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Lucas Entertainment - Update

October 13, 2021

Raw Foursome

Nico Zetta is back for even more in the fourth and final scene from “Bareback Auditions 13: New Faces, New Wood.” He and Rafael Carreras face off on who has the bigger uncut cock and who can wield it with true power and precision. Joaquin Santana, a little power bottom who isn’t afraid to get stretched when he’s slammed up the ass, steps up big and offers his booty to these two power cocks. But they don’t want to split Joaquin in half completely and leave him wrecked, so the solid blond stud Isaac X comes to his rescue and takes some uncut cock up his own butt courtesy of Rafael and Nico!

Young Bastards - Update

October 11, 2021

Slut Takes Double Cum

It’s a good thing Sonny is so thirsty for cum, he’s got two doms who need their dicks well-worked and their jizz loads shot, they’re not gonna quit until he’s taken it all in his cute face. The horny guys team up to share him between them, their cuffed buddy made to suck their dripping dongs and drink their leaking precum before they each take a shot at his tight little hole. He gets a little wanking and rimming in return but they don’t need to do much other than fuck him and feed him their big meaty tools, filling his holes with their throbbing inches and finishing with a double splashing of hot young cum right in his face. He loves the taste of fresh semen so much his own raging uncut cock is soon spurting his juice out into his hand, the taste of sperm on his lips while his own gushes from his engorged dick head.

Southern Strokes - Update

October 10, 2021

A Race To Finish

Ever have a teammate on the mind? I've been stroking my dick almost every night for the last two weeks to the thought of playing with my teammate Christian and fucking his tight ass. There is just something about him that makes my cock hard, and I can't help but take care of it right away. Today was no different. The thought of Christian made me go into the locker room and start stroking my cock. Little did I know that he was watching me and that it was turning him on. While stroking his cock, Christian walked over, sat down in front of me, and took my dick into his mouth. I fucked his face for what must have been a lifetime. His lips felt so amazing wrapped around my cock that I knew his ass would feel even better. And without question, it did. I couldn't get enough of his tight hole.

Bi Latin Men - Update

October 09, 2021

Mario Luis & Rufino

Mario and Rufino are just a couple of straight guys getting ready to have their first bi-sex. They start by eyeing each other and to both of them, they seemed to be more than happy and attracted to each other. At first they start with some touching that turns into fondling and then cock sucking. As they start to feel more comfortable the rimming and then anal penetration takes them both by surprise and delight as they continue it up until a hot anal breeding cum shot.

Latin Leche - Update

October 08, 2021

Numero 178

Emanuel & Rocco - These straight Latino boys have no idea they are going to have their first gay experience on camera until our dirty cameraman whips out a fat wad of cash. After a little convincing, they please each other's uncut cocks like they've been fantasizing about a creamy load of Latin Leche for years! Enjoy their deep throat cock sucking and hip grabbing hard anal penetration with those lovely uncut juicy dicks.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

October 04, 2021

Ricky & Nico Flip Fuck

Ricky Hard was nervous when he first got to the Lucas Entertainment set in Puerto Vallarta. But because he was also adorable and personable, Nico Zetta wanted to sit down with him for an audition interview with Michael Lucas before they stripped down and started fucking. Both Ricky and Nico were hot and ready to both fuck ass and get pounded in the hole, so they take turns banging each other senseless. Nico Zetta is a leanly muscled guy, but he’s also huge in the pants. So when he mounts Ricky Hard at one point, he goes deep inside him—balls deep, and the look on Ricky’s face tells you just how face his cock can reach!

Young Bastards - Update

September 29, 2021

Sucking Master's Cum

Sonny is quickly subdued once they've found the kinky lair waiting for them. In no time at all the boy is on the end of the leash and being led around by kinky Dom boy Fabrice, his mouth exploring his new master's crotch, clearly desperate for that dick. The sub boy is allowed to suck the big delicious dong, but not before Fabrice has exposed his ass and given him some thwacks with the paddle. Sonny worships the incredible dick in his face but he'd prefer it in his tight hole. Frabrice takes him from behind, pumping his big bare boner deep between the boys cheeks, fucking him hard while the sub boy desperately wanks his own bulging cock in his hand. With the promise of master's cum in his face he jerks out his own messy load over himself.

Helix Studios - Update

September 28, 2021

Helix Latin Camp 5

Helix Latin Camp 5 is here! On this occasion, two Scouts separate from the group and an experienced boy, Rick, teaches Antu about reeds and shelter construction, who is very interested, beyond what is allowed... In the cane field, they begin to fondle without anyone seeing them! After jerking off for a long time, Rick takes out his penis and offers it to Antu who gladly kneels down to receive his cock. Rick grabs her head and makes her suck it off. He sucks it deep down, up to his testicles. Then they lower their shorts, do a cross masturbation and decide to go to a more private place, between the trees, in the forest. Antu leans against a tree trunk and Rick, the expert, begins to penetrate his ass with great force, so much that he cannot support himself with his legs.

Men At Play - Update

September 21, 2021

And Thensome, Editor's Cut

Massimo Piano, Klein Kerr, and Dani Robles perform in one of MAP’s top favorited suited-threesome movies! At the office, Massimo catches his boyfriend and colleague Klein watching porn, again! When Dani stops by, they ask him if he’s ever tried performing something similar. And of course, he has and is more than willing to show them - right at the office. Massimo and Klein feed cum-hungry bottom, Dani, their delicious, uncut cocks, and Dani has a total feast with them. The couple mouth-fuck Dani until he almost gags, swapping dicks for him to take in deep and then ramming both in at the same time. Next, it's Dani’s hole that gets pummeled by Massimo and Klein, who tag-fuck his ass, taking turns and making the fun last as much as possible.

Latin Leche - Update

September 08, 2021

No. 173 Leo, Emanuel & Joel

These three straight Latino boys aren’t going to let anything get in the way of putting on a scintillating show for our trickster and his camera. A few pesos get them balls deep into raw anal pleasure and tasty loads of hot Latin Leche! When one of the boys doesn’t show up to their meeting, Leo, Emanuel and Joel decide to take matters into their own hands and give one hell of a performance in exchange for a good amount of money!

Latin Leche - Update

September 06, 2021

No. 172 Emanuel, Javi

Horny straight Latino boys Emanuel and Javi finally have an excuse to explore all the sexual urges for each other they've been trying to suppress. For a few pesos, they please each other's uncut boners and enjoy friction-heavy anal fun until our cameraman captures a creamy explosion of Latin Leche on film! They enjoy laying in big cash and their dreams just might come true.

Young Bastards - Update

September 03, 2021

Needs Master's Cum

Greedy little Tommy can't seem to get enough of young master Edwin and his big uncut cock. The obedient twink sucks and licks that juicy tool, making sure to work his swollen balls, while the boy's hole is exposed and begging for that fuckmeat to ram him deep. Master Edwin checks out that tight pucker, held open by a metal butt plug that sparkles in the light. With his big meat desperate for that warm tunnel he works his inches inside, his boy bent over and taking it hard from behind while his moans are muffled by his master's hand. After fucking the thick cream out of his little sub bitch Edwin works his cock in his face, wanking off over the young man's mouth and giving the boy a taste of his fresh goo. Tommy slurps it greedily, ensuring he'll want a second helping soon.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 31, 2021

11-Man Bareback Orgy 2

Watch the SECOND INSTALLMENT of this 11-man bareback orgy! There was a sexual energy in Puerto Vallarta during the February 2021 production that could not be tamed—and why should it be? So, one day the entire Lucas Entertainment set turned into a fleshpot with all of the Lucas Men stripping down and climbing on top of each other! Join Rico Marlon, Manuel Skye, Nico Zetta, Marco Antonio, Vlad Stark, Valentin Amour, Pol Prince, Oliver Hunt, Dante Lauro, Michael Lucas, and Ricky Hard as they suck and fuck raw in this 11-man bareback orgy!

Young Bastards - Update

August 24, 2021

Sandwich Fuckers

Sergei is one of the greediest boys, and one of the kinkiest. He can’t get enough cock and cum, but he has good friends like Anibal and Dimitri to help satisfy his cravings. The cock-addicted boy is soon on his knees with their dripping cocks in his face, their hard lengths drooling precum while his mouth works them both, bathing their engorged rods in spit. With a little spanking of his hot little ass the boys are soon ready to pound him good and deep, but he’s not the only one who needs a good boner up his butt. Anibal rams him from behind and Dimitri takes his chance to fill his friend, sandwiching Anibal between them. Nothing can grow a boy’s cum load like being fucked in the ass while he’s fucking another boy’s warm hole.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 23, 2021

Hot Man Orgy

Watch the FIRST INSTALLMENT of this 11-man bareback orgy! There was a sexual energy in Puerto Vallarta during the February 2021 production that could not be tamed—and why should it be? So, one day the entire Lucas Entertainment set turned into a fleshpot with all of the Lucas Men stripping down and climbing on top of each other! Join Rico Marlon, Manuel Skye, Nico Zetta, Marco Antonio, Vlad Stark, Valentin Amour, Pol Prince, Oliver Hunt, Dante Lauro, Michael Lucas, and Ricky Hard as they suck and fuck raw in this 11-man bareback orgy!

Young Bastards - Update

August 16, 2021

Feeding Him Cream

Horny Dom boy Sly is on the prowl but he doesn’t need to look too far before he’s found a hot young man to take back to his lair. Italo is soon roped up and being explored by the kinky Dom, his body revealed and his long uncut cock toyed with. He can’t help but get super hard, especially when Sly’s bigger meat rubs against his. With a taste of his new kinky master’s delicious dong he’s strapped up again and ready to be fully used. Sly rams his naked hole from behind and pounds his new bottom boy with his big naked meat, only releasing his captive so the boy can ride that pole and kneel before master to take his hot seed all over his face. Italo can’t stop his own cum from spewing out as master’s delicious juices coat his tongue and slide down his slut boy throat.

Young Bastards - Update

August 10, 2021

Obedient Pup Hung Master

Hung dom boy Mark doesn’t waste a moment, leading his pup into the den and making the boy nuzzle his big bulge in his shorts. Antu is compliant enough but with a juicy leaking uncut cock like the one his master has it’s understandable that he’d be slurping it the moment the tape was ripped from his mouth and the hard dong was presented. With his slim wrists bound and that dick in his face Antu works hard to please his master, but he knows his tight little hole will be needed. Bent over, licked out and stuffed with a plug Antu is worked open for that big raw cock, his hung dom filling him up and buggering him from behind. The standing fuck and missionary delivers even more pleasure but the boy isn’t allowed to jack his dick while Mark owns him and pumps his hot cream all over the boy’s balls.

BadPuppy - Update

July 24, 2021

Christian & Alex

29-year-old Christian Hermes meets Alex Hofer at his 20th birthday party. Alex is extremely shy but admits to Christian that he's never been with another man. The one thing Alex knows for sure is that he wants to suck another man's cock. As the party winds down Christian invites Alex back to his place where he offers to let Alex explore his curiosities without any pressures. As they walk in to Christian's place Alex is visibly nervous; but Christian does his best to reassure Alex as they take off each other's sweaters. With Alex sitting on the sofa, Christian stands up, unzips his pants and lets his big, thick uncut cock fall out. Alex's eyes get as big as saucers. He immediately drops to his knees in front of Christian and woofs down Christian's cock like an old pro.

Men At Play - Update

July 22, 2021

Wet Personal Assistant

Emir Boscatto is a successful international businessman interviewing candidates to be his new personal assistant. Bruno Max, an experienced professional, believes he has all the requirements needed for the position and decides to apply. At the interview, Emir starts to evaluate his new candidate's skills - asking how many things he can handle and how far he is willing to go to obtain the job. All job candidates say the same thing: Yes, they have the skills and right mindset for the job. So, Emir has Max prove it. He takes his handkerchief from his jacket and throws it into the swimming pool and asks Bruno to fetch it. Bruno jumps into the pool without any hesitation - suited and wet, he will soon also prove that business and pleasure can mix!

Latin Leche - Update

July 02, 2021

No 169

Tattoo Boy asks Monaco if he could help him take some erotic pictures of him for his Instagram, Monaco agrees and they get inside to get ready. As Tattoo Boy is undressing, Monaco offers him a good chunk of cash if he lets him do a little more than just take pictures. Tattoo Boy sees how much it is and agrees to get nasty with him! He offers the boy a few dollars, and the seductive photoshoot turns into an all-out bareback session that leaves the boy dripping in sticky Latin Leche!

Young Bastards - Update

June 30, 2021

Feeding The Pup

Edwin needs to give his pup a good dose of cock cream. Young Neil is led into the play area on his leash and cuffed, his bare ass exposed and ready for Edwin to use, but it’s not going to happen before the inked Dom has fed the boy his big juicy cock and fucked his messy wet mouth. Neil worships that delicious dong and makes it dribble precum, the tasty tool glistening with goo by the time Edwin heads down to pay attention to the tight pucker between the boy’s cheeks. He’s kind enough to lick out the hole, getting Neil wet for his raw fuck-meat to push inside, humping the boy from behind. He takes his captive to the floor for an even deeper ramming, jabbing the twink’s aching ass with his powerful prick and taking full control as the pleasure swells inside him.

Southern Strokes - Update

June 24, 2021

He Plays Me Well

Are you ever really too tired to fuck? Christian and Nick are in the locker room, trying to figure out what to do now that their practice is over. They are tired, so maybe just a shower, perhaps a massage. But after Christian suggests Nick suck his dick, being tired was no longer on their minds. Christian drops his shorts, and Nick drops to his knees. He takes Christian's cock in his mouth and starts to take care of his teammate. Christian helps him by grabbing his head and fucking his skull. He then takes a seat on the bench for more head before propping Nick up against the lockers and filling his hole with cock. Nick's head bangs against the locker with every stroke. Christian takes a seat and lets Nick ride his dick while he strokes himself.

Latin Leche - Update

June 15, 2021

No 170

I'll Do It For The Money - Bobby approaches Axel with an invitation to get naughty with him again but Axel doesn’t want to participate at first. Bobby then shows Axel how much cash he could give him if he only opens up to him again, and this time Axel cannot resist the temptation of earning that much money while getting pleased by sexy hunk Bobby!

Young Bastards - Update

June 13, 2021

Breeding Sub Boy

Gil can struggle all he likes, master Felix has secured him, ready for his cock to come and use. The boy won’t escape. He has a gorgeous little ass already but it only gets hotter when Felix has given it some hard slaps with the leather paddle and made his sub’s cheeks glow. No wonder the dom’s cock is hard and ready to fuck within just moments, but he’s gonna make sure his boy has given it some good sucks and slurps first. It seems young Gil knows how to pleasure a master’s dripping dong. With his experienced and obedient mouth working the meaty tool the horny dom lad is soon ready to plunge that prick between the boy’s butt cheeks. He pumps his captive from behind with his throbbing bareback boner but that cock can get even deeper with young Gil on his back.

Young Bastards - Update

June 01, 2021

Breeding The Twink Pup

Obedient pup Gil already has a tail toy in his ass while dom lad Sly leads him into the play area on his leash. The pup rubs his face all over master Sly’s bulging briefs and it’s obvious he wants that bone. The moment his big delicious cock is out the obedient boy is slavishly licking and sucking the juicy length while Sly spanks his naked ass and plays with the tail up his pucker. With pup Gil’s leash holding him down and his tail plug slipped out Sly wastes no time, sinking his bare fuckmeat deep and pumping his drooling length in and out of his pup’s hole. Sly is going to use him right, pounding that butt until he needs to cum, pulling out just in time to start splashing his hot load all over the winking hole and plunging his meat right back inside.

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