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Jul 09, 2024

PRIVATE COLLECTION: Cole, Lawson & Braxton

by Naked Sword

It’s the middle of the night when Cole Connor and Braxton Cruz decide to invade Lawson James’ room for a spontaneous three-way. After sucking each other off, Cole and Braxton take turns having some bareback fuck with the ripped muscle daddy until the hair covering Lawson's bubble butt is left coated in cum.

By Naked Sword

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Jul 09, 2024

Ramu Under Covers

by Japan Boyz

Ramu is one of the best looking and most popular of the new models in the Japanboyz stable. Tonight he's cozying up with hot muscle-boy Rio, cuddling under a soft blanket. But with horny boys, cuddling often turns into something hot and sexxxy, and these guys immediately move from cuddles to kisses, to nip tweaking, to dick slurping, to rimming, to full on raw fucking action. And Ramu is not shy giving a horny moan or squeal to tip off Rio that he's doing something very right. Once Rio is plowing his thick cock into Ramu's tight booty, both studs are groaning, panting and showing their unbridled erotic lust. Ramu wraps his shapely thighs around Rio's waist and lets the experienced guy take him for a hot and juicy cock ride. Rio grabs Ramu by the hips and drills his woody in balls deep, and things heat up past the boiling point.

By Japan Boyz

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Jul 08, 2024

To Get You Into Bed

by Family Dick

Brody shares his pre-bed cumming routine, teaching Skylar how to masturbate, but soon, the boy is no longer interested in touching his own dick so he reaches out to his stepdad’s throbbing cock. Soon, Brody ends up fucking his stepson’s tight hole the perfect to blow some steam and fall asleep like a baby!

By Family Dick

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Jul 08, 2024

International Transfer Tape 5

by Gaycest

Father's Day: They were not exactly surprised when their sons came in proudly carrying Father's Day gift bags. There wasn't much about their sons that didn't turn the two men on, but this adorable gesture of affection sent their lust into overdrive. Their eyes met and they knew exactly what they wanted to do. The gifts could wait. The gift these men wanted from their sons wasn't in a bag. They quickly pulled the sexy boys over their laps and just as quickly pulled those shorts off, revealing the cutest sexiest butts either man had ever seen. The sight was too good to resist and both men dove between soft, firm cheeks, their tongues searching for tight sweet boy holes. Tongues were followed by fingers digging in deep and opening the boys up for the fat cocks that would be plundering those sexy holes soon.

By Gaycest

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Jul 08, 2024

The Doctor's Special Serum

by Doctor Tapes

Dr. Beaux special juice comes from his cock, and it'll mean he has to cum all over Skylar's sweet twink face. Skylar is ready for anything if it means he can hold on to his youthful looks. Beaux fucks Skylar hard, topping the sweet guy and stretching out his tight hole. When Beaux feels his load coming, he shoots his spunk all over Skylar's face.

By Doctor Tapes

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Jul 08, 2024

DYLAN & EVERETT: Marines 26-24 165 lbs.

by Military Classified

I'm sure you all recognize both Dylan and Everett from performances they both have given in the past but I've decided to pair up the two because I know that Dylan is a little more experienced while on the other hand Everett is definitely not. The combination of these two proved to be real interesting as I signed them both up for dual blowjobs. I must say that all the heterosexual testosterone that was in the air that day made for an awesome blowjob scene that I'm sure you will all enjoy. Dylan has done work for me before but i'm sure you've all seen him on other websites as he's become quite popular. Everett on the other hand is exclusive to MC and doesn't really want to make himself known very much. When they met each other they were the typical two straight guys meeting each other, cordial and nice but mostly quiet.

By Military Classified

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Jul 08, 2024

Luke & Damian

by Hard Brit Lads

Mega hung 9-inch young Luke Desmond and dark, hairy skinhead Damian Boss start off in black sports kit, kneeling on a bed, with big bulges already rock solid in their shiny shorts. They kiss while rubbing each others throbbing bulges, then pull their dicks out the side of their shorts. Both are impressively huge! Luke is a massive nine inches and Damian's 8-incher is seriously thick. They pull off their sports shirts, and lick and suck each others nipples whilst jerking each other off. Then Damian stands, thrusting his fat meat into Luke's mouth, who eagerly opens wide and sucks and slurps. It's so thick Luke can't suck very deep but he goes as far as he can, even taking a hard face fucking from aggressive Damian. Luke stands and Damian returns the favor, clearly savoring every inch of Luke's monster.

By Hard Brit Lads

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Jul 08, 2024

Butta Nutt & Alex Kof

by Treasure Island Media

Alex Kof and Butta Nutt are perfectly beautiful men and they spend their time together worshiping each other. They kiss, they suck each other’s dicks, they kiss some more. They explore different positions. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the “69” position, but damn it, these two men make it work perfectly.

By Treasure Island Media

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Jul 08, 2024

Ayden Bangs Beckett's Booty

by Aussies Do It

Two versatile Brits in Sydney, one in search of a hot raw hole and the other looking fora stiff, long-lasting dick to pound his p-spot, get together to make a scorching porn scene. What could be more perfect than the sparks that fly between ADI's experienced cock-worshipper Beckett and new model, butch, handsome, horny rawfucker Ayden? They're not willing to waste too much conversation on the pre-hookup interview with the director, and barely have answers for half the questions he poses. Ayden does offer that Beckett's piercing blue eyes turn him on, and there's not much he would change about his own body except maybe a little tweak to his big strong nose. Once they stop talking and get down to the main event, they swap cocksucking, rubbing together in sweaty embrace and some deep, passionate kisses.

By Aussies Do It

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Jul 08, 2024

Italian Muscle Boy Matthew

by Bentley Race

During my stay in Berlin I got to meet this beautiful 23 year old Italian boy called Matthew Ricci. This boy is really adorable. We had so much fun during his shoot that it lead to this second shoot. Now he looks like a really cute boy, but wait till you see those muscles when his shirt comes off. Matthew is rocking one of the hottest bodies. His packing a thick uncut dick, the most perfect muscle bottom, and a killer smile. He picked out some cute Aussiebum Koala print undies to strip out of in this shoot. And even though it was a grey cold day when we shot this in Berlin, the photos of Matthew look great! After seeing this photos again today I'm hoping our paths will cross again in the future.

By Bentley Race

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Jul 07, 2024

Max & Nicolas

by Boy Fun

Even a rainy and miserable day spent focusing on household chores can become an exciting experience when you're BoyFun twinks Max Hard and Nicolas Greey. We're not entirely sure why young Nicolas is so deeply probing the washing machine, but the angle he's at is certainly inspiring, for us for his eager buddy Max. The handsome lad can't resist the sight of a plump little twink booty looking so inviting so he's soon taking up position, grinding against his pal and tugging down his pants to eat out that tanned butt. Not one of you would turn down the chance to interrupt some laundry for a good cock sucking and ass fucking, and this boy definitely can't. With clothes slipping off and Max making a meal out of his friend's rump the two are soon kissing, groping and swapping their delicious dongs between them.

By Boy Fun

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Jul 07, 2024

PRIVATE COLLECTION: Wade Wolfgar & Heath Halo

by Naked Sword

Wade Wolfgar’s big bareback dick is throbbing and ready to fill up Heath Halo’s open mouth and hairy hole. After sucking Heath’s cock, Wade gets to pounding Heath’s thick muscle cakes until he’s pulling out of his buddy’s wrecked slit to unload some heavy ropes of cum.

By Naked Sword

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