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Latin Leche - Update

December 04, 2020

No. 141 Azul & Jael

Our cameraman loves pairing up dominant, macho guys with more submissive, sensual types. This week, he gets the perfect pair of Latino hotties to play with each other’s girthy meats until they shoot hot leche everywhere. Jael's cute qualities get him recruited to meet up with dominant macho Azul. After arriving at the motel they share a very passionate encounter.

Helix Studios - Update

November 29, 2020

Wet Dreams: Sonny

The beautiful Sonny sleeps soundly, but his dream is the most daring. Sonny dreams that 5 of his friends only go for him, Sonny enjoys his wet dream and has 5 penises in his mouth, it is the perfect dream, it is ecstasy, it is his greatest sexual desire. His friends one by one will penetrate his sexy ass, each one leaving their semen. It's a perfect dream. Of course Sonny will wake up wet and no wonder.

Latin Leche - Update

November 26, 2020

Dark Desires Angel

This handsome Latino boy thinks that he’s going to scare off our cameraman with his naughty sexual fantasies. Little does he know, our cameraman is willing to pay him good money to film him playing extra dirty, especially if it means a slobbery blowjob and some orgasmic raw dogging. After some deep cocksucking with two cocks he takes it deep up his ass. Fishing off with a mouthful of hot jizz.

Helix Studios - Update

November 22, 2020

Wet Dreams Nico

Nico Butti sleeps in his bed one night, but his dream leads him to think of Daryl and Sly, he dreams that his friends kiss his whole body, his skin feels wet lips and his erect penis escapes from the sexy jockstrap he is wearing, the erection already uncomfortable from the front, but from behind Daryl eats his rear, while Sly makes him swallow his huge penis. Everything is enjoyment in his dream, they both penetrate him until they feel like exploiting all his semen, then they put their penises on his lips and they will finish their work. The excitement makes Nico finish too, but when he wakes up his underwear is very wet.

Latin Leche - Update

November 19, 2020

No. 139 Jason

When our cameraman catches this cute Latino boy in the shower, he shells whatever cash is necessary to check out what the kid is working with. Luckily, the horny boy takes his offer, showing just how filthy he can get on camera for a few extra pesos. They are so hot for each other, they'll both need to take another shower. Before they do however, the sex is steamy and the uncut cocks are hard and throbbing.

Helix Studios - Update

November 15, 2020

Wet Dreams: Italo

Italo is very tired, and as he sleeps peacefully in his chair, his dream leads him to remember his friends Felix & Fabrice. They give Italo a dream full of hot moments- Italo brings the huge members to his mouth, they both penetrate Italo in an ecstasy of pleasure. It was all a dream, but it felt real enough for Italo to wake up with wet underwear.

Latin Leche - Update

November 12, 2020

No. 138 Kendro & Milo

Kendro and Milo are two tatted boys that know how to hang by the pool. Kendro is back, and he's ready to have some fun with Milo by the pool. Watch these two get into some hot bareback action as they cool off in the summer heat. Hot blooded sext tattooed latin studs getting all excited as their passion swells. With their sexy big fat uncut cocks anyone who loves them will love this scene. Deep hard bareback anal and they take it like champs.

Young Bastards - Update

November 10, 2020

Bound Twink Used

Nico Butti is checking out the ropes when horny fucker Sly Conan catches him and decides to take advantage of that slut hole. The twink is no match for the fit young man and his bulging wet cock, in moments he's under the dom's horny control, gagging on his leaking meat and being restrained up against the cross. With his own dick flopping around his ass gets invaded, the hard and naked length jabbing away at his insides. Sly gets his meat even deeper when he frees the boy to ride his length, fucking up into his hole until he's nearly ready. With some final ramming from behind he pulls out to drench the boy's hole with hot cream, leaving his prisoner shamefully dripping jizz like the little slut he is.

Helix Studios - Update

November 07, 2020

Wet Dreams: Jack

Jack Moon is very tired and sleeps at night in Buenos Aires, his dream leads him to think of Sly Conan his muscular body appears from behind and his kisses excite him in his room. Jack dreams of an afternoon of sex in bed, his beautiful penis erect in his mouth and swallows it to the bottom of his throat, then penetrates it drilling his round ass until it explodes on his buttocks. Jack wakes up wet in his bed from the arousal of his dream.

Latin Leche - Update

November 04, 2020

No. 137 Willy

Our cameraman can’t wait to get his hands on this Latino sweetheart, and even though he’s hired him for a construction job, he’s got a lot more in mind. He pays the sexy boy to do some bathroom renovations, but cranks up the cash so the boy will play dirty with him! Willy meets with his client at the construction site to give him a quote for a restroom renovation. To his delight his client is willing to pay some cash up front, in exchange for a few extra services.

Helix Studios - Update

October 30, 2020

Wet Dreams Cesar

One moon night and CESAR ROSE dreams of his friend FELIX HARRIS. Cesar is in his bed with Felix and can finally caress his naked body, be able to lick his large parts and feel Felix's penetration, while he pushes his beautiful penis, Felix gets ready and ends up on top of him, but Cesar wakes up in his bed alone to In the middle of the night, his underwear is now wet, it was a dream, but so real that it made him wet at night.

Latin Leche - Update

October 25, 2020

No. 136 Maintenance Work

This green-eyed boy is drop dead gorgeous, and even though I've hired him to clean my pool, I need to see what he looks like with a cock deep in his ass. I pay another one of my favorite studs to come over and distract the green-eyed hottie with his muscular body, seducing him as he peels off his clothes piece by piece. The boy can't help but be a little curious, and soon, he's got his legs spread for the stud to plow his tight asshole raw. The cutie enjoys some deep barebacking and enjoys a helping of hot leche on his lips.

Helix Studios - Update

October 20, 2020

Helix Academy 4 Party

Night in Buenos Aires, the end of the days has come and the boys want to have fun and have some drinks at GIORGIO ANGELO's house. SONNY DAVON has taken too much and begins to imagine his new friends without clothes. It is a good idea that everyone is relaxed, without clothes and a party well up! FELIX HARRIS is going to follow him and everything is unleashed in a very delicious gangbang!

Latin Leche - Update

October 13, 2020

No. 135 Marcus

Hotel Room - I meet a lot of guys in the streets of Buenos Aires, but only a few are special enough to get me to book a fancy hotel room for the night. This guy is one of those exceptions - with his tattoos and his bronze skin tone, I am endlessly turned on. I want to feel his cock on the soles of my feet, so I reach across the hot jacuzzi to fondle him. He’s never played around with a guy before, but in such luxurious surroundings, he’s feeling open minded. Soon, I’m penetrating his virgin asshole with my uncut dick until he squirts milky leche on himself.

Latin Leche - Update

October 07, 2020

No. 134 Juan Cruz

I must be doing something right because the longer I keep this dirty gay for pay thing going, the more I get cute boys seeking me out to fuck on film. Today, a gorgeous blondie shows up looking to spread his asscheeks on camera, and I’m more than happy to initiate him into the Latin Leche family. He slobbers on my uncut boner and savors every inch of my fat dick. Once he gets it all wet, I offer him some more pesos to sit on my throbbing cock. This boy definitely deserves every drop of leche I shoot between his lips.

Latin Leche - Update

September 30, 2020

No. 133 Jake

I always love it when one of my fans reaches out to me and tells me how much they admire my work and how much they want to be in one of my videos. This boy is another one of those Leche Lovers, and I want to make his dreams come true on film today. He’s not sure he wants me to explore all his holes, but when I offer him a little more money to sweeten the deal, he’s ready to take the leap. He sucks my swollen boner and bends over for me to plow his extra tight asshole bareback.

Latin Leche - Update

September 21, 2020

No. 132 Cano

This curious boy thinks I’m looking for a place to rent, but I’m really looking for a sexy agent to play around with. He fits the bill perfectly, with his pretty eyes and his toned body. He’s not making too much money showing apartments, so I offer him a fat stack of cash for only a few minutes of his time. He says no at first, but when he sees the money, his mind changes. All of a sudden, he’s sucking on my uncut cock and relishing the flavor. Then, he’s letting me bareback his tight asshole before dripping his leche on my hairy stomach. As always, money talks!

Helix Studios - Update

September 19, 2020

Latin Campus: 3 Voyeur

The all boy Helix Academy: Latin Campus in Buenos Aires is brimming with scalding hot school boys, begging for an erotic education. Away from home for the first time, these lusty Latin, pretty boy-private schoolers push the boundaries, and get extremely adventurous in this dick heavy dorm, leaving their bronze skinned buddies absolutely dripping with cum, and desire.

Latin Leche - Update

September 17, 2020

No. 131 Edgy Andreas

Okay, when I say this guy is hot, it’s an understatement. He’s got this edgy look - with his gauges and tattoos - that just makes me go crazy. So, when he agrees to have a spa day with me, I know I’m in for a good time. I tell him that we should have a little fun, and that if a stranger happens to wander into the room, we should ask him to join. He dives right in, sucking my uncut cock while I film. Then, a handsome, hung stud makes an appearance, shoving his cock in the gorgeous boy’s asshole and fucking him good before he shoots a load of leche on himself.

Helix Studios - Update

September 11, 2020

Pick Up at the Park

Summer is heating up, and so are Tuesday nights at! Beginning June 16th, members can look forward to an additional new release every Tuesday night at 9pm PST. Filmed on location in Argentina and presented with original Spanish dialogue and English subtitles, Helix Studios has partnered with ALFa Productions to deliver an erotic escape to Latin America. With Daryl Briggs and Italo Van Ewen doing their best to get you up, excited and off as they play with each other in ways that will make you smile all day long.

Latin Leche - Update

September 07, 2020

No. 130 Tough Guy

I love it when curious boys like Diego Silvero try to act like tough guys. I try to help this cutie dry off a little on a rainy day, and he gets defensive when I touch his muscular body. But when I whip out a wad of cash, his whole mood shifts. Suddenly, he’s interested, and I want to show him what it really means to be tough. I invite my hunky friend over to show the kid who’s boss by penetrating his sore asshole with his bulging cock. The kid’s cock waves while he bounces up and down and jerks sticky leche on himself, all while I film.

Latin Leche - Update

August 30, 2020

No. 129 Rainy Day

On a gray, rainy day like this, I never expect to find a smoking hot stud like the one I come across today. This twunk has a package that makes my mouth water, so I offer him some shelter and a couple of bucks to show me what he’s working with. He unveils his rod, and just as I expected it’s thick and beautiful. He’s so fucking hot that I just need to watch him fuck my little buddy’s tight asshole. I call the cute boy over and he licks and slobbers and rides the guy’s boner before drinking a mouthful of his warm leche.

Reality Dudes - Update

August 26, 2020


On a sultry summer day the only thing more refreshing than actually getting in the pool is admiring tanned, dreadlocked Ezequiel's form as he cleans it. Jun gives the hot poolboy the eye, then approaches to get his nipples pinched and his cock sucked. Jun swallows Ezequiel's rod, then turns around to take his hose standing doggystyle before the guys flip fuck and it's Jun's turn to pound the poolboy's ass. The hairy cub rides Jun's dick, then jacks him off and licks up the cum.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

August 17, 2020

3-Way Plus The Cameraman

I'm losing control. Or maybe I've already lost it. Ever since I fucked my nephew on camera, countless of boys have come and gone. They enter my home and use me for their perverted games. And then they leave. Usually with my money, or with pictures on their phones. They used to wait for me to pay them a little something. Now they just grab my wallet and take what they want. Street urchins. That's what they are. And not one of them with scruples. Don't they know I'm a man of the cloth? But as my nephew now never tires of reminding me, it's in my nature to help the slender young boys he brings to me. They're so young, so innocent. They look so vulnerable. And then they get naked and stand before me. Hard & Hung.

Latin Leche - Update

August 16, 2020

No. 127 Just A Sip

I’m absolutely positive that these two guys have a nasty side that they are keeping under wraps. To get them to drop the innocent act, I flash them some cash and ask them to follow me home for a couple refreshments. When we get there, I want to skip all the foreplay and see them fuck each other on camera. The leader of the two takes my money and whips out his big cock for his buddy to slobber on. Then, he barebacks the boy and delivers a dollop of hot leche on the kid’s tongue. Turns out my hunch was right - these are some dirty boys.

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