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Young Bastards - Update

September 07, 2023

Big Soccer Cock Scores

It's no wonder greedy twink boy Felix can't help but stare at Lucas' big soccer cock in the locker room. The boy is about to make do with the smell of his pal's underwear and his own hand when Lucas catches him in the act. In moments he's gagging on that long tanned cock and enjoying the taste of that meat leaking precum down his throat greedy throat, but Lucas has more for this slutty cock addict to take as he invades the boy's naked ass. Lucas pounds that warm goal with his naked dong until his sporty shaft is ready to gush that cream and fuck his load right back into the boy's aching chute.

Young Bastards - Update

August 31, 2023

Going Over His Raw Hole

The young guy isn’t experienced with other boys but he has a perfect pal to teach him. The masked young man gets to work on his big piece of fuck-meat, jerking and sucking the tower of penis before straddling his pal to slip his eager hole down on the tumescent rod. The young guy loves the feel of that warm and welcoming tunnel around his bulging bareback meat, he’s soon taking over and pumping his buddy’s greedy hole while he grabs his cock and wanks him off. While most young guys like him might be done quickly he takes his time, savoring the warm ass until his hot seed is pumping into him, breeding his bottom buddy and finishing with a shower of hot piss all over his cum smeared butt.

Young Bastards - Update

August 23, 2023

Taking Jock Boy's Load

Sexy Sly is an aggressive team player, and when he wants something he goes for it. Young Nathan catches him hard and horny in the locker room and in no time at all the kinky lad has the boy up against the lockers, his hands cuffed and his the boy's cock in his rubbing hands. Sly just needs a warm hole to fill and load up with cum, and he's sure found it in Nathan. Rammed up against the lockers and fucked mean and hard on the bench the boy submits to the pounding, his own cum squirting out while Sly fucks his sporty lad cum load into his well-used pucker.

Scout Boys - Update

August 19, 2023

International Scout Boys Ch 6

Consequences: It was meant to be a bit of fun. We've been hosting a group of American Scouts out here in Spain for four weeks now and our time with them is sadly coming to a close. There's a whole end-of-term vibe going on with everyone playing pranks and getting a bit wild. Of course, I ended up taking things way too far. For some reason I thought it would be hysterical to fill Scoutmaster Patrick's favorite walking boots with shaving cream but in the process, he caught me in the act and he was understandably livid.I was hauled into his room and within seconds he had me over his knee, smacking me so hard that tears started running down my face. It was horrible to begin with, but after a while I realized I was enjoying the sensation.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 18, 2023

Ridick's Spin-The-Bottle Gang Bang 2

Why would the Lucas Men bother going out when eight of the hottest men in gay porn are all under the same roof. They decide to have some fun one night and play Spin The Bottle. This isn’t some cheap game of kissing, though. When the Lucas Men play a game like Spin The Bottle, they take it up far more than a few degrees! This iteration is determining who is going to get railed by seven rock-hard cocks ready for anal. After all, it doesn’t matter who is getting fucked so long as someone is taking it from behind! The bottle lands on Ridick, so he better get that mouth and ass ready for Harold Lopez, Kosta Viking, Jeffrey Lloyd, Nico Zetta, Manuel Skye, Derek Kage, and Jacob Lord!!

Young Bastards - Update

August 10, 2023

Daddy Breeds His Boy

Serving a demanding daddy fucker can sometimes be a challenge for a young twink. But this boy toy enjoys being treated like a fuck object and he happily opens both of his holes for his daddy's fat cock. The masked older Dom fucks our boy deep and hard in his mouth and ass and after a long and wet session he shoots a massive cum load on the boy's stretched hole to push the hot cream back in with his big cock. Only then his boy is allowed to cum too!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 28, 2023

Nico Pounds Brian Deep & Hard

The sexual appetite of Brian Bonds is rarely satiated from just one man, so after his time with Kosta Viking, he is quick to answer the flirtations of Nico Zetta. Nico and Brian meet in a bedroom where Brian gets to work right away exploring Nico’s body and giving special attention to his armpits. Brian Bonds’ eyes practically pop out of his head when he unzips and unleashes the enormous, fat uncut cock lying in wait in Nico Zetta’s shorts. But Brian’s eyes are soon popping out for real as he takes every single thick inch up his ass as Nico pounds him deep and hard!

Young Bastards - Update

July 27, 2023

Sucking Fresh Str8 Cum

Sucking a fat load of cum from a juicy cock of a horny straight guy is exactly what this talented sucker is into. His object of desire, a young, athletic guy from the block, willingly lets himself be touched and his bulge massaged. In a few moments his cock is hard and he enjoys the tongue licking his glans. With a lot of spit, the sucking and jerking session slips all the better and the hungry sucker finally gets to swallow a delicious, fresh load of boy cum.

Touch That Boy - Update

July 23, 2023

Nick Davies & Felix

It was a lazy Sunday, and my boy, Felix Harris, and I were reading on my bed while his mom was on a work trip. I'd known him for a few years, but now our relationship was on another level. Felix had his leg on top of mine, and I couldn't help but rub it while we continued reading, but I had other things on my mind, like my hands all over his body. I asked if he was interested in a massage, and he said yes. I moved my hands around his body as our lips locked. Felix then watched with lust in his eyes as the feel of my touch gave him a rush. It also gave my cock a rush of blood, and Felix noticed. He brought his lips to mine once again before laying on his stomach. The lotion was the lubrication that pleased his skin the most, but I wanted his cum.

Young Bastards - Update

July 21, 2023

Fuckpiece For His Straight Buddy

He is a very talented cocksucker and his straight buddy gets to taste his talent once again today. Deeply, the dominant stud thrusts his hard cock into the bloodsucker's wet mouth until he gasps for air. As the meaty fuck tool shines wet and slippery, the fucker penetrates his tight hole. In and out thrusts the cock, faster and faster, until the boy whimpers with pleasure and pain. As his balls start to tingle, the Dom fucker shoots a huge load on the wide open pink hole, only to squeeze the fresh cum inside with his big cock.

Touch That Boy - Update

July 15, 2023

Joris Leonard & Rene

My stepson, Rene Sava, had been working so hard to keep up his grades while holding down a job plus sports that he needed an afternoon of relaxation. He also needed Daddy's special hands rubbing his body with lotion as we chilled out in our jocks. That's what my boy and I both needed. Rene relaxed on my massage table, and he gave me all the boy I wanted. I started massaging his shoulder and then his lower back and beautiful ass. Rene couldn't help but grab my dick. He pulled it out, and stroked me as I worked his body. I joined my boy on the table as he stroked my cock, and my finger played with his hole, but it was his mouth on my dick that made me cum.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 02, 2023

Bruno Pounds Bruno

Talk about two handsome and masculine hunks appearing together in the same encounter. Bruno Galvez is among the newly appointed power tops in the elite ranks of the Lucas Men. It was lust at first sight when he caught one look at the handsome hunk that is Bruno TheBeardX. Bruno is a sexy as fuck muscle bear who loves taking a good pounding in the ass. That's perfect for Bruno Galvez, and he gives Bruno TheBeardX exactly the fucking he is looking for!

Touch That Boy - Update

July 02, 2023

Leonel & Daryl Costa

My teammate, Leonel Russel, recently started giving out massages to the senior class as a way of showing thanks for an amazing season. My turn had come up, and I was excited because it was my first massage. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was nervous, but Leonel knew how to handle a guy like me. We were both in our briefs when he added lotion to the mix, which sent my hormones into overdrive. Never did I think his hands would feel so good, but they did, and Leonel knew it, and so did my cock. Leonel touched my nipples and then moved his hands toward my dick. I was enjoying it all too much to think about what was happening. He pulled it out and started stroking it before using his mouth. We then sucked each other until we both shot our loads.

Touch That Boy - Update

June 25, 2023

Bautista Nores & Glenn

Usually, it is my stepbrother, Glenn Hut, giving massages, but today, I decided he needed a taste of his own medicine, which he didn't mind. Glenn came to my studio and took a face-down position on the table. To be honest, I've only been doing this kind of work for a few weeks, but Glenn has taught me so much. I rubbed his back with some lotion, then down towards his legs before moving to his lower back and shoulders. Glenn's moans told me he was enjoying it, but things started heating up once my hands found his beautiful ass. I removed his undies. His smooth ass felt like silk running past my fingertips, but his hole tasted even better as I ate his ass and stroked his cock until he came in my hand.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 20, 2023

Michael & Nico Spit Roast Jerry

There's nearly 20 inches of uncut cock between Michael Lucas and Nico Zetta, and they are bringing all of that throbbing manhood to Jerry Toriz to take care of. Jerry Toriz is a handsome and beefy hunk of a man, and when you see him killing it at the gym you'd never suspect just how submissive and needy a bottom this guy can be in the bedroom. But he is, so much so that he wants to take it from both ends and get relentlessly spit roasted. Michael Lucas and Nico Zetta take turns fucking Jerry Toriz in his mouth and up his ass!

Touch That Boy - Update

June 20, 2023

Cesar & Felix Bonnet

It was my first time getting a massage from Cesar Rose, my stepbrother, for fear was that he would find out how much he turned me. He's gay, and I was only recently wondering about my sexuality, which only made me want his hands on me more. I was already touching myself before he arrived. Then his hands started moving around my shoulders and legs. Breathing in deeply was relaxing my entire body, but I could feel his cock on my back, and it was turning me on. That's when Cesar pinched my nipple as he massaged my back, and I couldn't help but grab my dick. This must have been his plan all along. Soon, my dick was in his hand and then in his mouth. I finally got to suck his cock before shooting my load.

Fuckermate - Update

June 18, 2023

Beefy Morning

What's better for our Argentinian boy Thiago Da Silva than wake up in the bed beside a beefy muscled man like our newcomer Jacob Lord? Coming from Panama, Jacob is a hot Latin fucker that can use his big juicy dick as he pleases to satisfy the most demanding bottoms. This time the lucky prey Thiago lets go completely to Jacob's will and takes care of the amazing dick, swallowing every inch down his mouth and then riding the bare boner while asking for harder and harder action. The Panamanian is more than happy to satisfy Thiago's craving for cock and hammers the hole till the end, when he erupts spilling the fresh seed all over his face and mouth!

BareBack That Hole - Update

June 13, 2023

David & Cain

We love it when we walk in on guys ready to show us how they get down in the bedroom. David Herrera was happy to get a taste of Cain Gomez's ass, so after a little kissing, he was quick to get into position for a little licking, which made Cain's hole open up wide, but Cain still had some work to do on David's cock before he could get fucked, which neither of them minded. But the way David used Cain's mouth was what they both needed as they prepared to fuck. After some more ass-eating, it was time for them to get down to business, and David was now the CEO of Cain's hole. David stuffs his boy's hole like a mailbox, over and over, taking breaks to get his dick sucked and then going right back to it until both their sacks are drained.

Touch That Boy - Update

June 13, 2023

Bruno Pattel & Joris

After a week on the road, Daddy required some tender loving care from his boy, Joris Leonard, who was more than happy to give Daddy what he needed and more. I met Joris at his new studio. He was already in his undies when I arrived. I removed my clothes and joined him at the massage table. After a brief hello, I sat and let him do his magic. Joris started moving his hands around my body, from my shoulders to my inner thigh. It's been a few months since he's had his hands on me, and we both missed it. Next, he added lotion and took his time in all the right places until he settled on my dick, stroking it slowly through my briefs. I laid down on the table, my hard cock fully exposed, as Joris continued rubbing my legs. That's when he started sucking my cock. Eventually, I unloaded on my boy's lips. He loves how Daddy tastes.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 09, 2023

Gay Spit Roasting

You will never go wrong inviting Allen King over to fuck in the ass. This guy can take it and take it GOOD, just as Kosta Viking and Papixtrong are about to find out. Both Kosta and Papixtrong want to get off and empty their nuts, and they want to use Allen as their personal sex toy in the process of doing so. Allen King opens up his mouth and shows off his round little ass to both guys. You don’t need to guess how wild this drives Papixtrong and Kosta Viking, because they get to it right away sodomizing Allen King in his mouth and up his boy pussy!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 18, 2023

Nico Tops Bruno

Bruno TheBeardX first made his Lucas Entertainment debut in the six-man gang bang of Leo Bacchus. This hot and bearded muscle bear showed off his strong and dominant side taking turns with the other guys fucking and breeding man pussy. But Bruno has his own submissive side too, and when a handsome and hung Latin hunk like Nico Zetta whips out his meat, we get to see just how submissive Bruno TheBeardX can be! Bruno gives his jaw a good workout before bending over and opening up his hole for a deep and ass-stretching thrashing from the huge top cock of Nico Zetta!

Latin Leche - Update

May 05, 2023

Roomies Part 3

In Roomies’ amazing conclusion, Alfonso returns to visit his old flat-mate Fernando. Filled with nostalgia, Alfonso is instantly jealous when he realizes Fernando is fucking Cain, his new hot roomie. But there’s room for everyone in this house and only one way to make everyone feel comfortable: a lusty threesome!

Family Dick - Update

April 28, 2023

Our Day off Together

Eric and Gabe are back, and this time for some poolside fun. Gabe has done a great job keeping the house in order, so Eric wants to show appreciation by having a stepdad/stepson day off together. They mess around in the hot tub before moving to the bedroom. There, Eric fucks Gabe’s tight hole until Gabe cums all over himself. Eric keeps pushing until he’s had a turn to cum, too.

Military Dick - Update

April 28, 2023

Sit On It, Soldier!

When Aaron catches Leonel slacking off (and jerking off) on watch guard duty, he knows he has to devise a disciplinary solution. Aaron makes Leonel sit on a dildo while he sucks his cock. After, Aaron fucks Leonel from behind and cums all over his ass. Leonel makes Aaron sit on a dildo while he sucks his cock. After, Lenoel fucks Aaron from behind and cums all over his ass.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 24, 2023

Leo Sevices Papixtrong & Nico

It looks like Leo Bacchus still has not had enough dick after his six-man gang bang. And Papixtrong still wants more of Leo's ass, too, so he makes a second appearance. This time Nico Zetta joins the two men for some oral and anal action. They start out playing with Leo's ass to see how much mettle is really has and how much damage they can do. Knowing Nico Zetta and Papixtrong, it's going to be a lot. Leo Bacchus makes some incredible facial expressions as his ass gets demolished for yet another round of anal sodomy!

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