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Cocky Boys - Update

August 30, 2022

Jacob & Noah

Two big dicks are better than one, especially when they belong to Jacob Acosta & newcomer Noah Fox in his Cocky Boys debut! Noah doesn't bottom much and definitely hasn't taken anyone as big as Jacob, who has to go easy on him. Jacob gets it done with kissing & being playful with Noah, then sucking him deep---as best he can. In time Noah reciprocates and gives Jacob a blowjob, marveling at his size and doing his best---while Jacob reaches over to finger his hole. Jacob goes for a second helping of cock, lying back to get face-fucked and slide into a 69 with Noah. Eventually though, Jacob turns Noah on his tummy to eat and finger his hole and prep him for fucking. Jacob gets Noah's ass into position and takes it slow, giving him his cock inch by inch. It's not long before Jacob is fucking him deep and Noah takes it like a champ.

Southern Strokes - Update

August 30, 2022

Drill Me

I rarely bring boys over, especially not when my dad is home, but today I felt like being a little daring. After soccer practice, I invited Yacob to hang out, and he knew what I meant. My dad was home, so we had to be quiet, but we started grabbing each other's dicks and kissing before I made my move and started sucking on Yacob's meat. We could hear my dad drilling in the garage, but we didn't stop. Then he took his turn sucking my dick. Yacob was as hard as I was, but I was in a giving mood. We lay on the couch, and he slid inside me. I could feel the sensation of his dick filling up with blood as my ass gripped tighter. Just kidding, but it did feel great. We fucked until Yacob pulled out and jerked his load out over me. I was close behind.

Helix Studios - Update

August 30, 2022

Party Play

One wouldn’t know it by his perfect porn-star prowess; but, dark haired, hottie, Dante Clark is a relative newcomer, with just a few scenes under his belt. However, this brown eyed, bad boy goes for the gooey gold in every erotic moment, commanding you, and your piece are at full attention! He’s he’s paired with twink-porn royalty, and ultra hottie, Jacob Hansen. With Jacob's juices flowing, and his expert skills shining like a diamond-hard dick, he puts cock-hungry Clark to the test; and, naturally, this naughty new boy on the block passes with flying colors. Hell bent on making a name for himself, delicious dude, Dante does his dirtiest, holding his own, and sexy superstar Jacob’s erotic expertise have never shined brighter.

Men At Play - Update

August 22, 2022

Cruising At Club-X 3

Bruno Max is horny and feeling naughty. His boyfriend Thomas Thunder is away on business and he decides to go to his favorite cruising club alone. Bruno knows that between the dark walls, pleasure is likely guaranteed. Unfortunately, the club appears empty so leans against a chain fence and begins to jerk off. Imagining the incredible sex that has taken place at Club-X, it doesn’t take long for him to be rock hard. From the same corridor, a young suited muscle stud watches from a distance. Alan Vicenzo is on the hunt and wants to play. He approaches the sexy Spaniard and grabs his cock eagerly. The two suited leather harnessed studs spend the next hour touching, kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking until they have both satisfied their sexual urges.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 18, 2022

Marco & Favio CC: 470

Marco Di Pietro is the first to arrive for his photoshoot looking masculine, muscular, sexy, handsome and that is before he strips off his taught t-shirt, then Favio Vador arrives with that dazzling smile beaming from ear to ear, guess he is excited by his co-star in this hot gay muscle porn. Favio takes over the photoshoot and makes some minor adjustments to Marco’s underwear, but Marco wants to be shot in a variety of underwear and finally settling on his exclusive KB underwear. The photoshoot goes off the rail when Favio sees that Marco can no longer hide his ever-growing erection. Favio strips Marco of his KB’s and each and everyone of his senses is overwhelmed with the magnificent, smooth, uncut cock in front of him.

Fuckermate - Update

August 18, 2022

Muscles Feast

A feast of huge muscles took place in Barcelona with hunk Argentinian top Marco Di Pietro and our muscular bottom Freddy Salvador. Marco loves to dominate and considers himself as the therapist of rough sex: Freddy's willing hole takes a perfect bareback lesson with the hard strokes and the powerful thrusting of his big cock, ending up creampied and filled with hot milky cum!

Young Bastards - Update

August 18, 2022

Glazed Boy Loves Cream

Handsome Bautista is led like a horse, tied up for his kinky Dom boy Nathan to make full use of. This horny Dom can’t wait to get that dick out. His own is soon swelling up while he rubs his stiffening shaft against Bautista’s floppy uncut meat. With a little spanking of the boy’s bare ass he’s soon ready to cram his meaty uncut cock between those cheeks, but he needs to make sure this boy can suck cock the right way before he pounds his pucker. Lowered to his knees Bautista obediently gobbles the offered dick, sucking and licking, slurping down the precum drooling from Nathan’s hard young meat, it’s enough to have Nathan ready to fill him up. Bound by the wrists and with his ass out Bautista gets the fucking he needed, with Nathan’s naked length pumping up inside him, using his hole to get that big load ready to burst.

Fuckermate - Update

August 10, 2022

Oversized Encounter

It’s no wonder sexy mate Thiago Da Silva got enchanted seeing the massive dick that our XXL boy Tommy Dreams has between his legs. As soon as the boys meet the French pulls out his 9 inches of young meat and Thiago takes the lead, slurping on his buddy’s handsome oversized cock and balls. What follows is an amazing blowjob that leaves Tommy so horny that from that moment on only one thing is for sure: Thiago will soon be taking every raw inch of Tommy’s hard shaft deep inside his hungry hole and will be rewarded with a cascade of hot spunk splattered in his face!

Young Bastards - Update

August 10, 2022

His Raw Straight Hole

He knew he was in trouble when the deadline arrived. He didn’t have the cash to pay Marco the rent and now he was gonna pay with his ass. Marco made no secret of the fact that if he didn’t get his money he would take it out on Felipe’s raw straight hole, and now here he was, bent over with Marco eating out his virgin pucker. It didn’t feel too bad, his dick seemed to like it, but then Marco’s huge meat was cramming into his wet ass and the pain shot through him. He knew he had to take it but he was glad when it started to get easier. His cock leaked pre and dribbled on his abs while Marco grabbed his neck and pumped deeper inside, the warm meat prodding up against his prostate. With a break to suck that dick and taste another man’s penis for the first time he was ready to get it over with.

BadPuppy - Update

August 09, 2022

Karl & Axel

Axel Brown drops by for a little one-on-one with his buddy Karl Stevens. He sits down on the bed next to Karl and Karl immediately leans forward and begins rubbing Axel's tight, muscular arms and neck. Axel leans in and the two kiss deeply, allowing their tongues to explore each other's mouths. They strip off their shirts and continue kissing while Karl rubs Axel's pecs and Axel rubs at the growing bulge in Karl's shorts. Karl leans back on the bed and Axel proceeds to ravish Karl's body with kisses and licks. Axel finds his way down to Karl's crotch and he slips off Karl's underwear. Karl's long, thick and uncut cock is fully aroused, and Axel wastes no time swallowing up every inch of it. Karl is thoroughly enjoying the blowjob. His moaning is low & deep, and his breathing is a bit erratic, but Axel continues to tease.

Men At Play - Update

August 09, 2022

Wet Play, Part 3

In the latest Men at play wet and ripping series movie, the muscular and attractive Alan Vicenzo gives us an epic suited wet and ripping solo shower performance. Alan explores his sexual diffidence by going into the shower fully suited and letting the water soak his white shirt, revealing a muscled chest and hard nipples. In a matter of seconds, his boner gets so hard that he takes it out and begins to jerk himself off. Reaching intense sexual bliss, Alan rips his trousers with the pure strength of his muscular legs and butt. The sensation is worth it and he'll buy new ones to play with again later. Shortly after, Brazilian green-eyed stud John Brachalli enters and is eager to play! He joins Alan in the shower where the two wet studs perform in one of the best wet suit sex movies on Men at play.

Young Bastards - Update

August 01, 2022

Breeding His Sub

His master’s cum load needs a hole to pump into, and there’s nothing he can do about. Cesar is roped up tight and gagged, he can struggle all he likes but there’s no chance he can free himself before Giorgio has used him. As soon as the Dom arrives he’s slapping and groping the poor boy, but mean as he is Cesar’s cock swells in his hands and mouth. Giorgio loves to enjoy a boy’s cock before fucking his face and slamming his hole, but once his attention turns to filling that ass he’s dedicated to his mission. Ceasar jacks his dick and squirts his seed before his master’s cum load is pumped into his gaping hole, pouring out to stream down his taint and drip from his emptied balls.

Men At Play - Update

August 01, 2022

The Hustler 2

We know that being suited changes the way people look at you altogether. What if you are a young hustler and in the business of entertainment? Dan has everything prepared for an evening of ??sexual companionship. He takes out a wad of money and places it next to a business suit laid out on the sofa. Then, he calls Axel Brown, a submissive escort eager to play with his new master. The young escort seems socially adept, attractive, and presentable enough. But, Dan is paying, and he is not willing to waste his money by letting his new submissive boytoy take control of the situation. This is Dan’s arrangement. He first asks Axel to take off his clothes, which Dan enjoys watching without moving from the sofa and rubbing his hand over his trousers.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 31, 2022

Nico Tops Valentin

It's a battle of the six-pack abs between Nico Zetta and Valentin Amour. Both of these guys have incredibly trim and muscular bodies, and when they undress and show off to one another, the sexual energy gets jacked way up. Valentin drops to his knees and does what he does best: he services and sucks on that huge uncut cock between Nico's legs! But it's going to take more than oral sex to get Nico to come. No, he wants some ass, so Valentin bounces his huge muscular butt cheeks on the uncut rod between Nico's legs!

Treasure Island Media - Update

July 27, 2022


With Bruno The Beardx, Alex Jota, Augusto Phellipe, Kaduzin, Nego Lu, Paladinrio, Pytter Fox, Tikao, Yuri Oberon. Muscle whore and bubble butt bottom Bruno The Beardx is in the center of the room waiting to serve at the pleasure of the 8 tops around him. Bruno rubs his hands over his taut body like a peacock strutting his stuff to let everyone know he is ready to get fucked. Bruno is a handsome man and he looks even better with a cock in his mouth and a dick mounting his tight pussy. YURI OBERON rims the bottom's ass as the group of rock-hard men step up to get their cocks sucked. Bruno takes a hit of poppers and Yuri slides his big fat cock in. Yuri has a perfect set of balls that look real good bouncing up and down and he fucks in and out.

Blake Mason - Update

July 27, 2022

Luca & Tyler

2 New Boys Fuck For Us!: Quite often we like to team up two new arrivals to get their first on-screen fuck for us out of the way, but I don't think we needed to ease either of these guys into it. British boy Tyler Swift is an accomplished bottom and hung young Luca Zavat has a lot of cock, once they've gotten to know each other with some tasty sucking (check out those oral skills!) they're not holding back. We can see why Tyler had such a reputation in his home town, he really goes wild on that big dick and has an awesome time, finishing up with a wank off finish that leaves the smooth boy dripping.

Young Bastards - Update

July 20, 2022

His Big Twink Cock

His jeans get tighter as his big twink cock swells, the head bulging and the shaft thickening until he has to free the meat and worship his dong in his rubbing hands. With horny thoughts flooding his head he massages his big schlong, swinging his heavy dong around and slapping it against his thighs, over and over. He might be imagining a hot mouth or a tight fuck hole wrapped around it, but whatever he’s thinking about it makes his balls churn over as semen starts to build. His skilled fingers work the meaty pole and his palm rubs up and down the throbbing length, faster and faster, until the goopy mess slings out of his rounded shiny helmet and his big twink cock finally gets the release it needed.

Men At Play - Update

July 18, 2022

Yes, Sir Peter, Sir!

Alan Vicenzo is the newest employee at a marketing PR agency based in Europe. On his way for a break, Sir Peter decides to go check in on him. Alan has noticed Sir Peter; frequently gazing at him and the visible huge cock outlined in his trousers. Sir Peter invites Alan for a tour of the new break room, which he contends seems out of place in a corporate office. When they enter the break room, Sir Peter tries to gauge Alan’s reaction to the seductive neon lights and sofa in the middle of the room. Alan smiles with his mouth open, astonished, and says without thinking: "It literally looks like a cruising club." Alan turns to his colleague, speechless. He can't believe he has said that in front of Sir Peter, who smiles back mischievously.

Young Bastards - Update

July 11, 2022

Breeding His Twunk Boy Ass

His ass has never had a cock so deep inside it before, but after servicing his buddy's swelling fuck-meat he can't wait to take those raw and veiny inches in his tight hole. His buddy might be new to fucking dudes but once his naked shaft is sliding between those butt cheeks he's not holding back. The hard tool pumps in and out of that super snug pucker and he takes a deep raw fucking in every position, eager to show his buddy what he's been missing. Breeding his twunk boy ass will keep him coming back for more. He loves the feel of his naked spent dick sliding through his own warm juices to deposit that seed deep in his friend's chute.

Young Bastards - Update

June 28, 2022

Stuffed With Two Cocks

Exhausted boy Cesar is woken by kinky doms Sly and Leonel and the two waste no time asserting their power. With slaps and gropes they explore the restrained boy, sucking his swelling cock and stuffing their own big wet tools in his greedy face. He’s an obedient twink, which is a good thing considering the dirty deeds these two horny fuckers want to inflict. The restrained twink is quickly stuffed with dom cock in both ends, the two kinky tops fucking his mouth and his tight little hole with their rampant rods, using him between them. He’s so obedient they even free him from his ropes to use his wanton hole, making him spurt his sub boy load before spooging all over his captive ass.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

June 28, 2022

Jason & Thiago

Today the very handsome Jason Rock, with the sensual glow of his almond colored, muscular body is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the equally handsome and sexy Thiago Da Silva. As the guys begin stripping away their clothing, Thiago runs his tongue along the full length of Jason’s muscular torso and beyond. With the last item of clothing discarded Thiago moves in and begins sucking on Jason granite cock. Jason is hungry and puts his hand on the back of Thiago’s head, thrusting him all the way to the base of his cock, feeling Thiago’s throat open as his head presses on. The guys swap and now Jason gets his chance at Thiago’s thick, meaty cock, making sure to linger and enjoy the foreskin wrapped around Thiago’s swelling cock head.

Men At Play - Update

June 27, 2022

Cine-X 5

Men at Play presents another of our iconic Cine-X movies starring newcomer Axel Brown and Portuguese stud Gustavo Cruz. Let’s be honest - if you visit Cine-X, you’re not there solely for the porn. After spending 8-hours in an ultra-competitive, dog-eat-dog office, Gustavo Cruz needs some relief. When he enters the cinema, he takes a seat, quickly unzips his pants, and pulls out his already bulging cock to stroke. Fortunately, not too much later young Argentinean boy Axel Brown sits behind Gustavo. Being that Cine-X is a cruising spot for horny businessmen, Gustavo invites Axel to sit next to him and “watch the film together”. And of course, that’s code for getting down to real business and having sleazy anonymous sex! This movie is Rated PG-XXX.

Treasure Island Media - Update

June 12, 2022

Naked Yogui & Gastonccito

You all asked to see Naked Yogui fuck and you will not be disappointed. Gastonccito is in fuck jail and getting used, plowed and his hole destroyed is the only reason to let him out. Naked Yogui's monster cock opens the boy up and leaves him dripping in cum. Watch these two get down and dirty in a jailhouse.

Young Bastards - Update

June 12, 2022

Using His Slutty Gay Hole

It’s a secret, but their arrangement works well for both of them. Martin’s slutty gay hole has been shared with so many of the men in the neighborhood, sometimes more than one at a time, and Rico’s big teen cock is just the latest one he’s craved. The boy didn’t get it at first, he couldn’t understand why he would fuck Martin when he has a girlfriend who loves to ride his dick. It didn’t take much for Martin to show him. Once he’d gobbled a load out of that juicy straight dong Rico was soon stopping by again, and this time he was ready to fill that slutty gay hole with his warm and thick cock, pounding Martin’s ass with his loaded shaft until he was ready to fill him up with his sticky jizz.

Men At Play - Update

May 14, 2022

Wrong Place Right Time, Editor's Cut

Sometimes the biggest mistakes can turn into the best opportunities! The two executives (Massimo Piano and Philip Zyos) arrive punctually for business lectures on a marketing course but discover they are in completely the wrong place. Massimo Piano had no idea that turning up at the wrong venue for his important business conference would lead to him falling to his knees and deep throating on a big juicy Spanish cock. Similarly, Philip Zyos couldn't have known when he put on his suit and tie that morning that he'd find himself ripping it off again to pummel some guy he met at a conference that was actually happening a few blocks away. Now, they could run and make it and discover some new blah blah sales technique or, they could stay put and discover depths of anal pleasure that they never reached before.

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