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Apr 12, 2024

Eddie & Dylan

by Bareback +

Dylan Hayes is totally mesmerized by Eddie Patrick's extra long cock. He starts out backing up on it doggy-style, then bouncing up and down on it like a bucking bronco. Eddie decides it's his turn to drive, and puts Dylan on his back so that Eddie can destroy him. He must have been saving up that load for a week; he really fills Dylan up!

By Bareback +

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Apr 12, 2024

Mad World


Finley McClean's (Adam Awbride) stepfather, RonnieShepherd (Dale Savage), is a widower, and now that Finely'smother is gone, Finley is very protective over Ronnie. Soproductive in fact, that he's convinced Ronnie not to leave the house. The pandemic may be waning, and normal life has continued for many for years, but it hasn't for Ronnie and as far as Finley is concerned, it won't.


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Apr 12, 2024

Butta Nutt, Dijonay Jones & Alex Kof

by Treasure Island Media

We love the comradery, even as Butta and Dijonay are there to fuck Alex’s hole, they take turns sucking each other AND Alex’s nice cock as the other one fucks away at his hole. After some preliminary fucking, the trio get into a pretty awesome circle jerk sucking in a triangle of three hard dicks getting serviced by a warm mouth. The men turn back to fucking as Dijonay plows Alex’s ass as Butta sucks Alex’s hard cock. Dijonay rims Butta as Butta fucks Alex. Dijonay fucks some more and then Butta dumps his nutt. Dijonay slides his meat back in and we get to see the lathered mess that Butta left behind as Dijonay’s prick pumps up and down, in and out until he cums. Butta gives his buddy Dijonay a kiss for a job well done and Alex’s dick suddenly erupts leaving jizz all over his stomach.

By Treasure Island Media

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Apr 12, 2024

Tyler & Liam Encounter 3

by Bound Twinks

Liam Evans is back in Tyler Tanner's web: gagged, suspended from chains, and left for his master to find. Tyler is rock-hard before the camera even starts rolling, but who wouldn't be? Liam is the sweetest twink treat one can find in a dungeon. Liam struggles he acts like he isn't so sure about this, but he sure keeps coming back for more. Tyler takes his time enjoying his fuck toy, stroking Liam's soft pale skin and slender chest and covering him in tender kisses. Then, Tyler picks up a marking pen and, ignoring Liam's protests (“No” can sound a lot like “Please, Sir!” when a fuck toy has a gag in his mouth) he writes “SLUT” on Liam's chest. Just in case the boy needed to be reminded. Tyler then reaches into Liam's jock, pulls out his prick, and jacks Liam until he's hard and throbbing.

By Bound Twinks

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Apr 12, 2024

College Ass Trap

by Frat X

None of the bros have any cash for the party festivities, so now what do we do? I know, one of us becomes bitch and bends over and takes it in the ass for the team. You gotta work hard to play hard and if you're not happy, we don't care. You gotta stuff a bro to party, those the rules.

By Frat X

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Apr 12, 2024

Nick & Alex

by Jock Breeders

Nick Oliver was always rumored to get his rocks off stroking his cock in shockingly public places. The naughty stud is at it again this time at baseball practice of all places teammate Alex Mason actually finds the obscene situation hot as hell, and wants in. He won't tell anyone, of course as long as he gets some ass in return!

By Jock Breeders

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Apr 12, 2024

Brice & Trey

by Lollipop Twinks

Boys Eating Lollipop & Hard Cock: Cutie Trey Korbin is licking and sucking his big colorful lollipop and his friend Brice Carson wants a taste. He'll end up getting a taste of hard dick because this twink sex scene is all about anal plugging. The boys are hot and they get into thorough oral and butt sex and the lollipop sticks around the entire time for a little extra fun.

By Lollipop Twinks

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Apr 12, 2024

Milo Miles Ch 8

by Twink Top

Performance Review: Having submitted my final document, I was feeling good about what I had accomplished. That was when my boss gave me the heads up that since we were coming to the end of the year that it meant it was time for my first performance review. It was hard to believe it had already been one trip around the sun since being hired at Stone & Associates and I ended up learning a lot more than I bargained for while in this role. The connection between Mr. Stone and I had gotten stronger and stronger the more we worked together. When it came time for him to ask me if there was anything else I was looking for, however, I knew what the naughty glimmer appearing behind those blue eyes of his meant. Mr. Stone filled the gap on the couch and his big hands slid between my thighs.

By Twink Top

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Apr 11, 2024

Apprentice Tate Ch 6

by Masonic Boys

The Sacrament: The ceremony of the Sacrament is an ancient ritual. As is customary, I wore the mask of the Witch Doctor, standing behind Apprentice Tate and delicately running my hands up and down his body until every one of his senses was activated. Once his tie and shirt had been removed, I allowed my hand to wander south, under his belt and then between his legs, grasping his rock-hard dick in my hand. I pulled his head back and kissed him with great passion, ordering him to stay still as I slowly stroked, and then sucked, his stunning dick. I pushed him over the bench and removed my jacket. His ass looked so enticing; smooth, round, peach-like. I immediately sank my tongue into it and it opened up like a flower.

By Masonic Boys

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Apr 11, 2024

Roman & Oliver

by Randy Blue

Roman Todd is back, bringing his brand of passionate dominance to fuck Oliver Marks and complete the trifecta that started with a Oliver & bf Carter Collins three-way and a topping of Carter here! When Roman joins Oliver in the shower, it takes little time for Oliver to go down on him and happily take his cock. He's just as delighted when Roman sucks him back, eats his ass and starts pounding him. Oliver shows he loves getting fucked not just vocally but how he thrusts his hole on Roman's cock. The passion diminishes slightly when they get out of the shower to trade blowjobs, but it comes back with full force intense as Roman jackhammers Oliver into splattering a huge load over the shower glass. Cum hungry Oliver gets a facial from Roman and flashes yet another smile of pure delight.

By Randy Blue

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Apr 11, 2024

Desire Dange & Kamel

by Jalif Studios

Desire Dange creeps up the stairs of a house on the outskirts of Northern France. His super sexy friend, Kamel, has been working nights and is asleep in his bedroom. Desire pulls back the duvet, exposing his handsome friend's smooth and well defined naked body. Kamel may still be asleep, but he's rock hard. He wakes up, unsurprised, and plainly rather pleased to see Desire in his room. Desire immediately gets his soft lips wrapped around Kamel's eight incher and sucks it deep and hard like a true professional. Kamel lies back in his bed, a smile of deep satisfaction forming on his face, his dark, smoldering eyes gleaming with lust as he fondles and casually fingers his kinky friend's tight ass. With Desire onto all fours, Kamel immediately shoves his solid dick hard into his fuckbuddy's ass.

By Jalif Studios

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Apr 11, 2024

Lemme See Your Dick

by Trailer Trash Boys

That bathroom out by the parking lot sure gets a LOT of action. This time, Beau was just taking a wiz when Ryan peeks his head up and takes a look at that nice uncut dick he's got. Before long, them two boys were all up in each other's cocks and assholes and ball sweat. Ryan slid his HUGE dick right up Beau's hole right there by the urinals and then turns around and get his ass fucked by Beau. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

By Trailer Trash Boys

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