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Trans Angels - Update

November 29, 2021

Gamer Girl Gone Wrong

Korra Del Rio and Aubrey Kate are playing a videogame together where they need to cast spells to defeat a massive snake, but the only spell Aubrey wants to cast is one where her trouser snake gets pleasured! With Korra blissfully unaware, the hot blonde pulls out her penis and strokes it when she's caught by Pierce Paris, Korra's new boyfriend! With Korra's attention completely consumed by the deadly snake in their game, Aubrey diverts her gaze onto another snake - Pierce's hard penis! She sucks his dick as Korra continues to ramble on about the videogame. Aubrey releases her big, fake tits from her bra before spitting and licking up Pierce's balls. Naughty Aubrey hasn't had enough yet. She takes off her pants and spreads her ass cheeks for Pierce as his girlfriend is merely a few feet away!

Trans Angels - Update

November 27, 2021

Fucking Self Sucking Besties

Casey Kisses and Skylar Snow are making out quietly in the kitchen, trying their best to not get caught, but they're wild with lust for each other's hot bodies. Skylar lowers Casey's camisole and sucks her nipples as her hand explores the t-girl's crotch when all of the sudden, they hear Johnny Hill coming! Casey quickly covers her breasts as the horny redhead falls to her knees and gives her a rim-job right under Johnny's nose! Johnny takes his tattooed girlfriend to bed, but that's not enough to stop naughty Skylar though. She waits for the right moment and makes her move. The ladies engage in a sexy session of 69 when Johnny wakes up but doesn't realize his naked girlfriend isn't alone because he blindfolds himself with a pair of Skylar's panties!

Jock Pussy - Update

November 24, 2021

Jonah & Stevie Ch. 2

These boys love kissing. From the moment they're together, they're unable to resist the urge to get in close and kiss deep. And with their impressive facial hair, the soft, tickling sensation only excites them more. Jonah's sensual demeanor spreads over Stevie like warm butter, easing him into a passionate sexual encounter he is sure to remember. As their hands freely explore beneath each other's layers, piece by piece they strip down until they're completely open and exposed. Their intimacy is a mix of raw vulnerability and carnal pleasure, making for a powerful moment for these horny guys. Jonah brushes his iconic mustache over Stevie's legs, caressing him as he makes his way up to his gingery hairy crotch. Between the smooth, milky thighs Jonah finds a warm, wet pussy desperate to be devoured.

Jock Pussy - Update

November 05, 2021

Spencer & Luke Atlanta 3

Spencer Daley is one of those guys you just wanna have sex with. Blond hair, blue eyes, stocky, smooth build, big dick. He's in a hotel room with Luke Hudson, who's gotta be the sexiest FTM on the planet! They kneel on the bed, kissing passionately, stripped down to their underwear. These two guys are hot for each other and ready to fuck. Spencer is soon on his knees with his hungry tongue rammed deep into Luke's quivering pussy.

Jock Pussy - Update

October 21, 2021

Gabriel & Tommy

Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 7 - Gabriel Clark holds his cock between his thumb and finger, anchoring it by his hand and guiding it inside Tommy Tanner's pussy. His wet labia yields to his mass, making a path to his belly. Gabriel curls his toes as he senses the initial penetration, dizzy with delight at what the experienced top has yet to deliver. Gabriel slides deeper, feeling his shaft disappear from sight and make a new home in Tommy. He clings to the trans man's thighs, holding his knees up and bracing him for the full force. And with a gentle pull closer, Gabriel began his breeding. As Gabriel felt himself approaching climax, he gripped tighter onto Tommy's legs, not wanting him any further from him than needed to be.

Alternadudes - Update

October 15, 2021

A Fuck & A Foot

Austin Spears is horny again and he's hungry for some feet. He hops on and takes both Christop and Rave riding their big dicks until he's completely filled up. He gets a glimpse of Christop's feet and can't resist getting down on all fours to take a lick. Christop keeps pounding his meat as he makes out with Rave and gets his feet worshiped by the horny, hungry hottie on the floor. Austin's tongue feels amazing between Christop's toes and it pushes him over the edge. He stands up to face fuck Austin before he spills his load deep into the panting twink's open mouth. It's a nice big load that leaves both piggy dudes satisfied.

Jock Pussy - Update

October 07, 2021

Tristan & Ari Atlanta

Chapter 3 - Tristan loves to explore and connect on an intimate level. He's never been stuck on gender identity, sexual orientation, or anatomy. He sees the beauty and possibility in every person he sees... And when he gets hard, he's good to go! Ari loves knowing that Tristan's been with men, women, trans men, and trans women. He sees before him a handsome, modern queer man; someone who respects people for who they are, not for what they carry between their legs! Sitting in bed, they talk and laugh, locking eyes, and feeling a powerful connection that gets them both excited to go further. Tristan's soft, blond mustache brushes against Ari's lips as they kiss, giving him a pleasant tickle as they get closer.

Jock Pussy - Update

September 22, 2021

In San Antonio

Roman and Luke could practically be twins! They're both lean, athletic, horny guys with close cropped hair and sexy spattering of tattoos. They both love to kiss, suck, and fuck. The biggest difference between them seems to be Luke's hot, wet jock pussy and Roman's thick, throbbing cock! As the two kiss and feel each other's bodies, their loins practically catch fire as they think about tearing off their underwear and getting right to business! Roman immediately dives his tongue between Luke's legs, caressing his furry thighs as he kisses and sucks on the trans boy's hard clit. Luke moans as Roman aggressively kisses and devours his cunt, lapping at its crevasses and triggering his pleasure center with precision.

Jock Pussy - Update

September 09, 2021

Riley & Ari in Atlanta 6

Ari and Riley are famously good kissers. The two of them can make love with their mouths in ways others can only imagine. As much as they love to grind their loins against each other, they can't not indulge in a passionate, sensual, seductive session of making out. Besides, it gets them worked up like nothing else! Stripped down and pressing their bodies against one another, the handsome, scruffy jocks are a knot of arms and legs, touching each other's well maintained bodies, feeling the heat of their muscles and fur on one another. They're not strangers to one another, but that only makes the longing even more intense. Knowing what they've had and what they're about to enjoy again gets them even more hungry for a hard fuck.

Trans Angels - Update

August 30, 2021

Prime Suspect Pounding

Mysterious Alura Jenson has been brought in for questioning as a suspect in her husband’s murder, but her icy and cool demeanor means that she knows exactly how to dodge and mitigate the probing questions of hot trans detective Eva Paradis. As Alura sits down for a tense interview, she tries to seduce the indomitable Eva. It turns out Eva is more than amenable to Alura’s advances, especially when she offers her ass. The the squirt just tops it off.

Alternadudes - Update

August 28, 2021

4-Some 2: The Rise of Rave

Part 2 of the epic 4-some saga is all about Rave. This guy just wants his dick wet and he gets what he needs when he pumps it into Christop, then Johnny Castro, and then Austin Spears. Everyone is tripping on themselves to get Rave's big thick cock inside of them somehow. It doesn't matter if it's a mouth or a hole, these guys want him bad. After a lot of attention paid to Rave's throbbing dick, Austin's manhole is the last and final stop for Rave when he pulls out and blasts a massive load all over Austin's six-pack abs.

Trans Angels - Update

August 28, 2021

Anal Introduction

Trans goddess Natalie Mars walks in on her cis roommate Febby Twiggs, using a twin dildo on herself. Kinky Natalie is shocked and impressed: the ever-horny Febby is filling both her holes!? Emboldened Febby decides she will teach Natalie the pleasure of introducing things in her ass. From a finger, to a dildo, to a WHOLE fist, Natalie is in for a lesson she’ll never forget.

Jock Pussy - Update

August 21, 2021

Oliver & Luke in Charlotte

Oliver is just Luke's type: tall, lean, scruffy, a little nerdy, and very horny. The two cuddle up in bed, pressing their bare flesh against each other, feeling the soft, sensual contact between them. Oliver's chest hair trails down to his throb-knob, as if directing Luke right where to go. Kissing and caressing each other, Luke is not shy about exploring Oliver's body. And Oliver is not shy about returning the favor. Putting Luke on his back, the glasses-wearing stud slides between his legs, planting his face between Luke's soft thighs to begin savoring the taste of that clit. Oliver's tongue-teasing is getting the transboy's body warmed up for a hot fuck. As Oliver dives deep into Luke's pussy with his tongue, Luke guides him in deeper, holding the back of his neck to encourage him to gorge on his manpussy.

Trans Angels - Update

August 20, 2021

Coffee Shop Creaming

The coffee shop is abuzz with caffeinated, productive patrons – including the beautiful Cherie Deville. But everybody’s productivity levels are about to go way, way down, because stunning Aspen Brooks has arrived, and she’s going to spice things up big time. Aspen takes a seat and turns on her favorite porn film, and she quickly catches Cherie’s attention, along with the barista, Dante Cole’s. The sexual tension in the café is intense, and it’s clear everyone is dying for a taste of Aspen. The only question is, who will get to taste her first?

Alternadudes - Update

August 12, 2021

Tatted 4-Some

Hot shaggy-haired FTM Austin Spears really gets around the neighborhood and tonight he's got three guys lined up who all wanna pound his man-pussy. The guys start off rimming in a chain on the couch and quickly break off to pair up with each top grabbing a bottom and all dicks finding a hole to plug. It's a grunt-fest as the guys suck and fuck and pound, switching up partners and switching up holes. Rave Hardick's massive dick stretches everything it touches, while Christop takes two cocks in his mouth and gets his ass pounded for the first time on camera by both Johnny Castro and Rave. In the end, it's Johnny who finishes up first, blasting a messy load all over Austin's tight, writhing body. Keep your eyes open for parts 2 and 3 where everyone else takes a turn blasting on Austin!

Trans Angels - Update

August 11, 2021

Fucking The Hot Roommate

When the ever-horny Jexxxica Blake meets her roommate's hot boyfriend, Dominic Pacifico, it's an instant crush. Dominic grabs Jexxxica’s tight ass as they meet and hug. Turned on, they both masturbate in their respective rooms and fantasize about each other. Jexxxica plays with herself in the laundry room while Dominic jerks himself off in bed, using one of his girlfriend’s sock before closing his eyes. Jexxxica, passing by the room, notices the man resting with the sock on his dick. Intrigued, she slowly lifts up the sock to sneak a peek of his cock. What a shock when cum falls out onto her face! Dominic jumps and Jexxxica grabs him by the cock to go fuck in the laundry room.

Jock Pussy - Update

August 05, 2021

Gabriel & Tommy

Gabriel & Tommy in Montreal Chapter 6 - Gabriel sits back and enjoys every second of cock-worship he gets from Tommy. The young guy is a master at sucking cock, and the way the trans-man looks up at him fills his heart and loins with joy! A giant smile crosses his face as he runs a hand through Tommy's hair, wishing he could start every day this way. The two can't help but laugh, enamored with each other and loving their insatiable intimacy. Tommy swallows Gabriel down, filling his throat with man meat and moving a hand to his lubed up pussy. He fingers his hole, getting it wet and ready to take Gabriel back inside, eager to milk out one more load. Getting up to mount Gabriel, Tommy spreads his legs and easily takes his partner's cock in his cunt.

Trans Angels - Update

August 03, 2021

Dancing Dirty

?Ballerinas are competitive - that's just the name of the game. So when the stunning head ballerina Rubi Maxim tells her dancers Jenna Noelle and Natalie Mars that she will be choosing which of the two girls will get the lead role, the competition intensifies dramatically. Jenna and Natalie will do anything to get the part, even if that means dancing dirty.

Trans Angels - Update

July 27, 2021

Blowing While She Blows

Trans goddess Daisy Taylor is an emerging R&B singer in the process of recording her new single. When Daisy walks in the studio, she meets Dillon Diaz, a hot janitor. Star struck Dillon dares to ask the pretty Daisy for an autograph on his butt. After she gets in the recording booth and starts singing, Dillon, faking to be mopping the floor, sneaks into the room and gets under the singer. Daisy is startled at first, but the woman is so horny that she agrees to let Dillon blow her while she sings. Sitting at the mixing console, Daisy's producer starts suspecting that his angel voiced idol might also be an insatiable sex beast.

Jock Pussy - Update

July 21, 2021

Sean & Ari Ch. 2

Watching a hung DILF like Sean Duran fucking a cute FTM like Ari Koyote was always going to be a fairly intense experience. It's immediately clear that the two men have brilliant chemistry and that they are very very into one another. The first fucking happens from behind, with Ari learning over the bed while Sean powerfully slams his meat into the trans-man's cunt. He grits his teeth and uses every muscle in his body to fuck as deep as possible. At times it feels frenzied. Sean lies on the bed and Ari sits on top of him, angled slightly away. Sean powerfully pounds Ari's pussy from underneath while Ari spreads his masculine, hairy legs real wide to aid the almost overwhelming sensation. Sean simultaneously uses his hand to work on Ari's clit, as the boy slowly begins to lose control.

Trans Angels - Update

July 11, 2021

Maid Needs A Maid

Jessyca Arantes is a spoiled housewife who spends all of her time tormenting her overworked maids while he husband's away. The busty beauty makes messes just to watch her two house-girls clean them up, wasting their time and wearing down their last nerve. Vitoria Prado and her best girl Bruno decide to take an unsanctioned smoke break in the lady of the house's closet, admiring her fancy dresses as they scheme about how to take their boss down a peg. When Jessyca catches the two maids trying on her clothes she's furious, but the maids quickly show her who's boss by whipping out their hard cocks and inviting her to try serving for once. The three gorgeous girls have a major fuckfest, Jessyca taking big dick from both sides as the maids make a spit roast out of her.

Trans Angels - Update

July 09, 2021

The Voyeur Papar(ass)i

Gorgeous bombshell Emma Rose is a famous social media influencer being tracked down by paparazzies all the time. This time though, the bastard followed her all the way home, and she's annoyed as all hell when she gets home to her boyfriend Chris Epic. Thankfully, he knows just what to do to help her relax. Indeed, what better than a nice little blowjob and some good ass-fucking to release the tension? There ain't nothing better and Emma and Chris both know it. The voyeur paparazzi also knows it and this is why he won't miss out on his chance to spy on the couple!

Jock Pussy - Update

July 06, 2021

Spencer, Brogan & Luke

Spencer, Brogan & Luke in Tulsa - Brogan Reed is dark and rugged, stubbly, hung like a horse with a smooth, chiseled, oiled chest and a nipple piercing. He sits like a king while he has two handsome young men worshipping his cock. And why not? He's "Daddy." One of them, Spencer Daley, is handsome, blond and tall, with a hairless, pale, well-defined body. The other one is Luke Hudson, a cute, nerdy trans man who is known for amazing sex! Luke is masculine with dark hair, a neat side parting and distinctive tattoos on his chest and back. Moments later, Spencer is standing up, legs powerfully spread between the couch and the side table, thrusting his giant, cut cock into Luke's mouth. Luke then lowers his cunt onto Brogan's thick dick.

Trans Angels - Update

July 05, 2021

Ready For Anything

Angelina Please is a blonde babe who knows that you don't have to get ready if you stay ready, and when she finds her boyfriend Johnny B packing canned food in what's supposed to be their emergency go-bag, she decides its time for a little knowledge sharing. Angelina shows off the duffel bag she's had packed for years, teaching Johnny about what they'll actually need in an emergency -- lots and lots of dildos. Angelina demonstrates how to use all of the sexy toys she can't live without, helping Johnny pleasure her hole with a vibrator while he teases her dick. Soon their demonstration escalates to a hardcore fuck right there in the kitchen, Johnny pounding Angelina's tight little hole with his big cock while she moans and gasps with total pleasure.

Trans Angels - Update

June 27, 2021

Musky Man Sexy Stan

The obsessed Evie Envy is SUCH a big fan of porn star Bo Sinn that she found a way to sneak into his flat. Armed with her cellphone cam, she films herself as she does some raunchy mischief in his bedroom. Aroused beyond self-control, Evie rubs her nose in his underwear and rims his fleshlight! As she's bent down, elbow deep in a pile of his clothes, indulging herself in Bo's musky smell, the actor himself walks into the room. He could call security on his unwelcomed guest, but seeing how tight the girl's ass seems, horny Bo prefers to both fulfill her star-struck ambitions and satisfy his lust.

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