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Twink Pop - Update

November 21, 2023

Goth Twink Loves Anal

After the football game, Leo Louis is horny, but his prudish girlfriend just wants to scroll on her phone. But when her rebellious brother, Enzo Muller, walks by her room and sees Leo's huge, hard dick in his hand, the goth twink quietly signals to the jock that he'll take care of that boner. Leo walks into Enzo's room to find the twink waiting on the bed with his hole out, so he doesn't wait to fuck it! Then Enzo rides the jock, before the top fucks him in spoon position. While Leo's GF is on her knees praying, Enzo's on his hands and knees getting fucked, then Leo cums on the goth's face while Enzo strokes himself till he orgasms.

Alternadudes - Update

October 17, 2023

Fill My Holes!

Maxx Stoner needs his gaping hole filled so he hooks up with hung ginger, Logan Flood to get what he needs. Maxx and Logan make out hard, rubbing tongues until Logan is hard and ready to go. Maxx goes down on the gritty ginger, slobbering on his cock until neither of them can wait any longer. Maxx offers up his hole and Logan stuffs his cock inside. It's a fuck frenzy until Logan pulls out and blasts a load all over Maxx's used up ass. Logan isn't quite done yet and slips it back inside Maxx to fuck the cum inside. After getting his ass filled, Maxx turns around and goes ass to mouth to clean off the panting ginger's sloppy, wet dick.

Alternadudes - Update

August 20, 2023

Destroying His Second Hole

Maxx Stoner is a cock slut who can't get enough dick. When he sees Cesar Xes' rather large cock, Maxx loses his mind and can't think about anything else. Cesar slams his big hard dick down Maxx's throat, making him gag and cough. All the face fucking makes Maxx hard as a rock and after eating Cesar out, Maxx slides his plump cock into Cesar's ass. It feels good but Maxx needs what Cesar has and hops on for a ride. Cesar pounds the moaning whore in front of him until he drains his nuts all over Maxx's sweaty, panting face.

Alternadudes - Update

July 23, 2023

Obedient Sub

Johnny Por La Calle isn't happy unless he's bound and submissive. He showed up with a cock cage that rarely comes off and has never been washed. The lucky guy to unleash his cock is horny hottie Maxsin D'Vil, who gets to work putting the sub in his place. He gets Johnny in a device that stretches his balls, attaches to his ankles and leaves very little leeway for Johnny to move. He loves every minute of it as Maxsin spanks his ass and balls. Johnny thanks his Dom with every paddle before he begs to be hooked up to the fuck machine. He picks the biggest dildo of the bunch and spreads his legs wide to take it deep in his ass. He moans out as Maxsin cranks up the intensity and gives the horny twink a handjob that makes his throbbing cock blow all over!

Fisting Inferno - Update

February 04, 2023

Highway 2.3

Blow Out: In a vacant shipping container in the middle of the night, a mysterious figure watches over Andrew Delta as he slowly approaches his bound and blindfolded fuck of the night, Ryan Sebastian. With Ryan's legs already spread wide open, Andrew drops down to slowly insert a series of orb-like anal beads into his hairy hole before patiently using metal anal forceps to stretch open his ass. Andrew rips off Ryan's blindfold and proceeds to use his bareback cock to further dominate the tattooed bottom's ass. Their loud moans echo off the cold walls of the cargo container until Andrew is ready to breed Ryan, cover his insides with his fresh load, and watch his cum leak of out of his wrecked hole.

Alternadudes - Update

January 12, 2023

Six Guys Fuck

It's Antonio Hacienda's birthday and he wants something special. He gets what he wants when five of his buddies come over to tag team his ass. Antonio can't get enough cock in his holes as he sucks and fucks and takes all the loads he can get for his hap hap happy birthday! If you like guys who are hot nasty and inclusive then these guys are for you. From twinks to big black muscle studs, these guys love it and do all they can to cum as hard as they can.

Alternadudes - Update

September 30, 2022

Tight Tag Team

Maxx Stoner and Guy Criss find AJ Sloan ass up in bed and don't waste a second cracking the stud wide open. Maxx is the first to hop in when he finger fucks AJ's tight little hole as Guy commandeers the front end by shoving his dick into AJ's hungry throat. Maxx and Guy switch it up when Guy opens AJ's asshole with his tongue while Maxx gets his cock serviced hard. Maxx and Guy take turns fucking the muscle hunk until AJ blows a massive load all over Guy's panting dad bod. Covered in AJ's cum, Guy lets loose himself and slathers Maxx's face with sperm.

Amateurs Do It - Update

September 27, 2022

Angelo & Jamie J

Jamie and Angelo play it coyly boyish for the interviewer before getting the show started with an intense kiss. Both of these sexy, lanky boys have been in front of our cameras only once or twice before. But from the second their lips touch, you can see any and all hang-ups they may have had are out the door as our lens seems to become just a fly on the wall. Angelo takes the assertive role initially, sexily grabbing Jamie's face as their tongues wrestle. But Jamie returns the same fire as the two move from the cot to the floor. The two make-out and wrestle around, fully immersed in the throes of passion as they undress. Jamie takes the initiative from here and swallows the furry Angelo's cock, relishing it. Angelo again returns the favor and gobbles up Jamie's massive uncut meat.

Alternadudes - Update

September 02, 2022

Seedy Threesome

Murphy Maxwell, Zack Tokes and Christop get together to fuck in a dark bedroom in a downtown neighborhood. Zack wants all the dick he can grab and Christop was born to share his big hard cock and low hanging balls. Christop mounts up like the stud he is and takes turns on the two open holes in front of him sliding into each with ease as he give Zack and Murphy what they need. Murphy joins the fun and fucks Zack's open hole as Christop shoves his hard-on into Murphy to form a fuck-chain. Finally, after everyone gets all the dick and hole they can handle, Murphy and Christop blast their pent-up loads together all over Zack's hungry face. Christop fucks his own cum back into Murphy, cracking his ass wide open one last time and shoving his cum balls deep into the panting hottie in front of him.

Pits and Pubes - Update

July 22, 2022

Gym Pit 3-Way

Myott Hunter, Christian Ryder and Malakai White are working out at the gym minding their own business until they aren't. The three get together to lick, huff, and suck all the pits and pubes they can get. Christian's big hard-on finds its way into Myott's dark hairy pit until he blows a big creamy load all over. The three hairy pit lovers are a sweaty, stinky mess by the end and no one in the group can imagine a better time working out!

Chaos Men - Update

May 22, 2022

Adrian & Christian Raw

We discover Adrian Rose and Christian Ryder kissing and exploring each other on the bed. The two peel away their shorts, exposing their rock-hard cocks. Christian leans forward and swallows Adrian's cock. Adrian presses down on the back of Christian's head, helping Christian to take it all the way down his throat. Adrian returns the favor with enthusiasm, quickly taking all of Christian's thick Twink cock balls-deep, gagging and slobbering all over Christian's dick. Christian lays on the bed and Adrian helps himself to Christian's ass, tongue-fucking his hole until Adrian is satisfied that it's sufficiently lubed-up for his uncut cock. Adrian slides deep into Christian's ass as Christian moans with pleasure. Adrian pounds Christian's hole relentlessly before Christian moves into a missionary position.

Alternadudes - Update

May 14, 2022

Cock Worship

Maxx Stoner, Jace, and Guy Criss are horny for all the cock and ass they can cram into their holes. Maxx and Guy start off worshiping Jace's curvy cock with a face fuck for both of them. Jace goes balls deep, switching off between the hungry daddy and the greedy stoner. After getting his fill, Maxx bends over and invites Jace inside his hole. Jace stretches him good as Guy stays underneath getting all the sloppy seconds dripping from Maxx's blown out ass. Guy rims Maxx with Jace's cock pumping away with an amazing view he won't soon forget. When Jace is ready to blow, he unleashes a river of cum that seems to never stop, as he slathers Maxx's ass and Guy's open mouth and satisfied face.

Bromo - Update

May 09, 2022

Ass Up Cover Up

Theo Brady goes along to hold his boyfriend's hand at his tattoo appointment, but Theo would rather rub his foot against hot inker Sunny D's junk! Theo pretends to go get his bf something for the pain, but sneaks back to suck Sunny's cock under the table, then spreads his ass to get fucked! The guys don't stop when they get caught and Theo doesn't care about getting dumped when he can get his hole drilled by the sexy top, then get covered up with a hot load on his chest.

Alternadudes - Update

May 07, 2022

Garage Pounding

Joseph Banks gets Jamie alone in the garage where the twink gets on his knees to service Joseph's monster cock. Joseph is nice and hard when he flips Jamie over and face fucks the eager cock sucker. After a nice long session, Jamie sticks his ass in the air and lets Joseph plow him. Joseph keeps up the pace until his monster cock explodes all over Jamie's used-up hole. Joseph fucks his jizz into the twink as Jamie moans out loving the final thrusts into his gaping ass.

Alternadudes - Update

February 24, 2022

Monster Fucks TransGinger Dude

Rave Hardick's monster cock is swollen and ready to stretch a hole, and lucky Stevie Trixx is in the line of fire. The two hunks make out before Stevie drops to his knees to worship Rave's bulging crotch. The skilled ginger gets the rocker dude throbbing hard before Rave goes down on Stevie's big hairy bush. He gets Stevie's pussy dripping wet before his slides his massive dick deep inside. Rave pumps away, getting his dick ready to blast before he pulls out and slathers Stevie's big orange bush with butter. When Rave's balls are fully drained, he slips his cock back inside Stevie and continues pumping as the two kiss and catch their breath.

Alternadudes - Update

February 09, 2022

Flip Fuck Studs

Archer Croft has a pent-up 5 day load that he's been saving for the right hole. When he hooks up with Arturo Santos, he knows he's met the right one to take his cream. Arturo gets on his knees to service Archer's big fat cock. As Archer grows, he fills up Arturo's sloppy mouth, making the hungry stud gag and spit. Arturo bends over to take Archer balls deep in his throbbing hole until Archer dumps a massive creampie deep inside. Still dripping with cum, Arturo returns the favor and bends Archer over to pound the spent stud. Arturo picks up the pace until he's ready to blow and shoots his wad all over Archer's used-up hole.

Alternadudes - Update

December 28, 2021

Backroom BJ

Darron Bluu has his eye on Zach Murphy and his mouth waters when he gets the chance to hook up in the storage closet at work. They make out for a brief minute before Darron is on his knees and ready to take whatever Zach has to offer. Darron's eyes light up when he sees Zach's big hairy cock and balls just waiting to get serviced. After huffing on Darron's ripe pit, and getting his balls sucked hard, Zach is hard as a rock and ready to fuck Darron's throat. He face fucks his hungry new buddy until his hairy sack is taught against the cocksucker's chin and forehead. Darron can't get enough and when it's time for Zach to bust a nut, Darron sticks his tongue out as far as it will go and collects all the cum he can swallow. It's a good day for both dudes because the back room at work just got a whole lot more interestin

Alternadudes - Update

November 16, 2021

Craving Two Cocks

Jacob Fisher has in insatiable desire to get dick inside himself at all costs. He doesn't care which hole gets stuffed as long as a nice stiff one is filling him up. He starts out by sucking Maxx Stoner's nice hard dick, taking it all the way to Maxx's thick thatch of pubes before he gags and spits on the floor. Guy Criss is running the camera and it's not long before Jacob realizes there's more than one dick in the room for him to down. He urgently reaches up to unleash Guy's thick daddy cock and chokes on both of the nearly identical dicks, rubbing them on his face and basking in the scent and glory of all the dick in the room. After cramming them both in his mouth at the same time, Jacob bends over to get tag teamed by the horny duo.

Alternadudes - Update

November 06, 2021

Begging Pig Gets Dicked

Jacob needs Kinky Viktor's big cock and opens his mouth wide to receive his prize. Viktor slams Jacob's face, fucking his throat and gagging the begging pig as ropes of spit run down his face, in his hair, and onto the floor. Jacob can barely catch his breath from getting face fucked when Viktor turns him around to shove it up his ass. Jacob's cock flops around as the relentless stud keeps a steady pace splitting Jacob's asshole wide open. Jacob has never had a pounding this good before and can't wait for his reward. When Viktor is ready to blast off, Jacob hops off and goes ass to mouth on Viktor's wet pulsating dick, sucking on the dirty stud until he pumps a load onto Jacob's greedy tongue. With a mouthful of cum, Jacob gets comfy with his dick in one hand and Viktor's spent cock in his mouth.

Dirty Boy Video - Update

November 02, 2021

Taken By Storm

Storm skates on down the alley through a crappy part of town and stops by a graffiti-ridden garage door. He wastes no time heading in to find Elijah working on his motorcycle. Elijah stops what he's doing and starts making out with his man. They kiss long and deep as the shirts come off and the pants drop to below their knees. Elijah has a big thick hairy cock that's growing larger with each slurpy kiss from Storm.Elijah takes Storm by the dick and leads him over to his motorcycle to take a seat. He settles in and Storm gets on his knees to service his dark and mysterious man. Elijah turns around for a quick change of pace and presents Storm with his tight hairy ass. Storm gobbles it up, making Elijah moan with delight before Elijah sits back down on his motorcycle.

Euroboyxxx - Update

October 25, 2021

Ash & Dicki

Cute Emo Dicki Loves Dick! - Ash Williams & Dicki Skye have the house to themselves and it's not long at all before they start kissing and touching each other! Ash digs in Dicki's pants to find one nice hard cock begging to be shoved into his mouth. Then it's Dicki's turn to show his sucking skills as he takes it all in and gives his lucky friend some expert cock sucking! Dicki gets a nice, hard fuck on the couch, doggy style and than laying back to get that boner deep, with a shared wank off resulting in their cum shots erupting out over themselves! This is definitely the best way to spend a lazy afternoon with a good friend.

Dirty Boy Video - Update

October 15, 2021

Public Sex 3 Way

Public sex is a real turn on for Owen and Nick! The boys climb into a giant concrete tube and Nick pulls Owen's pants open, tugging on his stiffening cock. He falls to his knees, licking and sucking Owen's now hard dick. These horny amateur exhibitionists have their shirts off and pants around their ankles when tall, smooth blond boy Branden turns it in to a public threeway! Nick takes both Owen's and Brandon's hot creamy cum loads!

Alternadudes - Update

October 15, 2021

A Fuck & A Foot

Austin Spears is horny again and he's hungry for some feet. He hops on and takes both Christop and Rave riding their big dicks until he's completely filled up. He gets a glimpse of Christop's feet and can't resist getting down on all fours to take a lick. Christop keeps pounding his meat as he makes out with Rave and gets his feet worshiped by the horny, hungry hottie on the floor. Austin's tongue feels amazing between Christop's toes and it pushes him over the edge. He stands up to face fuck Austin before he spills his load deep into the panting twink's open mouth. It's a nice big load that leaves both piggy dudes satisfied.

Dudes Raw - Update

October 07, 2021

Ramming Into Zak

It's tight, tatted muscular flesh slapping against tight, muscular, tatted flesh when edgy young horndogs Matthew Grande and Zak Bishop meet and mate. Clothed at first, once the duds are down their full manly physiques rub together hungrily. They suck face while peeling down their shorts and undies, savoring the smell and taste of each others' sweaty raw skin. Matthew wags his weenie in Zak's face and gets a wet sloppy blowjob for his efforts. Zak reaches up to twiddle Matt's nips as he swallows the tough Latin stud to the furry root. Matthew crouches down to rim Zak's insatiable ass on the couch, giving his muscular butt-cheeks a hearty smack. Sucking and probing that hole with a curious tongue, Matthew gets him wet, open and ready for a deep rough bareback fuck.

Dirty Boy Video - Update

September 16, 2021

Fucked Again

Twenty-one year old blond bottom boy Tanner Stark gets fucked again! We introduced him to amateur model and hung top boy, Shawn Fox. Confessing to being a size queen, Tanner loses no time pulling down Shawn's pants to get his mouth on the thick eight-and-a-half inches we promised him! In his enthusiasm to get that cock down his throat he gags and chokes on it, his eyes tearing up when he sits up to catch his breath. Shawn works his tongue over Tanner's smooth body, licking his way down from Tanner's lips to his stiffening dick. Shawn is a top, but he sure knows his way around a cock! Tanner's ass eagerly takes Shawn's thick meat. Starting on his back, Tanner holds his ankles in the air, giving Shawn ready access to his hungry, hungry hole.

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