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Drill My Hole - Update

Wednesday August 21, 2019

The Driver 3

After evading Diego, Luis Rubi and Damon Hart are reunited and Luis can finally thank Damon for helping him escape. Luis drops to his knees and gives Damon a long and deep blowjob, gratefully swallowing his cock down to the base. Damon tongue-fucks Luis' hole, getting it ready for an intense and passionate fucking in the shower. Luis loves every second of getting railed by Damon, arching against the sexy and athletic hunk. The two studs fuck all over the apartment, celebrating their freedom with huge matching cumshots that leave them spent.

Trans Angels - Update

August 13, 2019

Androids Get The Blues

Making her TransAngels debut, Ella Hollywood is an android on a long and lonely journey through the stars. When her ship starts having unexpected errors, she's paid a visit by Kat Dior, a no-nonsense technician who claims to know exactly what Elle needs to get her mission back on track. Kat touches and teases the starbound starlet, promising to give Ella exactly what she needs as she takes her on a tour of the many diagnostic tools at her disposal. Kat makes Ella beg for more as she slides a big pink strap-on into her mouth and hole. Kat reminds the horny space traveler of the importance of human touch, connection and a well lubricated cock every now and then in this sexy space age scenario.

Drill My Hole - Update

August 12, 2019

The Driver 2

Luis Rubi has seen too much and now Diego Sans will stop at nothing to make sure that he doesn't tell anyone his secrets. Diego tracks down Luis' driver Damon Hart and after a thrilling car chase takes him for an interrogation. Curly haired hunk Diego grills Damon about Luis' whereabouts, but when things take a dangerous turn Damon realizes that he'll need to use his mouth for something other than talking to get out of this situation. Athletic stud Damon blows Diego's thick cock, taking it all the way down his throat to put the hairy chested hottie at ease. Diego rims Damon's tight hole, spreading it and stretching it to get it ready for his cock. Damon rides Diego hard, filling his hungry hole until they've both blown their huge loads all over Damon's chest.

Men Bang Game - Update

July 25, 2019

Men Bang 5

Men Bang superfan Justin Matthews has a few minutes to kill at work, and by now he knows full well that there's no better way to spend his time than on Nutaku's Men Bang. Justin logs on and spies iconic muscle stud Francois Sagat, and before he knows it the hairy chested stunner is right there in his office. Justin and Francois make the most of the athletic hottie's time, trading deep blowjobs before Justin pounds Francois' ass. Soon Justin is begging to ride Francois' dick until the virtual stunner fucks the cum right out of him there on the floor of the office.

Growl Boys - Update

July 13, 2019

Fucking Landlords

STRAY continues as Eddie is confronted by his new lover's roommate and landlord. Even though the young growlboy is off of the streets, fear and danger seems to follow him wherever he goes. Fucking Landlords Eddie wakes up to a whole new world. Alex's warm bed seems like the most magical place on earth and he can't believe that such a sweet, sexy man would take him in. Alex, however, neglected to tell his roommate anything. When he leaves for work, the roommate is confused and scared of the unknown man in Alex's room, especially when he discovers his beastly nature! After he calls on his landlord, Eddie's fate is now left in the hands of a complete stranger, with no idea of how he got there and who put him in such risk!

Men - Update

July 02, 2019

Dick Psychic

Vadim Black's love life is a mess and desperate times call for desperate measures. The compact, muscular hunk seeks the help of a psychic who... specializes in relationships. The tall and athletic Roman Todd tells Vadim to strip naked and take a seat next to him and let the universe work its magic. (The universe, in this scenario is Roman, and the magic is sucking Vadim's hard cock.) Soon Roman is bent over and taking Vadim deep inside of his tight ass, just like they both wanted all along.

Drill My Hole - Update

June 21, 2019

Decades: 80s

Aston Springs and Scott DeMarco are here to take you back to the neon-hued triple-x excess of the 1980's. These two muscular hunks swap passionate blowjobs before Scott starts exploring Aston's body with his tongue, rimming his ass long and deep. Aston spreads his hole for Scott, letting the dark-haired stud pound him all over a neon CRT dreamscape until both hunks are ready to bust their loads.

Growl Boys - Update

June 20, 2019

Big Cat

CHAPTER 2: Furry Business takes a closer look at the man behind the brothel, showing how selfish and demanding he is toward his wards. Steve is a hard and shady character, known for being able to satisfy any man's needs as long as he's willing to pay - no matter how exotic their need may be. He's handsome, hard, and muscular, making for an intimidating broker to those who would seek his business. But with Freak Juice becoming more in demand, more and more desperate buyers are coming to his door for their fix. Needing to keep his supplies up, Steve milks his sexy, Promethean pup for his load, making sure not to miss a drop of his precious merchandise.

Growl Boys - Update

June 12, 2019

Strange Changes

In CHAPTER 2: Strange Changes picks up where the previous chapter left off with Matthew thinking fondly on his hot encounter with Professor Housman, only to be pulled out of his day dreaming by his roommate, Charlie. The two mess around in the school's pool after a strong workout, making Matthew's crush only grow more. Having a crush on a straight friend, though, is only the beginning of Matthew's troubles! As he showers down after the pool, he feels his cock growing bigger and harder, his skin tingling with intense energy, and the shape of his face moving longer and furrier! He finds a private stall to deal with his massive erection and to try and quell its force with an intense jerk off!

Growl Boys - Update

May 30, 2019

Fresh Meat

Once inside, he sees meets the handsome owner, Mr. Kipling, taking him up on an offer to work for him at the small club. Things seem to be going smoothly until he has an intimate encounter with his sexy daddy boss, forcing him to face his own deep desires and question his compelling feelings toward his employer. Scared and vulnerable, he's finds himself at the mercy of his boss, begging him for forgiveness. Mr. Kipling, however, is a lot more than he seems, has a lot more to offer the lost young man.

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