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Men At Play - Update

May 11, 2022

Check-up With Dr. Dan

Bastian Karim is concerned with some pain and aching in his testicles, and schedules a check-up with Dr. Dan. When he meets the doctor, Bastian timidly reveals where he has discomfort; his face turning bright red. Dr. Dan asks his patient to stand up and lower his pants. While asking him questions, he grabs Bastian’s cock and starts slowly jerking it. He suggests to the young patient that he has ??epididymal hypertension (blue balls) and needs to cum more often to relieve the pain. A doctor’s code of professionalism demands placing the interests of patients above all else, and Dr. Dan intends to do just that. With his young patient's cock aroused, he starts to suck on the uncut Colombian meat with plans to help him ejaculate during sex. Dr. Dan is resolved to fill his own prescription!

Men - Update

May 04, 2022

Double Stuffed Part 3

Stripped down to their skivvies, bearded hunk Johnny Donovan hungrily kisses curly-haired twinks Felix Fox and Chris White in the living room. Felix is in the middle, sucking Johnny while getting rimmed by Chris, then Johnny gets his cock worshipped by both the blonds at once. Felix moans as Johnny fingers his hole, then fucks him with a toy before Johnny climbs into his lap and rides his dick, as Chris rubs Felix's socked foot against his bulge. Felix gets spit-roasted by Johnny and Chris, who take turns enjoying his throat and his ass, before Felix gets his hole stuffed with both cocks at once! Chris is the first to orgasm, and Johnny penetrates Felix's hole with the toy as he takes the bottom's load on his face, then cums in Chris and Felix's mouths.

Hot House - Update

April 03, 2022

Dirty Desert Doctors 4

Dr. Cade Maddox is ready to unwind from a busy day at the hospital and lucky for him, boyfriend Angel Rivera is waiting at home with his cock out, ready to service his girthy doctor dick. Angel immediately drops to his knees and slurps up all of Cade's tool before leaning over and letting his doctor boyfriend chow down on his hole. Ready to take the doctor's bareback cock, Angel lowers himself onto Cade's cock and swallows its girth. The two look each other in the eyes as Angel goes up and down, passionately riding his man. The grateful bottom is soon covering himself in his own long, wet ropes as Cade pulls out, busts all over Angel's balls, and stuffs his cock back inside his lover's used hole.

Men - Update

April 01, 2022

Emergency Dick 2

Dr. Tony D'Angelo is peeking through the gloryhole he found, watching the nurses fucking in the next room, when his next patient, Dane Jaxson, comes in and catches him with a stiffy! Tony decides to skip straight to the prostate exam, and Dane moans as the sexy doctor fingers his hole, telling him to go even deeper. Tony is happy to oblige, fucking Dane in missionary and even using the ultrasound so he can see his cock moving in and out of him! Tony does an oral exam, penetrating Dane's mouth, then fucks him doggystyle. The bottom rides the doc, stroking himself till he cums, then takes an injection of jizz in his hole!

Drill My Hole - Update

March 27, 2022

Emergency Dick 1

Hospital nurse Clark Delgaty finds a surprise while mopping the floor: a hidden glory hole! He peeks through and sees sexy nurse Benjamin Blue changing into scrubs. Benjamin gets a surprise of his own when he sees Clark's cock coming through the hole and eagerly sucks it, then tries to hide it from a doctor and patient as he backs his ass onto it! Clark fucks Benjamin doggystyle on the hospital bed, and the horny bottom rides him reverse, as the doctor sneaks back to peek through the hole. Benjamin cums as the top pounds him in missionary, then Clark fills the bottom's mouth with jizz!

Hot House - Update

March 27, 2022

Dirty Desert Doctors 3

When an embarrassed Austin Avery finds himself with an oversized glass dildo stuck in his hole, his only option is to call up Dr. Max Konnor for a very intimate house call. Luckily, the doctor is able to get the toy out in no time and even offers some further examinations by diving tongue-first into Austin's bubble butt before using his 10-inch tool to bareback the horny patient. Max toys with Austin's jiggling cheeks as the power bottom backs up and swallows every last inch of Max's cock with his hungry hole. A few more pumps of Max's XL doctor dick has both men shooting loads all over Austin's body and Dr. Konnor being able to officially declare that Austin has a clean bill of health and a dildo-free hole.

Gaycest - Update

March 08, 2022

Staying at Daddy Wolf's

Tape 2: Anatomy Lesson - When Dr. Wolf entered the room, Richie was clearly caught up reading the names of each muscle, thinking about what he'd seen in porn and online. Dr. Wolf was amused by Richie's interest, loving the view into Richie's inner world. Dr. Wolf offered him a little tour of the posters, showing him where each element of the drawing corresponded with his body. Dr. Wolf told him to take off his clothes, something Richie was happy to do. As he stripped off his shirt, it wasn't lost on him how much more comfortable he was being naked. Perhaps it had something to do with the privacy of the office, but of course Dr. Wolf's bedside manner is known for making young guys feel at ease stripped down. Dr. Wolf pointed to each point on Richie's body, gesturing to the poster to where each muscle was.

The BigCMen - Update

March 07, 2022

Epic Dom Session

Big C Smacks, Fucks. Fists & Breeds Kinky Victor - Check out this RAUNCHY 32 minute video. I had done a tryout with this kinky sub the night before... When I saw he was a true sub, I invited him back the next day for a long session. So much hotness in every minute of this video-- One of my favorite dom/sub vids I've ever done!! After taking huge dildos, he rides the cum out of me in epic fashion!

Drill My Hole - Update

March 06, 2022

See It Cumming

Blond twink Theo Brady needs a new pair of glasses and so he sets up an appointment with optometrist Phillipe Massa. The bottom's eyesight is put to the test when Phillipe asks him to read from the chart in front of him: FUCK MY ASS HARD. Following the chart's instructions, cum-hungry Theo willingly wraps his lips around the muscular top's big dick. Once Phillipe's cock is nice and wet, he fucks Theo's super tight hole in missionary. The ripped stud bends his patient over a chair to pound him doggystyle, then the eager bottom rides Phillipe reverse until he spunks a huge load. With the anal examination complete, the bespectacled twink gets on his knees and takes a sticky facial!

Hot House - Update

February 20, 2022

Dirty Desert Doctors 2

Devin Franco just got his vaccination and has to wait 15 minutes until he's allowed to leave. Much to his surprise, Dr. Lucca Mazzi is completely free and able to give him a full-body examination while he waits. With Devin's pants down and ass out, the doctor rims his patient's furry hole right in the middle of the outdoor vaccination site. The doc then tests Devin's gag reflex by making him swallow every inch of his hard tool before flipping him over to bareback his hole. Wanting to make sure Devin's dick works just as well as his does, Dr. Mazzi bends over and gives the freshly-vaccinated Devin a turn to rim his hairy hole. Devin is soon busting a thick nut all over the doctor's round cheeks and watching the doc stroke himself until his thick meat syringe is shooting out its own load.

Doctor Tapes - Update

February 10, 2022

Stepbrother's Check-Up

Doctor Aaron Trainer assists with Dante Drackis’ routine check-up, but Dante asks if his stepbrother, Amone Bane, can stick around to help. With his patient’s comfort always a priority, Aaron is more than happy to have Amone help out with the examination. This will be a new way to look at a trip to the Doctor's office and what a hot gay sexual examination could be. I don't know about you, but I have a very sexy hot Doctor and I would love for him to take me like this.

Trans Angels - Update

February 04, 2022

Down the Vaper's Hole

Insatiable redhead Rubi Maxim shows up for a house viewing at the same time as Pierce Paris, and the fiercely independent babe is quick to correct the real estate agent when he mistakenly perceives Rubi and Pierce to be a couple. As a tour of the property is underway, Pierce can't help but admire Rubi's generous booty through her tight, short skirt when they head upstairs to check out the bedroom. Since smoking is strictly forbidden in the house, the real estate agent confiscates Rubi's vape, much to her chagrin. However, Rubi teasingly lifts up her skirt in front of Pierce to reveal a spare one hidden between her delicious ass cheeks! After she seductively invites him to take a puff on the vape, a horny Pierce is unable to resist putting his hands on the fiery Rubi and starts eating out her perfect ass.

Doctor Tapes - Update

January 30, 2022

Perfect Sample

Dr. Aaron Trainer sees patient Amone Bane for a routine check up. He starts asking him about his sexual encounters and discovers that Amone is a top. Dr. Trainer decides to take advantage of this and begins stimulating Amone's huge cock. Pretty soon the Doctor is collecting Amone's sample in the naughtiest way possible, right up his asshole! Talking about a hot Doctor taking good care of his patient, he goes above, beyond, below and on top of.

Cutler's Den - Update

January 28, 2022

Bottom Feeder

Huge dick has a duty and the bottoms need to be fed the meat. Cutler X wants to fill your holes .. All day, every day. Alfred Latin is so hungry and wants to get that dick. Its fat and long and its more than you can handle. It will push you to your limits and you will just want to tap the fuck out. ..but don't just TAKE IT - you will miss it when its gone. Watching Cutler's huge cock stretch open Alfred Latin's ass is a sight you have to see.

Masonic Boys - Update

January 25, 2022

Apprentice Basinger 2

Chspter 2: Disciplinary Action - Apprentice Basinger has been summoned for punishment. This fresh-faced, blond boy is a new recruit to the Masons and has already caught the eye of his superiors. Master Legrand has established his credentials by seducing him thoroughly, but the boy is still a virgin - and the responsibility of making him a man has fallen on the shoulders of the mustachioed Master Cox. Sexy Master Fantana will prepare the peg bench with a series of enormous rubber and plastic dildos. It's expected that the young apprentice will show his faithfulness by enduring extreme discomfort before he passes into manhood. Fantana will undress the trembling boy and rub oils seductively into his lithe, young body. Apprentice Basinger will lube up the pegs with the same oil before sitting on them in turn.

Twink Top - Update

January 14, 2022

Danny Wilcoxx

Chapter 1: Top Training - Coach Charger's body definitely got Danny worked up. The experienced, well toned muscle was covered in a salt and pepper fur and tattoos, giving him a hard edge of masculinity that the younger man had only ever dreamed of. When Coach Charger dropped to his knees to start kissing his crotch, the young man was completely in shock, amazed that a man like him was interested in a boy like himself. Coach Charger sniffed at his crotch, taking in the scent of his sweaty balls before pulling down his shorts to give it a taste. Danny was fully erect, practically trembling with sexual energy at the thought of getting with the handsome daddy. By the time Coach Charger took his member into his mouth, Danny could hardly keep standing.

Doctor Tapes - Update

December 22, 2021

Adam, Cole & Marco

Extra Heavy Dosage - Adam Awbride, Cole Church, Marco Napoli - Medical patient Adam Awbride seeks the expertise of Dr. Marco Napoli. The doctor's student, Cole Church, is assisting Dr. Napoli with current examinations. When Adam displays erectile signs that concern Dr. Napoli, he and his student Cole have to run physical tests on Adam. After running some tests and giving injections, Adam is looking much stronger.

Fun Size Boys - Update

December 20, 2021


Chapter 1: Dr. Wolf's Office - Joshua had always been shorter and slighter, spending most of his youth as the runt of his siblings. He never thought much of it beyond the usual shopping experiences, trying to find clothes that fit his smaller body that didn't have superheroes or cartoons on them. Even in his personal life, his size never really came up ...except for when he took off his pants. Most guys don't expect someone of his height to have a dick as big as his, something that Joshua didn't mind at all. But when it came to Dr. Wolf, Joshua felt the stark contrast between them. Getting measured, weighed, and inspected thrust the giant man right beside him. Joshua was struck by how he only came up to his chest, practically beneath his armpits!

Doctor Tapes - Update

December 11, 2021

My Favorite Patient

Dr. Marco Napoli and his medical assistant Cole Church meet with patient Darron Bluu for his next round of treatment. Darron has been struggling with his sexual performance, but lucky for him, Dr. Napoli has been personally delivering his treatment… right into his asshole! After this doctor's visit Darron will be sure to make a new one real quick. This will be a day he'll remember for a very long hard throbbing time.

Boys At Camp - Update

December 11, 2021

Punishment By The Tree

Scout boy Jakeb Wilde gets busted trying to jerk off behind a tree by Scout Masters Colton and Greg, so they decide to punish him properly. The scout masters tie up Jakeb after undressing him and proceed to give him a lesson on being naughty that he’ll never forget. He gets grabbed used and tied to the tree. I'm thinking Jakeb had the best day of his life.

Drill My Hole - Update

December 10, 2021

Open Wide

Clark Delgaty is very nervous, so dental assistant Alex Mecum gives him a stress ball to squeeze during his checkup. But after bad boy dentist Malik Delgaty begins fingering Alex's hole and fucking him with a toy, Clark finds himself squeezing Alex's balls instead! Alex cums all over the patient, and Clark takes out his big hard cock for Alex to suck while Malik pounds that hole doggystyle. The tops switch off before Alex returns his patient to the chair and rides Clark's dick while sucking the dentist's instrument, then it's Alex's turn to open wide as Clark and Malik cum on his face while the bottom jacks off!

Fun Size Boys - Update

December 05, 2021


Chapter 1: Dr. Wolf's Office - When Wolf asked him to take off his pants, Eric realized he wasn't wearing any underwear! He caught himself feeling a little embarrassed, pulling down his shorts slowly. He didn't mean to, but he got ready so fast and distracted that he barely made it out the door on time at all. But now, with a quick slip of the waist band, he was standing with his member out, naked and exposed in front of Dr. Wolf. Despite Eric's beet-red face, Dr. Wolf barely seemed to register Eric's novel nakedness. He proceeded to inspect him, measure him, move him, and weigh him. It was only Eric who felt the strange sensation of being naked next to a fully clothed man. But as the exam continued, found himself becoming overcome with a different sensation altogether.

Fuckermate - Update

November 28, 2021

Plug Your Cock In Me

When his ass is on fire, Colombian power bottom Bruno Cano loves to enchant and seduce the first alpha male he meets and this time he had a very greedy occasion. He has called an electrician to fix a power fault and gets a huge surprise when he opens the door to Franklin Acevedo, with his monster bulge on full display. Bruno needs only few winks to show his intentions and in a minute he kneels down to suck the massive hard dick in front of him, licking and swallowing every single inch like it was his last meal. Anxious to dip that fierce cock of his, Acevedo sits on the couch and makes Bruno ride him, pumping and thrusting his 9 raw inches of pure passion into the boy's smooth hole. When at the end moans get louder Franklin cannot resist anymore and finishes all over Bruno's angelic face, covering it with thick white cum!

TopFansVids - Update

November 17, 2021


After years of being in the adult industry and working for some of the same studios, Roman Todd & Austin Wolf finally were able to film a scene together. After a 3-hour train ride to NYC, Roman finally gets what he's been waiting for for years and Austin Wolf gives him his cock exactly how Roman wanted it. He takes it nice and deep down his throat gagging on it as his face is pounded hard. The lays back and get's his ass drilled deep hard and raw.

Fun Size Boys - Update

November 17, 2021

Global Outbreak Ch. 4

Halloween Special: Little Survivors, Big Inspectors - We're back in a dystopian parallel universe where a group of horny scientists are using twinks to find the cure for a virus. The scientists are tall and the twinks are tiny. Marcus and new boy, Adrian are led into a polythene-lined examination room where they're ushered to a table, covered in oil and massaged sensually by Inspectors Steele and Dietrich. The boys are entirely naked. The inspectors are dressed, head-to-toe, in PPE. Adrian, though only 5'5", with the cutest little face, has the body of a fully-grown man. The oil glistens on his dark chest hair. Marcus and Adrian are rock hard in seconds and kissing each other passionately. Inspector Dietrich gently pushes a rubber-glove-covered finger into Marcus' hole. Marcus moans. His body shakes in ecstasy.

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