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Southern Strokes - Update

September 11, 2023

Oh Those Boys

We know you like your boys hot and horny. That is what we brought you with this compilation from Southern Strokes. Corey, Jamie, Noah, Nicolas. Amon, Angel, Vincent, and Josh are more than willing and able to take you on a journey of young, smooth bodies, hard cocks, and wet holes. You would be wrong if you thought these boys are not ready to show you a good time as they suck, lick, and fuck each other for your pleasure. Picking up trade at the train station is a great way to start, but things pick up steam as soon as they begin kissing and groping each other. A big piece of cock is always on the menu and leaves everyone full. All that is good, but a tongue-in-the-ass pumps the engines faster as Pound Town appears on the horizon. That's when things get serious, and cum starts to fly.

Cruising Porn - Update

August 18, 2023

Jerry & Dominic

Jerry Kayton is visiting and Dominik Black is the only one home at the time. He lets the Daddy know that it's going to be a little while before anyone gets back, and he lets him know that it won't be boring. Since they're both along in the apartment, Dominik is more than happy to be a good host and entertain the older man while he waits. That's an offer that Jerry decides to take advantage of right away. He pulls his dick right out on the sofa and the twink goes to work on it with his mouth. He wants to make sure that the guest is comfortable, after all. Jerry is happy with the service but he's always willing to take more if he can get it. That's why he gets the young twink onto his back and throws his legs over his head.

Boy Fun - Update

August 17, 2023

Dirty Dancers

Nico Vegas arrives in town and discovers he's sharing a room with smooth young Justin Host. That's certainly not a disappointment for either of these young men. It seems almost inevitable that the hot young dancers are eager to enjoy some BoyFun and with a welcoming smooch and Nico's long cock revealed there's barely any time to practice. With their snug tights revealing their tempting packages the boys hardly get any basic stretching done before their attention is on their horny needs. It wasn't worth young Nico sliding his tights on because as the two move to the larger bed his big uncut dong is soon freed once more for greedy Justin to suck and lick. Their kinky interest in the stretchy material offers a perfect opportunity for Justin to give his new friend a foot wank, the silky smooth covering over his feet treating Nico to a super sexy sensation.

Bel Ami Online - Update

July 06, 2023

Eluan, Jeroen & Tom

Thank god for boys like Tom. Dick too thick? Never! Cock too long? Never! No matter what you want to throw at Tom he will take it with pleasure. Today we have given him 2 partners instead of just one, so both Eluan and Jeroen get to take their turn on Tom's warm and inviting hole.

Freshmen - Update

June 28, 2023

Dan & Elio

Elio Chalamet meets up with sexy Dan Hilfiger and takes him to the shower right away. Elio's rock-hard dick is more than enough to turn on Dan and they start making out. After a steamy shower, the couple jump to the sofa where a blowjob exchange leads to rimming. Even though both boys are fully versatile, it is Elio who offers up his ass to be fucked. Dan slides his cock inside his friend, rides him and then cums all over his ass. After the perfect fucking session, Elio brings himself off.

Southern Strokes - Update

June 25, 2023

Vincent Castle & Nico

I was preparing for another slow weekend, but that all changed when my neighbor and teammate, Nico Vegas, walked up the stairs. He stopped, grabbed his dick, and motioned for me to follow him. How could I say no? I was horny and had nothing to do. We started kissing, then Nico pulled my dick out and started sucking. I wasn't sure how well he would handle my big dick, but he didn't have any issues. I'm not nearly as experienced as him, but I did ok with his cock. Fucking a hot piece of ass is where I do my best work, and Nico got what he was asking for earlier in the lobby. He took position with his ass up in the air, waiting for me to fill it. Sliding into his ass sent my hard dick into overdrive. I can't wait to play again.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

June 19, 2023

Better Than Phone Porn

I hate when I forget to charge my phone, but I knew my stepson Nico's phone would be. I went to his room and asked if I could use it, which was fine. For some reason, I don't expect him to use his phone to scroll through porn sites, but there I was, shocked and turned on. Nico reached over and grabbed my dick. And now that it was hard, it was his job to make it happy. He took my cock into his mouth and down his throat, but my boy's meat needed some love from Daddy, and so did his hole. After doing that, I slid my cock in my boy's ass and fucked him like the little whore he looks at in porn. Watching him shoot his load only made me want to join him, and his mouth seemed like a great place to finish.

Bel Ami Online - Update

June 17, 2023

Mikael & Oscar

Oscar was supposed to be filming a scene with Yannis today, but thanks to a bad kebab, we had to call in a last-minute replacement and the lucky guy happens to be Mikael Nyomen. Although this is the first scene Mikael had filmed for us, we were fairly confident that his work for other studios had prepared him pretty well and that Oscar would be able to take the lead in the scene with no problems. Once Jerome manages to confiscate Osacr's beer we are straight in with the action with Mikael proving to us all what a great bottom he can be.

Freshmen - Update

May 25, 2023

Elio & Pip

It's another beautiful morning in Mykonos and when our cute blond couple wake up, they are instantly in the mood for sex. Elio Chalamet and Pip Caulfield jump into the shower together and things get very hot. After mutual blowjobs, Elio offers his ass to Pip who starts fucking it without hesitation. Pip penetrates Elio's butt and just before the finale, takes Elio outdoors where they both climax and shoot nice creamy load.

Aussies Do It - Update

April 26, 2023

Dennis Dips Into Kandy

Russian Dennis is a hot-blooded Slav who loves reaming out bottom boys who can't get enough big cock. Kandy Kane is just the bleached-blond muscle boy who will gladly bump his booty back into every hard stroke. What a match! Kandy's careful to suck hard and deep throat down every inch, inflating Dennis' big boner till it's stiff as coiled steel. They kiss and rub their muscular bodies together, get their dicks throbbing for action. Kandy receives a royal rim job as his buddy licks and drills his tongue in deep. Tattooed Dennis doesn't want to wait a second more, slides his big bare cock into Kandy's twitching hole and has him moaning for more. Once he hits that magic spot inside Kandy they're off to the races. These two raw fuckers are scorching hot for each other, and smack their gonads together in just the right way.

Bel Ami Online - Update

March 05, 2023

Alex & Harris

We have labeled this scene as 'out at last' as it is from one of our earlier trips to Africa. We had originally held it back due to some issues with color balance between the 2 cameras, but since that time, advances in computer power have allowed us to be able to correct things and be able to share this hidden treasure with you now in its original full HD. Next to Dolph Lambert, Harris is probably one of our most popular blond models ever and he is paired with a very youthful and hot Alex Orioli.

BadPuppy - Update

February 26, 2023

Nico & Jean

Cute twink Jean Gilliam had just met Nico Vegas and while Nico is otherwise occupied Jean locates a pair of Nico's underwear lying on the floor. Jean picks up the underwear, buries his face in them and takes a long, deep breath enjoying the musky aroma. He lays down on Nico's bed where he continues sniffing the underwear and it's really turning him on. He starts rubbing at his crotch but his jeans are in the way. He unclasps his belt and zipper, pulls his pants down and continues rubbing his ever-thickening bulge thru his underwear. He takes another long sniff of Nico's underwear, pulls up his shirt and begins rubbing the underwear on his tummy. Nico shows up at the door to find Jean grooving on his underwear and the sight gets his blood pumping. He joins Jean on the bed where they quickly start undressing each other.

Boy Fun - Update

January 23, 2023

Cum In My Cabin

Nico Vegas is the kind of horny young guy who just can't say no to his cock when it thickens up in his pants. He's ready to start some solo BoyFun in the sun when the urge takes him, but he's not flying solo for long. John Crawford wakes from his snooze to find that hard dick being rubbed right beside him and of course he needs to get in on the action. With a little tender kiss and some hand job assistance he's quick to get his mouth around the delicious dong. One good slurp deserves another and Nico won't pass up the opportunity to give his rampant pal a good suck in return, but it's still just the opening act for these two horny boys. Heading out of the sun and for some privacy in the boat the two are soon getting naked and taking it all the way.

Bel Ami Online - Update

December 19, 2022

Raphael & Manuel

Some guys are gifts that just keep giving. One of these has to be Manuel Rios.... probably one of our longest-filming models, and today he is at it again with Raphael Nyon. While we were tempted to call this video 'Yes Daddy' we thought it is not quite the BelAmi thing, so we will leave it up to you all to come up with a title!

Boy Fun - Update

December 17, 2022

Busy Boys

Nico Vegas and Danny Junior are a couple of hot young roommates who would never turn down the chance to enjoy some afternoon BoyFun. When Danny comes searching for his phone in his friend's bedroom he discovers the young man bulging in his briefs and clearly ready for some hard-dicked action. No twink would be able to decline such an obvious offer. Danny is immediately intrigued, not least by the discovery of a couple of condoms among the sheets. These bareback boys don't need them, though. With a good long smooch Danny is soon wrapping his lips around the damp erection sprouting from his pal's briefs, giving him a good sucking. It's an impressive cock, smooth and long and perfectly pink. His helmet is damp and soon glistening with spit and precum while Danny works his meat with his pierced tongue.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

December 15, 2022

The Perfect Pair

Nico is so self-conscious about his undies before heading out for his meetings. He really makes a big deal of it, but if anyone knows which undies he looks best, it would be me. Problem is I would rather have him out of his undies, and he knew it. It didn't take long for him to get his pretty mouth on my wood. I tried to suck his cock too, but he wasn't interested and quickly returned to daddy's dick. I bent my boy over a chair and licked on his beautiful, tight ass while stroking his cock, which he loved. Then I stood up and slowly filled my boy with cock until he was ready to go for a big boy ride. We moved over to the bed and had an amazing time before both of us dropped big loads.

Bel Ami Online - Update

December 03, 2022

Joaquin & Enrique

If the boss is going to make you move furniture around all day we guess that it is only fair that you are allowed to put that furniture to good use... at least that is what happens with Enrique and Joaquin today. Once we move beyond the moving duties we find that both of the guys today are in top physical shape, six packs and bulging biceps all around as the guys waste no time in using the relocated sofa for its intended purpose: a good and energetic fuck. Joaquin is our bottom today while Enrique tests out his skills in topping.

Freshmen - Update

November 06, 2022

Nils & Jens

Nils Tatum is not only incredibly sexy but also has an insatiable appetite for sex. This morning he wakes up next to Jens Christensen. Jens doesn't immediately seem in the mood for sex but who can resist Nils? After taking a shower together, they move downstairs to prepare their breakfast, but this is soon forgotten when Jens drops his towel. Nils kneels down, puts Jens‘ massive dick in his mouth, and gives him an unforgettable blowjob. Jens' excitement rises even further when he returns the favor to his friend. Before long they are in the bedroom for some more fun. Nils is known for his love of receiving big cocks and today is no exception. Jens slides his thick dick into Nils' well-rimmed butt and starts fucking him.

BadPuppy - Update

November 05, 2022

Antony & Nico

Nico Vegas is not likely to get his homework finished because Antony Carter is horny and has other plans for Nico. Antony walks up behind Nico and starts kissing him on the back of the neck and at the same time he pushes Nico's papers out of the way. He pulls Nico to his feet and the deep, passionate kissing begins. They quickly start ripping each other's clothes off as they fall lip-locked onto the bed. Antony pulls off Nico's jockstrap, spreads his legs and goes down on his thick, uncut cock while using his fingers to tease Nico's asshole. Antony kneels beside Nico, his boner standing straight up and Nico proceeds to give Antony a blowjob that has him squirming all over the bed. Antony rolls Nico over on the bed, pushes his legs back and buries his tongue deep into Nico's tight hole.

Boy Fun - Update

October 28, 2022

Naughty Outdoors

Fit blond Nico Vegas and his friend Karl Stevens are just a couple of city boys spending a weekend at the farm, but these two know how to make the most of their visit with some hot outdoor Boy Fun. Heading over to the wood shed their lips are soon meeting and Nico's long uncut penis is quickly revealed from his pants, rigid and damp. You can bet his pal Karl can't wait to suck on it. In moments the two are stripping down and greedily swapping their stiff young penises, furiously slurping and wanking each other until their need to fuck takes over. Thankfully there's a convenient picnic table already set up for the horny boys and the feast begins with some juicy lapping of Nico's eager hole. Karl really doesn't hold back when it comes to getting his pucker dripping wet.

Boy Fun - Update

October 05, 2022

Adventurous Boys

A walk in the woods is a romantic start to any BoyFun encounter and with privacy and a gorgeous setting Nico Vegas can't wait to wrap his lips around Hanry Onlyjapa's very large uncut penis. The adventurous duo clearly know this spot well, we can all imagine they've had many encounters with delicious dicks in this discreet trail. In fact, the arrival of someone else who might be seeking some hard penis to play with too is what ultimately has the boys looking for a better place to play, and with a couch to make the experience a little more comfortable Nico is soon back on his friend's impressively meaty uncut dick. While you might think things have been decided one sided so far it's only because Nico is so greedy, and with their shirts off and Nico's pale pink shaft released from his briefs Hanry is more than ready to slobber and suck.

Boy Fun - Update

September 13, 2022

Sideboy Cums Over

Impatient blond boy Nico Vegas needs a cock real bad, but thankfully his friend Adam Barnes just can't seem to say no to some good BoyFun even though his partner is at home. He steps out and takes a risk, with Nico quickly down on his knees and sucking on Adam's impressive uncut schlong. It's enough to have any horny boy rigid and desperate to spurt some cream, but before they can get to mutual slurping and some cum splashes Adam's boyfriend almost catches them in the act. Neither seems to be too concerned about the prospect, heading into the house while the boyfriend is outside and heading straight to the couch where Nico's delicious dick gets a slurping in return. Just when you think these boy's have been risky enough they're soon both butt naked and Nico is offering up his bareback hole for Adam's long meat to fill.

Freshmen - Update

August 22, 2022

Adam & Nils

Two of our favorite models meet up under the beautiful Greek sky and then let us join them in the bedroom. Watch as Adam Archuleta, an experienced lover and romantic soul, guides Nils Tatum through the pleasures of anal sex. This fabulous hardcore video was only the second that Nils Tatum ever shot and we can say with complete confidence that he truly excels. Enjoy Nils and Adam at their best until the very last drop of cum.

Freshmen - Update

July 11, 2022

Paul & Eluan

Blonds are all the rage in this weeks Back to Greece edition as we join Eluan Jeunet and Paul Cassidy for their scene together. Both of these guys are charmers, both here on Freshmen and their own ventures outside of BelAmi, and it is not surprising given their devotion to the art of lovemaking.

Freshmen - Update

June 10, 2022

Matthieu & Eluan

Even though we are still in Greece, the weather is not as nice as usual. Matthieu Pique convinces Eluan Jeunet to enjoy the pool with him and takes the opportunity to seduce him. Eluan is not the type to refuse sex and follows Matthieu into the house. They drop their towels to the floor and start to enjoy each other's naked bodies and hard cocks. Matthieu adores his friend's massive cock and, after sucking it deeply, offers up his ass. Eluan knows exactly how to satisfy his partner and the giant cumshot on his face at the end shows exactly how much.

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