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BadPuppy - Update

November 08, 2021

Dan & Gera

Hunky Dan Digiron is working away when his cute young boyfriend Gera Richter comes strolling in and sits down on the back of the chair where Dan is working. Gera is in a flirty mode; but Dan wants nothing to do with it at first. Gera rubs his hand down Dan's hard torso towards his jeans. He stops and gently pushes his fingers against Dan's bulge. Knowing he won't get any work done with Gera wanting sex Dan puts down the laptop and Gera rips off his shirt. The two begin kissing passionately as Dan pulls his own shirt off. He stands showing off his ripped body and Gera kneels down in front of him. Gera frees Dan's thick uncut cock from the confines of his underwear and proceeds to allow Dan to face-fuck his mouth with it. When Gera drops his shorts, his cock springs straight up.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

November 08, 2021

Demanding Daddies

I hang with a cool group of men that enjoys taking care of our stepsons. We know how important our role is when it comes to raising a respectful young man. Responsibility like that means that sometimes we have to be a rather demanding daddy. That could mean putting a naughty boy over your knees now and then or doing something as simple as washing paint off of their smooth, naked bodies. It also means taking care of their sexual needs if they need it. But more importantly, making sure they take care of yours. And our boys are the best. They suck our dicks better than anyone and take our cocks better than anyone. I love watching my boy's eyes open wide when the head of my cock pops into his tight hole. The sounds his body makes when it's plugged with my daddy dick.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 04, 2021

Pol, Vlad & Nico's 3-Some

Talk about three handsome, young, and trim Lucas Men ready for action and ass at a moment’s notice. That’s what you have with Pol Prince when he sits down with his buddies Vlad Stark and Nico Zetta on the Puerto Vallarta set of Lucas Entertainment. The three guys get to known each other in a Bareback Auditions interview before showing off the goods under their clothes. All three of these gay porn models are incredibly sexy, and they equally fuck each others’ mouthes and asses once the talking is through and the rough and raw sexual energy ramps up!

Men Over 30 - Update

October 31, 2021

Gimme That Big Cock!

Bryce Hart and Valentin Petrov passionately kiss while their throbbing dicks are rubbing up against each other under their shorts. It does not take Bryce long to be on his knees sucking that big dick. He takes that big cock deep down his throat and they are only starting. Next, they get into a 69 with more than just cock sucking but full on tongus up the bungus action. Bryce next gets in a riding position and rids Valentin's cock into the sunset.

Boy Fun - Update

October 29, 2021

Flaunting Fuckboy

Cute Daniel Star has arrived with a very special gift for adorable boy Mike Steed, but it's not the kind of present you might expect to lead to some steamy BoyFun. We can't pretend to know what it is about this striped shirt that gets young Mike so worked up, but we think it's probably the sight of blond boy Daniel putting it on and showing off his pert little butt in his ass-less underwear. Whatever it is these boys have between them that makes a simple shirt the trigger for some cock play we're not complaining about the result. With a little sensual kissing and groping young Daniel is soon gobbling the hard uncut cock of his slim little pal and getting much the same in return from Mike, but it's the anal pleasure these boys enjoy that'll have you rubbing your hard one along to the show.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

October 28, 2021

Michael Tops Sergyo

Michael Lucas tops Sergyo bareback in this exclusive Lucas Entertainment bareback sex scene! Sergyo is always on the hunt for a dick bigger than the last one he took up his ass. So when Michael Lucas invited him to film a gay bareback sex scene for Lucas Entertainment, he quickly accepted the invitation. Michael always goes balls deep when fucking his bottoms, and he reaches so far into Sergyo’s hole with his ten inches of uncut Russian cock, well, it’s practically coming out of Sergyo’s throat!

Boy Fun - Update

October 27, 2021

Strip Chess

Chess is a very serious game, but it can become a lot less serious when you're a horny twink boy with a hard cock in your pants and you want to get a friend out of their pants too. Sweet boys Alan Stark and Elio Pjatteryd turn it into strip chess and it's no surprise the two are soon abandoning it for some stiff-dicked BoyFun. As soon as blond boy Elio has his long and hard cock out and his hot little ass on display his friend Alan is making clear that the game is over, his own stiff dick quickly in his wanking hand while he pumps his uncut penis and watches his friend showing off and teasing. With a suck of Alan's dripping wet cock and a little spit for Elio's snug pucker the blond boy takes that bareback dick deep in his ass, fucked from behind right there on the floor.

Bait Buddies - Update

October 18, 2021

Bait: Valentin Straight: Ray

We haven't seen Valentin Petrov in the studio since his first visit back in 2020 but he has gone on to explore his new found love. When Valentin first showed up, he was at the studio looking to fuck a hot women and make some money in the process. But, the tables were turned and he ended up going gay for pay! Fast forward to 2021 and this Russian hunk is back and he's continuing to enjoy the evolution of his sexuality! Now, he has a type! Valentin likes his men big, bold, dark skinned, and they have to have a big cock! Because this time, Valentin wants to get fucked and fucked good! Ray is this week's straight guy and he's everything that Valentin wished for and more! Ray is tall, dark, and handsome! He's 6'2'', weighing in at 215, and his dick is out of this World! Ray is packing a giant 10 incher that is as fat as it is long!

Southern Strokes - Update

October 10, 2021

A Race To Finish

Ever have a teammate on the mind? I've been stroking my dick almost every night for the last two weeks to the thought of playing with my teammate Christian and fucking his tight ass. There is just something about him that makes my cock hard, and I can't help but take care of it right away. Today was no different. The thought of Christian made me go into the locker room and start stroking my cock. Little did I know that he was watching me and that it was turning him on. While stroking his cock, Christian walked over, sat down in front of me, and took my dick into his mouth. I fucked his face for what must have been a lifetime. His lips felt so amazing wrapped around my cock that I knew his ass would feel even better. And without question, it did. I couldn't get enough of his tight hole.

BadPuppy - Update

September 26, 2021

Mike & Alex

We find cute blond twink Alex Blade sitting in his comfy chair stroking himself when his buddy Mike Steed stumbles onto the scene. Mike catches himself at the door before Alex is aware he's being watched. Mike is turned on so he frees his own cock and starts jacking off while watching Alex pleasure himself. Mike can't hold back so he walks in; but Alex is not yet aware there's a hot young man standing in front of him masturbating his long, uncut cock, because his eyes are shut. Alex realizes with a start that Mike is standing there and he immediately spies Mike's huge boner. Alex leans forward and starts blowing Mike's cock. He's soon on the floor, sucking Mike's manhood while he continues jacking his own rock-hard dick.

Boy Fun - Update

September 26, 2021

Young Boyfriends

Sweet blond Ukrainian boy Elio Pjatteryd and his boyfriend Mike Steed are very typically horny every hour of the day, and night. These teen boys just can't seem to get enough of each other and we're more than happy to join them for a session of youthful Boy Fun after they get home from a lovely walk around the city. The two young stars only have one thing on their minds when they get to the bedroom and they waste no time in getting to it. With shirts off and lips meeting Elio starts groping for the big bulging teen cock in his boyfriend's pants and he clearly can't wait to get his buddy naked and his boner in his mouth. In moments he's wanking and sucking on the gorgeously engorged young dick, bobbing up and down on the tasty length and drinking all the precum leaking from it.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

September 25, 2021

I Needed That Big Dick!

Starting directly in the action, Atlas Grant and Valentin Petrov are already kissing passionately and aroused. It doesn't take long before their pants fly off and they start fucking each other senseless. Senseless is a good way of putting it but before all that great fucking there was plenty of expert cock sucking and you'll love every mouth-watering moment of some kissing, licking, sucking and deep-throating of big fat hard cock.

Southern Strokes - Update

September 24, 2021

More & More

I finally got to fuck my teammate, Max, today after practice. It started out like any other day, hot and muggy. The coach cut soccer practice early today, so Max and I decided to hang at my place. I don't know if Max knew how much I liked him, but it was the perfect time to make my move. We got to my house, and I swear he could tell that I was really into him. Maybe because I was staring at him while we sat on the couch. Or perhaps it was the fact that my cock was growing hard the closer we got. When he caught me looking and asked if I liked what I saw, I couldn't lie. Then he let me touch his cock, and I was ready to jump his ass right then and there. Feeling his cock in my hand was fucking amazing, but sucking it and then having him touch me was better.

Southern Strokes - Update

September 18, 2021

Locker Room Fun

A rub from your teammate is good, but so is fucking his ass. George is in the locker room after soccer practice and can't help but feel stress coursing through his shoulders. Alex walks in, and George asks if he wouldn't mind giving him a massage. Alex agrees but then noticed George has pulled out his cock and is stroking it. He gets on his knees and starts to give George a hand job before sucking his cock. Alex takes a seat on the bench and pulls his cock out while servicing George. He then lays back and lets his teammate do some work. George licks and sucks on Alex's cock like ice cream. They stand up, and George plays with Alex's sweet, tight hole before filling it with his dick. Alex takes every stroke like a pro before bending over the bench for more.

Cruising Porn - Update

September 16, 2021

Willy vs. Rusty

Holy fuck! We finally have Willy Regal in our studio! Willy is an upcoming porn star in the gay porn industry and we've wanted him to shoot for us for a year now and we finally got him. We decided to pair him up with Rusty Yark because we thought it was the perfect match and boy it was. The chemistry between the 2 boys was instant. As soon as we told them to go for it, they started wrestling on the mat right away. Watching them fighting for the right to top was so hot! Both boys didn't give up that easily. At one point, we thought that Rusty was going to be dominated by the handsome Willy but nope, Rusty did a great job and gave Willy a good run for his money hehe When it was time to surrender, Willy and Rusty started kissing.

Fuckermate - Update

September 13, 2021

Glorious Debut At Boyberry

Jorge Sainz is our last discovery from Barcelona. We caught him hanging around Boyberry's glory-holes area, his favorite place to find some nice big thing to play with. It must be his lucky day, because the huge rod of Vadim Romanov is waiting there, ready to be sucked by a horny bottom like Jorge. While our newbie is swallowing every inch of the russian meat, another supersized mysterious guy makes his appearance, leaving him dealing with two monster cocks at the same time! Sit down and enjoy as our cameras capture all the bareback fun that follows!

Men At Play - Update

September 10, 2021

Calming Down Dato

Dato Foland has been working hard to close a big contract with a client. And when he is notified that the deal is dead, he gets furious. Enter Dani Robles, the boyfriend, who notices that Dato is angry. Luckily, this is not the first time Dani faces Dato's bad temper, and he knows exactly what he needs to release some tension. But by trying to calm the beast, Dani wakes up something much bigger in Dato's pants!

Southern Strokes - Update

September 03, 2021


What makes you horny? Alex Blade is relaxing outside the high school gym, waiting for his teammate and boyfriend, Max Gen. The feel of his new tracksuit was making him horny, and he began touching himself. When Max finally arrived, he could tell by the look in Alex's eyes what he wanted. They start kissing, but quickly, Alex is on his knees, eating Alex's ass and playing with his hole. They then strip out of their tracksuits as Max drops to his knees to suck on Alex's cock and full balls. Max loves having a cock in his mouth but enjoys filling Alex's mouth too. Alex takes care of his boyfriend's dick before putting him on his back and sliding into his hole as they ride the bench. Max then bends Alex over a barrel and fucks him before flipping back, riding Alex, and shooting on his boyfriend's chest.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 31, 2021

11-Man Bareback Orgy 2

Watch the SECOND INSTALLMENT of this 11-man bareback orgy! There was a sexual energy in Puerto Vallarta during the February 2021 production that could not be tamed—and why should it be? So, one day the entire Lucas Entertainment set turned into a fleshpot with all of the Lucas Men stripping down and climbing on top of each other! Join Rico Marlon, Manuel Skye, Nico Zetta, Marco Antonio, Vlad Stark, Valentin Amour, Pol Prince, Oliver Hunt, Dante Lauro, Michael Lucas, and Ricky Hard as they suck and fuck raw in this 11-man bareback orgy!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

August 26, 2021

Quickly Boy Clean Up

It's so hard to get up in the morning. Unless, of course, you have the dick of a horny teenage boy. Erin is calling for Gregor to get ready for school. With no reply, he goes to his room to wake him up. When Eric gets there, he finds Gregor still in bed, with some stiff morning wood. He doesn't want to send Gregor off to school with sex on his mind, so he starts to play with his boy's dick and then puts it in his mouth. But Gregor would rather be the one sucking and, after a while, switches with his daddy. He sucks Eric's dick until it's nice and hard. Gregor then returns to sucking his boy's cock until he is ready to stick his cock in his stepson's hole. Eric fucks Gregor deep, and Gregor takes it as a good boy should. He then makes his boy sit on daddy's dick and go for a ride before shooting a load in his chest.

BadPuppy - Update

August 25, 2021

George & Gera

Gera Richter is laying back on the sofa, moaning deeply as he pleasures his butt with a brand-new toy. George Hanskey opens the door and spies Gera having fun without him. He pauses outside the door, enjoying watching Gera play with himself. George pulls out his firm, uncut cock and begins stroking it. Watching Gera push and pull the butt-plug in and out of his hole is absolutely turning George on. He slowly approaches Gera with hard cock in-hand. Gera is startled when he sees George standing over him with a raging boner in his hand. Gera immediately kneels down in front of George and begins servicing his thick, uncut piece of meat. They move to the sofa where Gera continues pleasuring George's cock while George begins massaging Gera's buns.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

August 24, 2021

Hot Sex

Uncut + Hung + Massage = Hot Sex - Ashill Bay and Valentin Petrov engage in a massage session that leads into a tremendous bareback sex fest where the two handsome and hung studs enjoy their masculinity to the max. As the massage session turns more into a gay fuck session. These two studs get into a hot sixty-nining position and not only suck cock but eat ass too. Followed with some deep hard pounding anal penetration.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 23, 2021

Hot Man Orgy

Watch the FIRST INSTALLMENT of this 11-man bareback orgy! There was a sexual energy in Puerto Vallarta during the February 2021 production that could not be tamed—and why should it be? So, one day the entire Lucas Entertainment set turned into a fleshpot with all of the Lucas Men stripping down and climbing on top of each other! Join Rico Marlon, Manuel Skye, Nico Zetta, Marco Antonio, Vlad Stark, Valentin Amour, Pol Prince, Oliver Hunt, Dante Lauro, Michael Lucas, and Ricky Hard as they suck and fuck raw in this 11-man bareback orgy!

Men At Play - Update

August 20, 2021

Frisked, Editor's Cut

MENatPLAY fan-favorite Dato Foland is a hot security guy looking to give Jake Bolton a hard-handed fucking. Dato finds Jake in the men’s room cubicle and decides to carry out a full-body security search. But despite Jake protesting his innocence, Dato is determined to get to the bottom of things, even if it means stripping Jake of all his clothes. He orders him to pull his trousers down and gives his ass a close inspection, rimming and probing his with his gloved hands. Then he pins Jaake against the urinal to give him a deep, hard fucking.

Southern Strokes - Update

July 31, 2021

Robin Matze

Robin just got in from class and can't stop thinking of all the hot college guys he met this summer and wondering what it would be like if they had sex with each other. The thought makes him so horny that he gets on his bed and starts touching himself as he imagines Curtis and Tony stroking each other after boxing. Robin grabs his cock and begins jacking off when thinking of how hot it would be if Ryan and Christian sucked each other's cocks after wrestling practice. He strokes faster when thinking about how sexy it would be if Robbie fucked Alex from behind during a study break. Robin finally blows his load at the thought of Dennis and Tyler cumming all over themselves after coming in from a bike ride. Now only if he could get that all to happen in real life.

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