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Brother Crush - Update

October 24, 2020

Snack Time

My identical younger stepbrothers do everything together, including making their favorite snack, peanut butter sandwiches. Sometimes, I feel a little left out, but they’re always happy to include me in their plans if I just speak up. Today, I want to help satiate their appetites, so I spread some peanut butter on my long, thick cock. They lick it up together, sharing my dick in the process. Then, they spread their ass cheeks and invite me to rawdog their holes one after the other. The further I plunge inside their assholes, the more they want my hot cum. YUM!

Next Door Taboo - Update

October 17, 2020


80's hunk Princeton Price is all dressed up for the wedding when his girlfriend cancels last minute. He needs a date ASAP and - lucky for him - sexy step-brother Beaux Banks is always happy to lend a hand. This is a Beauxmance you don't want to miss! Princeton find Beaux in the tub getting clean and begs him to go. Beaux agrees but with one doesn't take long to get it going either. With expert cock sucking and face fucking these two don't waste any time at all. As for anal, Princeton tongues Beaux's ass nice and deep then fills it with his nice big hard dick. This will be one cancelled wedding these two step brothers will remember for a long time.

Next Door Taboo - Update

October 04, 2020

Not Caughty This Time

Thirsty Roman Todd walks in the door to find his enticing stepbrother Greyson Lane lounging on the couch. The parents are away and Roman hasn't been able to forget their last steamy encounter. Neither has Greyson... or their parents! Despite the risk, Roman's huge, throbbing cock and sizzling caresses are too much for Greyson to resist. Question is, will they get caught this time?

Family Dick - Update

September 30, 2020

Gardening Is Hard

My older step brother’s been trying to get a job for a while now, so he’s super excited when he gets a gig as a poolboy and personal gardener. We need to make sure he makes a great first impression, so we head to the backyard to practice some gardening work. The only problem is, as soon as I see his chiseled body in the dazzling sunlight, I have the undeniable urge to play with every inch of him. I pull out my cock and let the sexy stud suck me off. Then, I lay out on the grass and let him pulverize my aching asshole raw!

Next Door Taboo - Update

September 25, 2020

Brotherly Detour

Devious Dante Martin takes an unexpected detour on the way to his mom's house before confessing his lustful intentions to hottie Xavier Cole. Ready and willing, Xavier picks up what Dante is throwing down as these step brothers thrust their relationship to new depths. In the secrecy of Dante's remote local, they're two step brothers breaking all the rules. They hold nothing back and you'll love them for it.

Brother Crush - Update

September 16, 2020

Scaredy Cat

My little step brother looks so fucking cute in his onesie pajamas, so when he comes into my room because he’s too scared to fall asleep, I’m more than happy to let him hang out in bed with me. I even teach him a little trick I use to fall asleep. I wrap my fingers around his cock and stroke him gently until he’s relaxed and ready to play. Sucking his cock, I taste the tip of his dick on my tongue. And when I dip my dick into his asshole, he moans deeply until I breed his little boy hole. Getting off always makes it easier to get some rest.

Falcon Studios - Update

September 04, 2020

Mind Fuck 6

Arad Winwin is rinsing his hard, wet body in the shower. He's feeling his chiseled physique and it gets him boned up and horned up. Arad reaches down and stokes his thick, veiny meat. Stepbrother Andy Taylor hears the water running and goes to investigate only to find Arad jerking his pole under the running water. Arad steps out and notices his pervy little step brother watching and invites him to come in closer for a kiss. The two lock lips and Andy reaches down to grab Arad's cock while Arad man-handles Andy's ass. As Andy's clothes hit the floor, so do his knees as he wraps his lips around Arad's throbbing shaft. Arad feeds his little bro his fat meat before bending him over and tongue fucking his hairless hole.

Next Door Taboo - Update

September 03, 2020

Stepbrother's Catcher

Stepbrothers Carter Woods and Hoss Kado get back from baseball practice to find the parents away and more than just time on their hands. As they eagerly wash away the dirt from practice, these two smokin' stepbrothers can't resist pleasuring each other's toned, rippling bodies. With the house to themselves, they've got the time to stroke, suck, and pound their way to a sticky mess of their own. It's no wonder Carter is Hoss's favorite catcher.

Brother Crush - Update

August 29, 2020

Sharing a Bathroom

My older stepbrother is such a fucking hunk, even when he’s being a total jerk. Today, he’s hogging up the bathroom yet again, and I can’t take it anymore. I brush by him and hop in the shower thinking he’ll give up and leave. But instead of getting out, I find him staring at my naked body as water streams down my back. Maybe there’s more to him hanging around the bathroom than I thought... He whips his cock out and I take it all the way down my throat. Then, he moans as I plow his delicious bussy raw and feed him my dripping jizz.

Family Dick - Update

August 16, 2020

The Jealous Nephew

Sometimes my step-cousin gets a little jealous of my relationship with my stepdad. I mean, I would be too if I was left out of the secret fun my stepdad and I have together. But when the jerk snatches my cell phone and starts teasing me, I refuse to sit there and take it. I use the self-defense moves my stepdad taught me to take him down a notch. I guess my old man feels bad that he’s left the jealous boy out, so he feeds him his cock right in front of me. Then, we fuck each other hard on the living room floor. This is definitely becoming a family affair.

Brother Crush - Update

August 15, 2020

Sore Sport

My older stepbrother has been working out a lot lately and his muscles are getting more and more toned. I want to look like him one day, but I feel like I’m far behind in my progress. He assures me that if I keep working at it I’ll look like him soon. In the meantime, he wants me to help him unwind after a hard session at the gym. I give him a sensual massage, working my way down to his sweet pink hole. His cock gets hard and I kiss it before climbing on top to ride him raw.

Family Dick - Update

August 08, 2020

Brotherly Affection 1 All Grown Up

Whenever my older step brother is around, he likes to bring up the old days. More specifically, he likes to remind me about all the ways we used to fool around when no one was watching. I wonder what his wife would think about all these fond memories we share. I guess he doesn't seem to care since he's so eager to wrap his lips around my cock. And when he slides inside my sore hole, it brings back all the nostalgia from when we were growing up. I love when my older step bro fucks me - I only wish we did it more often.

Masqulin - Update

August 05, 2020

Step Brother Bonding

Step brothers Thyle Knoxx and Jake Nobello are insanely competitive. They always try and raise the bar; until Jake fucks another one of Thyle’s ex-girlfriends. When confronted about his obsession, things heat up and the truth comes out. Fucking Thyle’s ex-girlfriends was as close as Jake could come to tasting his step-brother... until now! If you like watching some hot gay family affair action then these two studs should make you scream with bliss.

Next Door Taboo - Update

July 26, 2020

Stepping Up

Seeing the sudden influx of cash that his step-brother seems to have at his disposal, Evan Landers can't help but wonder what he's doing for work, and when he finds out that Aspen has been shooting gay porn for money, suddenly his interest piques. He could've sworn Aspen was straight, but it turns out to Aspen, a hole is a hole, which has Evan suddenly pondering the possibilities. Aspen needs his secret to be kept and Evan could use some hard dick release, so he proposes they make a family trade, which is an offer Aspen is more than happy to accept.

Family Dick - Update

July 22, 2020

Virtual Presentation

Learning how to work from home has been a tough adjustment for everyone, and I’m no exception. But when I try to have a productive meeting with my team from the comfort of my own couch, my annoying younger stepbrother refuses to leave me alone. The whole time, he’s showing off his bubble butt and his toned body, and I can’t concentrate at all. Pretty soon, I put the virtual meeting on mute and let him suck my cock while I work. Then, I climb on top of his hot rod and sit on it for some deep bareback pleasure. I guess working from home has its perks.

Brother Crush - Update

July 18, 2020

The After Party

Dakota Lovell isn’t going to let his older stepbrother, Scott Demarco, get away with throwing a party while their parents are out of town. To make sure the snitch doesn’t squeal, the older boy lets the kid top him, offering his bubble butt up for a raw anal pounding! They just keep going at it turning the party into a fuck fest extravaganza. Neither hold back as they finally get what they've always wanted...each other.

Men - Update

June 23, 2020

Three Brothers Master Cut

Poor Theo Brady has come to the hard decision that he needs to break up with his boyfriend, Michael Del Ray, because Michael is working too much and fucking Theo way too little. But of course, when he shows up, Michael's brother Zane Williams invites Theo in and tells him Michael's at work! When Zane hears about Theo's frustration, he pounds the sexy bottom on the couch... and the third brother, Jack Hunter, catches sight of them! Theo's hot body and bottomless hole make Jack horny, so after his brother finishes, he pulls Theo into the bathroom and asks for a piece of that cake. As Theo gets his ass bred by brother number two, he doesn't realize that Michael has arrived home and is spying on them from under the bed!

Falcon Studios - Update

June 23, 2020

Bro Buddies 1

Feeding from the bathroom cam in the 'Bro Buddies' house, bubble-butt twink Dylan Hayes walks in on English stud Josh Moore getting out of the shower. Intrigued by the size of Josh's uncut cock, Dylan drops to his knees to service the British stud. Like a weightless ragdoll, Josh picks Dylan up and throws him onto the bed to eat his ass. Cade Maddox gets home from being out and catches the two hunks in bed. Slightly annoyed they didn't wait for him, Cade drops his pants and feeds his cock to Dylan while Josh eats out Dylan's smooth hole. Sandwiched between the two, Josh climbs up from below and mounts Dylan's ass, planting his cock firmly inside his hole. Continuing to get it from both ends, they flip Dylan on his back so Cade can continue fucking his mouth while Josh reams his hole.

Brother Crush - Update

June 19, 2020

The Bonds Among Brother

Cute Carter’s older stepbrother is pissed that the little guy keeps making them late for school by hitting the snooze button in the morning. To teach the irresponsible boy a lesson, the older guy bends him over his lap and spanks his ass mercilessly on the bed. The boy cries out, but somehow the punishment turns him on. His cock gets rock hard, and soon he spreads his ass cheeks for his older stepbrother to fuck him raw. Then, he bounces on the big guy’s dick and strokes himself orgasmically. Finally, the older boy shoots a sticky load of his own!

Men - Update

June 17, 2020

Three Brothers 3

Zane and Jack drag their brother's now-ex Theo Brady into the living room so he and Michael Del Ray can talk things out... or fuck things out. Theo sucks Michael's cock and Zane begins eating the twink's ass as Jack watches and strokes his cock. Zane fucks Theo doggystyle till he cums on his ass, then it's Jack's turn to penetrate the bottom in mish while Michael fucks Theo's mouth. Jack jizzes on Theo's stomach, and then Michael pounds his ex's hole hard. Theo rides Michael till he cums, then the top gives him a facial before the three brothers give Theo the bum's rush. Bros before hos!

Men - Update

June 10, 2020

Three Brothers 2

After fucking his boyfriend's brother Zane, Theo Brady goes to wait for Michael when his man's other brother, Jack Hunter, pulls him into the bathroom. Jack saw Theo getting fucked and he wants a piece of that cake, too! Jack eats the bottom's sweet ass and Theo sucks Jack's cock, unaware that Michael's spying on them through the keyhole! Michael hides under the bed as Jack fucks Theo doggystyle, but when Jack spots his sneaky bro as he pounds Theo piledriver, Michael announces he's breaking up with Theo and storms out. Theo rides Jack till he cums and takes a big facial from Jack, before Jack and Zane drag Theo out to make him talk to Michael once and for all.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 01, 2020

Cade Dominates Dakota

It’s an unwritten rule that big bros are supposed to rough up their little bros so they grow up to be strong men, but Cade Maddox takes is further. And who wouldn’t want him to? Cade is a gorgeous young man with an incredible body and a huge, fully engorged cock. When Cade Maddox gets Dakota Payne alone in the bedroom, Dakota quickly learns who is in charge. Cade brutalizes Dakota’s ass by fucking him raw, and goes further by sodomizing him with a huge dildo.

Men - Update

May 31, 2020

Three Brothers 1

Theo Brady is ready to break up with his boyfriend Michael because he's always too busy working to fuck him, but when he gets to his place, Michael's brother Zane Williams says he's at work! Zane offers a sympathetic ear, and when he hears about Theo's sexual frustrations, he offers a sympathetic boner too. Theo sucks that big dick and Zane fucks the bottom's face before pounding his ass piledriver and doggystyle. Theo rides Zane's cock till he shoots a huge load, and Zane jizzes all over Theo's balls. The bottom goes to wait for Michael to get home... but first he gets pulled into the bedroom of another brother!

Bi Empire - Update

May 10, 2020

Bi Family Secrets 2.4

Stunning, Katy Rose, catches her stepbrother hooking up with her boyfriend! She’s in shock but at the same time feels tempted to join in! She’s hesitate but decides to let go a have a wild family threesome! Loaded with the most hardcore sex!! It doesn’t get better than this! This hot and sexy fantasy family fun frolicing is so hot it just might melt your monitor. This scene starts off and just keeps on building to on of the hottest male-male-female bisex scene ever filmed.

Next Door Taboo - Update

May 04, 2020

After Practice

Dante Foxx comes back home from soccer practice and wants to take a shower. While Dante is showering, his stepbrother Greyson Lane sneaks into his room and starts sniffing his jock. Dante catches him in the act and at first is weirded out but then tells his brother to suck his cock. Greyson is eager and does as he's told. Dante's cock is hard and ready to fuck his stepbrother's tight hole. The hot studs fuck in various positions until they shoot their loads.

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