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Euroboyxxx - Update

April 03, 2023

Kyle & Andy

Kyle Martin Fucks A Bottom Daddy: Kyle's got a thing for old gents, so we made his day by serving up burly older daddy Andy Wood on a plate. Andy likes his bucks young and uncut, so sexy dirty blonde Kyle is perfect. The two guys get down to some heavy duty snogging but Andy can't wait to suck on that big dick and offer up his daddy-hole to Kyle's stiff, young uncut dick. It's so hot to watch an older guy getting pumped and ploughed by a smooth twink. Kyle works that hairy hole for all he's worth and nearly wears Andy out!

Daddy Sex Files - Update

April 03, 2023

Craving Daddy Cock Cream

Allen Silver, Rocco Steele, Tryp Bates, Calvin Collins, Jeremy Spreadums, Jack Vidra, Jack Dixon, Jake Marshall, Shawn Andrews, Billy Warren, Jake Morgan, Marco Napoli, Jake Nicola, Cain Marko & Jesse Zeppelin: Some guys are insatiable when it comes to the fresh cream from a well-worked cock, and these guys are definitely desperate to get as much nut as they can from their daddy tops! Kick back and stroke along to this new dripping wet compilation of greedy holes being pumped with cum loads and handsome faces being drenched with ball juice. These guys just seem desperate to get as much sperm inside them as they can, and they have plenty of buddies to donate the juice!

Scout Boys - Update

March 24, 2023

Scout Logan Ch 4

Setting Up Shelter : When Scoutmaster St. Michael asked me to join him on a two-person hike, I was thrilled. As we walked away from the camp out into the wilderness I knew my opportunity to have him again had arrived. We pitched a tent in a clearing in the middle of nowhere. And then we kissed... It was a gentle, delicate, somewhat tentative kiss, a kiss which felt as though we were both seeking the other one's permission. It was a kiss which grew with confidence. We got into the tent and instantly started making out. Scoutmaster St. Michael undressed, uncovering his beautiful, upward-curving dick. He asked if I was gonna give him my ass, so I immediately threw myself down on all fours and let him get to work with his tongue and fingers. He knelt up behind me and started to push his solid dick into me.

Jock Breeders - Update

March 12, 2023

Grayson & Silver Ch 2

He's called Silver Steele, you see, because he's hard as hell. When this ripped, hairy daddy finds something that he likes—in this case, jockstrap wearing tattooed twink Grayson Lange there's nothing that stops this muscle daddy from getting his hands on it. After a little spanking and a whole lot of dominant kissing, this alpha stud hurls his lean bottom on the bed and pounds his brains out; fans of horny alpha DILFs won't want to miss a second of Silver in action!

Boy For Sale - Update

March 11, 2023

The Boy Serg, Ch 1

The Grooming: ...he's ready for more as I command him to get into missionary position and ready his hole for my glass toy. His hard-on and hole glisten with oil as he puts himself into position, cock still throbbing with anticipation. His moaning comes back full force as I enter him with my toy, which is twice the size of my finger that was inside his hole only seconds before. He strokes his cock vigorously as I pick up the pace with my toy, entering that beautiful boy hole with ease from the oil-coated glass cock that fits so perfectly inside him. I pinch his nipples to bring him closer to orgasm and then start to pick up the pace with the toy inside him. His stroking takes no break as he jerks that throbbing cock of his while I twist and turn the toy inside him.

Twink Top - Update

March 11, 2023

Michael, Ch 3

Top Training: I can't get enough of young Michael Flex. He's the best player I've coached for many years and he's recently become one of my best ever lovers. He's the full package; he's got a great body and an amazing dick, he's constantly horny, and to cap it all off, he's not afraid to experiment. He's basically into everything! I invited him back to my office this afternoon and we were making out within seconds. I soon had his dick in my mouth and halfway down my throat. He also gives pretty good head himself. If he weren't such a brilliant top, I'd probably want to swap roles with him! He was so hopped up to get going this afternoon that he shoved it in without warning! I had to get him to stop for a moment to catch my breath. I squatted over the couch and allowed him to pummel me with the speed and force his body was calling for.

Gaycest - Update

March 11, 2023

Under My Roof Tape 4

Last Days of Summer: Mr. Stone rose from his bed at dawn and woke his son Logan. With their summer holiday coming to an end, they had made plans to go on a hike together. Both father and son wanted to make the most of it and really cherish these final days just the two of them. As Mr. Stone kissed his son affectionately, Logan melted in his father's embrace. He could feel the enormous bulge in his dad's shorts as they pressed even closer together. And as their emotional intimacy meshed with their shared physical desire, father and son could not deny the carnal energy that pulsed between them. Logan savored the way that his father made love to him and in the gorgeous setting of the forest, no less. Father went slow and steady at first, letting his giant cock sink nice and easy all the way in.

Fun Size Boys - Update

March 11, 2023

Damien Ch 2

Basement Meet-Up: As Mr. Marko checked his new client/fuckbuddy Damien's basement for an apparent "leak", he fantasized about the hot twink's tight little body and ass. The pocket-sized Latin beauty was clearly into bigger dudes because the moment he walked through the door into his client's house, he was flirting with Mr. Marko. It wasn't much longer after that, they found themselves forgetting about the plumbing issue and instead, sucking and fucking each other's brains out! Mr. Marko almost couldn't believe how quickly he had recovered from their last encounter less than two hours ago. Ever since they fucked in the boy's room, Mr. Marko's mind was clouded by lust with Damien's perfect bubble-butt.

Masqulin - Update

March 08, 2023

Valentine's Leap

Maverick Sun's good friend has the hottest father. Since he was young he has always fantasized about being with his friend's hot daddy, Kit Cohen. Maverick's friend's mom has never been in the picture and he's been ever more suspicious about Kit. Finally, this Valentine's Day he decides to trust his gut, take a leap of faith and make his move.

Peter Fever - Update

March 08, 2023

Tokyo Love Stories Ep 2

Ryuji and Ramu - Muscular Filipino macho man Ryuji and shaggy Asian twink Ramu struck a spark in the most inappropriate way when Ramu was a student and Ryuji his teacher in college. At first Ramu couldn't think of teacher as being sexy, but one day in an afterschool study session everything changed. They started a relationship that lasts still today, a few years later. After recounting their romance, they go for a brisk walk in a nearby park and start making out on a secluded bench. Invited to show off their lovemaking skills by the director, the pair giggles and gets to the action. Ryuji unbuttons his shirt to reveal his smooth, thick-muscled pecs and Ramu can't help sucking on those nips. They doff their duds and get naked on the couch, Ramu's stiff cock already pointing up toward the skies.

Next Door Studios - Update

February 28, 2023

Justin & Trevor's Hookup

Elliot Finn brings us this Hot Homemade video! Elliot tells us, 'This shoot ended up happening because Justin Matthews And Trevor Harris were texting and talking about making a film together. So Trevor flew from Las Vegas to Texas where Justin and I live. We all had such a great time filming together and I loved capturing all those sexy positions! You could tell Justin and Trevor definitely have some chemistry in this film. I captured this style of video this way because I've seen other producers doing a similar style, however, I wanted to implement it in my own way with jerking both cocks of them watching them to finish the rest while I captured those sexy penetration and positions. In all this was such a great film to be apart of. I'm sure you all will love this too!!'

Disruptive Films - Update

February 28, 2023

Not In This House

Avery was banished from the house when Rohan's religious parents found out Avery was gay. Over a decade later, Rohan calls Avery over to his house to catch up and tell Avery what really happened and to show him how he feels, by unleashing all his sexual desire for Avery. What happens next involves some of the hottest big dick bareback action you don't want to miss.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

February 28, 2023

Jasim & Ramiro

We look in on hairy daddy Jasim, who is enjoying the company of young Ramiro. He's also enjoying the boy's lips wrapped around his stiff uncut cock. As things progress and more clothes are removed, Jasim blows and rims his young partner. Then he slides his raw cock in from behind and starts barebacking the boy. A position change has Ramiro legs in the air for a second round of ass pounding, before daddy kicks back to take a mouth full of his bottom's cum.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

February 22, 2023

Ferdinand & Bruno

Daddy Ferdinand has young Bruno naked on a bed, sucking his dick and licking that skinny ass. A long oral exchange follows, before Ferdinand bends over to take the young man's stiff dick up his fat ass. A position change has the mature man belly down, for a second round of bareback fucking that ends with cum dripping from the big bottom's ass.

Disruptive Films - Update

February 20, 2023

The Healing Hand

Tyler Allman (Michael Roman) is painfully aware that his stepson Zach Buckner (Dylan Hayes) is in an unhealthy relationship. Tyler is willing to do whatever it takes to get Zach out of the situation, even if it means betraying his husband to do so.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

February 14, 2023

Mitch & Angelo

Daddy Doctor checks young Angelo's blood pressure, before pulling his dick out to show the boy he's in fine shape. Angelo takes the not so subtle hint and starts sucking on his mature top, as the two begin peeling off their clothes. By the time both are naked, the horny Latinos are enjoying an oral 69, and soon the guys are ready for some raw anal action. Angelo gets on his hands and knees, giving his daddy easy entry from behind. Then, Mitch bareback fucks the boy in a few positions, ending with the young bottom taking a ride on his raw cock, while jerking himself off. After spilling his seed all over Daddy's belly, the boy lets Mitch cum all over his cute face.

Gaycest - Update

February 12, 2023

Home For The Holidays Tape 2

The Good Son: Mr. Weston was quietly pleased at the knowledge that since their breakthrough encounter the previous week, his son Chase had become even more attentive than usual. Mr. Weston didn't mind this in the least. The truth was that he couldn't stop thinking about the passionate afternoon that he'd spent with his son. Memories of their physical love consumed him. Chase also was unable to think about much else, either. In fact, in this intimate moment, the young man's desire was further enflamed at the sight of his masculine father still in his pilot's uniform. Mr. Weston noticed how his son couldn't take his eyes off of his dad. And after their earlier encounter, Mr. Weston also noticed that Chase took any opportunity to intimately place his hands on him. This excited Mr. Weston to no end, and eased the pain of the long shifts.

DamianXDragon - Update

February 08, 2023

Zen Dragon

Watch this sweaty, rough and passionate fuck. I hammer the sexy power bottom Zen Goken's prostate until he cums hands free. I reward him with my huge load after, as that's what a good boy he was for his Dad. Looking back on their twist they both smile remembering the cock sucking and deep ass fucking with satisfaction and enjoyment.

Men - Update

February 06, 2023

Blended Family

Troye Dean caught his dad and his new stepbrother in bed together, so he snaps a sneaky pic and goes to show his new stepdad, Johnny Ford. But Johnny just shrugs seeing the evidence of his husband's cheating, and pushes Troye up against the wall. Troye decides what he really wants is Johnny's cock, rubbing it with his foot. The guys strip down and suck each other, and Johnny pounds Troye's tight hole in missionary, then doggystyle. Troye gets into position just in time to take his stepdad's load in his mouth, jacking himself off till Johnny swallows his cum too.

Twink Top - Update

February 02, 2023

Michael Ch. 2

Top Tryout: Michael Flex catches the eye of young Coach Romano and gets invited back to his place for a private session. After Coach Romano's stretches, Michael Flex has his own signature warm ups—warming his coach's hole and cock with his tongue then fucking his own hot load into his coach's warmed-up hole.

Alternadudes - Update

January 25, 2023

Daddies Suck Dick

Christop and Nikolai are two alterna-daddies with big hard cocks who can't wait to guzzle some cum. They suck dick, 69, and even make use of a homemade glory hole. Nikolai's massively thick uncut dick gets harder from every flick of Christop's tongue as he gobbles up Christop's long dong. Christop is the first to blow all over Nikolai's eager face. Christop slides the cum down and into Nikolai's mouth with his thumb before Nikolai returns the favor and blasts a creamy load into Christop's open begging mouth.

Gaycest - Update

January 16, 2023

Home for the Holidays Tape 1

Chase had only just settled in back at his parents' house for the Holidays and he went to check on his dad. Mr. Weston was sitting on the couch in the den doing some work; he was wearing his Holiday cardigan. The hunky father asked his son the requisite questions. He also asked Chase to give him a shoulder rub. His dad asked Chase to continue to tell him about school so far and let him know that they missed him and were glad he was home. Mr. Weston then asks his boy if he's had any "fun." He admits to his dad that the boys at school masturbate a lot together. His dad rested his hand on Chase's leg and turned his head a bit. Chase saw his father's eyes light up with a noticeable amount of interest. Mr. Weston asked Chase to show him what he's experienced, first with a kiss.

Fun Size Boys - Update

January 10, 2023

Damien Ch 1

Job Well Done: "You can stay... if you want," the young man said as he slunk onto the bed. No one tells you that, when you become a plumber, just how thankful your clients are for your work. Some of them, at least, are willing to do anything to show you their appreciation. Mr. Marko was particularly good at his job. He knew what was wrong or right within a building. If there were leaks, he could find them. He could tell where water pipes ran through walls. If there was no hot water, he had a working list of exact reasons that could cause it, and how to fix each symptom. This young man, though... Damien. Damien's plumbing needed particular care. Not the plumbing in the walls, either, but his body. Damien made as much clear with the tilt of his head, and the wry smile on his face as he eyed Mr. Marko's huge body up and down.

Twink Top - Update

January 10, 2023

Logan Cross Ch 3

Top Tryout: Logan gripped Coach Romano's hips as the big man climbed into his lap. Coach, with practiced motions, guided the twink's cockhead towards his ample rear, and squatted until the cock was fully inside his hungry hole. Coach was used to bouncing on cock, his beefy bottom cheeks slapping into the lap of his top. It was just so rare, and so welcome, that top was one of the athletes.

House Of Angell - Update

January 08, 2023

Open Wide

Whether it's his sweet lips or his tight ass sexy youngster Michael Flexx has wide open Daddy Will Angell is the perfect man to stuff them full. This boy can do things to grab his father's attention like no other. Get those legs out of the way so Dad can get up you deeper than ever son.

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