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Apr 21, 2024

Roberto & Jack

by BadPuppy

Remastered Original from Hammer Entertainment with Roberto Cruiz and Jack Bloom: Jack Bloom, our bearded mechanic, wastes no time encouraging Roberto Cruiz, our shaved head tattoo artist, to show us the magnificent tattoo artwork on his muscular body as he works over Roberto's nipples with his teeth and tongue. The two can't keep their hands off each other, they are pulling at each other's flesh rockets in no time. They both take turns smoking each other's uncut poles which gives us a chance to witness Roberto tongue piercings in action. Jack receives delivery at the backdoor like a champ, which is not an easy task given Roberto sizable manhood. Roberto rewards Jack's bat catching abilities by cumming on his awaiting face.

By BadPuppy

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Apr 21, 2024

Stud Daddy Maks Breaks Micah's Tight Hole

by Hot Older Male

Lean and muscled daddy Maks Skarpov loves to fuck and open up tight holes so he goes full force topping sexy Micah Martinez. Maks fucks him with his beautiful cock before employing some useful and fun toys to open Micah up even more!

By Hot Older Male

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Apr 21, 2024

Ariaan Ex Marine

by Military Classified

ARIAAN is back for another round with Rob and this time he's taking the next step in the seduction process. ARIAAN is a little more relaxed this time but still taking on a male ass that is completely new to him. Watch as Rob has him play with his ass before ARIAAN delivers a top performance that was hard, deep and left him wondering why male ass is so tight! As the cameras began rolling ARIAAN took his clothes off and began playing with himself which is pretty standard for my releases. Once exposed my ass, ARIAAN was instructed to play with it like he would a chic's ass and that he did. Spreading Rob's cheeks and sticking his finger inside working that hole and preparing it for his str8 cock (Rob's cut). Rob began sucking this boy which didn't long before he was rock hard and ready for action and Rob didn't hesitate.

By Military Classified

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Apr 21, 2024

Global Entry: Scotland 2

by Naked Sword

Magnus Loki & Benjamin King: New Zealand stud Magnus Loki has just landed in Edinburgh and is ready to film his first ever studio scene with ripped hunk Benjamin King. Once the versatile duo has wrapped up their pre-fuck interview with NakedSword, Benjamin wraps his lips around Magnus’ big dick and Magnus’ tongue goes deep between Benjamin’s cheeks. Both muscle men then turn up the heat and put their throbbing cocks to good use as they flip-fuck across the bed and cover Magnus in fresh nut.

By Naked Sword

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Apr 21, 2024


by Private Playground XXX

There's nothing quite like getting your pump on AND getting your fuck on at the SAME TIME. It's one of the many reasons why GYMNASTYX ends up our sweatiest and messiest series yet!

By Private Playground XXX

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Apr 21, 2024

Shane & Pierce

by Freshmen

Shane Mendes had his bottoming debut with Tom Houston in issue 386 and now he is back to show us more of his skills. Pierce Harrington joins Shane in the apartment and soon realizes they can be doing something more exciting than just chatting and drinking coffee. After making out, their remaining clothes are removed and the couple reveal their juicy hard cocks are ready to play. Pierce is first to suck his partner’s dick before he generously offers his ass to rim and cock to suck. Shane loses no time in penetrating his friend’s ass and soon they are having wild sex. Every inch and every thrust of Shane’s dick bring the couple closer to climax. The encounter is full of lusty energy. Pierce cums over Shane’s stomach while riding his cock and soon after Shane lands a sticky load over Pierce’s face.

By Freshmen

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Apr 20, 2024

Unashamed & Up 4 It

by Hung Young Brit

Stunning Teen Begs 10X Hung Lads 4 Cum at Outrageous Group Wank After Party: After party back at ours. The night of the Porn Awards Nomination Party held in Vauxhall 100% REAL, REAL lads, We didn't know most the guys in this vid just pulled them on the night! Outrageous 10 Guy Group Spunking up FIT 19yr CUTE AS FUCK chav. His arse is left Sloppy N soggy with 10 x lads CUM Mass Circle jerk!

By Hung Young Brit

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Apr 20, 2024

Trevor & Nano

by Randy Blue

Trevor Brooks starts his day with an easy choice: get ready and go out or stay in with super-horny Nano Love and have a flip-fuck. He barely has to decide because Nano easily seduces him , pulls down his briefs, eats out his ass and fucks him up against the sink. And once Nano goes down on him, all pretense of going out vanishes and Trevor takes him back to bed to lovingly suck his big dick eats out Nano's muscle ass. Trevor doesn't even have to make the next decision because Nano wants to be fucked. So Trevor plows him from behind and on his back, with wild sexual energy on both their parts. They switch positions twice more before Nano gets what he wants: Trevor fucks a load out of him and when he lies back to shoot HIS load, Nano is right there to lick it up. Nano is always smiling but now he's REALLY happy!

By Randy Blue

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Apr 20, 2024

Overloaded With Leche

by XL Fucker

Damien loves a big dick but we think he finally met his match with 9 inch Gutão. Damien's doing great at first but once Gutão pushes past that second hole Damien starts screaming and ends up with an ass overloaded with Leche!

By XL Fucker

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Apr 20, 2024

Lane & Angel

by Cocky Boys

CockyBoys Exclusive Lane Colten bottoms for Angel Elias and once again proves that he can take fellow big dicks! In fact, he's getting even better at it as he shows by virtually worshiping Angel's cock and deep-throating him. When Angel gives him the same total cocksucking, Lane can't wait to see how he fucks and soon flips on his back to find out. Angel keeps sucking Lane and eats out his hole before he finally fucks him with true big dick energy. Lane is more vocal than usual as Angel plows him, every thrust hitting its mark. Lane does get close, but winds up riding Angel and shooting his load over his chest. Angel milks Lane dry then he gives him a facial, wherein Lane gives his sensitive cock the same orgasmic extension and puts an intense finale to their hookup

By Cocky Boys

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Apr 20, 2024

Gamer Bros

by Guys In Sweatpants

The bet was that the loser gets naked, but there's nothing but winners when the prize is dick and ass. Joey's ass had Omar hard the second he took his sweatpants off. Joey is a huge fan of sucking on nice uncut dick like Omar's. But a bigger fan of getting fucked by it. So much that he blew his load all over Omar's chest as he was riding him. Joey may have lost the game but they both won in the end.

By Guys In Sweatpants

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Apr 20, 2024

Studs Part 2

by Men

Muscular construction worker Shamu Azizam is in an embarrassing predicament when he gets stuck in a wall on a job site! Dom King hears him calling and tries to free him, but pushing from either end doesn't seem to help, but it does make Dom's dick hard! He takes it out and the trapped bottom eagerly sucks it, then Dom comes around to fuck him doggystyle. The hard pounding finally dislodges him, and they fuck doggystyle and missionary, till Shamu begs the boss to cum on his face.

By Men

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