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Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 04, 2022

Octavio & Roque Doubles Valentin

One thing is for sure: Valentin’s huge godly ass can take a whole lot of dick and not wear out. And when he was on production during the November 2021 Lucas Entertainment film shoot, a lot of guys had their eye on him. Valentin had “the” ass to pound, and many of the Lucas Men wanted a go at him. This time it was the adorable Roque Rems and the beefy Octavio who wanted to sodomize Valentin deep and raw. Not only was Valentin up for it, but he didn’t want them one on one. He wanted to prove he could take both their dicks at the same time!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

April 04, 2022

Paint Brush

Jay Anders enters an upscale art gallery where an exhibit of modern art is showing and is honored with the pleasure of meeting the artist, Gustavo Cruz. Gustavo introduces himself and offers to show Jay his private collection. As the couple walk down the street Jay pushes Gustavo against the building and then presses his lips firmly onto Gustavo's as the two begin a deep, passionate kiss. Once inside Jay reaches between Gustavo's legs and grabs hold of his swelling cock and asks if this is the paintbrush. Gustavo pulls out his fat bulging cock and slaps it against the canvas as Jay wraps his hand around the massive cock and inhales deeply. As the clothes seductively drop to the wayside the kissing only intensifies and the passion is reaching a boiling point.

Raw Hole - Update

April 01, 2022

Apolo Gets Screwed

Burly stud Pedro Valiente jokes and fools around with hot little fuckboy bottom Apolo, grabbing his nipple for a tweak. When he hikes his shirt and drops his pants to his knees, Apolo kneels down to take his musky uncut cock in his mouth. Apolo slurps down every inch to the hairy root, then bends over to take Pedro's spit-slick cock into his dickstarved hole. Pedro grabs Apolo's smooth tan asscheeks in his hands and drills in hard while Apolo wags his ass and grinds into every thrust. "Ooof, que rico!" the bottom shouts and pants for breath. Apolo lies on the bed with ass up, Pedro plows on in. He gives Apolo's butt a hearty slap and thrusts harder. Sweat, lube and precum drips down the boy's crack and off his smooth tight nutsack.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 31, 2022

Alex & Rico

Alex Rides Rico's Uncut Cock - Alex Gonzalez has an incredible six pack. It is only of the first physical traits you notice on this hot little stud when he strips down and shows off his body. Rico Marlon sure noticed it fast, and Rico also knew he wanted to see that beautiful tight stomach flex when Alex was riding his cock. Alex Gonzalez and Rico Marlon first get to know each other in the traditional “bareback auditions” style before Rico unleashes his alpha top energy on Alex!

Boy Fun - Update

March 24, 2022

My Boyfriend's Bulge

With a package like the one handsome young Adrian Serdar has in his pants it's no wonder twinky boyfriend Rick Vilela can't resist enticing him into some early morning Boy Fun in the kitchen. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that certainly seems to be a philosophy these two horny boys live by. When Adrian arrives with his big dick bulging out in the most snug underwear blond twink Rick can't help himself. He's soon abandoning his cereal for something far more filling. With a grope and a gobble of the handsome boy's big breakfast sausage the boy is getting his own long dong licked and suckled by equally eager Adrian. The deliciousness of their meaty pole swapping is just the appetizer, of course.

Fuckermate - Update

March 24, 2022

Born For Cock

It was time for a porno debut here on Fuckermate and this week we bring you a new face, born and raised in the spanish capital Madrid. Ixma Wild is the typical boy next door you always wanted to play with. For his debut he copes with the big hard cock of Brazilian dominant top Victor Ferraz. Ixma shows how much he loves tasting such massive piece of meat and savoring every inch of it. Satisfied with the cock sucking, our new mate obeys Victor's will and lets him mercilessly fuck his young ass bareback and shoot his thick load all over his face and mouth.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 17, 2022

Unleashed Orgy 2

Watch part two of the incredible two-part Lucas Men Unleashed bareback gay orgy! When you get all of the Lucas Men together in one room and they strip out of their clothes, what do you really think is going to happen? Because when the Lucas Men are unleashed, they're going to get into a lot of bareback trouble with their incredible bodies and rock-hard cocks! Join Alex Gonzalez, Alfonso Osnaya, Allen King, Andrey Vic, Jeffrey Lloyd, Max Hilton, Octavio, Oliver Hunt, Rafael Carreras, Roque Rems, Rudy Gram, Ruslan Angelo, Sir Peter, Steven Angel, and Valentin Amour as they suck and fuck raw in this explosive two-part orgy that also features foot worship and double penetration!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

March 16, 2022

The Boot

That brisk autumn air brings out the horny in us all and today Nicolas Bardem straps on his black, leather boots, mounts his motorcycle and picks up his favorite fuck buddy, Francisco Ranniero. The guys take off for a fast-paced ride as the engine roars and rumbles beneath their ass and vibrates their already stimulated cocks. Upon arrival, it is a fight to rip away the clothing that is containing their hot, muscular bodies that are begging to be pleasured. Francisco tears his way through Nicolas’ underwear to the throbbing prize that he has been anticipating to wrap his hungry mouth around. Francisco gives Nicolas a full and deep cock sucking that is only fueled by the smell of the sweat that has built up during their motorcycle trip.

Fuckermate - Update

March 16, 2022

Hard Cock Ride

Ray Crosswell is our newest Spanish acquisition from the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. He loves giving his nice trained hole to a real dominant top and in this first appearance with us he takes the raw juicy dick of Niko Demon in the mouth and ass. Dancer in real life, Ray assumes all kind of positions to ride Niko's big cock until the last inch and enjoy this amazing bareback fuck until the last second, when the Brazilian covers his butt with a thick load of fresh cum!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 15, 2022

Unleashed Orgy 1

Watch part one of the incredible two-part Lucas Men Unleashed bareback gay orgy! When you get all of the Lucas Men together in one room and they strip out of their clothes, what do you really think is going to happen? Because when the Lucas Men are unleashed, they're going to get into a lot of bareback trouble with their incredible bodies and rock-hard cocks! Join Alex Alex Gonzalez, Alfonso Osnaya, Allen King, Andrey Vic, Jeffrey Lloyd, Max Hilton, Octavio, Oliver Hunt, Rafael Carreras, Roque Rems, Rudy Gram, Ruslan Angelo, Sir Peter, Steven Angel, and Valentin Amour as they suck and fuck raw in this explosive two-part orgy that also features foot worship and double penetration!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

March 10, 2022

The Stroll

After a late night out at the clubs, Gustavo Cruz and Andy Star get up early to take in a beautiful autumn days stroll. The cool, brisk air, and bright sunshine has sparked a bit of romance for our young couple. They decide to quickly head back to their flat for a more private romantic encounter. The kissing gets passionate and intense as it is a fight to remove their clothing as quickly as possible. Andy is the first to drop to his knees and begin choking down Gustavo’s massive cock. The sheer length and girth of Gustavo’s cock has Andy drooling all over it as he forces it to the back of his mouth and down his throat. Andy wants this amazing cock all the way down his throat and flips onto his back with his head hanging off of the sofa, opening up the passageway for clear deep throat cock sucking that will ravage his senses to new levels.

Fuckermate - Update

March 01, 2022

Morning Cravings

Hot things happen in our kitchen every time our horny mates are at the stove. Today young stud Victor Ferraz, visiting Barcelona for few weeks from his homeland Brasil, catches there Latin muscle bottom Dann Grey, intent on preparing his breakfast. Victor is hungry for something different and he doesn't take too long to take control and orders Dann onto his knees to crave and lick his hard bone. When the guys moves to the living room Grey keeps on sucking and then the Brazilian jams the tongue deep in his horny hole till he begs to get fucked hard and bare. The raw ride he takes on Victor's thick cock is just what he deserves and what he needs to curb his morning cravings, but the service couldn't be complete without the huge load of cum he takes on his face and mouth!

TopFansVids - Update

February 25, 2022

Alfonso at the PV Waterfalls

One hot ass two nice cocks and beautiful scenery! Co-starring power couple Igor Lucios and Ricky Hard. You'll wish you were there when this threesome turns into one awesome fuck-fest with deep throat cock sucking, ass-eating and deep hard anal penetration. They just love giving that spit roasting pumping and poundings at both ends. If you're cock is not as hard as i rock by now, you may need to get it checked. In the end that tight little Latino ass gets breed and oozes out cum.

Raw Hole - Update

February 25, 2022

Raw Ramming on the Couch

Lean, close-cropped Eric Japa and edgy tatted, pierced and mustached Lucas Mancinni make an immediate hot connection once their lips meet. Both are stiff as steel, especially when Lucas slips down to sniff and lick Eric's musky pits. Eric stands behind and grinds his cock into Lucas' crack, then guides him down to work on his beer-can thick, uncut cock. Lucas slurps it all down to the fuzzy nuts and furry pubes. He crouches on the sofa as Eric dives in for a taste of his smooth shaved crack and asshole. Groaning, he looks back in admiration as the new Brazilian bareback stud runs his tongue across the sensitive pucker of his hungry butt. Lucas needs more than that talented tongue, climbs up to straddle Eric and take that monster dick raw and deep.

Wu Boyz - Update

February 24, 2022

Three Boys, One Couch

Livestream in Bogota, Columbia. Alex, Nathan and Tyler in an awesome threeway flip fuck extravaganza. Saturday night livestream with my favourite couple. It was a spit roasting, flip fucking fun time full of laughter & sex... what more can a boy ask for? Here's the recording for if you missed the show! Three boys one couch... lots of dick & lots of cum! Threesomes with this couple are always hot and they both have big dicks. It's true what they say about Latino guys!

Treasure Island Media - Update

February 23, 2022

Dimitri, Hugo & Romeo

Romeo Davis & Sonny St-Clair continue their world tour of filming and fucking. While passing through Barcelona, they grabbed meat head Frenchman Dimitri Venum and took him to a sex club to fuck horny bottom pig Hugo Tara from Brazil. Romeo gets so worked up watching Hugo's perfect bubble butt, he decides to try out the fuck hole and soon has his legendary uncut cock buried deep. Unfortunately for us, Romeo does not breed, leaving Dimitri to feed Sonny a big load.

Raw Hole - Update

February 22, 2022

Pinning Toro's Tail

Blond, beautiful, furry Latino surfstud Danny Toro has been a hot top around Rawhole, but tops need a good dicking sometimes, too. And new raw stud Deivid Miniero is hard, dripping and up to the challenge. Deivid is a lean brown fuck machine with a defined muscle body and a straight 8 of uncut tool. they step inside from a hot beach afternoon and start sucking face, but soon are on the bed sucking each others' stiff poles. Deivid groans with eyes half-closed and dreamy as Danny slurps and swallows his big cock. Danny just looks up and smiles, knowing that perfect ass-splitter will be inside him in a few short minutes. Deivid gets his first taste of Danny's hot juicy hole, face buried between the big stud's hairy ass cheeks. His tongue burrows in deep, licks the surfboy's crack from nuts to the tip of his spine.

BadPuppy - Update

February 21, 2022

Mark & Danny

Cute Latin twink Danny Bianchi is on the sofa reading when Mark Troy stops by all horned up and wanting a piece of ass. Danny is eager to join in the fun and as soon as Mark strips out of his clothes Danny is bobbing up and down on Mark's long, uncut cock. Danny starts groping himself while he's blowing Mark and Mark stands up on the sofa making it easier for Danny to swallow his rod. The face-fucking begins and Mark's huge nuts are slapping Danny in the chin with each thrust. Danny lays back on the sofa after stripping off his jeans. Mark drops to his knees and swallows up Danny's uncut piece of meat. Danny spreads his legs exposing his tight pink hole. Mark's fingers find their way to Danny's ass and the teasing begins.

Raw Hole - Update

February 11, 2022

Puzzle Pumps Rico

You might remember our scene a while back that started as a Latin bareback three-way between Willam Leme, Hanry Japa and Naughty Puzzle, who dashed out part way through and headed to the kitchen to cruise hot bearded Brazilian barebacker Rico Marlon. Here's his hookup with Rico in full and by the way, this Naughty stud's name is John Puzzle. Interesting...Back to that bareback kitchen. Rico is rooting through the fridge when Puzzle steps in and drops his pants. What's a horny fucker to do but grab his dick and start making out with the tall slender barebacker. Rico keeps his own fancy "LV" shorts on while he gets on his knees and nurses Puzzle's big knob. Then he gets naked, bending over the counter while John Puzzle dines in on throbbing Brazil booty.

Treasure Island Media - Update

February 04, 2022

12-Man Gangbang

Brazil Underground Scene 7 -We have seen some gangbangs in our time, but this one is nuts. Jottae Souza is on the bed in his tightie whitie underwear that WoofPigoy quickly rips open. Across the room. 11 other men are standing with dicks out waiting their turn to fuck the hole. Once this train gets going, there is no stopping the men as one after the other they climb on, shove their cock in the ass and fuck it, then clear out for the next dick. The men show off for each other and as the fucking continues each stallion is a little hornier and a little more brazen. Some of our favorite top men are DEEL BLACK whose tight little body sports a huge sized cock that he knows how to pound away with…DAVI LOBO the handsome and hung bearded top that fucks good.

Fetish Men - Update

February 01, 2022

Dicked By Master Dominic

Taught to obey and submit, Black Muscular Brazil happily nurses on Master Dominic's stiff cock. His cuffed hands held together in a prayerful clasp of submission, he swallows Dominic's uncut tool to the fuzzy pubes. "Take it all the way down to those fuckin' balls. LICK my BALLS!" the tough master commands, and there's nothing for BMB to do but obey and slather Dominic's nuts with juicy spit. "Are you here to please your fucking MASTER?" Dominic barks as he fucks his thick prong down BMB's cock-hungry throat. "Thank you SIR!" BMB mumbles as he takes all his master can dish out. With BMB on hands and knees in supplication, his muscular butt pointed back towards Master Dominic, the tough Dom crams his raw hairy cock in balls deep.

Treasure Island Media - Update

January 31, 2022

Brazil Underground: Sc. 3

Christian Hupper is lucky to get the cocks of Both Adonnis and Maverson Carioca at one time. He is like a kid in a candy store with so much huge uncut meat to worship. Adonnis loves hole. He licks and fingers it before sliding his cock in and opens it up. He begins to fuck as Christian continues to suck on Maverson’s dick and lick his balls. He is surrounded on both ends by dick. Damn, Adonnis’ cock looks good as he fucks. Christian rides Adonnis as Adonnis suckles on Maverson’s cock. Christian cannot hold back and shoots a load all over the top’s belly which Adonnis licks up right before he shoots his own load into the bottom. Freshly lubed with his buddy’s jizz, Maverson slides in and fucks the bottom until he cums. The guys end in a sweet 3-way kiss.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 30, 2022

Kosta, Igor & Abraham

It was hard for Kosta Viking to keep his hands off of Abraham Shehell and Igor Lucios during the the photo shoot that took place before they filmed their Lucas Entertainment sex scene together. Both Igor and Abraham are handsome as fuck with their brooding good looks, and when they were teamed up with someone as sexy as Kost's balcony and in bed, all while fondling each other. And when Igor, Kosta, and Abraham's cocks are rock hard and freed from their shorts, they all suck each other off. Kosta Viking and Igor Lucios take turns taking dick up the ass while Abraham Shehell presides as the top!

Fetish Men - Update

January 27, 2022

Dom Meets Uberdom

It's sometimes even more exciting to see a dom/sub scenario play out between two dominant tops, watching a butch, tough top submit to someone more alpha and dominant. This is the case when macho top stud Black Muscular Brazil is led in, cuffed and with a black bit holding his mouth still and immobile. Dominic is the UberDom of this pair, gruffly calling the shots and taking every effort for his own gratification. He knows that giving himself the reins of total freedom makes his macho submissive satisfied, and is comfortable being the unquestioned BOSS. Dominic sports a hot black leather suspendered overall, leather fingerless gloves and a fierce black paddle. BMB is given the instruction to refer to him only as "Master Pacifico". "Yes, SIR" the submissive responds, struggling to speak through his mouth bit.

FetishMen - Update

January 23, 2022

Vini Gets The Whip

Vini Roseti writhes bound in his cuffs, waiting for Woofpigboy to show him who's in charge. His master comes in bearing a black paddle and smacks it around his taut torso from chest to crotch. Verbally belittling Vini in Portuguese, the stocky Brazilian dom holds his sub by the black bondage mask and pulls his face into his musky pits. Groaning, Vini bends forward and grits his teeth. "Ahh, yeah!" he responds, getting turned on to the sting of his master's paddle. But Woofpigboy is just getting started. turning his obedient sub to expose his smooth tan ass. He tenderizes those cheeks with a leather whip, unrelenting as he hears the snap of whip against butt. But he unhooks Vini's cuffs to allow him to worship his master's boots.

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