Dillon finally gets in the shower and starts to clear his mind, he is surprised by Foxxy. She sneaks in the shower and starts washing him. Dillon goes along and slowly it becomes obvious that she wants more.

Trans Angels - Update

August 26, 2020

Long Distance Love

Dark haired beauty Korra Del Rio is showing off her sexiest fishnet and lace bodysuit with garters and black high heels when she gets a text from her long-distance lover. Korra decides to she him how much she misses him, giving him an up-close view of bulge and her hungry hole. Korra teases the camera, fingering her mouth and stroking herself as she tells him how much she misses his tongue all over her body. Korra takes out a nice long dildo and slides it into her ass, desperate for anything to fill her up as she moans and coos, making sure her man misses every inch of her. Korra spanks herself, showing off her tight butt while she begs for someone to give her that loving feeling in this sexy solo showcase.

Trans Angels - Update

August 14, 2020

Spring Cleaning 2

After her hot and heavy encounter with Kylie Le Beau, Casey Kisses is ready for a nice long bath to calm herself down. The blonde babe teases herself with the bubbles and bathwater, still turned on from her tryst with Kylie, she strokes her hard cock on the edge of the bath as she feels herself and fantasizes about exploring her friend even further. In the tub, Casey pinches her perky nipples as she soaks in the foaming water. Casey shows off all of her softest and hardest parts, teasing the camera with her hard cock and tight hole, fingering and rubbing herself into a frenzy until she's ready to shoot her pearly cum all over her hands in a glorious self-love session that will have you drooling.

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