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Young Perps - Update

January 23, 2020

Case No. 1911075-25

This week, tatted twunk Dakota Payne makes an appearance as a church-going cutie who sets up an illegal kissing-booth on store property. Loss Prevention Officer Devin Trez makes the goody-two-shoes kiss his thick black cock and spread his cheeks for some hard anal discipline! There's no mercy in either the face fucking or ass pounding Loss Prevention Officer Devin Trez gives to Dakota Payne. It's rough, deep, hard and raw in both his throat and asshole. Dakota may even be walking funny for a few days after this one.

Bromo - Update

January 17, 2020

The Creeper Van

As Nick North walks down the street, he spots lustful Latino Donato Reyes eyeing him up and down. Nick grabs some gloves and a mask and quickly nabs Donato, pulling him into his van and whisking him to a quiet spot where they can have some fun. Donato wants dick, so Nick lets him suck his, fucking Donato's mouth before pulling off his ski mask so he can eat the bottom's tight hole. Nick gives Donato the hard raw fucking he wanted, and the hot bottom doesn't just want to take it mish; he rides that big cock till he cums, then laps up Nick's big load.

Young Perps - Update

January 04, 2020

Case No. 1911074-18

When an obnoxious teen gets detained for cat-calling women on store property, our Loss Prevention Officer takes it upon himself to teach the kid a valuable lesson. He gags the boy in the back room and slides his thick cock in his tight hole for a rough bareback pounding! After the deep hard raw pounding and breeding our obnoxious teen will think twice about being a total punk in the mall and learn some respect as well.

Fraternity X - Update

December 05, 2019

Lick It Up

All of us were rock hard just watching the game when this happened lol at least someone remembered to spit. BTW this weeks bitch was super into it. All you have to is watch how he eagerly goes back and forth using his tongue to get every bit he can. This guy has a bright future in gay porn after he graduates with an A+++ in hot tongue usage. If you are into college Fraternity Gang Bangs then you've come to the rifght place. Click, lube and bring a few towels, you'll need them and do you laundry a few days early.

Young Perps - Update

November 23, 2019

Case No. 1909071-97

This week, a handsome Loss Prevention Officer encounters double the trouble when he detains a couple of sexy stepbrothers who were hiding out in the girls’ changing room and masturbating secretly. They line up next to each other and let the hung guard have his way with them. Ethan Thompson makes his return to form in this sexy scene with Young Perps’ debut bottoms, Marcus Mayhem and Pierce Olson.

Bromo - Update

November 11, 2019

Twink Destroyer

When Bo Sinn arrives at Eddie Rabbit's house to deliver food, the unsuspecting twink has no idea what's in store for him. Bo grabs Eddie and offers the hungry brown haired dude his thick uncut cock, shoving it down his eager throat until Eddie can barely take it. Bo lies back and lets Eddie take his huge cock deep into his hole, and Eddie loves every second, moaning and groaning with ecstasy. Soon Bo decides it's time to kick things up, bending the twink over to annihilate his hole with a merciless pounding before blowing a huge load all over Eddie.

CMNM - Update

November 09, 2019

Richard Finds Trouble

Richard spends most of his time at the gym, but when he's not pumping up his muscles he's out on the town looking for trouble. Winning a fist fight is one thing but withstanding the challenges of being a professional debt collection officer is quite another. It takes more than strength and a fearless attitude. He also needs nerves of steel and personnel officer Dave will test if this meaty new recruit has them by completely disarming him.

Harlem Hookups - Update

October 08, 2019


So totally got busted taking a video of this dudes ass on the subway But anyway when he caught me he realized who I was and didn’t say anything but proceeded to send me a message on grindr. He was on his way to the gym and said if we wanted a better video to meet him after the gym. So I offered to just pick him up. I could tell he was horny as fuck because he wasted no time spreading his legs for easy access. Xander drove around Manhattan while I slurped on his big dick. He was so turned on he nutted twice. Then when we got to his place he asked for us to come up. So we did and he buster yet another huge nut! I guess he had been waiting for this for a long time, lol.

Bromo - Update

October 07, 2019

Urinal Fuck

Bo Sinn spots sexy brown-haired dude Tony Carusso at the urinal and teases the bottom bitch with his massive cock. Tony's so distracted that he misses the urinal, drawing the wrath of Bo's big-ass butt destroyer. Bo punishes Tony's mouth, making the submissive stud gag on his cock relentlessly until he's begun to make up for the mess he made. Bo bends the messy man over and pounds his hungry hole over the mop bucket, driving home his message that sloppy sluts who treat the room like a barn will get treated like a pig.

Bromo - Update

October 04, 2019

Arrested Fuck

Andreas skulks through a dilapidated building on the hunt for a loose criminal, but what he finds turns out to be even better: a rock hard and ready-to-fuck Jael. Andreas drops to his knees and wraps his lips around Jael's massive cock, taking the entire thick rod down his throat. After thoroughly using the hungry stud's mouth, Jael tongue-fucks Andreas' hole and gets it ready for a brutal pounding. The brown haired bottom can't get enough, taking every inch of Jael's cock as he gasps and moans. Jael pulls Andreas down onto his dick, pounding him from behind until he's ready to blow his thick load all over the waiting cum slut.

College Dudes - Update

September 28, 2019

Dexx Fucked By Adrian

Dexx and Adrian Hart have an electric energy between them as they make out until Dexx is on his knees to suck on Adrian’s dick. He goes hard, licking and sucking and working that massive cock with his mouth and tongue, leaving Adrian eager for more as they get on the bed and 69. Their lips stretch and strain around each other’s fat cock, working them until they’re each hard before Adrian gets his mouth on Dexx’s hole next. Spreading that ass, Adrian rims and eats that delicious ass before replacing his tongue with his cock as he spears that dick into Dexx’s hole. Dexx bends over and takes every last inch of Adrian’s thick member, letting him drive that cock deep and fast as he fucks him.

Young Perps - Update

September 03, 2019

Case No. 19071966-62

August 1st, 2019. 8:33 AM. Sexual Misconduct. 18 Year-Old Whilte Male 5'10". Evading Arrest. The Loss Pervention Officer sees suspicious activity at the storefront and takes preventative measures to ensure the PERP does not commit any crimes on the premises. He detained the PERP and processed him, taking mugghots and ID'ing him. Felling that the PERP may have a criminal record, he cross-references with Local Law Enforcement databases. He discovers the PERP has an outstanding warrent and conducts a strip search to make sure the suspect has not stolen any items from the store. After some resistance, the PERP submits to the officer's demands and fully cooperates. The rest of the case is classified.

Men - Update

August 29, 2019

The Butt Burglar

Mateo Fernandez is a cat burglar who knows that art belongs in the hands of the people, not stashed away in some stuffy museum, especially when that art is a bejeweled butt plug. The tall and lithe Mateo sneaks into a museum after hours to liberate the priceless artifact. Just when he thinks he's gotten away, the brawny security guard JJ Knight catches Mateo and brings him in for a full body search. JJ probes Mateo's tight hole, sliding the butt plug in and out while Mateo begs for more, spitting on his eager hole before he lets the athletic stud fuck him right there on the security desk. JJ pounds Mateo's ass all over the gallery before blowing a huge load all over the butt burglar's hungry hole.

Trans Angels - Update

August 29, 2019

Trans Motorcycle Club 1

Biker babe Lena Kelly is enjoying some time alone in the TransAngels clubhouse when she's rudely interrupted by Big Boss Sean Michaels. The bad ass boss bends the sexy blonde over the table, tearing open her tight pants and giving her a reminder of what it means for him to pay her a visit. Sean gives Lena his long hard cock, pounding her as she moans and gasps, begging for more. Sean gives her exactly what she wants, shooting his load all over her pretty face. However, when Sean finds out that Lena is late on her shipment of hormones he gets a lot less obliging. Things heat up in the first part of this sexy new series created by Lena Kelly herself.

Bromo - Update

August 28, 2019

Master Sucker

Bo Sinn shows up at Riley Mitchell's glory hole and sticks his massive cock through expecting prompt service. Riley is intimidated by Bo's cock, but the tattooed power top helps him get more comfortable by reaching into the hole and pulling Riley through. Bo dominates Riley's mouth, making the sexy furry bottom worship his big uncut cock. Riley loves every second of it, begging Bo to pound his hole without mercy. Bo happily complies, giving Riley the hardcore dicking down that the eager slut deserves.

Drill My Hole - Update

August 21, 2019

The Driver 3

After evading Diego, Luis Rubi and Damon Hart are reunited and Luis can finally thank Damon for helping him escape. Luis drops to his knees and gives Damon a long and deep blowjob, gratefully swallowing his cock down to the base. Damon tongue-fucks Luis' hole, getting it ready for an intense and passionate fucking in the shower. Luis loves every second of getting railed by Damon, arching against the sexy and athletic hunk. The two studs fuck all over the apartment, celebrating their freedom with huge matching cumshots that leave them spent.

Young Perps - Update

August 19, 2019

Case No. 19070565-55

July 3RD, 2019. 7:35 PM. Attempted Grand Theft Auto. 20-Year-Old Latino Mamle, 5’10”. The Loss Prevention Officer obeserves the PERP attempting to break into a car via parking lot security cameras. He detains the suspect and holds him in the Loss Prevention Office for questioning. Thw suspect denies all alligations made against him but the officer proceeds to process hime regardless. He takes the suspect's mugshot before conducting a thorough strip serch to make sure the PERP is not concealing and stolen goods or weapons. After an intensive cavity search, the suspect seemd ready to cooperate. After reaching a compromise with the officer, the suspect is cleared of his charges and released from custody.

Young Perps - Update

August 06, 2019

Case No. 19062164-48

June 21st, 2019. 9:33 AM. Sexuak Misconduct. 18 Year Old White Male, 5' 11". Several reports are made regarding a male customer exposing himself to fellow male customers in the store's bathroom. The suspect is apprehended and brought back to the loss prevention office for interrogation. He denies the charges of public nudity but after some questioning, he begins to understand the severity of his actions. He is restrained via ankle cuffs and then subjected to penal measures carried out at the loss prevention officer's discretion. When the protocol for in-store sexual misconduct has been met, the PERP is allowed to leave the premises without further law enforcement involvement.

Young Perps - Update

July 05, 2019

Case No. 1905062-34

This week, a young stud has no idea his friends have been stealing when he gets taken back to the Loss Prevention Office. He tries to lie about his identity, but after a little questioning, he ends up with our Loss Prevention Officer’s cock in his mouth. All it takes is a rough ass plowing to get the truth out of this boy! If there was one thing done it will be that this young man will never shoplift again. Unless, of course, he wants to get his ass stretched.

Drill My Hole - Update

July 01, 2019

Decades: 90s

Hip Hop, mix tapes, flannel and face fucking. It's the 90s, man. Beaux Banks and Derek Reed are hard at work recording a music video for their hot new track, but between takes the two athletic and sexy studs decide to take a little time to see if all their swagger is just for show. The two hunks swap deep blowjobs, getting Derek's thick cock lubed up before he pounds Beaux's tight hole in this intense nostalgic scene. If you could go back and enjoy some hard throbbing big fat Hip Hop cock...would you? Mhmmm.

CMNM - Update

June 29, 2019

Angry Irishman

Hot tempered Irishman Killian O'Connor thinks he can escape the rough prison life and get a cushy couple of weeks in the infirmary ward by convincing the doctor he's got a bad back. But getting a pass won't be so easy! Dr Swallows has heard it all before and decides to toy with this big sexy fucker by making him submit to a compulsory examination!

Fraternity X - Update

June 19, 2019

Line Up

These dudes musta read my mind, because they came back with the blow at just the right time! Of course there is always one bum ass mudafucka that didn’t throw in trying to hit a line. Bet. You want some blow, well you already know what needs to happen. Drop them draws and get to sucking, blow this dick properly and we’ll all give you something white! They do and are relentless pounding that face and stretching that ass!

Bromo - Update

June 19, 2019

Raw Tow Service 2

Shawn Assmore is enjoying jerking off in his car until raunchy mechanic Bo Sinn pulls up next to him. Caught off guard, Shawn quickly locks his doors, but Bo won’t leave him alone. Bo tows Shawn’s car back to his garage where he can keep him locked up for his personal pleasure. Bo lures Shawn out of the car with his fat cock and pounds Shawn’s tight asshole as payment for the tow. You'll love this scene and just might want to try to get towed as well.

Helix Studios - Update

June 19, 2019

Calvin & Jacob

Jacob Hansen is the polar opposite of outspoken, wild haired rock and roller, Calvin Banks. But, their chemistry is off the charts! They flirt heavily during the questions, which include everything from what their first day doing porn was like, to the kinkiest thing they’ve ever tried, and if they like to be spanked. The final questions lead into the requests, which both include passionate kisses, and lead the orgasmic opposites to the bedroom. Calvin continues to dominate. He grabs Jacob’s junky trunk and delivers a few spankings as the sexy young studs suck face. Calvin remembers Hansen’s hot spot from the interview and goes for it, turning the sexy shy boy into a dick hungry dynamo!

Helix Studios - Update

June 17, 2019

Introducing Ashtin

With his smoldering good looks, and sexy tattoos, Ashtin Bates is one of the most exciting new models in the biz! To see him is to lust him; but, to know him is to love him. Fall in lusty love with him here in a throbbing good edition of our “Introducing” series! Bates is paired with gargantuan groin grinder, Aiden Garcia. The guys didn’t realize we started filming when they started talking and getting to know each other, but the tasty conversation was compellingly cock stiffening so we just kept rolling! From nude beaches to Ashtin’s love of being a cum whore, the boys cover it ALL! Bates May LOOK like a bad boy with all those tattoos, but we find out he’s a grounded guy who’s also a health nut, which is very apparent once the pretty pair head inside and get naked.

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