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Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 07, 2020

Alexander, Rafael & ben

You’d think taking a raw pounding from the Arad Winwin, the Persian Alpha Top, would be enough, but not so for Alexander Volkov. Whenever this guy works out (and it’s often) his libido spikes and he wants more and more dick down his throat and up his ass. Gay porn legend Rafael Carreras sodomizes Alexander along with the adorable and hot-as-hell jock Ben Batemen for a sweaty and ass-gaping threesome! This is once again another EPIC Lucas Entertainment threesome with no holes barred. Get an extra cum rag.

Chaos Men - Update

August 03, 2020

Boris & Tony Raw

Boris's first sex shoot was on a massage table. It is a ittle bit of challenge to fuck on a table top, so I was eager to see him on a bed. This time out, Tony was Topping, so he could really show-off his Topping skills. I asked Boris if he wanted to Top, but all he wanted to do was to sit on a cock, an opportunity he doesn't get while at home. Boris was practically giddy with the opportunity to get fucked. He loves being rimmed and since his only opportunity to mess around with guys is on set, he loves every moment of it. Tony fucked the cum out of Boris, then unloads on Boris's hole. He shot a huge thick load! It was everywhere. Tony pushes it into his hole, but the jizz is just dripping everywhere. I don't think I have seen a such a prolific cum shot ever!

Fuckermate - Update

August 03, 2020

Russian Diversion

In this awesome interracial scene our powerful dominant top Viktor Rom gives a hard and hot welcome to a sexy muscled bottom coming from cold Russia, Denis Sokolov. Even if the Russian may seem shy at first sight, what the hung Viktor wants to offer him it?s clear since the first moment: a huge latin cock to satisfy the needs of his hungry muscular ass and a bareback deep fucking that Denis will remember for long time when back in Russia!

William Higgins - Update

July 27, 2020

Igor & Alexandr Raw

Igor Uganec is sleeping, fitfully, on the bed as Alexandr Jander admires himself in the mirror. Then Alexandr moves to the bed and starts to caress Igor's naked ass. He licks that ass too as Igor awakes more fully. Spreading the ass cheeks Alexandr licks the hot hole, lapping at it. He gives the sexy ass a spank to oas his tongue works on that hole. Then Igor turns over and Alexandr gets to work on the stiff cock. His mouth sucks on the big, hard, cock. He sucks it and licks up and down the shaft. Igor lays back and enjoys the feeling as the hot mouth encloses his dick and he pushes the Alexandr's head down on it to suck deeper. The head bobs up and down on the cock and then licks the balls too.

Men At Play - Update

July 25, 2020

Job Security

Dato Foland works for Marco Napoli as a security guard at Marco’s club. After a busy night, Dato is wrapping up when Marco tells him through the earpiece to meet him downstairs. Marco is waiting for him behind the bar and hands him a check. Dato notices that his pay is short but Marco tells him that he’s not short, he is being fired. Clearly upset, Dato tells his boss to fuck off and throws the check at him and begins to leave. Marco asks him to wait and asks Dato if he would be up to do anything to keep his job. Dato needs the money and agrees on doing whatever it takes to stay employed. In the end, Dato understood that the sexual favor was meant to keep his job but that doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy it as much as Marco did.

Twinks in Shorts - Update

July 09, 2020

Raw Love Affair

Lust and passion cannot be denied. And if anyone is a good example, it's Johannes Lars and Dmitry Olsen. After fighting their desires, they eventually cave. After all... what's meant to be, is meant to be! Lips meet, bodies touch, and a sensual make out session leads to some steamy rimming. The passion intensifies as Dmitry takes his buddy from behind. They start off slow but pick up the pace with some steady pounding with a heat index that will make you feel it all as both spew hot loads of jizz.

Young Bastards - Update

July 05, 2020

Two Bareback Holes

Mathieu and Dimitry are working out at the gym when cute Pan Bash joins the training. The twink is just wearing jock straps, showing off his slutty ass on the pulling machine. Our two athletes feel the heat rising and their boners growing. Quickly Pan’s training session turns into sexual coaching with our young curious friend giving away his mouth and his little hole to his new trainers.

Masqulin - Update

July 01, 2020

Russian Ballet

With dreams of being an icon in the ballet world, Anteo Chara is willing to take any instruction from Russian star-studded coach Dato Foland. Whether it is to bend or twist, suck or fuck, Anteo will do anything to please his coach. Watch as a coach dominates his young pupil and takes advantage of his little bubble butt and a hot wanting mouth that is eager to please.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 24, 2020

Michael & Max On Ruslan

When we’re dealing with Ruslan Angelo’s sexual appetite, he’s never full enough and he’s always cruising for more dick. He’s about to take in his bubble butt more than he bargained for, because Michael Lucas gives him his 10 inches of uncut Russian cock to services. Michael wants to make sure Ruslan is left exhausted and used, so he invites over the Aussie book-smart stud Max Arion to help out. Ruslan Angelo is stuffed to the max as Michael Lucas and Max Arion take turns fucking him down his throat and up his ass. And when his ass couldn’t be opened up any more, the two tops sodomize him in his bubble butt at the same time for one of the hottest double-penetration sessions ever!

Chaos Men - Update

June 08, 2020

Boris & Ricky Raw

Boris is back to show us how good he can take a cock. I might have been a bit too ambitious for his first time on film. Ricky has fairly large cock. Boris has bottomed for a few guys before, but I am sure this was much more of a challenge for his ass. We start with a massage theme to help relax him. When Ricky starts playing with his ass, you can totally tell that Boris loves the anal attention. He hitches his ass up in the air, planting his face into the table, and lets Ricky have his way with his ass. Ricky rims him and it gets him in the mood to be fucked. But Ricky toys with him, licking his hole and stroking his dick. He then flips Boris over and starts jerking his cock. As he gets his cock stroked and sucked, he reaches out to play with Ricky's dick.

Men At Play - Update

May 29, 2020

Exxxtra Credit

Robbie Rojo needs the extra credits to pass his German class and has a plan. Professor Vadim Romanov has agreed to meet him individually, as long as he takes the lesson seriously. Robbie isn’t cooperating and Mr. Romanov has had enough and recommends that they end the session. But Robbie knows exactly how he’s going to do to pass this class. See, he’s heard that the Professor sometime’s plays with his male students. Approaching Vadim, Robbie grabs and plays with his massive cock through his pants until the professor finally succumbs to his advances and orders him to “unzip”. What a great way to get extra credit. Danke Mein Herr!

Fuckermate - Update

May 21, 2020

Introducing Kike

Time for another porno debut this week! We introduce you Kike Gil, a nasty newcomer coming from Venezuela that loves passionate and hard sex. He got a sexy hairy body and a above all a big hungry butt ready to be pounded by some supersized macho man! For his debut we made him meet with Russian dominant top Vadim Romanov and it was a perfect choice! He takes every inch of Romanov's thick cock like a pro and make it disappear deep inside his willing ass! Now sit down and watch how our two mates giving pleasure to each other and enjoying this rough bareback fucking session.

Drill My Hole - Update

May 17, 2020

Foul Weather Fuck

After unwisely trying to hike in a blizzard, cute twinks Lev Ivankov and Thyle Knoxx need to warm up! They strip down to their longjohns and kiss by the roaring fire, then head to the bedroom to caress each other's hard-ons. Lev swallows the hot top's big cock, and Thyle warms Lev's ass with some spanking before sliding his tongue into his hole. Thyle fucks Lev doggystyle and the sexy bottom works up a sweat riding that dick before Thyle picks him up and puts him down on his back for a hot face-to-face fuck till Thyle cums harder than the blizzard. Lev jacks his jizz-covered cock till he orgasms too!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 29, 2020

Asher Sevices 3 Cocks

Asher Hawk drips with sex appeal: he’s young, good looking, and has a tight body with milky smooth skin. He showed up to the Lucas Entertainment set really worked up sexually, having neglected himself sex for days before his encounter. Because he was so hungry for raw cock, the production team gave him three cocks to take care of instead of the two for the planned threesome. Watch Asher Hawk take the cocks of Michael Lucas, Rafael Carreras, and Wagner Vittoria down his throat and up his ass!

Men At Play - Update

April 23, 2020


Franky Fox is an ambitious cocky weatherman, with an upcoming interview to become the lead news anchor. After giving the daily weather update, his assistant Vadim Romanov meets him in his dressing room. Subsequently, Vadim informs Franky that the anchor position has been filled. He’s berated and called useless. Apparently, Franky’s assistant Vadim is only good for one thing. Franky and Vadim are two of the hottest men on this site and you can tell they love what they do.

Bromo - Update

April 13, 2020

Gonzo Garage

It's Lev Ivankov's first day working at the garage, and his boss, Ryan Bones, quickly realizes Lev has no idea what he's doing. Ryan shows him how things work around here, starting with putting Lev on the tire changer and feeding him his cock. Effortless rotation at the touch of a button is perfect for switching between pounding Lev's mouth and his ass before Ryan really shows Lev who's in charge by fucking him in standing doggystyle. Lev rides Ryan's dick till his boss puts him in the creeper seat and cums all over him!

Young Bastards - Update

March 31, 2020

2 Tops & Thier Bitch

André Madd is a passionate lover but he will never resist a hard cock or being at the disposal of two masters like Dmitri Osten and Thiago Monte. In this juicy threesome his ass gets well filled with two big bareback cocks till all balls explode with big loads. This Glory Hole rendezvous is not only hot but kinky and nasty. These three guys really get into it and there's no stopping them once they get going.

Men At Play - Update

March 16, 2020

Suited Hustler

Daddies Manuel Skye and Jonas Jackson like to keep things exciting in their marriage. And, after a dreadful day at work, Jonas has a surprise waiting for Manuel in the bath - Russian hustler Austin Sugar. When the men are ready to play, Austin gets suited and things get really hot, rough and dirty. A raw threesome that combines trouser ripping, ass eating, flip flop fucking and a facial worth every dollar for the suited hustler.

Masqulin - Update

March 08, 2020

The B&B Encounter 3

Host Max Adonis has made quite an impression on his guests - especially Devian Rouge and Dmitry Osten. The horny boyfriends want to heat things up and ask Max for some help. And things indeed get extra carnal -- a double penetration, lucky pierre flip flop fuck threesome that warrants a 5-star rating! All I can say is WOW, this threeway sexfest is HOT HOT HOT! One of the best sites to hit the internet in a long time.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 19, 2020

11 Man Fire Island Orgy 2

First the Lucas Men went for it in their 11-man gay bareback fuck fest at the Meat Rack of Fire Island. But the testosterone-fueled lust of these guys cannot and will not be quenched, so they head back to the lanai of the Belvedere to carry on with sucking lots of dick and fucking plenty of ass. Max Adonis, Manuel Skye, Drake Masters, Ruslan Angelo, Jackson Radiz, Shane Jackson, Max Arion, Ian Frost, Alexander Volkov, Drew Dixon, and Andrey Vic certainly are not shy when they’re all horny as hell!

Drill My Hole - Update

February 17, 2020

Off The Grid 1

When Isaac (Leander) met his fiance Abe (Gabriel Cross), he knew this was the man he'd delete his dating app for. But as his wedding approaches and his best friend Kirk (Dato Foland) asks to fuck him just once, Isaac grabs at his last chance to sow some wild oats. The friends with newfound benefits take turns sucking each other's cocks and Kirk tongues Isaac's hole before sliding his cock inside. Then the groom-to-be gets the best of both worlds as they flip fuck, Isaac fucking Kirk in mish and doggystyle before riding him till he cums. But just as Isaac swallows Kirk's load, Abe arrives and catches them in the act!

Masqulin - Update

February 16, 2020

The 4 Doors 2

Word of the underground 4-Doors sex club is slowly spreading. On a cold and snowy night, horny Lev Ivankov is intent on getting off. As he enters the club, he is presented with options. Exhibition… Submission.. but it's the Role-Playing door that most intrigues him. Inside, Collin Lust sits in a dark room behind a table playing Detective. Not interested in cooperating, Lev spits his water on Collin's face. The interview is over! Time to investigate the victim thoroughly.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 13, 2020

11 Man Fire Island Orgy 1

As soon as the Lucas Men landed on the shores of Fire Island, the testosterone was pumping and ready to explode. And when they got their hands all over each other at the Meat Rack of Fire Island, all bets were off. All-star gay porn models Max Adonis, Manuel Skye, Drake Masters, Ruslan Angelo, Jackson Radiz, Shane Jackson, Max Arion, Ian Frost, Alexander Volkov, Drew Dixon, and Andrey Vic tear off their clothes and into each other as they get sweaty and soaked in cum together!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

January 24, 2020

Messy Boy

From the start, Dave London knew he would marry Gregor's mother. Not because he cared about her. He wanted to corrupt her innocent and only son. Now, months after moving in together, Dave puts his wicked plan into motion, bonding with his new step kid over a DIY project. The boy is messy, but it's okay. Dave doesn't care. All he cares about is sliding his huge, raw cock inside his stepson. Dave gets his dirty hands on the kid, caressing the teen's body. Soon, the boy is on his knees, mouth open. He can barely wrap his lips around the head of his stepfather's enormous cock, but he eagerly sucks down as much as he can. Dave eventually returns the favor, treating the boy to his first blowjob.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 14, 2020

Dylan & Alexander On Andrey

Andrey Vic is in a bit of a financial jam. His business is failing, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get a loan to save himself and his livelihood. Business partners Alexander Volkov and Dylan James are first-rate sharks, and they’re more than willing to help out Andrey, but only if he gives his ass to them as collateral first. This is one hell of a hot studded muscle packed cumfest and you can have a front row seat.

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