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Gay Erotic Stories by RobertFoley - Update

Friday October 13, 2017

Jon, My Willing Hypno Volunteer, Part 1

... I could not believe it had actually worked. I felt so powerful that I could dictate a person’s actions even in a minor way. But because I had never expected this to work, I didn’t really know what to do with this power. I decided to bring him out of it with the script I had just used, just without repeating the suggestion. I didn’t really know what else to do. When I did, and Jon woke up again, he looked at me and smiled. “I went really deep, thanks so much”, he said as he wiped his eyes again. “I am stunned that it worked”, I said. “Yeah, the hypnotist said I was a good subject...

Harlem Hookups - Update

October 03, 2017

Rednecks Do It Best

Garth is a horny redneck from the carolinas. Loves Raceplay and loves to fuck ass and throat. We have been fuck buds for a while. Took a minute to get him to do a vid. But he lost a bet so here he is lol. We were Chillin and drinkin beer and playin GTA and I took the opportunity! After he saw the video now he wants to make more! He's been walkin around with the camera tryin to whore my hopes out! Lol. Well that's comin up soon. We built another glory hole this past weekend. He wants to get some of his straight buds lined up to use me and get it all on tape!

Gay Erotic Stories by DavidDavis - Update

September 29, 2017

Business Friend

...When we woke up in the morning, we both had morning wood, so we would get to see each other's dicks hard. I noticed that his foreskin was tight and the head was completely covered even fully hard. He was looking at my cock, too (my foreskin covered most of the head but was not tight). We got dressed and went downstairs to our business meetings. That night, when we came back up to our room, I decided to take a chance and ask him something. "Philip," I began, "I noticed that your foreskin is tighter than mine. Can you pull it back?" He blushed just a bit and told me that he could not pull it back...

Gay Erotic Stories by Dicksuckinglips10 - Update

September 28, 2017

Brothers Straight Buddy

..."You know you can touch me wherever you want" he said softly. I was like ummmm what in my head. So I got off of his cock and started sucking on my middle finger getting as much spit on it as possible then I placed my finger on his whole and slowly inserted it in his ass. He started to moan again and only let me get the tip of the finger in and advised me that was far enough. I kept fingering him, well sort of and sucking his cock. "Fuck fuck man, oh man I'm about to cum. Can you swallow? Cole yelled. I just said mmmhmm while still on his dick a few more seconds of sucking and I felt a huge load go in my mouth and down my throat. It was a huge load that I swallows and I was totally shocked he shot that much. After he pulled his pants back up I started driving again...

Japan Boys - Update

September 22, 2017

Another Day at the Beach Pt. 2

I zoom in as Takeru lubes and plays with Taku's hole; Jo grabs Taku's face and shoves it into his crotch. With the size and girth of Takeru, Taku has to work his way down, slowly. After a bit more, they change positions to missionary; I see Takeru eyeing Jo's dick and it's not long before Taku and Jo trade places. Going slow and steady, Takeru thrusts into Jo; more lube and Jo takes over, sitting atop. The bottom seems to enjoy the size, but the girth has got him panting; as it turns out, Jo's hole is just what Takeru needs to blow a huge load. Jo also oozes out copious cum, being very stimulated from the fucking.

Czech Hunter - Update

September 19, 2017

Czech Hunter 318

I wanted to experiment a little today. I went to a large park full of people and looked for boys. This time I avoided groups and searched for lone guys. I met a student of veterinary medicine named Lukas. I talked him into showing me his cute body. But I had much bigger task for him. I wanted a threesome and Lukas was supposed to find and convince another guy to participate. It wasn't easy but finally we ran into a former lifter who had a very nice body and was willing to consider our offer. I was very horny and not willing to wander around looking for the “perfect” spot. I took them both behind the bushes right next to a path full of people. The boys were very inexperienced and shy, which made the action very sexy. Then I drilled both their holes.

Maverick Men Directs - Update

September 16, 2017

Three Little Pigs In The Woods

Hunter and I took a few of our most voracious little piggies up to the Pocono Mountains for a weekend get away at the Rainbow Mountain Resort. These three sexy hung guys were all about fucking and frolicking in the woods. Levi lost the coin toss and had to be the pass-around bottom and he quickly came to realize that he won the cock lottery, lol. Chase and Archer stuffed and savaged all of Levi’s holes till they all blasted all over the place and collapsed into a cum-soaked tangle of limbs. There are some super funny and super hot moments in the full video that will make you want to jack off and laugh out loud. That’s always a great recipe for an awesome orgasmic experience, in my opinion.

Guys in Sweatpants - Update

September 12, 2017

Dante Breeds Clark

Dante said it best-- "you're not really bros until you fuck each other." A motto that we aren't going to complain with! These two studs have been friends for awhile, and they obviously know another hot guy when they see one because the sexual chemistry and tension was real that day. After their shower and a quick chat, I just let them devour each other, and devour they did! They were swallowing each other's cocks in no time, and Dante was more than excited to spit on his cock, and slide it deep into Clark's hole.

College Dudes - Update

September 10, 2017

Patrick Ready To Take Dylans Dick

Dylan Drive and Patrick Ridge make out, kissing gently as their hands wander over each other’s body, feeling for those big cocks as they get harder and longer.

Gay Erotic Stories by bnbossy - Update

September 09, 2017

Friends Fight (Short Version)

“I can't wait to shove it in your ass, bitch.” Kevin whispered hotly with his lips pressed to Andrew' ear as he continued to dry-hump his sweaty cock between Andrew' sweaty round rump. Lifting Andrew right off his feet now, Kevin began to sway the other naked man side to side in the tight, energy-zapping reverse bearhug, as both grunted and groaned with effort. Victory, it seemed, was just minutes away for Kevin. A realization that had him grinning broadly as the sweat rolled down his face and the rest of his body, as the object of his affections continued to moan erotically in his arms.

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