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Scout Boys - Update

April 08, 2023

Scout Serg Ch 1

Pitching A Tent: I took Serg out into the woods and we pitched a tent. He's quite a small boy a good foot shorter than me and I really hadn't thought about him in a sexual way before. But, the more he grew in confidence, the more I realized quite how well put together he was. And, the more I looked at him, the more my dick started to respond. I moved in for a kiss and he reciprocated, clumsily at first. I asked if he'd ever kissed a man before and wasn't at all surprised when he told me that he hadn't. I unzipped his shirt and kissed him all over his smooth, pale, surprisingly well-defined torso, then got my shirt off and threw my hairy body down onto him. He started moaning uncontrollably. There was an unspoken moment when we both realized the time had come. He got on all fours and arched his back.

Twink Top - Update

April 03, 2023

Logan Cross Ch 4

Extra Innings: Coach Romano is always willing to help a young athlete in need especially with those that need more special, particular attention. Romano knew that this was just part of the job, and he quite enjoyed spending extra quality time with boys serious about their athletic and physical goals. Young players would frequently drop by Coach Romano's office with various aches, pains, and sometimes minor injuries. The wise coach had become quite well-known for his soothing, healing touch but that's far from the only reason he was popular with the students. One afternoon, young student athlete Logan Cross arrived at Coach Romano's office complaining of a possible strain to his upper, inner thigh. Coach Romano chuckled Logan had done this song and dance before.

Masonic Boys - Update

April 03, 2023

Apprentice Shepard Ch 1

The Interview: I entered the interview room and Master Figata told me to sit down next to him. I couldn't take my eyes off him; up close, he was even more attractive. All sorts of crazy and inappropriate thoughts were bouncing through my head. Yet, there was something about the way he was looking at me which told me that my thoughts were okay. He sat me down, then took my arms and tied them behind the chair. Moments later, he was touching me so softly and gently that my entire body became covered in gooseflesh. He smelt so good and looked so handsome in his white suit. I would have done anything he asked of me. He pulled down my underpants and exposed my dick to the room. My instinct was to reach out and touch him, but since my hands were firmly tied behind my back, there would be no such reprieve.

Men At Play - Update

March 31, 2023

Suited Cam Show

According to recent surveys - 60% of men admitted to watching porn at the office. And many of them, we're certain, enjoy the distraction of suited man-on-man action on Menatplay. Apollo Adri, however, isn't working late at the office for a fast internet connection to his favorite porn site. He has his webcam on and is live streaming on He fancies being watched while jerking off in his suit at his desk. But, Apolo isn't alone at the office. His colleague Dan Tyser returned to pick up some paperwork and can see the sexy Apolo through the window. Apolo invites Dan to give him a helping hand. And, luckily for the users watching the cam show, they enjoy a hot office sex play session streamed live.

Scout Boys - Update

March 24, 2023

Scout Logan Ch 4

Setting Up Shelter : When Scoutmaster St. Michael asked me to join him on a two-person hike, I was thrilled. As we walked away from the camp out into the wilderness I knew my opportunity to have him again had arrived. We pitched a tent in a clearing in the middle of nowhere. And then we kissed... It was a gentle, delicate, somewhat tentative kiss, a kiss which felt as though we were both seeking the other one's permission. It was a kiss which grew with confidence. We got into the tent and instantly started making out. Scoutmaster St. Michael undressed, uncovering his beautiful, upward-curving dick. He asked if I was gonna give him my ass, so I immediately threw myself down on all fours and let him get to work with his tongue and fingers. He knelt up behind me and started to push his solid dick into me.

Fun Size Boys - Update

March 19, 2023

Eric Ch 3

Last Days of Summer: Eric had only been soaking in the rays for a few minutes when a shadow fell over his closed eyelids. He looked up and saw that his neighbor, Dolf, was the culprit. Eric wasn't too put off, though; his neighbor was not only extremely tall and completely ripped, but hung like a thoroughbred as well. Eric had always loved seeing him from afar. And today, up close, Dolf was wearing little more than a skimpy speedo, a huge grin, and a huge hard-on nearly bursting through the fabric of his bulge. As Eric gaped at Dolf's incredible physique and perfect musculature, the older gentleman grinned and pulled his speedo off. At this point, why not? If anyone came around, he could easily just pull a towel over himself. Dolf laid back and swung his huge horse cock around. Eric was transfixed and speechless, but in a lustful daze, he found himself on his knees and somehow, miraculously, able to take the giant man's cock almost all the way into his mouth in one hungry swallow.

Masonic Boys - Update

March 12, 2023

Apprentice White, Ch 1

The Interview: The interview room was dazzling white. A man was sitting on one of the chairs and I was staggered by how handsome he looked with his shaved head and neatly-cropped beard. Master Snow was exactly the sort of guy I found dangerously intriguing. From the moment I sat down next to him, I was blushing and giggling. He asked me all kinds of embarrassing questions, then rested his large hand on my thigh, asking if what he was doing was turning me on. I lied and said it wasn't, so he asked if I was willing to prove it and for some ungodly reason I said that I was… He told me to stand and take my pants off and undo the buttons on my shirt. My dick instantly tented in my garments. He grabbed it and rubbed it. I was a bit freaked out when he sat me on the chair again and tied my hands behind my back.

Scout Boys - Update

March 12, 2023

Scout Dawson, Ch 2

The Campsite: After everyone else had disappeared, Scoutmaster Stone led me into his tent. We finally were together and alone. He didn't say anything; he just sat down next to me and started to run his huge hands over my body. I immediately started to feel butterflies in my stomach. I was excited and nervous. My heart pounded in my ears. He began to undress me. I could feel his warm, minty breath tickling the soft hairs on my face. I reached out and fondled his giant, muscular thighs before moving across to the large bulge in his pants. He started undressing himself. He unzipped his flies. His dick was rock hard and scarily large. I started to lick it and kiss it. It was almost impossible to get the whole thing inside my mouth without gagging, but I persevered and eventually felt it sliding into my throat.

Peter Fever - Update

March 08, 2023

Tokyo Love Stories Ep 2

Ryuji and Ramu - Muscular Filipino macho man Ryuji and shaggy Asian twink Ramu struck a spark in the most inappropriate way when Ramu was a student and Ryuji his teacher in college. At first Ramu couldn't think of teacher as being sexy, but one day in an afterschool study session everything changed. They started a relationship that lasts still today, a few years later. After recounting their romance, they go for a brisk walk in a nearby park and start making out on a secluded bench. Invited to show off their lovemaking skills by the director, the pair giggles and gets to the action. Ryuji unbuttons his shirt to reveal his smooth, thick-muscled pecs and Ramu can't help sucking on those nips. They doff their duds and get naked on the couch, Ramu's stiff cock already pointing up toward the skies.

Masonic Boys - Update

February 19, 2023

Apprentice Tyler Ch 3

Anointing: I nervously entered the room and found Master St. Michael sitting, statuesque, on a chair, wearing a beautifully-fitted white suit, shirt and tie. I'd been handed a robe to wear which was almost see-through and did nothing to disguise my hard-on. The Master asked if I was ready before covering his hand in warm oil and gently running his thumb across my forehead, then over my eyes, my lips and then other parts of my body. His soft touch made my penis stiffen and bounce. He sat me on the chair and started to push his fingers into my hole before wrapping his soft, warm lips around my dick. Then he pulled me into him and we started to kiss. He kissed so passionately. I spread my legs wide inviting him in. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a garment which clung to his pecs like a second layer of skin.

Twink Top - Update

February 18, 2023

Tyler Ch 5

Blowing Off Steam: Although he had been inside the boy a couple of times now, Coach Navarro was still in awe of Tyler Tanner every time they trained together. He saw these intimate sessions as a team-building exercise. Before his very eyes, the twink's taut, sexy body was becoming more athletic, more built than it had been before. Coach Navarro had the boy flex for him after their recent training session. While his aim was to show Tyler the progress he was making, the coach also used this as yet another opportunity to get a good look at him; to witness his build, to behold his growth. As Tyler flexed, Coach Navarro let his hands roam the boy's chest and torso. He pinched nipples, inhaled the boy's musk, and worshiped that twink body. He looked up at Tyler, and leaned in to kiss him, grabbing the boy's crotch along the way.

Falcon Studios - Update

February 17, 2023

Tales From The Locker Room 3.3

College jocks AJ Sloan and Jake Waters just discovered a hidden treasure trove of dirty jockstraps hidden in the office of all-star coach Devin Franco. After teasing the coach for secretly whiffing the team's used jocks, AJ decides to give Devin a sniff of the one he's currently wearing. He inhales the ripe man-scent and swallows down AJ's cock before both student athletes drop to their knees to tackle their coach's big dick together. Devin returns the favor before letting the football fuckers fill him at both ends. A bareback train then forms on the coach's desk as Jake fucks Devin while Devin fucks Jake. By the time it's Jake's turn to get his hole pounded, Devin and AJ are blowing all over Jake's face and lower back with Jake then feeding his load directly to his hungry coach.

Falcon Studios - Update

February 10, 2023

Tales From The Locker Room 3.2

College football player Isaac Parker definitely didn't expect to see custodian Jordan Starr face-deep in his used jockstrap when he walked into the team's locker room today, but he certainly isn't mad about it. Alone in the musky, equipment-covered locker room, Isaac joins a jerking-off Jordan by exchanging blowjobs and throwing his legs back for Jordan to rim his hairless hole. With Isaac laying on a bench and his jeans yanked down to his ankles, Jordan slides his bareback cock into the student's ass and gives the tight end a workout as he thrusts himself in and out of his young hole. Hitting him from behind, Jordan pulls out to cum on Isaac's lower back before having Isaac lick up his own nut off Jordan's abs.

Men - Update

February 09, 2023

Cocky Coach Part 2

Athlete Joey Mills had a rough practice, but as he angrily strips down and hits the showers, he has no idea Coach Johnny Donovan was watching him and plotting to sniff his socks! When Joey returns, Johnny tries to offer some coaching, but he just can't keep his eyes or his hands off the player's feet. He worships Joey's toes, nuzzling and sucking them, and Joey gives the coach a foot job, then sucks his cock. Johnny fucks the twink's feet, then his hole, and picks him up for a stand and carry! Johnny pounds his player doggystyle, and Joey puts his socks back on for Johnny to enjoy as his coach fucks him missionary till he orgasms. Johnny sniffs a sock as he cums on Joey's ass.

Twink Top - Update

February 02, 2023

Michael Ch. 2

Top Tryout: Michael Flex catches the eye of young Coach Romano and gets invited back to his place for a private session. After Coach Romano's stretches, Michael Flex has his own signature warm ups—warming his coach's hole and cock with his tongue then fucking his own hot load into his coach's warmed-up hole.

Scout Boys - Update

January 26, 2023

Scout Maxwell Ch 1

Pitching A Tent: It's really difficult to watch one of your scouts going through a hard time on his first trip away from home, so when I see a boy in trouble, I invariably take him under my wing. I don't think I've ever come across a young man as nervous or homesick as Max. Of course, I tried to spend as much time with him as possible, bolstering his confidence. In the process, I discovered that he was an incredibly intelligent boy, but that he also happened to look as cute as a button in his uniform! I don't know how it happened. One moment, we were sitting in a tent, chatting about something fairly innocuous, and the next, we were all over each other, groping, kissing, sucking, undressing. I tried to take things slowly; I knew it was his first time and I didn't want to intimidate him, but my dick was twitching like crazy, desperate for a piece of his ass.

Falcon Studios - Update

January 19, 2023

Tales From The Locker Room 3

Custodian Jordan Starr rarely works overtime, but he always manages to clock in a few extra hours if he can catch Coach Devin Franco alone in his office. With no one else in the building, the two hunks get to ripping their clothes off, licking pits, and sucking dick right in Devin's open doorway. Devin's legs get thrown in the air as the eager janitor rims him and slides his girthy cock in his hole. Knowing that Devin's hungry for more than just his hog, Jordan grabs a bucket and a mop for Devin's wet ass busy and fucks the coach with the mop's wooden handle before sticking his bareback meat back in Devin's horny hole. Devin's championship trophies watch over him as he gets rammed all over his desk and as Jordan strokes off the coach's big dick until he's busting all over himself.

Twink Top - Update

January 10, 2023

Logan Cross Ch 3

Top Tryout: Logan gripped Coach Romano's hips as the big man climbed into his lap. Coach, with practiced motions, guided the twink's cockhead towards his ample rear, and squatted until the cock was fully inside his hungry hole. Coach was used to bouncing on cock, his beefy bottom cheeks slapping into the lap of his top. It was just so rare, and so welcome, that top was one of the athletes.

Scout Boys - Update

January 01, 2023

Scout Ethan Ch 4

The Hike: I deliberately timed our hike to arrive back at camp when no one else was around. I wanted Ethan to myself. I told him I needed to take a leak. My dick had been hard all day and, as I pulled it out to pee, I made no attempt to hide my erection from him. And, of course, the moment he saw my big swollen cock, he was unable to look at anything else! From then on, we couldn't get enough of each other. We were groping and kissing like love-crazed teenagers. I dragged him into one of the tents and things got really hot... He wrapped his beautiful, soft lips around the shaft of my rock-solid dick before arching his back and seductively presenting his beautiful hole to me. Pushing my dick inside was a sensation I'll never forget. It felt as though a magnetic force was pulling me into him.

Masonic Boys - Update

December 25, 2022

Apprentice Tyler Ch 1

The Interview: I walked nervously into the temple. Master Kamp was sitting on a chair dressed in white. He told me to sit next to him. I was thrown by the questions he was asking. Had I ever watched pornography? No. Had I looked at men lustfully? Definitely not. He needed me to prove that what I was saying was true, but all the questions about sex had made me hard! I was mortified when he told me to take my clothes off. I undressed slowly, hoping my erection would go down. It didn't. I sat down again, mortified. Master Kamp then walked behind me and tied my hands behind the chair before starting to run his hands all over my body. To say that I wasn't enjoying the experience would be the lie of the century! He pulled my dick out of my undergarment. The dirtiest thoughts flooded into my mind. He was a magician.

Scout Boys - Update

December 01, 2022

Scout Nathan Ch 1

The Pledge: I knew Nathan was excited about joining the Elite Scouts. I brought him into the office and made him recite the pledge to me, but I knew as soon as he stood up that I wanted him badly. I walked across to him and ran my giant hands over his timid body, cupping the bulge in his short pants. He gasped and shook like a leaf as I roughly undid the buttons of his shirt before thrusting my hand down into his underpants. I spun him around and we started to kiss. He was putty in my hands. He knew that I was in control and that his task was merely to acquiesce while I explored his body. I pushed him over the table and made him arch his back and present his smooth, peachy ass to me. It took a bit of coaxing to get my dick inside him and he certainly made a hell of a racket as I began the process of penetration.

Scout Boys - Update

November 16, 2022

Troop Time Ch 18

The Hike: I've had a crush on Cole for as long as I've been in the scouts. For the longest time he didn't even know my name, so when he asked me to go on a hike with him I actually looked behind me to check if he was speaking to someone else! We walked for miles, talking all the time. After a few hours, my back started itching like crazy. I could sense that some sort of insect had crawled underneath my shirt but couldn't flick it away while my backpack was on. We stopped, and Cole helped me to take it off. Before I could take stock of what was happening, we were making out. He unrolled a ground mat and I dropped to my knees and started to service his enormous and beautiful member with my mouth.

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 26, 2022

Genital Hospital 2

Students Ace Stallion and Andrew Connor are aching to nail their next big exam on extraction and lucky for them, Dr. Micah Martinez is willing to volunteer as a gaping guinea pig that they can practice on. After barebacking both students to ensure they're relaxed and ready, Micah bends over and talks Andrew through inserting his entire hand in his asshole. Ace then gets a turn exploring Dr. Martinez's insides before the instructor is on his back with Andrew resuming control of the mentor's hole. With a fast-learning Andrew hitting his prostate in just the right spot, Micah quickly busts into the mouth of Ace and congratulates his overachieving students on a job well done.

Scout Boys - Update

October 18, 2022

Scout Landon Ch 1

The Pledge: Scoutmaster McKeon called me into the main office to take the Elite Scout pledge. I was a bundle of nerves, but as he attached the special pins to my uniform shirt, I felt a rush of pride. Then he started to touch me in a way that I'd not been touched before. It made me feel both scared and excited and I started to gasp. He stood behind me and I could feel him pushing his body into my back. His penis was hard and very large. He pushed me onto the desk, face down, with one leg up, before pulling down my underpants down and starting to kiss and lick my butt. It felt exciting and sexy… and all sorts of crazy sensations I can't even put words to. I heard him unzipping his shirt and undoing his belt and I realized he was going to try to slide his giant penis into me. The sensation was indescribable.

Falcon Studios - Update

October 10, 2022

Taking Care Of Business 5

Top salesman Craig Marks isn't too happy when he finds out that he's missed most of his company's work retreat, but fortunately for him, Sean Weiss is still hanging around and ready to show him a good time. After a race around their boss' Spanish villa, Sean rushes up the stairs and finds himself 'accidentally' pulling down Craig's pants to expose his coworker's bare ass. Craig doesn't seem to mind though and invites the ginger stud to have a taste. Now completely naked on the stairs, the two transition into countless unimaginable positions to rim, suck, and fuck bareback. Once Craig finishes riding Sean, the two move locations to defile their boss' living room with Craig now taking a turn on top. Some more passionate flip-fucking between the businessmen quickly leads to both spewing hot loads all over Craig's ripped torso.

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