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Young Perps - Update

December 21, 2020

Standard Protocol

Security guard Chris Damned has apprehended perp Kai Masters, and it’s interrogation time. The penetrative methods he uses are standard protocol for dealing with these types of perps, and soon enough, after complete domination is achieved, the truth finally comes out that man. To get answers from the perp, the hung security guard plunges his girthy shaft inside the straight suspect’s bubble butt, stroking until he admits everything.

French Twinks - Update

December 19, 2020

FBI Gay Porn Series 1

“FBI”: Frisky Boys Investigation - is the new French Twinks series produced in a wacky and parody style mixing humor, suspense, betrayals, blackmail and hot sex. Who is lying, who is telling the truth, who is the culprit, what is the motive of the crime? These are all questions to which a very special police officer, played by a charismatic DragQueen (Tatyana Clakson) is tasked with answering through vicious interrogations of the suspects which often leads to hot flashbacks. In this first episode, it is Paul Delay, Justin Leroy and Lucas Bouvier who meet at the police station. We won't tell you more and we'll let you discover their very naughty alibis!

Dad Creep - Update

October 20, 2020

Suspended From School

When I get a call from my stepson’s school telling me that he was caught fooling around with a girl in the locker room, I’m not sure how to feel. I’m upset that he’s in trouble, but I can’t deny that I’m a little turned on by the news. Just imagining my boy naked in the locker room gets my cock rock hard in my jeans. By the time he gets home, I’m dead set on punishing his virgin asshole with my meaty boner. He bends over and lets me penetrate him bareback after getting my cock all wet with his spit. Then, I shoot a creamy load for him to enjoy.

Joe Schmoe Videos - Update

October 01, 2020

Blaze & Daddy

Two Loads Of Daddy Cum! - Daddy is one of those guys who is always horny and ready to cum a hot load, and he does exactly that, twice, in this session with young Blaze. The boys mouth and ass help him out, with some great sucking and bareback fucking, helping the older hunk to shoot two wads of hot cum for the guys to enjoy! Real true raw and amateur gay sex by regular men who are straight but have to try new experiences. All for you...

Alternadudes - Update

September 29, 2020

Biker Fucks Hippie

When Ruckus and Murphy meet, they can both feel the sparks fly. They don't even talk before they start kissing and there's no discussion of what to do next. Their primal instincts take over and soon Ruckus is on his knees taking Murphy down his throat. Murphy needs to taste Ruckus and pulls the biker's cock out for some air before it slips into the hippie's mouth. One thing leads to another and after a nice long session involving a tongue up Murphy's tight pink hole, Ruckus slides his rigid cock into Murphy's ass. Murphy loves every inch he can get and after a pounding that leaves him panting, Murphy gets a face and mouth full of jizz. Ruckus doesn't like to see his cum go to waste and scoops it up to feed it to Murphy.

Pits and Pubes - Update

September 29, 2020

Are Those Pubes Real?

Rob Steele is a dingy dirty hipster with some of the bushiest pits and pubes you'll ever see! He starts by peeling off his dirty jacket and showing off his thick black pits. He moves on to remove the rest of his clothes and gets down to his shabby underwear. He has a raging boner underneath and when he pulls his undies down, he reveals a massive black bush that's never ever been trimmed before! Rob jacks his big thick cock and his giant hairy balls bounce as he pounds out a rhythm. Rob is a silent jacker and he blows a massive load all over the bathroom sink without so much as a peep. He puts his hairy cock back in his crusty underwear and leaves you wanting to bury your face deep inside his bushy crotch!

Young Bastards - Update

August 21, 2020

Ripped 18 Y.O. Prisoner

Jailer Kai Cruz knows that young inmate Jerome Fischer is an easy catch for his need to get off during his shift. Kai just needs to hang his meaty cock through the bars and the boy will know how to service it with his wet lips. The 18-year-old inmate with a wiry body and needy XL boner anticipates that his ass will receive a special workout soon. It does too, and so much more.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

August 12, 2020

Marco & Jordan

During a heavy rainstorm, cute twink Jordan R and fit hung Marco Street meet in a cold concrete underpass while Marco is pissing against the wall. Jordan sucks Marco's thick uncut 8.5 incher as deep as he can. Marco fucks his face then sucks Jordan, who's also pretty hung, before getting sucked again. Marco rims and fucks Jordan up against the wall, and then on the wet concrete floor, before shooting a big thick load onto his pretty face and into his hungry mouth

Slam Rush - Update

July 23, 2020

18 YO Primed

Barley-legal Cody was kicked out by his parents for being gay. Came across him online begging for money. Offered him one of those special jobs. You know sucky sucky. The desperate boys are the easiest. Especially when they’re cloudy. Cody may not look like he's enjoying it but, who cares. They took him and made him love every minute of it. From deep hard throat fucking to ass stretching anal penetration. Cody took it like a champ and he couldn't wait for more. I had a great time.

Reality Dudes - Update

July 20, 2020

Back Room

During the store's slow time, employees Kendro and Nano sneak into the back room to take a fuck break, stripping off their shirts and making out as they rub each other's cocks through their cutoff shorts. The tattooed hunks take turns sucking each other's dicks before taking turns fucking each other's holes. It might just be a quickie, but there's always time for a facial.

Slam Rush - Update

July 09, 2020

Yung/Dumb Full Of Cum

I may give these pigs a rent-free place to crash but, if they want to slam and stay, they gotta help pay the bills. Ryland is my latest little 18-year old cumdump star. He learned quick that the slammin’ tops are like bill-collectors, they get theirs no matter if you’re awake or not. These guys hold nothing back and want to give it to him as deep hard and raw as they can. Ryland just takes it all and keeps asking for more. All the guys eagerly comply and use Ryland like a filthy slut. No holds barred and they go for the gold!

Hard Brit Lads - Update

July 01, 2020

Kallum & Mackenzie

Fit hung chav, Kallum Ash and cute defined twinky lad, Mackenzie Cross have a super hot session. Both lads have big uncut dicks and suck each other deep before Kallum spreads Mackenzie's arse. Spitting into his hole and sticking his tongue up there, before fucking Mackenzie in 3 hot positions, Kallum makes the twink shoot a massive load over his tight 6 pack. Kallum then shoots really hard over his chest. Juicy!

Club Amateur USA - Update

June 21, 2020

Pressure Pipes 685

Sssssshhhhhh… Please, no one tell Daddy Cream that I covet his husband, Pressure Pipes. Now, firstly, for the purposes of this storyboard, I will refer to him as P-Squared. So, P-Squared was my twofer, BOGO when coming to an agreement with D.C. for him to film for CAUSA. It was either the both of them or neither of them. Uhm… Yeah… Have ya seen P-Squared? The boy is BEE YEW TEE FULL! I was ALL-IN! Now, in the first half while face down on the table, with initial penetration, P-Squared gave the same resistance as D.C. which leads me to ask, "What the fuck is up with the gay guys not wanting their buttons pushed?!" Well, as with D.C., resistance was futile, and as soon as I grabbed the magic wand & began the vibrational massage of P-Squared's prostate.

Young Perps - Update

May 28, 2020

Case No. 2003083-81

March 11, 2020. 12:16 PM. Public Lewdness. Suspect is a 19 year-old white male, 5'11". The Officer on duty receives complaints of a male customer masturbating in the women's section of the store. He detains the perp and brings him back to the Office for interrogation. There, the perp reveals that he has an issue with compulsive masturbation. In the midst of questioning, the perp begins to touch himself. The Officer conducts a search and discovers that the perp has stolen an item from the storefront and hidden it in his crotch area. In order to keep the suspect from masturbating in the Office, the Officer restrains him using tape, and proceeds to employ proper penal methods.

Trans Angels - Update

May 24, 2020

Con Fucks Pro

Daisy Taylor's recently come into a lot of money, and there are a few officers of the law asking some tough questions about where it came from. She shows up at the door of her partner in crime (H3ll4Slootz), telling him that their crime spree is finally coming to an end and begging him for one more fuck before the law men take them down. Daisy's partner roughly grabs her, the two passionately kissing as she's pressed up against a mirror in the corner of a seedy motel room. The pair tear each other's clothes off, leaving Daisy in only her thigh high white stockings as she's lifted up by her thighs and her muscular tattooed man tosses her onto the bed. The two robbers have the rough, wild, apocalyptic sex of two people who know their time is up.

Young Perps - Update

May 02, 2020

Case No 2002081-67

Suspect Dante Drackis is brought to police headquarters for questioning. Officers Brian Adams and Leo Silva have their way with him, filling his virgin asshole with thick cock and plowing him as he moans in pain and pleasure! This assignment quickly becomes a threeway where the uniforms come off and the big fat hard cocks come out. If you are one of the lost prevention officers and you want to teach a young man a lesson, there are a few ways to do it but none so enjoyable as this one.

Young Perps - Update

April 19, 2020

Case No. 2001080-60

January 27th. 4:43 PM. Attempted murder. Perp is an 18-year-old white male, 5'9". Customers report a violent incident on the sales floor, and the Officer on duty rushes to break up a fight. He handcuffs the aggressor and detains him for interrogation. The Officer pats him down to make sure he is not concealing any weapons. Upon leaving the office to file paperwork, the perp attempts to break out. He's informed of his attempted murder charges and becomes frantic. He explains that he will do anything to avoid jail time and strikes a deal with the Officer on duty. The rest of this case is classified.

Breed Me Raw - Update

April 14, 2020

Alessio & Reid

Indie punk gamer, or Gaymer as Reid Thrasher calls himself, is paired with big and beefy muscle bear daddy, Alessio Romero. From the start, the bearded pierced otter is clearly into men who look and smell like men as he licks Alessio's armpits then shares the taste with the tattooed bearded daddy. The mohawk-sporting otter then gets his nipples chewed by the horny daddy before dropping to his knees in order to truly savor the man smells in Alessio's jock. Within seconds, Reid's got Alessio's cock out, sucking the savory meat and gagging himself on the rock hard slab. Alessio is just as much into manscents and displays his fetish by returning the favor. Alessio drops to his knees and inhales Reid's aroma.

Fraternity X - Update

April 05, 2020

Cum Dump Ya Brotha

He thought he could get out of being this week’s cumdump… yeah right, dumb ass brotha. He paid for this mistake like any and everyone else whose does. The guys were in an extra horny mood after watching some porn earlier in the day. All their sacks were full of thick creamy seed and ready to burst. Not waiting long at all before he was on his knees taking hard cock coming from every direction. His asshole got pounded so deep and raw he will walk funny for at least week, maybe more.

Young Perps - Update

March 31, 2020

Case No. 2001079-53

January 15th, 2020. 9:32 AM. Surreptitious Videotaping. Suspect is an 19-year-old black male, 5'11''. Customers complain about a male customer in the women's restroom. Upon inspection, the Loss Prevention Officer discovers a lost cellphone. He determines that the phone belongs to the suspect. He confronts the perp with the phone in the Loss Prevention Office. The suspect denies that he was filming, but after a brief interrogation, he confesses. He claims that he was just fooling around, hoping to avoid prosecution. To make sure the suspect does not invade customer privacy further, the Loss Prevention Officer launches into penal protocol. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on January 15, 2020.

Young Perps - Update

March 15, 2020

Case No. 2001078-46

Cute Jamie Ray gets caught harassing an old woman in the store, and Officer Devin Trez is not amused by his immature antics. The strong Loss Prevention Officer disciplines the bratty boy's tight twinky hole with his big thick cock, penetrating the tatted kid from behind as he moans and groans orgasmically. Jamie got quite a surprise from Officer Trez in more ways than one. It will be a while before Jamie will sit down without remembering where he got that deep stretched open feeling from Officer Trez's big fat hard black cock.

Young Bastards - Update

February 23, 2020

Captive & Double Dicked

You can find all kinds of things when you're out exploring with a buddy, but kinky boys Evan and Alain weren't expecting to discover twink David tied up and struggling to break free. Good guys would let him loose, but these two soon realize they have an opportunity to get their cocks out and feed him their dripping meat. He might have been merely hoping for release, but the release he gets from their raw young cocks in his ass and mouth is better than expected. With his smooth body and cite face splashed with fresh cum he can finally shoot his own load and escape whoever his captor may be.

Drill My Hole - Update

February 21, 2020

Tom Of Finland 1957's first collaboration with iconic queer erotic illustrator Tom of Finland takes things back to Tom's early days in 1957. Birdwatcher Theo Brady catches a glimpse of fisherman Kurtis Wolfe through the trees and snaps a few pics before getting out his big cock as he watches the burly stud. Kurtis catches his watcher in the act, but no sooner than Theo starts sucking Kurtis's cock, the sound of a siren pierces the air, and Theo and Kurtis scatter as police officer Matthew Camp stalks through the woods brandishing his nightstick. Theo can't believe his eyes when he spies Matthew eating Kurtis's ass and fucking him doggystyle, and the pair entice the shy twitcher from the woods to take photos as Kurtis rides Matthew's cock before joining their threesome for some double penetration!

Dominic Pacifico - Update

February 10, 2020

Rolling Hard Alley Bang

Those horny hoodlums on wheels of ROLL HARD are back to grind their gonads in a dark bareback alley. Muscle thug gang leader Brodie Ramirez kneads Mason Lear's swollen crotch and drops to his knees to get a gagging mouthful of thick juicy cock. While Brodie twiddles his nip piercings, Mason deepthroats the mean skater boss. He turns Brodie around and plasters his mouth across Brodie's cockstarved ass. Legs up and perched on a barrel, Brodie presents his hungry hole for Mason's spitslicked cock. Mason lies on the filthy floor and Brodie squats to take in every throbbing inch. Mason pounds his prong up into him, then beats out a thick hot splatter across his hairy abs. Another cum-dripping bareback fuck from the horny skater gays!

Young Perps - Update

February 08, 2020

Case No. 1912076-32

December 8TH, 2019. 5:28 PM. Trespassing. Suspect is a 19 year old black male, 6' 0".The suspect walks into the Loss Prevention Office, claiming that he is looking for a restroom. After a brief interrogation, the Officer concludes that the suspect is sneaking around Employee-Only areas to steal store property. The suspect denies that he has any intention to conduct illegal activity, but the Officer proceeds to conduct a strip search. More thorough interrigation tactics are deployed until the suspect finally agrees to make a compromise with the officer. He is then allowed to leave the store premises without further prosecution. The rest of the case is classified.

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