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Family Creep - Update

May 16, 2021

Principles's Office 2

When he catches his best friend riding the old man's cock, Nick Milani's suspicions about his best friend's stepdad Dallas Steele are confirmed: not only is he gay but he's definitely packing the goods. Nick decides there's no reason to keep this cock in the family, and he busts into his office and confronts Principal Steele, and tells him his family secret is safe as long as he gets his own piece. Principal Steele sighs as Nick tells him to show him what he's holding, and when he lets down his towel, he's still rock hard! Nick knew his former principal was a perv, and now that he's just a little bit older, he intends to show him all the things he's learned outside of school. Lucky for him this is one principal that doesn't mind bending the rules every now and again.

Family Creep - Update

May 14, 2021

Principal's Office 1

When Alex Myers finds himself wandering the halls of his old high school, he feels weird, but his new step-dad Dallas Steele just so happens to be the principal and has asked him to come by, so Alex obliges. Once inside his office, Alex notices his step-dad fidgeting with his pants and realizes the rumors are true: his step-dad is gay. Not wanting to let a good opportunity go to waste, Alex seizes upon the chance for a little family bonding. After all, his mother said she wished the two of them would spend more time together, right?

Family Creep - Update

May 11, 2021

Training With My Stepdad

Home from college and left without much to do, Johnny B takes his new step-dad up on his offer to do some training at his gym. As a trainer, Tristan Brazer spends most of his time molding men into what they want to become, but if he's gonna make a man out of Johnny, it's not gonna be with the punching bag. Instead, Tristan has some more 'hands on' techniques in mind, but if Johnny is going to benefit from it, he's going to have to promise that what happens at the gym, stays at the gym. That's music to Johnny's ears... who knew hanging with the step-dad could be so much fun?

Family Creep - Update

May 08, 2021

My Step Dad Is Bi

Jacob Wolf is waiting for his stepdad Joe Parker to show up because he has something very important to talk to him about. Joe and his wife have been exploring their bi side and now his wife wants him to talk to Jacob about some things since they know he is bi. Joe and Jacob meet and Joe fills him in on the exploration and once he is doen Jacob isn't sure what they are supposed to do next. Joe moves in slowly and they begin to kiss and soon enough Jacob is blowing his stepdads fat hard cock. Joe loves how his stepson sucks on his cock and balls and than he flips him over so he can rim that sweet young ass. Once that ass is wet enough Joe fucks his stepson in a few positions until they both blow their built up loads.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

May 06, 2021

Daddy Does Not Approve

Sometimes being caught can be fun. Nick thinks he is home alone and decides to go into his parent's room. He pulls out his stepdad men's fitness magazine and begins to flip the pages. His dick gets thicker as he gropes himself while looking at the men. Coming home unexpectedly, his stepdad, Pavel, bust in the room and catches Nick touching himself. Pavel throws the magazine on the floor, puts Nick over his knees, and begins to spank his ass. Pavel then rubs his stepson's butt as they start to take off their clothes, exposing Pavel's hard cock. Nick takes the dick in his mouth and then takes it in his ass as his stepdad slowly stuff his cock inside of him. Pavel fucks his boy as Nick strokes his cock while laying on their side.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

April 29, 2021

Daddy Forgives You

Ever been caught sex camming? Tom is hanging out on the couch. He was the first home and decided to do a little online porn chat in the living room. Tom takes his pants off, pulls out his cock, and begins to stroke. As he sits on the couch, his stepdad, Jerry, storms in the room, closes his laptop, and begins to spank Tom's bare ass. Jerry then gets his boy to unzip his jeans and take daddy's hard cock down his throat, which Tom does gladly. After removing all his clothes, Jerry shows his boy how he well daddy sucks cock. Tom can't get enough of his stepdad's warm mouth. Jerry then kisses his boy before returning him to his favorite place, on his knees and sucking dick. Jerry then gets behind his boy to eat his young, fresh ass before sticking his dick inside.

Maverick Men Directs - Update

April 28, 2021

Dad Caught Us

Whenever I direct a video with three of our favorite fuck buddies, I know it'll be totally fun and also hot as fuck. I'm glad I paired these three pups together. This is a great flip-fucking, cock-sucking, ball-licking, cum-soaked fuck session. It's a simple MaverickMan recipe for a yummy snack: add three hot guys, a little lube, a little privacy, and a MaverickMan to direct and you'll cum buckets!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

April 24, 2021

Daddy I'm So Hot

It's never too hot to fuck your boy. Nick is sitting in his room, getting ready to jerk-off, but the heat is unbearable. He goes to turn the fan on, but it doesn't seem to be working. Not sure what to do, Nick calls out to his stepdad, John, for help. He explains that his fan doesn't work and he is so hot. John leaves the room and comes back with a few tools that will fix the fan. Nick, still hot and sweaty, takes his shirt off and then begins groping himself in front of John, which gets his attention. John drops his tools and sits on the bed where Nick begins kissing and undressing his stepdad before taking his cock in his mouth.

Twink Trade - Update

April 24, 2021

4-Way Daddies vs Twinks

Markus, James, Harvey & Edward - Hot daddies Markus Kage and James Fox have a big bet on the Super Bowl, and when it’s time to pay up, instead of exchanging cash, they exchange their handsome sons, Harvey Sin and Edward Terrant. The hot boys perk their asses in their air for their muscular daddies to raw-dog to their hearts’ content! Beefy Men and Tender Twinks, now this is what we've been waiting for.

Family Dick - Update

April 23, 2021

Cum Before Bed

When stepdad Killian Knox prompts his stepson Johnny Bandera to go to bed, Johnny confesses he has trouble going to sleep so early. After Killian shares his little secret of how he makes himself fall asleep, Johnny is eager to try it out and accepts all the help he can get from his stepdad. To help the gorgeous twink fall asleep, he teases out a gooey nut from the boy's perfect dick.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

April 18, 2021

I Saw What You Did

Sharing a bathroom with your stepson can lead to unexpected pleasures. After a long day at school, Gregor is enjoying time in the tub. He's stroking his cock under the bubbles when his stepdad, Martin, walks in to brush his teeth before work. Neither seemed to mind the sharing situation. But when Gregor comes out of the bathroom, Martin stops him in his tracks. He grabs on his stepson's hard cock stuffed in his tight undies. He pulls them down and begins stroking, licking, and sucking on Gregor's wood. Gregor loves having his stepdad all over his cock, but is ready to taste his musky dick. Martin sits back on the couch and gives his boy what he wants. Gregor sucks on his dad's cock while stroking his own.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

April 14, 2021

Sweet Sweet Boy

Every day is a great day to give your boy a delicious treat. Eric and Mark are out enjoying the day when Mark asks his stepdad, Eric, to buy him a pastry. But when they got home Mark makes a mess of his treat by getting it on his brand new shirt, which doesn't please Eric. Mark removes his shirt, exposing his beautiful body, which makes Eric think nasty thoughts. Mark has similar ideas and slowly guides Eric's hand around his young body. Mark then takes his stepdad's shirt and pants off and sucks on his big, hard cock. Eric loves the way his boy handles his cock but wants to play with some dick himself before he fucks his boy's ass. And when ready, Mark takes a seat right on his stepdad's swollen meat. After riding, Eric gets Mark on his knees so he can fuck him from behind.

Str8 to Gay - Update

April 12, 2021

Booty To The Ground

As drill sergeant Markus Kage gets ready for his day with full military discipline, his stepson Edward Terrant is trying to get off. As Markus dresses in his uniform, Edward steals his stepdad's helmet and sticks his dildo to it, then fucks himself! Markus catches the twink riding the toy just as Edward cums... on his shiny boot! The strict soldier makes Edward clean his boot with his tongue, then clean his cock too. The sergeant delivers an over-the-knee spanking before eating Edward's hole and fucking him doggystyle. Edward rides his stepdad's cock till he cums, then Markus fucks the twink in piledriver and jizzes all over his booty.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

April 08, 2021

Work It Out Boy

New clothes can be sexy. Andrey's in the living room when Cris comes home, wearing a new shirt. Andrey immediately sees his stepdad's shirt and asks what is meant by 'Suck My Nuts'. Being the hands-on kind of stepdad that he is, Cris pulls his short down and lets his daddy cock and nuts hang out. Cris then grabs the back of Andrey's head and puts his cock right in his boy's mouth. Andrey doesn't waste any time getting it all in, but then it's Cris's turn to suck on his stepsons cock, as Andrey watches. Cris then works his tongue past his boy's balls, down to Andrey's tight hole, and makes sure it's warmed up for his cock. When ready, Andrey takes a seat on his stepdad's thick dick. He then gets on his knees as his stepdad gets behind him and fills his pretty hole up.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

April 03, 2021

How Do I Look?

Hearing "how do I look daddy", is like getting keys to the castle for some stepdads. When a boy looks good for daddy, it shows, and a good daddy takes note of all the small changes, especially if he buys something nice like a pair of sexy undies or a cute tracksuit. Could be something adorable like furry tiger pajamas that gets daddy's attention and gets his dick hard. And that is what Jacob Dolce, Richard Hicks, Roman Capellini, and Kieran Karlsson want from David Lee, Eric Lenn, and Martin Dajnar. Some attention, mostly on their tight boy holes. And these stepdads do that plus more to please their boys. After these sexy stepdads play with their boy's dicks, sucking and touching, the boys get to work on their daddy's big cocks.

Peter Fever - Update

March 29, 2021

Hiroya Toys With Tomoki

Chiseled Asian superman Hiroya is a beautiful specimen of a man's man, with a little mustache, trimmed goatee and perfectly muscled physique. It's an overwhelming package for young porn newbie Tomoki, but this new PeterFever East find is up for the challenge. They start out fresh from a shower making out in the bathroom, then climb on the bed to get their bodies together, up close and personal. Hiroya's tight sport briefs are packed full of manly goodness, and when he grinds his crotch into Tomoki, his dick swells even thicker. He peels Tomoki's undies down and works on his mushroom-headed cock. Tomoki leans his head back and moans with pleasure. When he lies on his back and holds his knees wide open Hiroya licks his ass and pops in a few lubed fingers.

Family Dick - Update

March 26, 2021

Can I Please Join?

As step brothers Kai Masters and Braden Taylor are chilling on the couch, Uncle Jesse goes and grabs Kai so he can try on the clothes that he bought him. Braden sneaks up on them and after realizing what they were doing, he begs Uncle Jesse to join them in their wild shenanigans. Talk about hot and sexy family fun. You'll have to get an extra set of cum rags after these boys and daddy are done.

Dad Creep - Update

March 26, 2021

Stepdaddy's Love

Brent North is talking with his girlfriend late at night when his stepdad Teddy Torres demands to take his phone away because it’s time for bed. The next morning, Teddy cooks a delicious breakfast for Brent, but when his stepson seems to be only interested in getting his phone back to talk to his girlfriend, Teddy’s jealousy seeps out and he decides to show Brent that no one will love him as much as his stepdaddy does.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

March 25, 2021

I will Do It Again

What would you do if your son threw a party and didn't get permission? Alex, dressed in his tiger Onesie, is sleeping in his parent's room, tired from the party he threw last night. He thought they would be out of town all weekend until his stepdad Pavel walks in on him. Alex is shocked and doesn't know what to say. Luckily he doesn't have to say much because after Pavel gives him a firm spanking, he unzips his pants and pulls out his daddy dick so Alex can make it up to him in other ways. Alex is ready to pay up and take his punishment, which is why Alex threw the party in the first place. He starts to suck on his stepdad's cock, then is stripped naked as Pavel turns the tables, taking Alex's young meat in his mouth before sliding inside his boy hole.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

March 19, 2021

Big Like Daddies

Most boys want to be like their daddy. Corey is trying on some new undies in the mirror and tries stuffing them with a sock to get that big bulge like his stepdad Vincent, who is on the couch watching from the living room. When ready, he steps in front of Vincent and lets him check out his work. After groping Corey, Vincent pulls out the socks and tells him that he doesn't need them. Vincent then gropes his stepson's real cock before pulling it out of his undies and stroking it until it is nice and hard. He then sits Corey back on the couch and puts his mouth on his young boy's cock. Corey loves the alone time they get to spend together. Vincent then leans back and takes his pants down so Corey can get to his hard dick. They both get undressed, and Corey sits on his stepdad's dick.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

March 15, 2021

You Kept Daddy Waiting

Sometimes a boy has to be taught a lesson. The first thing you learn once you are in training to be a good boy is to never keep daddy waiting, under no circumstances. And if you do, then prepare for the consequences. But Issac isn't prepared to find himself over John's knees getting spanked for being late, but he knows he's done wrong and now has to find a way to make up for it. So he attempts to, the best way he knows how. Isaac begins unzipping John's pants after getting off his lap. *He then takes his daddy's dick in his mouth, to the base of his shaft and back. John loves his boy trying to make up to him, but has better ways of doing it. He sucks on his boy's cock before bending him over the edge of the bed and sticking his dick up his smooth hole.

Dad Creep - Update

March 15, 2021

An 'A' in Bottom

Felix O’Dair is hanging in his bedroom when suddenly his stepdad Manuel Skye walks in and confronts him about getting poor grades. Lazy boy Felix O’Dair can’t seem to get good grades at school, and his muscular stepdad Manuel Skye is tired of the boy slacking off. Felix tries to lie saying that was an old report card, but Manuel sees right through him and, bringing him to his knees, proceeds to properly discipline him. To make sure the little guy understands how important his education is, the old man stuffs his boner in the boy’s mouth and shoots a creamy load of semen from the tip of his girthy rod.

Family Dick - Update

March 09, 2021

Playing Favorites

Step brothers Kai Masters and Braden Taylor are playing video games when Kai mentions how excited he is that his favorite Uncle Jesse Zeppelin will be taking care of them during the weekend. Handsome Kai can’t wait to show his hot stepbrother, Braden, why their nasty step-uncle, Jesse is so fun to hang out with. Braden is not so sure why at first, but soon he’ll realize why Uncle Jesse is the best and how good he’ll feel under his command. When the sculpted hunk finally shows up, the boys get on their knees and offer the strong guy a blowjob that he’ll never forget. Then, they let him probe their aching holes!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

March 09, 2021

Hot Boy Ass

How do you hide an erection? Mark has had another exhausting day at school. It was just one of those days where everything that could go wrong did. So he decided to take a little "me time" in the sauna. His stepdad, Martin, was passing by and noticed him sitting with his legs open and his balls hanging from his erect cock under his towel. Once Mark was done, he joined his stepdad in the living room. Martin rips off Mark's towel as he walks by and starts to admire his erection. Mark tries to hide it but, he can't and gives in when Martin begins to touch it. Mark sits back on the couch and lets his stepdad put his mouth on his hard dick. It fills Martin's mouth right up as he begins to plays with his boy's hole at the same time.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

March 02, 2021

Getting Ready For Daddy

What would you do if you caught your boy playing with a dildo? Vincent just came in from work, and the only free shower is in his stepson's Alex room. He walks in and starts the water. Alex, who was sitting on the bed, gets up and puts his ear to the door. He then goes to the nightstand, pulls out his dildo and lube. Lubes his ass up and slides the head of the dildo inside. Vincent hears his son moaning in the other room, and it is turning him on. He heads out the bathroom, catching his son off-guard, unzips his pants, and pulls his dick out for his boy to suck. And that's just what Alex does. He takes his daddy into his mouth as he strips. Daddy then does the same to his boy before flipping him on his side, sliding his cock in, and fucking him.

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