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Sex Japan TV - Update

October 12, 2023

Sexy KimKim Cleans A Cock

Shy, sweet KimKim keeps to herself as she goes about working as a cleaning girl around the office. But underneath her prim exterior, she sports a lush body, round boobies, and a hungry little pussy. And a hot juicy mouth that loves to clean cocks with her nimble tongue. When one of the workers notices the sexxxy beauty picking up the wastepaper bags, he flirts with her and gets an invitation to hang at her place. Before you know it she's kissing him and unbuttoning her lacy black bra. He RISES to the occasion and gives KimKim the hard fucking she needs and well deserves.

Wu Boyz - Update

October 11, 2023

Blow Me, Ollie Yang!

I just wanted to feel his pretty, blowjob lips around my big, uncut cock. Do we want to see me top him? If you love cock sucking then this scene will have you as hard as a rock. Just make sure you have a handy cum rag close by.

Raw Hole - Update

October 11, 2023

Axeloon Plows Alfonso

Model/director Alfonso Osnaya has been bringing us HOT content from South of the Border, but now he's decided to get some stiff, juicy bareback cock himself. And who better to ream and cream his hungry hole than cocky Latin top Axeloon? The sexxy Mexxy has something big, thick and uncut in his pants to be cocky about, so he's not to blame for being proud of what he's packing. He steps out of the elevator right into Alfonso's high-rise pad, overlooking a posh Ciudad Mexico cityscape. But he's not here for the view. He peels off a tight t-shirts and drops his jeans to let his stiff butt blaster pop up, and Alfonso kneels down for a mouthful. Axeloon makes himself comfortable on the sectional and lets Alfonso gobble down to his heart's content.

Japan Boyz - Update

October 11, 2023

Purple Mood

Soft purple light creates the most sensuous, romantic atmosphere for this first sex date between happy-go-lucky twink Kaito and handsome, hung muscle god Reach. The experienced stud takes his time and goes in soft and lovey-dovey at first, tempting and warming up Kaito with kisses and soft caresses. It doesn't take long before the lean twink is moaning for more. He sucks Reach's stiff love tool, gets his own booty throbbing and twitching for a piece of that. Reach slides down to work up Kaito's cock and especially his hungry hole with sucking and licking. The big tan Asian stud finally decides Kaito's ready and starving for some raw cock up his asshole, positions it at the smooth pucker and slides in. Kaito groans and pants with satisfaction, and Reach goes in deeper and begins thrusting.

Bi Latin Men - Update

October 11, 2023

Dank & 2Face

Dank and 2Face are two hot and sexy Mexican studs with nice big fat hard uncut cocks as a bonus. They get right into it and start with some deep cock sucking and then hot bareback ass fucking. These guys just gel and are so natural together you can barely believe you're watching it instead of being right in the middle of it. Loads of cum shower as these sexy studs get down and dirty.

Young Bastards - Update

October 11, 2023

Raw Latino Fuck Buds

Xavi and Bambino are a couple of raw Latino fuck buds who know they can always turn to each other when they need to shoot their hot seed from their bulging dicks. The two are hooking up in secret, their lips locked before they even get to the bedroom. Once there the feast is underway, with delicious Latino dong being swallowed deep and eager hole being licked and slurped. With a little spit to ease the way our buff top boy slides his naked inches inside, fucking his pal from behind and giving the lean and smooth boy a good ride on his pillar of pleasure, finishing up with a double jacking that leaves our eager bottom boy splashed from taint to sternum with the gushing loads from their satisfied penises.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

October 10, 2023

Den Fitness & Alpan

There is nothing like a good jerk-off session when you think you are alone. Problem is, my stepson, Alpan Stone, did not know I was coming home from the gym and would not be out long. I walked in, and there he was, his big dick in his hand. I stood by the door, watching him before joining him on the couch. Jerking off side by side with my stepson was really hot, but having him sucking my cock was better, and he never disappoints. He loves circling his tongue around the head of my dick, and I love when he does it. But I love getting my lips wrapped around his cock and my tongue on his sweet pucker, especially before I fuck it. And that's what I did. His hole felt great, and I know Alpan loves when I'm inside of him. His huge cum-shot on the couch was proof enough of that.

Southern Strokes - Update

October 10, 2023

Horny Always After

A full day of practice had me so horny, but I knew my teammate, Curtis, could help. We've fucked around once or twice, so it wasn't a surprise when he invited me back to his place to hang. I couldn't help but blurt out that I was horny. That was all it took, and within seconds, Curtis had my hard dick in his mouth while I held on to his neck. Then it was my turn to suck some dick. I took it into my mouth and right to the back of my throat. That was just the start as we moved to the couch for fucking. Curtis got that leg up, and I found his tight hole. I love banging Curtis's ass while he strokes his cock, and he knows it. But stroking him while he rides me is super hot. We fucked till our balls were drained. Great way to end the day.

Straight Fraternity - Update

October 10, 2023

Bronson Stone Blown

Bronson Stone says he's willing to do what he needs to to break into porn, but like assholes, limits take time to stretch. He refuses rimming and pushes away fingers, but still enjoys a little foot worship and an amazing blowjob from another guy. Who doesn't like a swallower? While I undress Bronson, I distract him by asking him about his background. I slip off his hot sneakers and give them a whiff, then pull down his jeans, leaving him in his underwear. Bronson tells me about some of the craziest sex stuff he's done, and he includes today in it! I slide off his underwear and pet his thick, soft monster. It doesn't stay soft for long. We talk about girls while Bronson jacks his huge cock. I can't take it anymore and have to get in there. I tell him to lie down and climb over him so I can deep throat his huge cock.

Bentley Race - Update

October 10, 2023

Fit Mate Brad Hunter

My gorgeous mate Brad Hunter is back this week in this mid winter shoot. While I was doing a series of shoots at a city hotel I invited Brad over. I got to say he's looking super fit lately. I always have fun shooting with Brad and his photos and videos always look great. I've got him stripping out of little shorts and a tank top this in this set. I can see his big cock growing hard as he bends over to show off his perfect little bum. I'm so impressed that he finished off with a video where he blows his load hands free across a pillow. Brad never ceases to surprise me.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

October 10, 2023

Andres & Pierce

Cute young Pierce is Daddy's puppy for the evening and we find him on his knees with a leash around his neck. Daddy Andres has a firm grip on the other end, as he instructs his pup to lick some dick. The boy obeys and Andres is soon enjoying his moist warm mouth and tongue. After sucking that daddy dick stiff, he's joined by the man behind the camera and briefly enjoys the taste of two cocks. Then Andres has the boy squat on his raw cock, before bending him over for a bareback pounding from behind. Andres reaches around to stroke the boy's big uncut cock, keeping him stiff while getting his young ass fucked. Finally, Pierce is ordered to sit and Andres stands over him to stroke out a mouth full of cum. By the time they are done, Pierce has it dripping off the chin and spilling onto his smooth chest.

Cocky Boys - Update

October 09, 2023

Theo Tops Tristen

Theo Brady takes CockyBoys Exclusive Tristan Hunter on a rowboat excursion on the lake but they have much more fun indoors fucking to a cum-soaked climax. The guys were already turned on while on the lake so when they get back to the cottage, they quickly dispense with any formality and make out. And Tristan, who claimed to be tired out, goes down on Theo with a burst of energy. Tristan relentlessly sucks Theo's big dick and in response to his lustful devotion, Theo shows his own. He strokes their dicks together and bends over Tristan to eat out his hole and suck him from behind and then plow him. Theo loves his role as top but he's turned on by how Tristan asserts power bottom energy by fucking himself on Theo's cock and then riding it ad taking every deep thrust like he owns it.

Cade Maddox - Update

October 09, 2023

Fresh Socks Fucking

This masked bottom is all set up on clean white sheets dressed in fresh white socks. This boy's hole was just right! Cade loves his sexy Latino guys.

Bel Ami Online - Update

October 09, 2023

Ethan & Olaf

Ethan is paired up with fellow blond, Olaf for our feature update this week. What starts off as a massage quickly escalates into something more as Olaf tries his luck by first sticking a finger in Ethan's warm, pink hole, and when he doesn't object, the finger is quickly replaced by a tongue. This led us to believe that uber-bottom Olaf may be trying to get Ethan to bottom for him, but the real intent, of simply making Ethan horny, is quickly revealed when Olaf plants his own butt firmly down on Ethan's face demanding for his hole to be prepared for fucking. Olaf starts off as our quintessential 'bossy bottom' riding Ethan's cock for all he's worth, before Ethan takes control and pounding a nice, creamy load out of his buddy. Ethan's cum-shot has to wait until round 2, which the guys dutifully oblige us with in the shower.

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 09, 2023

Leah & Miles Share Rowan

There’s a lot of envy for the trio in this hot bi-tag. They’re all incredibly hot and when it’s time to get into some action, everyone gets a chance to fill or be filled. If there were any clothes worn at one point it almost immediately disappears leaving the room filed with just sexy, naked flesh! Rowan, looking as fit and fuckable as ever, gets to show off his stud moves for a bit when he fucks Leah, but it’s pretty obvious that what he’s really excited for is to get some of Miles’s big dick up his ass! After watching how hot Rowan looks fucking Leah, abs flexing muscles bulging, Miles jumps in and she is all but forgotten as the guys lock eyes while Miles slides in deeper and deeper into Rowan’s tight hole. With an ass full of cock, Rowan spurts out a hot load, sending Miles over the edge.

Dirty Boy Society - Update

October 09, 2023

Justin, Wade & Tyler

What do sexy studs Justin Ryder, Tyler Andrews, and Wade Wilder all have in common? They don't waste time! These horny jocks with big cocks and gym built bodies get right down to business. After breaking the ice with a few drinks at the bar, lucky bottom boy Justin Ryder lives up to his name by taking both of his bro friends big cocks one after another in this exclusive Dirty Boy Society threesome!

Hot College Fucks - Update

October 09, 2023

Kimberly Swallows Cody's Load

Cody’s boyish good looks and ideal body attracted us during his solo, but he looks even hotter when paired in action with a horny Kimberly! He’s masculine, tender, and controlling which is incredibly impressive for such a young guy! No doubts about it. Cody is a stud and we see that here as he goes to town, fucking one of our very lucky coeds. Cody came here to fuck how he wants, and that means showing her who’s boss. He works her from behind as he hold her down by the hair, pushing her face into the bed. He pins her arms behind her back and rails into her, going so deep that I’m starting to wonder whether he’ll balls will get thrust in too! He dominates her completely- topping it off by dropping his whole load in her mouth and and having her suck him dry!

Gaycest - Update

October 08, 2023

The Ties That Bind Tape #2

Reunion: Dr. Legrand Wolf checked his phone again. The taxi had dropped him off right on time from the airport. He waited in the spacious Hotel NYC lobby for his brother Cain, who was arriving after a month long trip to Ukraine. Cain had urgently requested to meet with Legrand upon his return to NYC. Legrand suddenly looked up from his phone as he caught sight of his tall, burly brother approaching from the main entrance of the hotel lobby. Following closely behind the smiling, bearded bear brother was a very notably young, fresh faced fellow. The boy's name was Serge. Cain described how he and the cute Ukrainian stranger had met and become acquainted during his business trip in Kyiv.

Jock Breeders - Update

October 08, 2023

Chris & Tyler Ch 2

When two hot jocks are in the same room, there's no time for talk. Beautiful blonde twink Chris Keaton and bubble butt Tyler Tanner toss their clothes off and get busy! Tyler adores Chris's picture-perfect washboard abs, which are sculpted by countless sit-ups and core exercises. But what he loves the most is the well built boy's cock the wide, thick girth drives him wild when it's pounding his insatiable sweet spot!

Jalif Studios - Update

October 08, 2023

Greg & Tim

In the cellar of a farmhouse in Normandy, handyman Greg Century is doing some work. We find him, halfway up a ladder, chiseling away at some loose plaster on a wall. Greg's work colleague Tim Cosla suddenly appears, asking if he can help. The help Greg's been craving has nothing whatsoever to do with the plastering his dick has been rock-hard all day. It's a badly-kept secret that Tim's really into Greg. Greg knows, Tim knows Greg knows, and their sexual tension has been building for months. Now that fate has brought them together and left them alone in a locked cellar they're all over each other in seconds. Tim pulls Greg's dick out of his jeans and sucks it off through the bars of the ladder. This would almost certainly fail a health-and-safety-in-the-workplace test, but these boys are feeling too horny to give a shit.

Scout Boys - Update

October 08, 2023

Troop Time Ch 19

Stroking with Scoutmaster: Landon, Colton and I met up in my tent while the rest of the Scouts were on a night-time hike. We knelt in a cluster, facing inwards, and I told them to undo their belts and remove their pants. I pulled Colton's hand towards my dick and he started to tug at it. Seconds later, Landon reached out and followed suit, gently massaging it with his inquisitive hands until it was hard as iron. I stood up and pushed my dick into Landon's soft mouth and before long, Colton was also hungrily sucking and slurping on my dick. We were soon pretty-much naked, panting and groaning expectantly while our dicks danced, dripped and flickered with anticipation. I got them to kneel in front of me, presenting their asses like enticing trophies.

Frat X - Update

October 08, 2023

Ass Handing

It's like a merry go round at this frat, and all pledges have to pay up multiple times and take it for the team. This one pledge was acting like he didn't want our dicks, but we knew from before that he was wanting to get all his holes creamed up. We still spanked his ass for being a bitch, but of course he was wanting more of that. What's with these pledges?

Cum Dump Star - Update

October 08, 2023

Scan Me Darkly

He's got a hot ass too, but I don't know if he'll be able to take all this dick. Not that I care, I'm gonna make sure he does. I like the way he screams.

Sketchy Sex - Update

October 07, 2023

Days End

The night before I spent about three hours with this one cock in my mouth and ass. He filled me with all his cum, it was delicious and all but I wanted a lot more the next day. So I invited a few more cocks over to make sure there was plenty of cum to go around. Nothing beats the feeling of a hot load getting fucked deep inside my ass.

The BigCMen - Update

October 07, 2023

Late Night Fuck

Been hanging and filming a bunch with Ty, the chemistry with him is outstanding. In this video, we spent the night together after I got off work. Started laying by the pool and watching the sunset, then headed to dinner, and of course Ty was Daddy's dessert. He sucks my dick so good and offers up that ass for daddy to use and breed. He spends the night and we turn on the cam in the morning for an awesome oral session.

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