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Next Door Taboo - Update

February 01, 2024

Stuck With Step-Dad

Christian Wilde has HAD IT with his step son Troye Dean. The constant lying, stealing, and complaints from neighbors means Troye can't be left home unsupervised. But Christian has a major work deadline which means this weekend, Troye has to come to work with him. Will these two ever figure out a way to get along?

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

January 25, 2024

Fuckin My Daddy

Fuckin My Daddy: Grant just can't keep his big mouth shut and don't ya know this time he done gone piss off Uncle Cletus who was letting Grant and Trenton stay at this house while their trailer got fumigated. Well, Cletus told them to get out but he told them he ain't heartless so he let them sleep in the shed out back. It was kinda dark and that fold out couch is a bit musty, but no matter, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do and tonight, Grant's gotta make it up to Trenton by fucking his daddy's ass. Trenton's big muscle butt gets a pounding up and down and over and around. We don't even know what to call that last position, but at the end of that night, both of them dirty men sept REAL well. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

Gaycest - Update

January 23, 2024

Staying with Dad, Tape 3

Quiet Night In: After a long work and school week, Reece Scott and his twink son Hunter find themselves relaxing, watching tv on the couch. The nightly news broadcast might not be so hot these days, but rest assured that the smoking-hot sexual chemistry between the hunky dad and his pretty boy will turn their attention elsewhere! Hunter would rather not dwell on the problems of the world. Instead, he turns to his father for comfort, affection, and lots of sexy seduction. Mr. Scott is more than happy to fill his son's hunger for love with a passionate make out session followed by his huge DILF cock filling the boy's mouth! Father and son can't get their clothes off fast enough. Hunter doesn't ask or need permission from dad to yank out his thick, throbbing shaft.

ASGMAX - Update

January 16, 2024

Pump Me Up Step-Dad

Ryder Owens has a crush on his hot-as-hell step-dad Derek Kage. Derek is a fitness obsessed personal trainer, so Ryder decides to use his step-dad's love of fitness to get closer to him, and his cock! Can he finally seal the dealwith his sexy step-dad?

Hard Brit Lads - Update

January 08, 2024

Darren & Billy

Hot Skinhead Muscle Daddy Darren Robbins and fit young scaffolder Billy Roberts have a seriously hot sweaty session, and they have incredible bodies. The sucking is incredible, with both of them deepthroating and throat-fucking in some hot positions. Darren gets his tongue up Billy's arse before fucking him hard. Billy then fucks Darren even harder, before getting fucked himself one more time, till they both shoot hot sticky loads.

Dad's And Twinks - Update

January 06, 2024

Trent & Nathan

Trent Tarzan is in a bad mood and he’s going to take it out on someone. He’s just waiting for the right twink to let it all out. That’s when Nathan Reyes knocks on his door and walks into the office to take his punishment. He knows that he’s been bad and that he deserves it, but he has no idea just how bad it is. Trent shows him all of the evidence he has about his bad deeds and there’s really only one way that this Daddy will let it go. Nathan has to get down on his knees and show him how sorry he is with his rock hard cock in his mouth. He’s totally out of options, so he takes his place on the floor and just waits for the dick to come out. Trent slams it into the boy’s open mouth and face fucks him right there in his office. He pumps himself in and out of his mouth until Nathan can start to taste his precum, then it’s time for him to change things up.

Gaycest - Update

December 28, 2023

The Ties That Bind Tape 5

Closer: Mr. Marko is off on another business trip and it's time to say goodbye to his nephew. Since Mr. Marko found him and introduced him to his father, Dr. Wolf, the three of them have had a lot of fun together. Serg has a parting request for his uncle, though: Serg has never fucked a man before and he would like Mr. Marko to be his first. Mr. Marko can't say no to his nephew, of course. Dr. Wolf helps Serg get started but he just can't help but get in on the fun. Soon he has his fat cock buried in his son's hole, forcing the boy to fuck back onto his dad's dick then thrust his boy cock forward into his uncle. All three of them are loving it, but before Serg can breed his Uncle, Mr. Marko and Serg's dad want to remind the boy of his place in the family hierarchy. Dr. Wolf lays back on the sofa and tells Serg to climb on.

Cruising Porn - Update

December 16, 2023

Cruising Porn: Jerry & Dominik

Jerry Kayton is visiting and Dominik Black is the only one home at the time. He lets the Daddy know that it’s going to be a little while before anyone gets back, and he lets him know that it won’t be boring. Since they’re both along in the apartment, Dominik is more than happy to be a good host and entertain the older man while he waits. That’s an offer that Jerry decides to take advantage of right away. He pulls his dick right out on the sofa and the twink goes to work on it with his mouth. He wants to make sure that the guest is comfortable, after all. Jerry is happy with the service but he’s always willing to take more if he can get it. That’s why he gets the young twink onto his back and throws his legs over his head. His virgin asshole is right out in the open and Jerry uses his tongue to get it nice and lubed up for him.

Gaycest - Update

December 15, 2023

Staying with Dad Tape 2

Travel Delay: Mr. Scott smiled on a bright and sunny morning as he cooked himself and his young son Hunter breakfast. The fine and traditional good looks of Mr. Scott were enhanced by the fact that he stood in the middle of the kitchen, spatula in hand, in just his tighty-whities. He looked over his beefy shoulders and saw his son Hunter as he waltzed in with a sultry look in his eye. However, to Hunter's great chagrin, Mr. Scott had to catch a plane for an important business trip. The poor boy begged his daddy to stay. How long would he be gone? A week! No way! Mr. Scott tried to soothe and calm his son, but to no avail. The ornery boy merely batted his eyelids and laid spread-eagle over the bed, blocking his father from reaching his suitcase.

Twink Top - Update

December 11, 2023

Milo Miles, Ch 4

Back from the Gym: Cole is around the same age as Milo and the two hit it off. They continue to meet up over Milo's lunch hours for their workout in the following days. The boys struck up a conversation one day about what each of their types were after Milo had made some comments at the gym about some of the older guys. It was then that Cole admits he is very much attracted to older guys, but found that they sometimes want nothing to do with guys his age. Both Milo and Cole make their way to Stone and Associates, LLC. Their young cocks bulge behind their jockstraps. Mr. Stone sits on a couch and after introducing Cole to him, Milo slowly strips off his shorts to reveal his hard cock, desperate to break free from its jockstrap. Mr. Stone calls Cole over as both boys take either side of the older man.

Fun Size Boys - Update

December 10, 2023

Shay, Ch 2

Funsize Distraction: When I invited Shay over to spend the night during his first physical at my clinic, he agreed to it right away. His examination went splendidly, to say the least. And after a full night of passion, it appeared as though the twink's thirst was not quenched. He smelled like the night before. Shay pulled my undies off and slurped my daddy wood into his mouth. The boy bobbed and weaved on my meat like a lad on fire. He was such a good boy, and I told him so as he smiled up at my beaming face while coaxing pleasure out of me. Still seated in my office chair, I instructed the eager doll to rise and sit on daddy's lap. Truthfully, what really happened was Shay jumped into my lap and sat straight down on my swollen hardon. Didn't need any spit or lube, but damn the boy was tight anyway!

ASGMAX - Update

December 08, 2023

That's DR. Step-Bro To You

Carter Woods and his step-brother Grant Ducati have always gotten along well. Carter's been off at medical school for an entire year and Grant has missed him a ton, so he's really excited to spend some time with him while he's home on break. Unfortunately Carter's attention has been on other people, so Grant will have to do something drastic on his final night home to get Carter to notice him.

Boy For Sale - Update

December 03, 2023

The Boy Cole Ch 14

Auction: The day had finally arrived. The Buyers' Auction House was packed not a seat, nor standing room remained. The anticipation for the Slave-boy who waited behind the auction block curtain was as intense as it ever had been. The fervently desired, submissive twink-masterpiece known as Boy Cole would be someone's prize today, but at a very steep price. Everyone in attendance knew this. No one cared. Buyers will sell off precious valuables if that is what was required to acquire the beauty. Master Adam Snow would be the honorary host. He would guide the Slave-boy on the auction block through several smoking-hot sex acts. The bid began at ten-thousand dollars. Boy Cole smoldered with intensity as Master Snow pulled out a bottle of oil to slather and rub into the flawless, baby-smooth skin.

ASGMAX - Update

November 29, 2023

Stepmentor: Eager Intern

Christian Wilde has hired his stepson Sam Ledger as an intern at his office and Sam is eager to please his stepdad. After doing a great job for the day, Christian tries to let Sam go home, but Sam is eager to make the most of his mentorship and impress his stepdad. Will he still be eager when the overtime activity is sexual?

Bring Me A Boy - Update

November 28, 2023

Marco & Jean

A sexy twink needs some sexy underwear for daddy to admire and then take off his sweet ass. Marco Napoli could not believe that his wife would buy his stepson, Jean Gilliam, hideous underwear and decided that he should try on the pair he bought him. Jean tried them on, and they fit perfectly, which pleased Marco as he played with his boy's crotch. That only made Marco hard for his boy, and soon Jean had a nice, thick, daddy cock in his hand then mouth. Marco sat back and let his boy do what needed to be done to please him. But Marco isn't greedy and knows his boy's delicious dick needs his lips. He was right. Marco then moved his lips down to Jean's ass and gave it a good lick before his boy sat down on his cock, then fucked him all over the couch until they blew their loads.

Private Playground XXX - Update

November 25, 2023

Whore Dash II

Time to hit the road for Delivery #2! This client wanted the full fuck van experience. Our bottom is loaded up and so is the car, so buckle up for a high speed pounding!

Fun Size Boys - Update

November 25, 2023

Damien Ch 6

Poolside Pup: The Doctor's big hands start to reach over his boy, touching his smooth stomach, then moving little bit further south towards Damien's bulging speedo. The boy's small hands return the favor without much hesitation. Damien has such a playful nature to him, infectious enough it has the Doctor wanting to match the boy's frisky energy. Dr. Wolf stands up from his chair and straddles the one Damien was sitting on. He plants a kiss, which deepens as Dr. Wolf's big arms wrap around Damien's small frame, pulling the two of them closer together as their lips press firmly together. After they break from the kiss, Dr. Wolf has Damien lean back in the lounge chair; It's hard not to notice the swimsuit is struggling to contain a very excited boy boner.

House Of Angell - Update

November 24, 2023

Step Dad Son Bonding

You send your son to college and he spends his time getting passed around his frat house sucking cocks! What's a man to do? I guess there is only one way I'll get any return on that investment. Time my boy learns to suck his old man's cock. Masyn Thorne loves sucking on the balls he came out of and his Dad Will Angell has been waiting a lifetime for him to be ready for his first experience with Dad.

Gaycest - Update

November 17, 2023

Staying with Dad Tape 1

Cruising: I headed back to the apartment to face Hunter. Things were tense. I think both of us were embarrassed. Both of us being gay had been the elephant in the room since Hunter moved in. I'd been waiting for him to feel comfortable enough to bring it up on his own, but he hadn't. It made it even more difficult that he's so sexy! We've had facetime conversations before, but it wasn't until I saw him in person again that I realized what a difference these few years had made. He was always cute, but he's grown from being a cute boy into a handsome young man. He can still be so shy and vulnerable, but he's having random sex in the park and damn! I mean he's my son and I shouldn't be thinking about him like that, and neither of us should be fucking in public, but I just can't help but fantasize about meeting him in an alley.

Dad's And Twinks - Update

November 10, 2023

John & Casper

Casper Ivarsson is a horny twink who’s used to having to take care of his own needs. That’s why he’s in the shower ready to jerk off alone and shoot his load down the drain. Luckily for him, John Decker catches him as soon as he grabs onto his cock and offers him a much better way to get off. He pulls Casper into his bedroom and lays naked on the bed to let the twink massage his cock with his warm mouth. He doesn’t make him work for long, though. He wants to take care of him like any good Daddy would and that’s what he’s going to do. He takes the young twink’s cock into his mouth and treats it to a nice, long blowjob. It’s much better than just jerking off in the shower and Casper makes sure he enjoys every second. John isn’t done yet, though.

Gaycest - Update

November 05, 2023

The Ties That Bind Tape 3

New Family: Mr. Cain Marko didn't know what else to do. His nephew Serg had promised to text him when the meeting with the boy's long lost father had ended. No such text arrived, and although he might have had cause for alarm, he knew the kid well enough by now that he wasn't shy about spontaneously jumping into adventures. But now it was half past ten in the morning and no word from Serg. Cain decided to go back to the hotel and see if his brother Legrand Serg's father had a line on where the boy might have ventured off to. To Cain's astonishment, the one who answered the door wasn't his brother Legrand, it was his nephew, Serg. And if that wasn't enough to arouse some suspicions, the boy was also naked except for a skimpy white towel! Cain was invited in and in just a few moments, that towel was tossed away!

Peter Fever - Update

November 01, 2023

Sons of the Rising Sun 1

Reach's Kissyboy: Here comes a special little series from our production crew at Peter Fever East. Watch what the horny guys of Japan do when their prim patterned white robes slip down to bare, sexy SKIN! First up, a hot hookup between muscleman Reach and adorable twink Koki. With a hot body, a sweet face and big mushy lips that just beg to be kissed, Koki is a bit of a cipher. With his boyish good looks and adorable personality, you might jump to the conclusion this Japanese stud-muffin is a definite bottom. But matched up here with horny muscle stud Reach, Koki's inner topman just rises to the occasion and Reach is moaning with delight over that! They begin by kneeling in bed facing each other in prim white patterned robes, and the kissing starts.

ASGMAX - Update

October 31, 2023

Tepmentor: Make Me Proud

Rex Rush is taking his stepson, Julian Brady, to the office to show him a day in the life of an accountant. But, Julian suddenly becomes stressed: he was hoping to become an accountant to make his stepdad proud, but he doesn't think being an accountant is for him. But, Rex only wants his stepson to live his life as authentically as possible. Little does Rex know, Julian has been holding back on living his most authentic life.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

October 10, 2023

Den Fitness & Alpan

There is nothing like a good jerk-off session when you think you are alone. Problem is, my stepson, Alpan Stone, did not know I was coming home from the gym and would not be out long. I walked in, and there he was, his big dick in his hand. I stood by the door, watching him before joining him on the couch. Jerking off side by side with my stepson was really hot, but having him sucking my cock was better, and he never disappoints. He loves circling his tongue around the head of my dick, and I love when he does it. But I love getting my lips wrapped around his cock and my tongue on his sweet pucker, especially before I fuck it. And that's what I did. His hole felt great, and I know Alpan loves when I'm inside of him. His huge cum-shot on the couch was proof enough of that.

Gaycest - Update

October 08, 2023

The Ties That Bind Tape #2

Reunion: Dr. Legrand Wolf checked his phone again. The taxi had dropped him off right on time from the airport. He waited in the spacious Hotel NYC lobby for his brother Cain, who was arriving after a month long trip to Ukraine. Cain had urgently requested to meet with Legrand upon his return to NYC. Legrand suddenly looked up from his phone as he caught sight of his tall, burly brother approaching from the main entrance of the hotel lobby. Following closely behind the smiling, bearded bear brother was a very notably young, fresh faced fellow. The boy's name was Serge. Cain described how he and the cute Ukrainian stranger had met and become acquainted during his business trip in Kyiv.

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