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Apr 14, 2024

Betting It All


This is a very important weekend for Blain O'Connor; it's the chance for him to rekindle an old flame with his college buddy Carter Woods and he's employed the help of his friend Scott Finn. But, when Carter brings a date (Kyle Fletcher) with him to their weekend. Is hope gone, or can Scott work some magic to help him out?


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Apr 14, 2024

Andy & Scott

by Bel Ami Online

Today's update is from our dwindling store of unreleased African scenes from earlier trips and features 2 of our cutest twinks, Andy McAllister and Scott Bennet. While Helmut and Jeff gave us an energetic and sweaty fuck-fest last time, our pair of lovers this week are at the other end of the spectrum with an erotic and caring love making session.

By Bel Ami Online

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Apr 14, 2024



Enrico's precious masculine pride gets a bruising as his arsehole opened for the first time. The men take turns sliding their fingers up his arse while Enrico grits his teeth and swears furiously at his captors. There's no going back now as his g-spot is stimulated causing his thick cock to leak sticky precum. His excitable cock is stroked till the muscleman shoots a hot stream of sperm.


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Apr 14, 2024

Nikki & Barron After Hours

by Hot College Fucks

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And what's definitely not broke what works every time we give 'em a chance to have at one another is Barron and Nikki. By now, these two know what the other likes, know how to turn the other on, know how to drive the other wild, and know how to make what they do look amazing for the rest of us. These two are talented in the bedroom and I suspect had they not each found their way to HCF they'd have found their way to one another given just how great a match they are for each other in the bedroom! Whether with his fingers, tongue, cock, or combination of all of the above, Barron has the tools to drive Nikki wild and she's always up for letting him use 'em!

By Hot College Fucks

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Apr 13, 2024

Courtney & Riley Share Harper

by Bi College Fucks

Harper and new coed Courtney kiss while Riley looks on. Courtney rubs Harper's crotch through his jeans before making out with Riley. Harper removes his shirt, and pulls Courtney back to him. Courtney instructs the guys to kiss each other. They kiss while Harper removes Riley's shirt. Courtney unzips Riley's jeans, and then Harper's. She peels back Harper's open fly and pulls out his hard cock. She takes it into her mouth. Riley reaches into his own pants and rubs his cock through his boxers, then leans back and removes his jeans. He rubs himself while watching Harper and Courtney make out. The three of them sandwich together, kissing each other. Harper's cock is rock-hard. Harper removes his jeans and Riley goes to work on removing Courtney's shorts and panties.

By Bi College Fucks

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Apr 13, 2024

Jonathan & Eneko

by Jalif Studios

Two men hook up in the corridors of a dark, cruising club in Paris. Jonathan Darko is tall, skinny, tattooed, and dangerous looking. Eneko Xtrem is shorter, darker, and smaller. They're soon all over each other. Both men are wearing sports gear. Jonathan's are navy blue and shiny. Jonathan pushes Eneko into a corner, thrusting lustfully against the sexy twink until Eneko gets the message and drops to his knees to suck the tall guy off. Jonathan's dick is exactly as you'd expect from a man of his stature: very long. It bounces off the back of Eneko's throat as the bottom boy sucks with immense stamina and a surprising lack of gagging. Jonathan grabs the back of his head and thrusts himself into the twink's mouth with extreme force, spitting repeatedly and abusively slapping Eneko's face until his eyes water.

By Jalif Studios

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Apr 13, 2024

Zack Randall

by Zack Randall

Self Sucking & A Shower Of Hot Semen!: Zack has been wanting to get his hands on his cock all day long, finally he has the chance to share his dick pleasing with his fans on camera! The gorgeous self sucker strips down, showing off his amazing body and revealing that famously meaty uncut dick for us. A little jerking and he's getting a taste, wowing us as he kisses and sucks on his own helmet and foreskin. No wonder he always spews out such massive loads of cum all over himself, we would all be doing the same if we could suck on our own dicks! Well done Zack, amazing as ever!

By Zack Randall

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Apr 13, 2024

Josh, Braxton & Tristan

by Tasty Twink

Everyone's Fucking Everyone on the Couch: Joshua and Braxton are kind of new to porn, and Joshua's never been in a threesome, but the doesn't stop either of them from getting busy with Tristan. Each of the boys take turns kissing and stroking each other's cocks. These three young boys swallow each other's dicks before deciding they all want some ass. All three boys fuck and are fucked before the scene reaches a sticky end.

By Tasty Twink

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Apr 13, 2024

Lex, Dave & Sykes

by Euroboyxxx

Lex Blond Fucked By Hung Chavs: Dave Hilton, Lex Blond and Sykes Blackburn are three horny British chavs who love to suck cock and fuck ass as often as they can. They find a secluded place to get together on this day, swallowing each others dicks and then playing hide the chav sausage. That means finding out who the bottom is and slamming his twink ass good and hard!

By Euroboyxxx

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Apr 13, 2024

Matt, Stephan & Reece

by Lust For Boys

Blackmailed Bottom Bitch: Stephan Black is a mean little fucker, after slamming the ass of twink decorator Matt Mac with his buddy Deacon he's using blackmail to get another session. Horny Reece Bentley is along for the ride, taking turns with the gorgeous boy to fuck that twink hole and feed him their solid cocks as they drive around the city. Once again, drenched in cum and with a smile on his face the boy is kicked to the curb, but for how long'

By Lust For Boys

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Apr 13, 2024

Harvey & Jonny

by Blake Mason

Pounded By The Big Man!: Teaming up a huge dude like Harvey Bridgestone with a pliable twink bottom like Jonny Montero is always going to be super hot! The two start out so sensual and delicious, sucking dongs and servicing each other with such hunger, but things really get interesting when big muscle dude Harvey picks up his boy for a 69 session! The fun doesn't stop there, the deep sucking and hole licking leads to some of the best fucking for little guy Jonny, ravaged raw all over the couch by the huge muscle man until Jonny is spurting his seed over himself and taking a splashing from the big guy!

By Blake Mason

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Apr 13, 2024

Gigi Lets Her Asshole Be Fucked By Two Cocks

by zVidz

Gigi Cavilli is a gorgeous, long haired, natural boobed Latina, who will be giving you an up-skirt of her bubble butt, until she takes off her lingerie and begins giving one of the two men in this MMF, hardcore threesome a deepthroat blowjob, while the other guy is screwing her snatch and bubble butt. Soon, you'll see a close up of her thick, facial cum-shot.

By zVidz

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