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Yes Father - Update

August 17, 2020

Felix: Penance

Felix is a good boy, especially when he’s in the eyeline of Father Fiore. The chiseled, strong-jawed man reminds him of his dad to the point where he has to double-takes just to make sure they’re not the same person. It’s both comforting, but it’s also a bit disturbing, because he finds himself inexplicably attracted to the priest. He can’t help but dawdle at him as he delivers his sermons and conducts his holy rituals. There must be some way for him to conceal it, but he has yet to discover it. All he can do is hope no one is taking notes on just how long he stares at the muscular man. Father Fiore is an experienced priest, and he knows how to pick up on signals from the boys.

Missionary Boys - Update

August 16, 2020

Elder Daniels: Interview

To Elder Star, loyalty is a conditional trait. He believes that a good friend deserves loyalty, but he believes that the Order commands the most loyalty of all. And when Bishop Jesse calls the boy in to help him decide whether his friend Elder Daniels is being honest about the sins he has committed, Star is more than happy to help. He doesn’t see it as a betrayal of his friend. On the contrary, he feels as though he is helping his friend by leading him toward the straight and narrow path laid out by the Order. There is no question that following their directives is the only way to reach one’s full potential. And it would be devastating to Star to see his friend come up short of what he’s capable of.

Men At Play - Update

August 14, 2020

Sexless No More

It’s the end of the first school day after a two-month lockdown. Professor Dani Rivera greets colleague Diego Reyes and they chat about how good it is to be able to have some freedom again. It wasn’t easy being confined to their homes. Dani missed going to the gym and Diego missed... having sex. Visibly horny and turned on by the conversation, Diego approaches Dani and asks if he hasn’t miss sex at all?! After a hot fuck session, it is clear that they both had missed the sex and the freedom to play. But, no worries, they’re sexless no more!

Twink Top - Update

August 13, 2020

Top Instruction: Austin

Coach Angus has always enjoyed Austin's can-do attitude. The young man is eager to try new things and test his limits, but has always been in the bottom role when it comes to sex. Coach Angus didn't think much of it until Austin mentioned he'd want to give topping a try. He knew he'd need some guidance. But after all, what are coaches for? Stripping Austin down to his underwear, he began the boy's training, getting him good and hard by taking Austin's smooth cock to the back of his throat. Angus' tongue lapping at his hard shaft makes him all the more excited, curious if his hole would feel the same... Coach Angus lies on his back, lifting his hefty legs in the air to give Austin a view of his big, meaty ass.

CMNM - Update

August 11, 2020

Athlete Peter

With athlete Peter on his knees the men get carried away using his gob. They don't care about the fact tears are running down the embarrassed lad's face because there is nothing more pleasurable than being deep throated by a promising young sportsman. Peter is certain this isn't an official part of the training, but he's not in a position to argue now!

Yes Father - Update

August 07, 2020

Jace: Altar Training

The tension between Father Landon and Jace has been building, and though the men have had the chance to convene in private before, it hasn’t made the anticipation between them any weaker. In fact, they seem to be a perfect match physically, and Jace has been on Landon’s mind ever since. Rarely does an encounter with a boy linger this way. As the priest falls asleep, he imagines Jace’s cock in his hands, beckoning him forward to pummel his tight hole. At that moment, Landon usually wakes up, wishing only to return to his dreamstate so he can fulfill the request and fill the boy with his hot love. Today, as he conducts Jace’s Altar Training, he is totally enraptured with the young man’s presence.

Yes Father - Update

July 31, 2020

Felix: Confession

As a boy, young Felix O’Dare was always regarded as the class “narc.” He’d run and tell the teacher anytime somebody stepped out of line, and while it made him popular with the teachers, it made him an outcast with the rest of the students. Even when he learned that ratting on his peers would make him a pariah, he couldn’t help himself. Maintaining the rule of law and tending to the status quo is in his blood. If he sees wrongdoing, he must report it, and no repercussion can dissuade him. So, when he enters St. Patrick’s Catholic School, he is sure he will be able to remain pure and uphold the standards expected of a good Catholic boy. However, as the days progress, Felix finds himself in the throes of an unholy affair with Myles Landon, one of the priests.

Yes Father - Update

July 23, 2020

Jace: Confession

At St. Patrick’s Catholic School, the priests are familiar with the shortcomings of young men. They know what to expect, especially in the Confession Booth. Rarely do Confessions stray outside of minor transgressions, having negative thoughts towards another boy in school, or using foul language outside of the classroom. But when it comes to sexual transgressions, the boys often struggle with self control. If a boy is honest, he will Confess to the sin of masturbation at some point, and the priests will know just how to deal with it. Father Fiore is no exception. He’s dealt with many boys who have had problems with masturbation. In fact, he was one himself. As young Jace Confesses his sins, the priest takes out his own hard cock, stroking it slowly as the boy fills him in on the details of his crime.

Yes Father - Update

July 18, 2020

Carter: In The Dormitory

Time and time again, the priests at St. Patrick’s Catholic School have offered young Carter chances. But time and time again, the boy has failed to get a hold of his sexual urges. They’ve tried everything, talking to him directly, talking to his peers, even disciplining him physically. But no matter what they do, Carter always seems to find his way back to his own cock. Whenever he lays down in bed and catches a glimpse of it, his compulsive reaction is to reach down and wrap his fingers around. There’s nothing he can do to stop it, and at a certain point, he doesn’t want to. Today, Carter’s at it once again, this time after an intense disciplinary session with one of the priests. He knows that he shouldn’t, but he doesn’t care.

Missionary Boys - Update

July 18, 2020

Elder Madden: The Interview

Elder Madden has been making waves with every passing day. With his beautiful blonde hair, his masculine presence, and his toned physique, it’s hard for his fellow missionaries to keep their cool around him. The men of the Order have heard of his effect on his companions, and they too have taken notice. Oaks in particular craves the boy’s body. Perhaps because he reminds him of himself when he was younger. Athletic, tall, strong, and with an undeniable charisma that attracts men from miles around. When all these factors come together in one youthful package, it is a powerful force to behold. So, as Oaks interviews the boy, he must work extra hard to keep his excitement to himself.

Missionary Boys - Update

July 08, 2020

Bonds of Brotherhood

Elder Star and Elder Daniels are best friends and lovers, and now they are being asked to join the Order officially. President Oaks welcomes them by feeding them his girthy dick and letting them take turns bouncing on his veiny rod. They just love getting together when they can and when all three are able it marks a very special occasion. This makes it all the better and the action much more steamy and aggressive. You'll need a few extra cum rags after this one...good luck!

Yes Father - Update

July 08, 2020

Carter: Penance

Young Carter can’t seem to avoid trouble since enrolling at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Every turn he makes, there is some hungry set of eyes scanning his body from head to toe, waiting for the chance to sample his skin and his sexuality. Carter has never had this kind of attention before, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. Should he take every opportunity and make up for his lack of experience, or should he be more discerning? He isn’t even sure what picking his spots would look like. The boy’s head is spinning, and nothing can calm him down except an orgasm. So, when Father Romeo summons the boy to his chambers for a talk, Carter is sure that there is a disciplinary measure in store for him.

Missionary Boys - Update

July 03, 2020

Elder Star: Anointing

Bishop Jesse has heard talk of how submissive Elder Star can be in private. He wants to see if the rumors are true, so he manhandles the boy with his muscular arms and slides his boner deep in the kid’s pulsing asshole for an intense anal pummeling! They waste no time in getting started and Elder Star is more than willing to engage in all of Bishop Jesse's naughtiest of desires. By the time these two finish, you'll have blow a few loads too.

Noir Male - Update

June 18, 2020

Driving Me Crazy

Driving instructor Tyson is not impressed by Andre’s lack of driver’s education. After a little sexy talk, Tyson is grabbing Andre’s thick stick shift of a cock and starts to blow him right there in the car. These two gorgeous ebony studs take it inside for a totally hot fuck and suck lesson. This is one lesson you don't want to miss. Big beautiful black cock pounding sucking fucking and cumming all for you.

Missionary Boys - Update

June 06, 2020

Elder Garner: Ordination

Elder Garner is incredibly excited as today he finally ends his journey in the mission, becoming one of the men of the Order. The boy has dreamt of his Ordination for months, and now that it has come, he hopes that he can live up to the task of joining the high priesthood. He has so much respect, reverence, and desire for the men of the Order that he can't even fathom becoming one of them himself. He hopes that some element of the ceremony will provide him with the confidence to step into his new role as a guide of missionary boys. He knows how much this experience has helped him in his own growth and development, and there is no question that he wants to pay it forward. The confidence, strength, and sharpness that the journey has provided will be something that sticks with him forever.

Fraternity X - Update

June 04, 2020

Slutty Professor 2

We tricked our professor again to unload on that little bitch off the street. We think our professor will be an honorary member and the frat will keep passing classes. They were able to get him involved and happy so we will have a pass until we graduate and there's noting better than and in with the man! Oh, and talk about in, he was in about as deep as you can with some of the boys and he'll be back for much much more.

Men At Play - Update

May 29, 2020

Exxxtra Credit

Robbie Rojo needs the extra credits to pass his German class and has a plan. Professor Vadim Romanov has agreed to meet him individually, as long as he takes the lesson seriously. Robbie isn’t cooperating and Mr. Romanov has had enough and recommends that they end the session. But Robbie knows exactly how he’s going to do to pass this class. See, he’s heard that the Professor sometime’s plays with his male students. Approaching Vadim, Robbie grabs and plays with his massive cock through his pants until the professor finally succumbs to his advances and orders him to “unzip”. What a great way to get extra credit. Danke Mein Herr!

Missionary Boys - Update

May 22, 2020

Elder Garner: Atonement

Thus far, Elder Garner has been relegated to the less experienced priests of the Order because of his utter lack of sexual experience. Before joining the mission, Garner had never ventured to even touch another person in a sexual way. However, since entering the halls of the mission, Garner's appetite for erotic encounters has only grown. His first time meeting one-on-one with a priest made a definite impression on him, and he now wants to experience the touch of a more seasoned man. Today, he is matched with one of the most renowned priests in the mission, Bishop Napoli. He has heard so many things at this point, that Napoli's cock is incredibly thick and his figure makes him look like an action figure of some sort.

Falcon Studios - Update

May 22, 2020

Lockerroom Tales 1

For a hot young twink like Avery Jones who fantasizes about sports heroes and stealing their dirty underwear from the laundry, a job as Towel Boy is a dream come true. Heavy on the cum, it turns out, for just as he thinks the locker room is deserted and he can bust one out sniffing and sucking on sweaty jockstraps, he gets busted by Coach Dillon Diaz. This isn't the first time, and Avery was warned what would happen: buff Coach Dillon slowly strips down to nothing but his whistle, feeds the boy his thick hard dick, eats his ass upside down, tonguing him deep to get him wet and ready, then delivers a slow and intense raw, bareback fuck that leaves Avery a quivering heap of grateful cum covered power-bottom.

Masqulin - Update

May 18, 2020

Social Pressure 1

Paul Cannon and Calvin Banks are social icons that have been selected for the hottest competition online. With their massive followings tuning in, they must both push themselves beyond their sexual limits and do as the game demands or lose their accounts and livelihood. The first challenge includes blowing two strangers at once in the next hour. This is not the hunger games! Two threeways in different places with different men will make you wanna join right in.

Missionary Boys - Update

May 13, 2020

Elder Boon Disciplinary Action

Usually, Elder Boon is one of the more well-behaved boys at the mission. He was raised in a military family with a strong emphasis on discipline and chastity. When he was just entering middle school, his parents became devoutly religious out of nowhere. They started attending church and filling his mind with orthodox teachings meant to steer him away from a life of temptation. Boon was too young to rebel against such teachings, though he did find it strange that every Saturday and Sunday morning he was dragged off to church while his friends got to sleep in and watch cartoons. Instead, he had to learn ancient lessons about the importance of maintaining his virginity and keeping a pure mind.

Black Godz - Update

May 12, 2020

Dakota Ch 2: Audit

Dakota craves a strong male presence and has sorely lacked one for his entire life. Ever since his father walked out on him and his mother when he was only five years old, Dakota has constantly hoped for him to come back through the door and rejoin their family. That day never came, and Dakota was left struggling for male role models to look up to. All his friends seemed to have full family lives, a happy parental unit that was able to provide all the love and support Dakota desired. He wondered why he wasn’t deserving of the same kind of attention. Was it something he did? Inevitably, Dakota started acting out to get the attention of the strong male figures around him.

Missionary Boys - Update

May 11, 2020

Elder Solano Atonement

Ever since the new method of punishment was implemented, President Manwaring has been eager to try it out. While he is usually an advocate of more stiff forms of corporal punishment, he is pleased to deploy a more psychological means of getting to the boys. He is curious to see how it will work on a boy like Elder Solano. The young man is bigger than his fellow missionaries, and he is known for being particularly strong and able when it comes to physical activity. There are even rumors that he has braved feats like those required by the infamous Stretcher before just for his amusement. So there is a good chance that any physical punishment would prove to meager for the boy. Thus, Manwaring employs the new technique.

Dirty Scout - Update

May 08, 2020

Dirty Scout 224

I wasn't sure what to think about this guy. He was 26 but looked 20 at best. He was already married, to a much older woman, and had two kids. Very strange... He worked as a teacher but quit the job because of colleagues. Most of them were old women, who thought he wasn't old enough for that line of work. He liked teaching in general so I found him a job as an instructor for new employees at a large company. He loved the job, mainly the salary. Now how to get into his pants... It was surprisingly easy. That was another strange thing about this guy. For a married man, he certainly knew how to suck a cock and enjoy it. And you should see him taking the pounding! This adorable slutty angel was incredible. If his wife ever sees this video, his marriage will be over. Unless she's really perverted.

Yes Father - Update

May 06, 2020

Dakota: Penance

Young Dakota Lovell is filled with self doubt. He’s always swaying back and forth, and when the wind blows, it knocks him down. So, he’s unsure of his standing at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. At one moment, he thinks he is a priest favorite, a good boy who does his duty and cares about his righteousness and chastity. In the next, he is a no-good, rotten liar, a sinner who is bringing down the boys and men around him. So, when he is asked into Father Gallo’s office for a private meeting, he is unsure of what the man wants. Will he praise him or will he reprimand him? Either way, Dakota is filled with a constant fear that he will be expelled and sent home to his family once and for all. As Father Gallo looks the boy over, he can sense his uncertainty.

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