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Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 05, 2021

Stas, Nick, Ben & Andrey

Sometimes a young punk who thinks he’s a big-shot around the office needs to be put in his place and taught who is boss. Big-boss Nick Capra and his trusted associates Stas Landon and Andrey Vic have kept an eye on Ben Batemen’s bad, narcissistic attitude for awhile. And when it’s apparent that he needs to be brought swiftly under control. Nick Capra, Stas Landon, and Andrey Vic keep him after hours and put him in his place. Ben is an incredible specimen when he’s stripped down and standing proud, and the three men in charge have a lot of fun bringing him to heel.

Spritzz - Update

February 21, 2021

Taking 2 Big Dicks

Gregor turns the TV off and his two friends are pissed, but not for long. He has a craving, and he knows his horny teen friends Vitali and Lior can satisfy it with their stiff young cocks. The greedy feast of meat sucking is just the start of the fun for this greedy slut, soon enough he's getting both those delicious dicks up his snug little hole, his friends taking turns to slide their naked shafts in and out of his desperate pucker. With three splashes of hot cum showering his smooth body Gregor is satisfied.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 18, 2021

Diego Bottoms For Michael

Diego Lauzen has a big, firm ass that was built for getting pounding out by as many raw dicks as possible. It’s a good thing that Diego, despite his strong and masculine Latino appearance, love taking a rough fucking between his ass cheeks. And if a guy unloads his seed deep inside, all the better. Michael Lucas and his legendary 10-inch uncut Russian cock make themselves at home inside Diego’s warm hole!

Southern Strokes - Update

February 15, 2021

You Win Some

You do what you can for a friend in need of cheering up, even if that means giving them your ass. Gregor is sitting in the living room when Curtis walks in. His team just lost a game, and he is feeling kind of down. Gregor offers a massage to help cheer him up, which Curtis likes. Gregor gets down on his knees in front of Curtis and starts to massage his calf. As he moves up the leg, he notices Curtis getting hard. Curtis has also now noticed and begins to grope himself while Gregor keeps massaging up his leg. Gregor asks Curtis if he is horny, and of course, he is. Curtis pulls out his dick, and after some kissing, Gregor's mouth is on it. He takes as much as he can and then switches with Curtis so he can get his cock sucked on too.

Men At Play - Update

February 05, 2021

Suspension or Play?

Vadim Romanov is the Principal at a prestigious international business school where Bastian Karim is graduating this year. Lately, Bastian's grades haven't been up to standards and Vadim calls him into his office for a serious talk. Vadim threatens Bastian with suspension and Bastian begs him to reconsider as a personal favor. The big dicked lustful administrator is willing to change Bastian’s school record for a one on one daddy-boy play session!

Chaos Men - Update

January 26, 2021

Boris & Jake Raw

Boris is kind of a small-framed guy. I was worried that Jake's cock might be a bit too much for him. Boris would text me and say it might too much. So, I added third guy to line-up, trying real hard to get Tag Team going to give Boris a little break. I setup about 6-8 Tag Team videos a year, and they are cursed. Someone misses a flight or something comes up, and I quickly get down to two. I think from now on I need to setup a 4-way just to get a 3-way! Sure enough, the third guy couldn't make it. So, I was concerned that Boris might have to contend with an extra thick cock. But he was a trooper, and we started with him slowly inserting Jake's cock while sitting on it. It was indeed a challenge, but Boris got it in all the way, and seemed like he had just conquered Mt. Everest.

Men At Play - Update

January 22, 2021

Deliver Me... Editor’s Cut

Among our many award-winning Titles, “Deliver Me To Temptation”, originally released in 2014, ranks among our favorites. Our editor dug up the raw footage and has compiled a new remastered Editor’s Cut as a special bonus to our loyal supporters and fans of Landon Conrad and Dato Foland. Suited Landon Conrad is diligently working. But when the green-eyed, cocky delivery boy Dato Foland unzips his leather jacket, Landon’s eyes are instantly taken with the hot, ripped body. And, soon the two are all over each other, kissing and licking every muscle on their bodies. Landon gets on his knees to swallow Dato's thick, uncut, European cock. And not before long, he turns Dato around to taste his delicious ass so eagerly that he barely has time to take off his suit.

Raw Hole - Update

January 01, 2021

Rainy Day Raw Fuck

Vadim and Chris are getting busy on the bed since it's raining out and they've got nothing better to do. Good excuse for a coupla straight boys to step over to the gay side. Handsome bearded Chris definitely has some straight boy taste in jeans--his are pinched and pleated and very "busy." Suffice it to say he looks a helluva lot better once his lean hairy body is out of that 90s boyband look. Vadim has no qualms about sucking cock, taking to it like a duck to water, with a curious finger venturing into Chris' furry butt crack. Chris digs into Vadim's shorts to pull out his long rosy woody and gives it a tentative suck. Once they've introduced each others' cocks to their hungry mouths it's time for the main event.

Fuckermate - Update

November 29, 2020

Hard, Deep & Raw

This week our power top Viktor Rom is back with us to meet the Russian hungry bottom Mars Gymburger. Mars has a special affection for huge dicks and since the first moment he worships the juicy Latin cock that Viktor has to give him, deepthroating with hunger and begging to be fucked hard. But Viktor does not agree yet and first wants to lick the Russian's asshole to make it completely wet, lubricated and ready to swallow his latin meat until the last inch. Now that big ass can be pounded just like it deserves: hard, deep and raw!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 25, 2020

Michael & Jeffrey

Jeffrey Lloyd is one hell of a good looking guy—not to mention his incredibly tight body and huge uncut cock (truly, it’s one of the biggest among the current roster of Lucas Men). Because of all of this and his high sex drive, he’s never short on sex partners. Jeffrey has been feeling the itch to take an even bigger dick up his ass lately, and it is Michael Lucas he’s pursuing. Jeffrey Lloyd takes his time pleasuring Michael Lucas’ 10-inch uncut Russian cock with his mouth and ass bareback!

Fuckermate - Update

November 21, 2020

Introducing Miio

This week is time for another porno debut and the lucky one to have our dominant top Vadim Romanov as his debut partner is Miiothy Miio, a black hot mate coming from Costa Rica. Miio loves hard bareback action and thanks to his elastic and flexible legs he can take the thick cock of the Russian deep inside the hungry ass, just like a pro!

Falcon Studios - Update

November 18, 2020

The Chalet 4

While exploring around the village, Falcon Exclusive Colton Reece runs into a sexy couple that he hopes might be able to show him around and have a little three way fun. When only one of the two is up for it, Colton and Dmitry Osten head back to 'The Chalet' for something a little more private. Behind closed doors, clothes quickly come off and Dmitry can't wait to wrap his lips around Colton's girthy member. Colton shows no mercy with his throat reaming and Dmitry does his best to satisfy his new friend. Wanting more, Dmitry bends over the couch to take Colton's raw meat deep in his crack. After stretching Dmitry's ass bareback, Colton sits back to let his new friend taste the cock that was just in his ass.

Masqulin - Update

November 17, 2020

Private Stripper

Edward Terrant, Lev Ivankov's boyfriend, wants to spice up their sex life. Who doesn’t? He’s never been to a strip club but was given a number where he can request a private stripper to make an incall. The bf agrees and the call is made. When the stripper, Ryan Bones, arrives - there’s one rule; No touching! But once the two boys play together watching the tall, dark muscular stud, can He resist getting inside them?

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 15, 2020

Belvedere Breeding Orgy

It’s high summer this August on Fire Island and the dog days of the season are well upon the Lucas Men. Some top-ranking all-stars among the Lucas Men have gathered at the Belvedere Guest House for Men on Fire Island and they all have one thing on their collective mind—to fuck each other crazy. Edji Da Silva, Gabriel Phoenix, Max Adonis, Dylan James, Ruslan Angelo, Drake Masters, Max Arion, Manuel Skye, and Robert Law all get together and fuck hardcore. Along with all of the sucking and fucking, there’s also some intense and deep double penetration, adult-toy action, and aerial footage captured via drone!

Enigmatic Boys - Update

November 14, 2020

Nicolas Craig Massage

Nicolas and Craig start playing around on a boring day until Craig asks Nicolas if he wouldn't mind giving him a massage. The oil comes out and the clothes come off as the rubbing turns into petting and then their cocks start to grow hard. Deep cock sucking is the next step before some deep hard ass fucking and these boys know exactly what they're doing. Take about some scorching hot gay twink sex, make sure you bring a couple extra cum'll need them.

Chaos Men - Update

November 13, 2020

Boris & Julian Raw

Boris has his girlfriends at home, but he loves being fucked! I just find him so interesting. He is not a nervous freshly out guy or closeted. But his primary interests are women. Same goes for Julian Brady. While Julian takes a bit of time to warm up to bottoming, Boris really has found that getting fucked makes stroking his cock that much more fun and is eager for it. These two really got on great, and it is a must see video!

Men - Update

October 30, 2020


Franky Fox and Dato Foland are excited and a little nervous to be part of an experiment where a screen will guide them in getting to know each other. They introduce themselves, hesitating a little as they receive the instruction to take off their clothes, then must look at each other for one minute without speaking. They are directed to the bed, where they begin by cuddling and caressing each other before they start sucking one another's cocks and exploring each other's holes with their tongues. First Dato fucks Franky doggystyle, then the burly Russian rides Franky's cock reverse before returning his dick to Franky's hole till the bearded Australian cums and Dato finishes with a facial. Did both guys feel a connection? Watch and find out!

Dad Creep - Update

October 18, 2020


Once again, I find myself in a fight with my old lady. Luckily, my stepson, Lev, is always there to make me feel better when things get sour with his mom. Today, I’m trying to rest off a terrible hangover when the boy tells me all about a dirty dream he had about me. I’m flattered and intrigued, especially when he shows me what it was like in real life. He sucks me off, getting my dick all wet to fuck his sweet boy hole. Then, he climbs on top and bounces on my boner before bending over and letting me fuck him on his back while he shoots cum on himself.

Dad Creep - Update

October 16, 2020

No More Mess

I love my stepson and all, but the kid can be a real slob around the house. I’m tired of him sitting around and expecting me to clean up after him all the time. It’s like he thinks he owns the place! Well, the only way to get through to a bratty kid like this is to teach him a lesson he won’t forget.I pull his head towards my crotch, shoving his lips onto my stiff dick. He catches on quickly, sucking my cock until I’m ready to fuck his asshole bareback. Then, I tie his wrists behind his back and gag him before ramming his boy hole mercilessly. Bet he’ll clean up after himself, now.

Men - Update

October 15, 2020

Fuck At Home 3

Handsome British hunk Jonas Jackson and his beautiful housemate Austin Sugar are here to share a nice little video of what they get up to while staying at home. Austin's back is very tense, so Jonas gives him a nice deep massage to loosen him up! After Austin takes off his shorts and Jonas rubs his bubble booty, the top gets out his todger and teases Austin's hole, stroking it between his ass cheeks, before the guys suck each other's cocks. Austin lies back to take that dick, then rides his roomie fast. Jonas sucks Austin's nipples while the bottom strokes his cock till he cums, then penetrates him doggystyle and blows his load all over Austin's arse!

BareBack That Hole - Update

October 12, 2020

Cris & Seth

Cris and Seth Knight are a real-life couple and we get to know a little about them in the beginning, a little couch talk. That doesn't last long as these two show us better than they can tell us. After some heavy kissing and groping, Cris takes his man's cock right down his throat, giving it all the attention it deserves. He knows how Seth likes it. The same can be said for Seth when he bends Cris over on the couch and devours his hole, then pulls back the cock for some intense pleasure. It's not long before these two are really showing us why they fell in love, with every inch of Seth's dick filling Cris up. These two are so in touch with each other's body that they cum almost at the same time, with Seth pulling out and shooting all over Cris' hole.

Hung Young Brit - Update

September 04, 2020

Real Pool Party

We live up to our low class reputation and we're not full of shit! When we say we will fuck anyone, we mean it. In fact we took cum from many more guys off cam too. That’s how dirty we truly are and we need you know know it! I've uploaded this clip so you can see how we party! PLEASE come to our parties if you see them advertised. They're all inclusive. No dick left behind! No spunk refused to be swallowed! If we're going to suck your dick, all we ask is that you give whichever NEW young lad we are dragging around your warm spunk either bareback in the arse or right in his mouth. Only guys who are "open minded" are invited to hang with us, so our no BAD attitude’ policy applies to them too.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 01, 2020

Dylan, Michael & Jake

Jake Morgan is one handsome son of a bitch—and it’s all because of his dark hair and strong, rugged features. And that’s not even taking into consideration his incredible (and fury) body. And on top of all of that, Jake can be one hell of a taker in his mouth and ass, too. He’s got to be, because in this encounter, he not only services Dylan James’ 9-inch cock, but also that of Michael Lucas and his 10 inches of uncut Russian dick!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 07, 2020

Alexander, Rafael & ben

You’d think taking a raw pounding from the Arad Winwin, the Persian Alpha Top, would be enough, but not so for Alexander Volkov. Whenever this guy works out (and it’s often) his libido spikes and he wants more and more dick down his throat and up his ass. Gay porn legend Rafael Carreras sodomizes Alexander along with the adorable and hot-as-hell jock Ben Batemen for a sweaty and ass-gaping threesome! This is once again another EPIC Lucas Entertainment threesome with no holes barred. Get an extra cum rag.

Chaos Men - Update

August 03, 2020

Boris & Tony Raw

Boris's first sex shoot was on a massage table. It is a ittle bit of challenge to fuck on a table top, so I was eager to see him on a bed. This time out, Tony was Topping, so he could really show-off his Topping skills. I asked Boris if he wanted to Top, but all he wanted to do was to sit on a cock, an opportunity he doesn't get while at home. Boris was practically giddy with the opportunity to get fucked. He loves being rimmed and since his only opportunity to mess around with guys is on set, he loves every moment of it. Tony fucked the cum out of Boris, then unloads on Boris's hole. He shot a huge thick load! It was everywhere. Tony pushes it into his hole, but the jizz is just dripping everywhere. I don't think I have seen a such a prolific cum shot ever!

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