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Kristen Bjorn - Update

September 10, 2019

The Fan

After completing his first Casting Couch, Jorge Leal learns that he will go on to make films and his first will be with the man he admires most, Felipe Ferro. Imagine his surprise when Felipe walks into the room, he is nervous and very excited all at the same time. It is always hard to contain oneself when meeting someone that you have admired for so long, but you also get to have sex with that person, no pressure here. Jorge’s excitement immediately leads him to some passionate kissing, which of course gets his sexual juices flowing. Felipe sees Jorge’s pierced nipples and moves into taste, tantalize and a little torture never hurts. The guys strip and take a seat to take in the amazing view of their sexual partner.

Men At Play - Update

September 03, 2019

Blindfold Surprise

As Dani Robles showers, prepping to welcome back Xavi Duran to Menatplay, little does he know Xavi has a surprise in store for his big return. Dani exits the shower to find a note on his bed instructing him to put on a suit that has been laid out for him. He heads into the living room to find Xavi eagerly waiting, excited to reveal what he has planned for the night, but not without a little mystery. Xavi blindfolds Dani to introduce the first part of his surprise… a fat cock shoved right down his throat just the way Dani likes it. He swallows Xavi and strokes his meat, enjoying every inch of his gift but when you're an insatiable cock sucker sometimes one just doesn't cut it.

Butch Dixon - Update

August 30, 2019

Antonio & Rio

Those sexy, study, overly hung, cum-hungry Spanish hunks are back and we're taking it alfresco, outdoors wearing nothing, nada, not even a condom ! (okay maybe just trainers). Antonio Miracle is one of our favourite performers, and he LUVS to perform, the more eyes on him the better sop outdoors - so exposed- is a huge turn on, especially when he's going down on bis knees to feast on Rio Vega's juicy, raw joint. Rio Vega is brand spanking new and PHWOAR - he's a hottie, JUST LUVIN' that lengthy, girthy, 'very-foreskin' - dick, almost as much a Antonio is luving it. After a sleazy, no-questions-asked-street-pick-up - Antonio makes sure he sucks that dick to rigid attention and turns around, spreading his beefy cheeks and exposing his succulent hole.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 23, 2019

Jimy & Nathan

Jimy lies out in the summer sun feeling his skin become warmed and bronzed. As the day lingers on, he can't help but feel his body come alive and aroused. Luckily, his friend Nathan come to join him poolside. The two young men kiss and caress each other's beautiful bodies, taking advantage of their private backyard oasis and their smooth, tanned bodies. Jimy pulls down Nathan's briefs to take his cock into his mouth. The hard shaft slides past his lips and glides on his tongue, becoming bigger with each stroke. Jimy then straddles Nathan's wet cock, taking it up his tight hole as the two fuck in the bright midday sun. His hole wraps around his friend's thick cock, milking out a thick, creamy load.

Men At Play - Update

August 16, 2019

Final Verbal Warning

Dario Beck has been caught yet again sleeping on the job and his boss Denis Vega has finally reached his breaking point. He orders Dario to pack his shit and get out, but Dario has other plans. Knowing that his boss has always had a soft spot and a hard cock for him in the past, Dario offers to smooth things over like he always has. This time, however, Denis wants a little more than some extracurricular office play. If Dario wants to save his ass, then he needs to offer his ass and that's exactly what he does. This is an apology that Denis won't soon forget.

Men At Play - Update

August 01, 2019

Wedding Attire

With a number of important events around the corner, Dario Beck is hard at work meticulously planning and prepping Enzo Rimenez's attire for each occasion. Unable to keep his eyes and focus on anything other than the sexy Dario, Enzo offers to assist him with his selections. After getting an overview of each of the suits which have been handpicked for him, Dario lays out what he considers to be the best of the lot. Enzo wastes no time asking him to strip off and in to the gorgeous navy blue suit so he can get a better look, even helping him get dressed. Dario's gorgeous furry body is just too much for Enzo to handle. The two men begin to passionately kiss while stroking and frotting their uncut cocks together.

Jalif Studios - Update

July 30, 2019

Bryan & Julien

Their long, lean bodies stretch out over the bedspread, as if to lure each other closer. Bryan's smooth body is irresistible, tempting Julian to move in for a feel. Bryan returns the sentiment, placing his hand on Julien's growing bulge. Julien pulls Bryan's cock out from his tiny underwear, freeing the massive erection from its tiny entrapment to take it deep in his throat. Bryan's massive cock is almost more than Julian can handle, but he's determined to keep it in his mouth as much as possible. The sexy top watches with delight as Julien takes it all, worshipping his member and bringing him closer and closer to the edge. He holds out as long as he can, but his pleasure builds, bringing him to need to fuck his dutiful cocksucker, filling his ass with his hard cock.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

July 23, 2019

Noel & John CC 414

John Rodriguez and Noel Santoro hook up after meeting at the local pub for a few drinks. The guys head back to Noel’s and begin the slow and seductive striptease. As the guys are kissing, they discover that they both have a fetish for nipple play and begin a tug, pull and squeeze of each other’s sensitive nipples. After stripping down completely, Noel takes John’s hot cock into his mouth and begins sucking it deeply into his mouth. John then takes Noel’s fully erect cock into his mouth and consumes every centimeter of it. The guys then move into a hot 69 rimming where both asses are tongue fucked and deluged with saliva. Noel wants to fuck John with much more than just his tongue and flips John into position and rams his raw cock deep within his wet ass.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 08, 2019

Sharing Allen's Hole

It has been a whirlwind romance between Allen King and Rico Marlon ever since they met for the first time. Vacations, dinners out, weekend trips, and sex… The sex is the most passionate Allen has ever experienced. On one of their weekend getaways, Allen King is completely swept up in the romance Rico Marlon showers upon him. And before the fireplace, they strip off their clothing. Allen quickly learned after meeting Rico that he demands submission in his lovers, and that means it is Allen’s duty to service his man’s cock with his mouth and ass, no questions asked. Rico is rough in bed, and the expressions on Allen’s face show the extremes of passionate sex with Rico Marlon!

My Dirtiest Fantasy - Update

July 08, 2019

Yah-Jil's Bitch Boy 2

After leaving David for a while, and freshining up a bit, Yah-Jil is ready to continue torturing the pale-bodied twink a bit more, starting with some good old-fashioned pegs, to soon be whipped off with his flogger. But pain is most definetly in store for this boy, as soon his nipples are clamped with medical clamps, and his body worked over with a pin whele, to later be covered in Wax... obviously this isn't all going to be about pain, so Yah-jil gets out his vibrating wand, and uses it to get the boy hard so he can finish the show with some good old-fashioned milking.

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