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Family Dick - Update

May 31, 2020

The Hole Story

When seductive Josh takes a steamy shower, his old man gets a little suspicious about how long it's taking. The old man creeps into the bathroom to see what the hold-up is all about and finds his boy sticking fingers in his own asshole. The boy reveals that he hasn't been able to stop thinking about the big guy's swollen cock in his sweet butt, so the old man gives the kid what he wants. He stuffs his dick into the little guy's hole, fucking him hard as the kid's back arches in orgasmic joy. Then, he covers the boy's rim in hot jizz!

Family Dick - Update

May 23, 2020

Toys For Grown-Ups

Gorgeous Josh Cannon gets caught by his stepdad, Myles Landon, while he’s in the middle of playing around with his mom’s dildo. The old man shoves the toy in the boy’s tight asshole and then replaces it with his meaty member, filling his bubble butt with sticky sperm. The action and fun they have with toys show us another way of having fun. Myles finally decides he's had enough paying around with adult toys and takes Josh's hole with his own big fat hard cock.

Family Dick - Update

May 21, 2020

Trashy Trailer

Handsome Dylan is upset about living in a trailer with his tatted up stepdaddy, but a little consolation from his old man quells all his concerns. The muscular hunk takes the boy in his arms and hugs him until his dick is super stiff. Then, he unsheathes his massive boner and lets the kid wrap his lips around his incredibly girthy shaft. The boy does his best to fit the whole thing in his mouth, and then curls up on the couch to let his stepdad penetrate his aching hole. Then, he takes a steaming hot load in his bubble butt before pushing it out of his throbbing rim.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

May 16, 2020

Skipping For Daddy

When David Lee walks into his apartment, the last thing he expected was his stepson, Jacob... and dressed as a tiger, no less! David quickly gets off his phone call and asks Jacob why he's not in school. But the man soon gives up his questioning, as he is very glad to see his little boy. Then David realizes Jacob wants something his son shouldn't be asking for. At least, not from his stepdad. David can't resist, and after feeling up his son... and making him promise not to tell mommy... the two get into some mutual cocksucking that will have you drooling. Jacob then undresses his Daddy. Surprised, but obviously enjoying himself, David asks Jacob what he wants next. The boy kneels on a nearby chair, and David can no longer fool himself.

Family Dick - Update

May 12, 2020

The Talk

Gorgeous boy Ryan Evans has been sleeping with his next door neighbor, Jesse Zeppelin, and when his stepdad, Jake Nicola, finds out, he wants in on the fun! The two older guys spitroast the cock hungry kid, filling all his holes with thick man meat! They can't get enough of that tight twink ass and pound it as deep as they can. Ryan loves every inch of that hard older meat plunging deeper and deeper up his open pucker. By the time these three are done, everybody will be drained...including you.

Family Dick - Update

May 10, 2020

Teen Dad

Inexperienced Josh is learning the facts of life as he tries to gather enough money to pay for an abortion for his girlfriend after accidentally knocking her up! His stepdad is willing to help pay for the procedure, but only if the little guy does him a favor first. The boy gets on his knees and kisses his stepdads monster cock, making the old man's toes curl in pleasure. He bends over and lets his pervy steppop eat his delicious asshole, enjoying the feeling of his tongue on his sweet rim. Then, he bounces on his old man's erection until he enjoys a gooey load of his sperm!

Gaycest - Update

May 06, 2020

Breeding Boy's Hole

Mr. Landon sits reading his book while Ian plays video games on the floor. Peaceful, quiet time is needed on a vacation and these two have done nothing but fuck since they got there! Attempting to take a break proves fruitless as Ian's sex drive is absolutely insatiable. He can't simply sit by and see his old man's cock presented so beautifully in his jockstrap without sneaking a taste. Mr. Landon loves getting his cock sucked, giving his boy a chance to service him while he sits back and relaxes. Ian, however, wants more than just a mouthful of daddy dick. When he goes back to his game, Mr. Landon doubles down, enticed by the boy's smooth hole. He slides his wet cock between the boy's cheeks, fucking him raw on the shag carpet!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

May 05, 2020

Daddy's Date Night

Imagine your stepson is getting ready to go out on a date while you sit all alone with filthy thoughts running through your mind. Who is he going out with? Another man's son? Another Dad? You hope it's a boy because the thought of your son in bed with another man is too much to bear. Suddenly, your son walks into the living room and asks your opinion. Which underwear, Dad? Your pulse races. Your cock stiffens. And you wonder. Are you finally going to have what you've wanted? Are you going to fuck your little boy? That's what happened to Pavel Sora one evening. Adorable, slender Taylor approached him with a batch of undies. The kid tried on each one, but Pavel kept shaking his head.

Family Dick - Update

April 26, 2020

Peeping Neighbor

Little Ryan thinks he has all the privacy in the world while he jerks off in his bedroom, but his pervy neighbor has been spying on him the whole time. The lecherous guy knocks on his door and reveals that he knows all about the boy's nasty self-pleasuring habits, and the only way he won't tell the nervous kid's parents is if he plays with his eager cock. The boy agrees, getting on his knees to lick his dirty neighbor's dick while his own cock starts to grow. Then, he perks his ass out and lets the old man slip his penis into his aching hole slowly!

Family DIck - Update

April 18, 2020

Promise Not To Tell

Sneaky Dakota Lovell isn’t very good at keeping his affair with his nasty stepdaddy, Trent Summers, a secret. To ensure the blabbermouth boy’s future discretion, the old man disciplines him with a belt, bangs his pulsing asshole, and fills his mouth with dripping goo! Dakota and his stepdaddy Trent make an amazing couple with blistering hot gay sex and a taboo fantasy that will make your monitor melt. If you love family fantasy fun, you've come to the right place.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

April 15, 2020

Daddy's Medicine

It's been a couple of months since Dave London's first time at the gym with his stepson, Oliver. Since then, though they both wanted a repeat performance, they were never alone. Meanwhile, they drove each other insane with lust exchanging glances and licking their lips lewdly when no one was looking. They would grope each other and send dirty pictures with filthy texts. Oh, they had stolen moments... a hurried kiss here, a love pat there... but for the most part, there was always someone near. It seemed they would never again have a second opportunity to indulge in their forbidden desire, but luck was finally on their side. Dave was to accompany the boy to school for a parent-teacher meet-up, then go home and make dinner.

Bi Empire - Update

April 12, 2020

Bi Family Secrets 2.1

Gorgeous, Cayla Lyons, is feeling extra naughty she wants to fuck her boyfriend’s stepdad. But, she doesn’t want to fuck him alone, she wants her boyfriend to join in too! Get ready for one steamy threesome. Loaded with relentless fucking and multiple positions! These three have one amazing family affair that you don't want to miss. Cayla's boyfriend and stepdad seem to be very comfortable with their sexuality in there hot hardcore man on man sexual action. Watch stepdad Hugo pound his stepson Petr's asshole so deep in the reverse cowboy position. So little time, so hot the fun.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 06, 2020

Daddy-In-Law Tomas & Max

Now that Max Adonis has a taste for cheating on his boyfriend, he has moved on to the great white whale in his life: his older brother-in-law, though he might as well be his daddy-in-law, Tomas Brand (the King of All Muscle Daddies). Max seduces Tomas and gives his mouth and ass to the all-star daddy to pound and use as he desires!

Family DIck - Update

April 05, 2020

The Magic Trick

When nerdy Skylar Hill practices a magic trick on his stepdad, Kristofer Weston, the old man uses it as an excuse to get butt naked. He teaches his boy a new trick, shoving his meaty dick down the kid's throat and barebacking his tight asshole before filling it up with a drippy serving of hot DNA! Watching that big fat hard cock disappear was like magic but when that thick creamy daddy load filled his mouth it was like christmas morning all over again.

Family DIck - Update

March 31, 2020

Sit Back & Relax

The football playoffs are in full swing, and hairy hunk Donnie Argento just wants to watch the game. But when his cute stepson, Taylor Reign, comes looking for a raw dick down, he can't resist. He plunges his cock into the boy's butt and shoots a load of hot stepdaddy protein! They get it on and off the field as they show us how taboo you can do. These two studs are in great shape and know it. Cock sucking, ass licking then a deep hard anal pounding. With a little foot fun on the side.

Family DIck - Update

March 29, 2020

Stuffed Animal

As sweet Dakota gets ready to say goodbye to his stepdad before his big business trip, the old man gives him a teddy bear with a pocket bussy built right in. The horny boy fucks his new toy and then lets his old man climb inside his asshole and give him a raw dick down that makes his body spasm in pleasure! Dakota shows how much he loves his daddy and that nice big fat hard daddy dick as he takes it so deep up his ass. The old man makes the best of it and give his baby boy and hard fuck that they'll both remember until he gets back for the next one.

Family DIck - Update

March 19, 2020

No Shame

Curious Skylar Hill is absolutely obsessed with his stepdad Kristofer Weston's big dick. When the old man catches his stepson in the act, he teaches him a lesson about sex, stuffing his eager asshole with raw stepdad cock! With some nice and deep hardcore cock sucking followed by deep penetrating bareback sex up his step-son's tight small skinny ass. Daddy Bear Kristofer finishes devouring that nice big hard young cock. Sucking it so good and deep he ends up with a nice creamy cum covered goatee.

Drill My Hole - Update

March 16, 2020

Family Cums First 2

After Bar Addison finds out his new stepdad Greg McKeon fucked his boyfriend, he kicks Daniel out and then demands to know why Greg never came on to him. Now that Greg knows Bar is interested, he's raring to go, and Bar drops to his knees to show that he's the best cocksucker in town. Greg is impressed by his stepson's deepthroating skills, and sucks Bar's hard dick before fucking the hot twink on the dining room table! Bar loves that stepdad cock in his tight hole and he cums as Greg pounds his ass doggystyle, then takes Greg's load all over his face... right as Bar's mom gets home!

Family DIck - Update

March 14, 2020


To teach his stepsons the value of a hard-earned dollar, Taylor Reign and Mason Dean's stepdad, Donnie Argento, is putting them to work. He strokes himself while he watches his younger stepson plow his older boy's throbbing hole, then takes a turn fucking Taylor's little tight butt! This is one happy family with many more good times ahead of them. There's nothing like some father and sons' bonding. Especially when daddy and his hot boys are so hot!

Drill My Hole - Update

March 13, 2020

Sorry Mom

All the promises Logan Cross and Daniel Hausser have made not to fuck their mom's new boyfriend go out the window when she brings home the hottest one yet, muscular zaddy Myles Landon. The horny twinks fight over who gets to seduce Myles, then decide there's more than enough silver fox to go around. Logan makes the first move, sucking Myles's cock as he showers, and once they get him back to their room, it's Daniel's turn. Logan sits on his face as Daniel rides his cock bareback, and Myles makes sure to fuck both twinks equally. The hot teens cum at the same time as Myles shoots his load all over their faces!

Family DIck - Update

March 12, 2020

Always Be My Boy

Little Dakota Lovell gets himself all dirty in the backyard, so his concerned stepdad, Trent Summers, has to clean him up in the bathtub. Before long, the old man gives into temptation, sucking the boy’s cock and filling his freshly-clean hole with a serving of hard stepdad dick! Once he gets Dakota into the shower he pounds his lil pucker BIG DADDY Style. It's always an amazing time when Step-Daddy Trent realms out his Step-son's Dakota deep.

Drill My Hole - Update

March 09, 2020

Family Cums First 1

When Greg McKeon realizes his stepson Bar's hot friend Daniel Hausser is naked in the shower, he sneaks into the bathroom to watch the blond twink and jack off. Daniel thinks his bf's stepdad is super hot, and he's been waiting to suck his big dick! Ignoring Bar's calls that the pizza is getting cold, Greg fucks Daniel in the shower in a stand-and-carry and Daniel rides that cock. They manage not to get caught when Bar comes to check on Daniel, and he even kisses his boyfriend as his boyfriend's stepdad keeps railing him doggystyle! But when Daniel sits down at the table with Greg's cum all over his face, the jig is up.

Family DIck - Update

March 07, 2020

Bedtime Story

Sweet Dakota Lovell thinks he’s a little too old for bedtime stories, but his pervy stepdad, Trent Summers, disagrees. The old man tucks his boy in by stuffing his tight hole full with a throbbing stepdad dick before spurting out a load of cum in the first of this series! There's nothing like a bedtime story to get a daddy in the mood and what a mood it was. Sometimes a tuck is just a bit more than a tuck and this would be one of those times.

Family DIck - Update

March 01, 2020

Pissed Off

When rebellious Lukas Stone pisses in the backyard, his ex-con stepdad teaches him a lesson the hard way. He whips out his stiff dick and drills the boy’s young asshole raw before shooting a load of sticky nut! The lesson to learn here is not to mess with your older brother unless you can eight get away with it, are bigger and stronger then he is or can run a lot faster than he can. The other option is the one here, just let him fuck you raw and love every minute of his big fat hard cock deep in your ass.

Family DIck - Update

February 17, 2020

In The Closet

Taylor Reign can’t keep his eyes off his stepdad, Donnie’s, rockin’ body. His fantasies are fulfilled as the old man slobbers on his huge cock and then injects his tight asshole with a serving of hard man meat!

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