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Raging Stallion - Update

February 13, 2022

Fuck Me Fast & Furious 3

Officers Skyy Knox and Tony Dangelo are trying to bust driver Beau Butler's crew for street racing, but the beefy stud knows better than to talk to the police. It isn't until the aggressive officers pull out their hard cocks that Beau finally opens his mouth. With the hairy racer bent over the interrogation room table, officer Tony warns Beau that if he doesn't start talking, they're going to bareback his hole. Beau refuses to speak, and, true to their word, the officers proceed to take turns drilling their suspect's furry bubble butt. The nonstop thrusting from the two brooding cops is too much for Beau and has the stud spitting out a thick load of cum onto Skyy's abs. The rough officers immediately return the favor by surrounding Beau and covering his face in their creamy seed.

Raw Road Nation - Update

February 13, 2022

Kinky Burglar

A burglar breaks into a window to an unexpected thing Big Cock to Twink laying in filth and surrounded by dildos. He soon wakes up and takes a fancy to this ultimate fantasy. He grabs his dick and shoves it in his mouth, sucks it until it's throbbing ready to be put up his ass. The burglar grabs one of the dildos and warms up his manhole before sticking his dick right into that cute twins tight hole. Eventually finishes into his mouth and this bottom lad is left back to his dreams and his wet ass hole.

Young Perps - Update

February 11, 2022

Walking Away Clean

Aaron Trainer brings Amone Bane and Dante Drackis into custody for interrogation. He offers the two men a sweet deal, and if they oblige, they will walk away no questions asked. Aaron has already had Amone, and now he wants Dante and Amone at the same time. Dante and Amone must do whatever Aaron tells them to do to get out of trouble.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

January 15, 2022

Klepto Cum Dump

Once n awhile these cum dumps step outta line an get greedy. Not in my house. You wanna steal from me? Then you gotta pay the fucken price. Sticky fingers gets you sticky loads. Told my boys this slut was the party pooper and we needed to bring him some xmas cum cheer! 4 everything that he stole I want it paid back in hot loads down his throat. I love me a white fucken xmas!

Young Perps - Update

December 22, 2021

Searching The Perp

Searching The Perp stars Cole Church, and Darron Bluu as two people trying to do something that will have on huge and long lasting impact on each other. Security officer Cole Church brings suspected thief Darron Bluu to the backroom for some questioning. Officer Church orders Darron to bend over his desk so he can perform a deep cavity search… and informs him that he won’t be able to leave until he drains his cock!

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

November 03, 2021

Spooge Splashing Str8 Thugs

Blinx, Duke, Lex Lane, Jake Reid, Keef Johnson, Devin Reynolds, Paradox, Jonas Taylor, Drift, Daniel Delong, Dean Inja, Apollo Delion, Chad Turner, Dakotah Perrie, Mickey Waters, Rion Rivers, Asher Hayden, Dom Anderson, Danali Youkon & Billy Base. If there's one thing our straight thugs love more than anything else it's pumping hot cum from their throbbing cocks. Watch as some of our best guys grab their meat and spurt their spooge for their fans, with Fleshlight fucking, buddy sucking, ball tugging and self facials too as these guys get their goo out of their awesome cocks in clip after clip. It's packed with so much straight cock cream you won't be able to hold back!

Men Over 30 - Update

October 02, 2021

Prison Privileges

Prison Privileges Are Hard To Cum By! - Inmate Armando De Armas tries to pass the time in his cell by reading, but prison guard Riley Mitchel wants to get his dick sucked. Armando might not be able to read his book because of the guard, but he surely found a better way to pass the time. They pass it with dick sucking, ass licking and finally deep hard anal penetration. If you love hot gay sex, you just might wanna do a crime to get here.

Cum Pig Men - Update

September 02, 2021

Matthew's Face Stuffing

Sexy cocksucker Matthew Grande perks an eye when Johnny Castro drops his pants as they sit facing each other. Matthew sees just the kind of cock he wants to swallow. he kneels between Johnny's legs and starts nursing on that big tool. Johnny stands with his hand cupped around the back of Matthew's head and guides that juicy mouth down all the way. But it all looks like so much fun that Johnny gets into the act, beating his cock while Matthew stands and feeds him hot Latin dick. But that short disturbance in the force soon passes and Matthew is back to work slobbering on Johnny's knob in no time. Johnny slaps his tool around Matthew's face till the talented sucker catches it back in his mouth again. The slight downward curve is a perfect fit for deepthroating.

Bromo - Update

June 08, 2021

Hard On Parole

After getting up to no good while he's out on parole, convict Chris Damned could be looking at hard time, but he doesn't pay any attention to his parole officer, Adrian Hart, until Adrian shows him a hard cock. The orange jumpsuit-wearing bad boy just wants to have fun, starting with sucking Adrian's cock, then he turns the tables and fucks Adrian's face. Chris fucks the bottom on the table, then Adrian sucks Chris's dick and rides him before Chris bends him over and pounds him till he shoots his load all over the one-way mirror! Chris leaves some evidence on Adrian's pert ass.

GDude-JP - Update

May 12, 2021

Construction Site Adventure

Poker's a fun game for the guys, and you never know which direction things might go. Boys will be boys. When Yowei and Akira played a few hands at home, Akira won. In a cocky mood, he decided to raise the stakes with a sexy dare for Yowei. Off the two went to explore the abandoned Woodson construction site. Besides the wild animals who make it their home, there seemed to be human creatures making some strange noises in the darkest corners. Will Yowei and Akira find out the naughty goings on at the construction site after dark? Are they ready to face that hot dirty action?

Fraternity X - Update

May 10, 2021

Trashed Ass

This skater boy has been hanging around the frat for days, begging to become a pledge even though it isn't pledge week. So, we cut the little bitch a deal. If he can handle all the brothers, we'll let him in. Well, he did take us all though he was whining the whole time. Guess we'll have to trash his ass a few times to make sure he is man enough to become a bro.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

April 27, 2021

Dudes Enjoying Dicks

Blinx, Hunter, Lil Wyte, Nolan, Devin Reynolds, Drift, Daniel Delong, Wolfe Gunmetal, Cayden Priar, Dean Inja, Apollo Delion, Chad Turner, Dakotah Perrie, Mickey Waters, Rion Rivers & Asher Hayden - Horny guys love to play with their cocks all the time, and our guys love to show off and have fun for the cameras too. That's not all, a lot of our guys are real easygoing when it comes to grabbing another buddy's cock and giving it some strokes, or even helping a buddy out with some head. Check out this new compilation, including everything from Fleshlight fucking to piss splashing, buddy sucking to hand jobs from friends.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

April 16, 2021

Big Dicked Prison Buddy

The horny handsome daddy, Joe Parker is craving the new inmate, Johnny Hunter's tight fuck hole and today he's getting it! This isn't your normal prison gay porn sex fuck. We've now got some fresh meat in from the outside and they need to know who runs the prison and it ain't the convicts. It doesn't take Joe long to get Johnny on his back taking big fat hard older cock deep down his throat. after getting his own taste of Johnny's young cock, Joe ain't done yet and wants to use that nice young tight ass and it looks good and ripe for a deep hard pounding.

Jalif Studios - Update

April 04, 2021

Pedro & Anthony

Anthony is just where Pedro wants him. Tied up and gagged, the boyish bottom is at the hung top's mercy. Pedro loves the rush he feels having Anthony all to himself, helpless and vulnerable. Dropping him to his knees, Pedro takes Anthony's gag out of his mouth, only to quickly replace it with his hard, horny cock. Anthony feels the dominant man's meat penetrate his mouth, poking him in the back of his throat as he thrusts deep. Every time it falls out, Pedro gives him a slap, reminding him who's in charge and that he needs to do better. Anthony slobbers all over his shaft, getting it hard and wet for an even more aggressive display of power. Pedro bends Anthony over, prying open his hole before sliding his throbbing alpha cock up his ass.

Helix Studios - Update

April 01, 2021

Brotherhood of Games 9

The Master arrives with his slave, this time Cesar Rose, to begin the last session of the year of the Brotherhood of Games. He immediately gets horny, because Gil Donovan is tied up and subdued by 2 members of the brotherhood, while The Master forces Cesar Rose to suck all the other brothers. Then The Master continues directing everything and forces Cesar Rose to penetrate Gil Donovan who is still tied, at the end The Master climbs behind a penetration train and all the brothers masturbate their members around. They are still on the penetration table, they all penetrate each other again and Cesar Rose explodes in an unforgettable breeding. Finally everyone will make a round of cum in Gil Donovan's mouth, a very hot bukakke that ends of course with The Master.

Hung Young Brit - Update

March 30, 2021

25 Load Cum Dump

Anonymous fit as fuck CUM DUMP, who wants as many guys as possible to come by throughout the day and dump their loads right up this cute arse. So lots of Pump N Dumps and of course I thought I'd stay for the day to catch all the action just for you. Seriously this IS SO FUCKING HOT! By the time I got there his arse had already been pre loaded by at least 15 guys! Me and this other fit cunt then double fuck his hole. Whilst he's riding me, I can feel the cum dripping out of him and all over my balls. I stop because I could feel myself about to cum and I wanted to save it for later. I Was always told to save the best for last LOL. More and More guys are arriving now and I start sucking their dicks, getting them hard and ready to dump their huge loads in this CUM SLUT!

Young Perps - Update

March 27, 2021

Skinny-Dipping Perp

Security guard Jax Thirio spots young perp Aiden Asher sneaking into the pool and skinny dipping. When Jax confronts Aiden, he submits him to a thorough cavity search and tells him to comply with his demands in order for him to let him off with a warning… and an asshole full of cum.

Str8Hell - Update

March 24, 2021

Tonda & Gerasim Raw

Hunky Gerasim Spartak is in charge of security and he has sexy Tonda Zbranek in custody. Apparently Tonda has been seen, on video, stealing money. He denies it, of course, claiming that his is innocent. Gerasim doesn't believe him and threatens to call the police. Tonda relents and says that he will return the money. But that is not enough for Gerasim who has other things on his mind. He says that he must search Tonda and tells him to remove his tee shirt. Then he takes off his jeans too. Of course the underwear has to come off too. Tonda covers his cock and balls with his hands, but is told to raise the hands so that he is fully exposed. He sits down and then Gerasim says he will now call the police. Tonda objects, as he has done everything asked.

Young Perps - Update

March 16, 2021

Special Procedure

Thieves Anthony Wood and Joseph Banks are caught in the act by strong and disciplined Officer Nic Curtiz. The hulking man puts the boys through his standard protocol, probing their tight buttholes with his swollen boner and spraying them down with a steamy load of his dripping, delicious jizz.

Alternadudes - Update

March 13, 2021

Hottie Sucks A Skater

Lukas Cipriani is cock-hungry as hell and needs a dick down his throat stat. Good thing hung skater dude, Drew Baldwin, is ready for a bj and opens up his pants for Lukas to get what he craves. Lukas sucks away making Drew heave and sigh as Lukas gags and spits. Lukas has a magic throat and soon Drew is dumping a load in the cocksucker's mouth, filling it up and giving Lukas his reward for a job well done.

Young Perps - Update

March 02, 2021

What Can We Do?

Young perps Anthony Wood and Joseph Banks get caught fooling around with each other, so when security guard Zario Travezz threatens to involve the cops, Anthony and Joseph know exactly what they must do to keep this guard quiet. Strapping Zario Travezz is more than man enough to handle naughty Anthony Wood and Joseph Banks when they get caught fooling around on store property. Once Zario corners the dirty boys, they get down on their knees and slobber on his cock to make sure he keeps quiet.

Latin Leche - Update

February 23, 2021

No. 153 Kendro & Enzo

Tatted legend Kendro can’t wait to have some fun after being locked up in quarantine for so long. To break the monotony, our cameraman pays sexy straight boy Enzo to pleasure Kendro’s cock and tease out a heaping load of leche - all on camera! Kendro is so bored and in need of some action after being in lockdown due to the pandemic for so long. Luckily, his neighbor Enzo is down to hang out and after being offered a good amount of money, he’s down to do so much more.

Sketchy Sex - Update

February 20, 2021

Butternut Semen

Every Thanksgiving we choose one housemate to be the butternut dump piece for the holiday tops coming through. It's our favorite time of the year, lots of new dicks visiting the area and looking to unload before stressin' with the family. All of us cumdumps draw straws to be the first holes dumped in, but it's cool...we all get dicked down after the winner does.

Young Bastards - Update

February 07, 2021

Sharing Raw Twink

Sonny can't defend himself when rough lads Felix and Fabrice arrive to find him chained up and hanging like a piece of meat. After inspecting the goods and playing with his plump ass the boys are getting their hard uncut cocks out, taking turns to use their new boy toy between them. Sonny might have been reluctant at first but with one wet dick dribbling tasty pre in his mouth and the other fucking his perfect little ass he's soon compliant enough to be released for some good riding, the dom boys spit-roasting him between them until they're splashing his ass and mouth with cum and making him spew his own hot mess.

Men - Update

January 10, 2021

A Hump In The Night

Jason Vario is jacking his big cock in bed when sneaky, ski-masked burglar Skyy Knox sneaks into his home and starts rifling through his belongings. When Jason hears a noise, he puts on a towel and goes downstairs to surprise the burglar, but he gives Skyy a different kind of surprise when his towel falls to the floor! The burglar will do whatever it takes to get the burly homeowner not to call the cops, including getting to his knees to take a deep face fuck. Jason eats Skyy's hole and sucks his cock, then pushes him up against the wall to fuck his ass hard. Jason puts Skyy in piledriver before the bottom rides Jason's cock till he cums hard and takes a hot load in his mouth.

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