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Bound Gods - Update

September 23, 2017

Deep Woods Domination (Pt. 1)

Jonah is Christian's toy to be punished and fucked at will. And fuck him he does. After sucking Jonah's cock and smacking the hot wax to intensify the burn, Christian gets behind Jonah and pushes his big thick cock into his ass. Jonah's in the perfect position to get slammed, partially bent over with his ass sticking out. Christian delights in ramming his hard cock deep inside, demanding that Jonah submit completely to him. When it's done, and Christian shoots his hot load, Jonah takes his cock back into his mouth to clean him off. It's then Jonah's turn to get off and he cums in thick hot ropes all over the forest path.

Naked Sword - Update

July 24, 2017

MXXX: The Hardest Ride (Ep. 3)

Officer Johnny strong-arms Gabriel on the hood of his car then drag him behind a shed where he teaches him a lesson - a lesson on eating ass and sucking cock. Johnny sniffles Gabriel’s cries as he shoves his dick in his ass and fucks him then pulls out and shoots his load all over the sexy motocross rider’s face. Nobody makes a fool out of “Mr. Johnny!”

Naked Sword - Update

July 19, 2017

MXXX: The Hardest Ride (Ep. 2)

Pheonix calls out Ryan for being a punk bitch and Ryan moves in. He grabs Pheonix and shoves his tongue down his throat, followed by this big hard dick. Pheonix crawls up on a picnic table and and opens his big juicy ass for Ryan’s hot mouth and raging boner. The 10K grudge fuck goes on until Ryan cums all over Pheonix’s twitching hole.

Cazzo Club - Update

December 14, 2016

AJ, Koldo, & Kieron

What do you do in Berlin when consumed by lust? It's clear. One grabs a few buddies and looks for a suitable spot outdoors. An old signal box in the East of the city is the perfect location for this. Urban, abandoned and mysterious. The English Kieron Knight gathers his buddies Koldo Goran and AJ Alexander, goes on his knees and blows them - good old buddy style.

Men - Update

November 13, 2016

Group Home (Pt. 1)

Welcome to the Group Home, where five nasty boys work,live and fuck. Noah Jones and Will Braun have no problem hooking up in front of their roommates. The roomies know the drill, and let the boys have the room to themselves for some hole-drilling. Noah wets his cock in Will’s eager mouth, priming him before he thrusts into Will’s ass.

Naked Sword - Update

November 06, 2016

Scared Stiff (Ep. 1)

NakedSword Originals presents the premiere of Scared Stiff! This project brings together some of the best in the business - Chi Chi LaRue's directorial debut for NakedSword, an incredible script written by Jackie Beat (a legendary writer for E! Fashion Police), and a cast of models to die for!!

Cum Pig men - Update

October 18, 2016

Lucius Cross and Rio Starr

Sucking a "nice dick," Lucius Cross is down to do some "hoovering." As he pumps and plumps Rio Starr’s cock, his throat opens; damn, watching this video gives me a real appreciation for cucumbers and sword swallowing. Popping those gonads in his mouth, Lucius devours while Rio tries to stand. Once Rio’s "fully inflated," his partner's velvet throat works it magic, fast. "Spooning" his jizz into Lucius’ mouth, Rio "pays for the pleasure."

Cazzo Club - Update

July 29, 2016

Macanao Torres & Rick Lous

Horny Macanao Torres is waiting for the subway when Rick Lous runs into him. Rick is a pig exactly to his liking. He drags him down into the subway station the stairs, getting him on all fours and presenting his sneakers for sniffing by his bearded face. Rick can not get enough of the smell of sweaty leather. With every breath Rick's desire to submit to Macanao increases.

Bound Gods - Update

July 24, 2016

Trenton Ducati & Max Cameron

Prison Punk scared straight by perverted Officer Ducati. Max Cameron has one day left in prison before going on parole, and Officer Trenton Ducati makes sure to give the parolee a proper send off. Officer Ducati puts Max over his knee and spanks him for everyday he has spent in prison. He then pulls Max's face down to his lap, and has him polish Trenton's meaty cock.

Naked Sword - Update

May 05, 2016

Berkeley: Poster Boy

Often these men meet, on and off campus, cruising the parks or at the infamous local Steamworks Bath, where they explore their sexual identity. Whether you’re a horny student fantasizing about your professor, a tattooed punk rock star experimenting with gay sex for the first time, or in a dorm room with a new roommate who will forever change your foreign policy, just free your mind and the sex will follow.

Boy Feast - Update

April 19, 2016

William Gets A Cum Load

Lucky Trace feeds the young man's hard and juicy cock in this self-filmed POV blowjob! William does a great job on that dick, getting the thick and creamy load he needs and finishing off jerking out his own mess too!

Men - Update

April 17, 2016

Lost Boy (Pt. 1)

Abandoned boy Will Braun is scraping by on the streets when Jessy Ares finds him. Jessy offers Will help by dropping his pants and whipping out his fat, hard cock for the lost boy to wrap his lips around. Will holds Jessy’s balls as he worships his dick and then gives up his sweet, young ass for a hard fuck.

Prowler Boys - Update

March 09, 2016

Jordan, Sean and Adam

Tanned, smooth and horny Jordan Jacobs gets double the cock, when he agrees to a lift from Sean Mckenzie and Adam Watson. Fed hard dick, sucked off, fingered, and fucked, Jordan can't say he didn't have a great time in the van. Even though he ends up covered in warm cum, with a sore ass, a drained dick, and dumped at the side of the road.

Sketchy Sex - Update

February 26, 2016

Covered In Cum

What a fuckin pig bottom. I was chilling watching some porn but this bottom slut was getting drilled bareback right in front of all us and loving every damn second of it, so we all took turns filling up his hole. That wasn't enough for him though so we made him deepthroat our cocks while he rode a dick and in the end, all 4 of us shot our loads all over his face and coated his throat. Hope that fucker was finally satisfied.

Czech Hunter - Update

February 26, 2016

Czech Hunter 236

I decided to visit the most famous skating spot in Prague. It was a sunny day so I found many young boys practicing their skills. You wouldn’t believe how pretty can skaters be! Eventually I picked a cute boy in a hoodie. He wasn’t a great skater so I tried to flatter him to earn his attention. Which worked perfectly. He totally bought my lie about making a documentary about skater culture in Prague. We had a nice cold beer and talked. The boy was quite open in sharing details from his private life. I knew that I found a really open-minded guy when he agreed to skate around with bare chest. Just one glance at his lean sculptured body made me incredibly horny. I was ready to do anything to get his trousers down. Eventually, it really proved to be a day to remember.

Bound Gods - Update

February 10, 2016

I'll Show You Leather!

Hot leather daddy Dirk Caber heads into the local gym to relax in the sauna when two curious punks, Dale Cooper and Zach Clemens, sneak into Dirk's locker to play with his leather. Before long they realize they've bitten off more than they can chew as Dirk grabs them from behind and drags them off to the sauna.

SD Boy - Update

January 27, 2016

Fuckin' A Punk

A true daddy like Bruno can't pass up an opportunity like Gabriel. The boy is one of those "neighborhood twinks" who are always down for a fuck. In this film, Gabriel's "fluid sexuality" is savored by a real man. Letting the boy explore, Bruno has him pull out the sizeable uncut cock; I'm sure the punk's been watching Bruno as he cuts the grass, and "dangles his bait."

Sketchy Sex - Update

January 16, 2016

Big Dick Stairway

I needed dick so I head to the Sketchy Sex pad for an all you can eat buffet. I didn’t make it past the stairs the whole night. I sucked all I could until some piece of meat found it’s way into my hole. From there I was pig roasted like a slut. From out of nowhere two more dudes plowed me like

Bad Boys Boot Camp - Update

January 16, 2016

Phoenix :Solo

"Look at me", Phoenix likes to show off. Keywords: solo, twink, blonde, jerk off, cum shot. Feat. Phoenix @ Bad Boys Bootcamp

Gay Videos Network - Update

March 12, 2015

Tony Aiken and Wes Dynasty Bareback

We’re introduced to two punks with dyed hair and tattoo’s. They waste no time stripping each other down and hooking up. One guy has his dick sucked while the other plays with his asshole. Soon enough they fucking begins. Each pump gets them closer to cumming and finally a huge load of jizz his sprayed into our punk’s hairy ass, wadding up the hair and leaving it a mess.

Jalif Studios - Update

February 27, 2015

Juan XXL, Bryan Tyva & Cagoule Boy

In the Metro of Paris, if you go without cigarettes, you may find with some hot guys with the intention of putting their own cigarettes into a hot mouth and horny ass.That is what happened to Bryan. Two hot guys gave him cock and spit over him.Bryan was of course very horny!. What Bryan likes the most was the piss they gave him after cumming over his face,He had to take the tube completely wet, mmmmm

Bound Gods - Update

February 02, 2015

Officer Maguire Abuses A New Punk

Officer Connor Maguire has just caught perp Brendon Scott and quickly cuffs his hands behind his back. The muscled officer torments the boy's nipples before giving Brendon's big cock a beating with the crop. Bound in rope, Brendon is then tormented with the flogger before he's made to swallow the officer's rock hard cock. Officer Maguire rams his cock deep inside Brendon's tight ass while suspended in mid-air. After receiving a load of cum on his face, Brendon's brought down to the ground with a nightstick shoved up his ass until Officer Maguire milks a load out of the boy's cock.

Dallas Reeves - Update

January 30, 2015

Maxx Barebacks Robbie

Maxx Fitch is about to wake up from his morning slumber, and his buddy Robbie Rivers spies Maxx's morning wood. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Robbie goes for Maxx's monstrous cock. Peeling back the covers and rubbing on his dick through his underwear, Robbie gets his prize in short order. Maxx is extremely happy to have all of this early attention!

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 21, 2015


As you'll hear Xander tell, he may have set a new world record for a sustained male orgasm given that 23 minutes passed (I timed it in the raw footage) between his first ejaculation & his second, and as I noted both during filming & editing, Xander verbally confirmed, & you'll soon witness, Xander’s body continued its orgasmic state throughout that 23 minutes. I’m unclear how any man lives through that & survives. lol

Men - Update

December 28, 2014

Men of Anarchy (Pt. 3)

The Men of Anarchy series ends when the gang arrives at the Jackals' place, surprised only to find their sworn enemy the Irish is there with a plan of their own. There's a final shoot-out and some major double-crossing before Gabriel Cross and Vice President, Jake Bass, save each other and realize something between them they didn't even know was there. Gabriel and Jake find it in themselves that they must figure out the connection. Despite a few losses, the true Men of Anarchy stick together and ride together.

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