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Jalif Studios - Update

April 30, 2019

Jordan & Rod

Rod has a bit of reputation in the league for fraternizing with the visiting teams. He loves finding secluded spots after games to fool around with his sexy, heated opponents. His coach, Jordan, however, is not having it. He follows his player to one of these private rendezvous spots, finding him ready and willing to suck the cock of whoever shows up. Frustrated, he has his young slut player service him instead! The handsome coach whips out his big cock and teaches his player that he needs to be a real man by tasting one in his mouth! Rod's eyes widen seeing his coach's monster meat, but couldn't be happier swallowing it down and submitting to him! With his piece sufficiently hard, coach Jordan shows him just who's in charge by bending his player over and fucks his tight hole.

Hot House - Update

February 21, 2018

Gear Play 2

Baseball practice is over and back in the locker room, Austin Wolf is sitting on a bench watching Sean Maygers strip off his sweaty jockstrap. Austin approaches Sean and gets him into submission on his knees as he presents his bulging package. Sean knows he's way past third base and gets hard almost instantly as he reaches into Austin's pouch and finds a big, thick dick. Austin reams Sean's wet throat and when both studs can't possibly get any harder, Austin bends Sean over to eat his ass.

All Australian Boys - Update

December 20, 2017

Rugby Union Jock Charlie

Charlie is a Rugby Union Jock from the U.K. now living in Sydney. His model good looks (Masculine meets Cute) are complemented by his unassuming personality/attitude, powerful muscular body, honed from numerous rugby games and relentless training. On top of all this he has a big dick, that spurts a lot. When he blew it spurted 112 cm up to his upper pec, with 4 spasms. Charlie is simply, hot!

All Australian Boys - Update

November 13, 2017


Lauchie the straight shy boy from Sydney, who came to do a nude modelling shoot and changed half way through - after we put a hard core lesbian video on. Being a fit and horny 18 yo Rugby player, he soon had a fully developed, rock hard, cock.. He just couldn’t help himself, before our eyes he began to pull himself off while continuing to watch the video. This was not set up, as we don’t do that stuff. What you see here - really happened.

Gay Erotic Stories by TT815 - Update

August 19, 2017

Football Pro Bobby Ryan Gets Captured.

Its 9 in the evening at Bobby Ryan's off season home in Idaho Bobby was in his basement when he walked up stairs where he see a guy holding a gun bobby puts his hands up his hands are tied behind his back the man leads bobby In to the dining room forcing bobby to sit in a chair and ties bobby to the chair with a robe around his chest Isn't this kidnapping or something bobby asked You aren't kidnap you were already here what you are Is my prisoner and you lucky I take prisoners

RuggerBugger - Update

May 04, 2016

Spanish Footballer Bear!

Ruggerbugger has photos of bearded Spanish footballer Marc Crosas naked!

RuggerBugger - Update

April 24, 2016

Tennis Player Naked

Ruggerbugger have photos of tennis player Daniel Koellerer showing his tattooed naked body showing off his dick!

Naked Kombat - Update

September 30, 2015

Kip Johnson Vs. Cass Bolton

Returning combatants Kip Johnson and Cass Bolton duke it out on today's Top Cock. With successful records at KinkMen, both are poised to make this match a hot and heavy battle to the very end. The first round ends with a close score, Cass and Kip quick to put each other in punishing holds. The temperature rises in the second round, as the wrestlers grope, smother and facesit their way to domination. Changing up the tactics, the winner emerges with an impressive lead. In triumph, he throws the loser the mat and basks in the glory of victory as the loser gags on his dick and worships his toes. The loser gets crushed in a leg lock as the winner rams a huge black dildo in his loser hole. With his hole loose and ready for pounding, the loser takes it rough from the champ. The winner glazes his prize's face with hot cum before throwing him in a headlock and making him blow a load onto the mat. Utterly defeated, the loser cleans up the mess with his tongue.

Falcon Studios - Update

March 05, 2015


Sitting on the lockerrom bench, Ryan Rose has a surprise in his jockstrap. The front pouch detaches to reveal a built-in cock ring encircling his rock hard dick. Ryan invites Brenner Bolton to get some action. Brenner takes Ryan's cock in his mouth for a deep blow job while Ryan plays with Brenner's ass, probing the pink center with his finger. Turning himself around, Brenner rides Ryan's cock in reverse cowboy. Leaning Brennan over an exercise ball, Ryan gives it to him in giant strokes: The excitement intensifies & he blows massive jets of cum into Brennan's mouth & over his face. Brennan loves the taste, Ryan laps up the cum on Brennan's stomach & snowballs it directly in between Brennan's eager lips.

Bait Buddies - Update

March 03, 2015


While waiting for the "Girl" to show up, Caruso introduced Straight boy Blake Barnes to Bait Boy Patrick Ridge. Both boys are orginally from New York, both are athletes, in their 20's. Blake is very outgoing & talkative, Nick is a bit on the quiet side. Blake is super straight while Patrick is plenty gay. Before long, we are admiring their beautiful nakedness as they watch pussy porn & stroke their cocks until they're both rock hard. Caruso delivers the bad news, the girl didn't show. Their only option is to have sex with each other. Blake laughs & then realizes he wasn't joking, 'fuck no'', & we see that his dick has already gone limp.

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