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Southern Strokes - Update

September 11, 2023

Oh Those Boys

We know you like your boys hot and horny. That is what we brought you with this compilation from Southern Strokes. Corey, Jamie, Noah, Nicolas. Amon, Angel, Vincent, and Josh are more than willing and able to take you on a journey of young, smooth bodies, hard cocks, and wet holes. You would be wrong if you thought these boys are not ready to show you a good time as they suck, lick, and fuck each other for your pleasure. Picking up trade at the train station is a great way to start, but things pick up steam as soon as they begin kissing and groping each other. A big piece of cock is always on the menu and leaves everyone full. All that is good, but a tongue-in-the-ass pumps the engines faster as Pound Town appears on the horizon. That's when things get serious, and cum starts to fly.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 09, 2023

Michael & Austin

Underwear Fetish Action: Austin Ponce is a young and hot twink who has an underwear fetish. He worships Michael Lucas and his huge 10 inches of uncut Russian cock in Michael Lucas' briefs before the pair gets raunchy with some water-sports action. After they saturate their underwear in piss, they move on to some rough anal fucking!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

August 26, 2023

Sexy Boy

In the charming town of Getting Hard, A father and his stepson embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. As they spent countless hours together, an undeniable connection blossomed between them. One fateful day, they both realized that their feelings ran deeper than traditional father son relationships, and they courageously embraced their love for one another in the hottest way possible, through raw butt sex, and lots of it. They started kissing and exploring each other's bodies as the heat began to rise in the room. A bed and lube created the perfect environment for sucking thick boy cock and getting a taste of some delicious virgin ass. The sexual connection was intense as the two sucked, fucked, and dumped many loads bringing their relationship to another level.

Southern Strokes - Update

August 17, 2023

Wasting Time

Hanging out with my teammate is cool, but it turns out fucking his hole is much better. We crashed at Max Gen's house after a great day of soccer practice but weren't sure what we wanted to do next. Max was horny and asked if he could jerk off. Who am I to say no? It didn't take long for both of our dicks to find their way out of the darkness and into each other's hands. But that didn't last long because Max had other ideas. I stood up, and he sucked the fuck out of my cock. It felt amazing, but I wanted to show his dick some love too. He has a great dick, but his hole was calling me, and I had to put my face in it. My cock was searching for a dark, deep ass to enjoy, and enjoy it did, until I was shooting on it with Max's load right behind.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

August 11, 2023

Den Fitness & Tony Keit

My stepson gives me nothing but a headache. He thinks he's too big for a spanking, so he tests my limits and pushes my buttons. But what he doesn't know is that I love when he does because he has an ass worth spanking. One day, he came in later than I told him from school, and it was time I reminded him who was boss. I put him over my knees and started slapping his ass. His crocodile tears only made my cock harder with every slap of his ass. I then pulled his shorts down and teased his pink hole with my finger. Eventually, I was too hard for my shorts, and my boy knew what to do. He lusted on my cock the way I did over his hole. It was time for me to taste my boy's dick and ass before drilling it, and that's what we did. He likes how my tongue feels on his ass but loves how my meat feels inside. He and I both.

Aussies Do It - Update

August 06, 2023

Dennis Takes Jamie's Big One

When sexy Russian top stud Dennis finished his rare bottoming hookup with hot mega-hung Canadian Jamie J., the director asked if he's now a cum-slut. All Dennis could answer was "It's so big! It makes me shake." You're gonna hear a few variations on that sentiment as we recount their scene. Dark and seductive, tatted Dennis is sought out for his topping skills by the other Aussie boys at AussiesDoIt. But once he had a look, a nuzzle, and copped a feel of Jamie's big monster tool, his inner bottom took over. The two had a fun, easy rapport during their opening greet with the director, laughing and looking for all the world like a sweet hookup to come. When encouraged to start the action, Dennis took a hold of Dennis' fuck-pole and couldn't help blurting out "Mmm, that's a big dick!"

Bring Me A Boy - Update

July 30, 2023

Den Fitness & Alex Blade

It's not every day your stepdad comes in asking for a massage, but that's exactly what happened today. I don't mind since he did help pay for school. I started on his upper back while he sat on my bed. Then I noticed him touching his cock. I started massaging his chest until I made my way to his cock. He liked that part a lot. Daddy laid back and let me suck on his meaty dick before he put his lips on my dick and ass. He then stuffed me with his big cock. I didn't know if I would be able to take it all, but he made sure it fit. Daddy fucked my hole and made me feel loved. He stood over me while I jerked off onto my stomach.

Boy Fun - Update

July 25, 2023

Hardcore Games

Alpan and Rimi are dedicated gamers, and we all know how hard it is to tear a boy away from his console for anything more than a visit to the bathroom. Max seems to know how to get their attention, however. Can a gamer ignore the offer of some stiff-dicked BoyFun? As soon as he arrives he's trying to distract them, and they both put up some stiff resistance, until his hands and mouth head south. With Alpan's big juicy cock freed from his shorts and being slurped with skill he's finally forced to hit pause on his game, and Rimi is quickly following suit. Their games are soon far hotter than they would be otherwise as they strip naked, feeding their friend their drooling dicks, rubbing their tips together in Max's mouth, teaming up to fill their friend from both ends.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

July 22, 2023

Lex Moore & Tony

I try to maintain a healthy workout regime that gets me going in the morning. But nothing gets me going as much as my stepson, Tony Keit. When he entered the living room, I asked if he could help hold down my feet for sit-ups, but that only got me horny. There was no point hiding it, so I started grabbing at my cock. Tony knew what that meant, and since we were home alone, why not. Tony took my cock into his hands and then into his mouth. Not even my wife knows how I like my cock sucked, but Tony does, and he does it so well. But his young, tight hole is the key to my happiness. I slid my dick into his hole, and we fucked until he shot a cummy mess on his stomach, followed by my load on his taint.

Aussies Do It - Update

July 10, 2023

Dennis Takes Jamie's Big One

When sexy Russian top stud Dennis finished his rare bottoming hookup with hot mega hung Canadian Jamie J., the director asked if he's now a cum slut. All Dennis could answer was "It's so big! It makes me shake." You're gonna hear a few variations on that sentiment as we recount their scene. Dark and seductive, tatted Dennis is sought out for his topping skills by the other Aussie boys at Aussies Do It. But once he had a look, a nuzzle, and copped a feel of Jamie's big monster tool, his inner bottom took over. The two had a fun, easy rapport during their opening greet with the director, laughing and looking for all the world like a sweet hookup to come. When encouraged to start the action, Dennis took a hold of Dennis' fuck pole and couldn't help blurting out "Mmm, that's a big dick!"

Bring Me A Boy - Update

July 08, 2023

Lex Moore & Karol

I'm always available to give my stepson, Karol Gajda, a helping hand. It's the thing that brings us closer together. That and his fuck hole. My boy came in and asked for a massage. I wasn't doing anything, so I said yes. He sat on the bed, and I moved my hands around his body. He took his shirt off, and I flowed around his torso until our hands groped his cock through his undies. Karol laid down, we both undressed, and I grabbed both our dicks and started stroking. Then my boy was ready to suck on his dad's dick the way I like, but his ass was calling me, and I answered. He was tight, so we took it slow, but once he was open, his hole belonged to Daddy. I drilled him until he shot his load onto his stomach. I was right behind him with a cum canon of my own.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

July 07, 2023

Hot Fuckers

Nik Fros and Favio Vador are not only Hot Fuckers, but matching macho bookends to the other. Although from opposite sides of the globe their equally masculine good looks and muscularity make them a great match for today’s sexual explosion. When Favio and Nik come together their hairy torso’s meld together and the passionate kissing ignite their chemistry for one another. Favio’s hand travels across and down Nik’s muscular torso and down inside of his taught jeans, where he discovers the generous and preeminence of his desires, gaining strength within his grasp. When Nik’s cock is unleashed, it is already at it is full rock solid firmness, standing at attention and demanding equal amounts of pleasure. Favio drops to his knees and sucks in the entire length of Nik’s rigid cock, and begins to worship his cock, just as it demands.

Bentley Race - Update

July 07, 2023

Sexy Mate Kell Fuller

While I was staying in Berlin over winter I was spending some time hanging out with my mate Kell Fuller. You might remember I met this sexy Russian a few years ago when he'd just turned 19. We ended up making a bunch of hot scenes back then. Well it's been nearly 3 years since we've seen each other. I'm glad he suggested we do a new shoot on one of my last days there. So we headed over to my place where I got him stripping down to his sneakers. We had a lot of fun taking these photos. But wait till you see his wild new video. He took me by surprise when his fingering turned into fisting in this scene. He ended up getting so turned on being filmed that he shot a huge load of cum all over his face. I'm so glad my sexy mate is up for making new videos with me. I'll make sure I keep him busy on my next visit.

Southern Strokes - Update

July 01, 2023

Stress Free

I can admit that I'm a huge tease. Like, huge. Part of the thrill is when I know guys want to fuck, and I play it off while their hard dicks are standing at attention, just waiting for me to do something with it. That's just how it happened when Alpan came over to my house after wrestling practice. We landed on my bed and began to talk. That's when his dick became hard in his singlet. I tried to cover it with the pillow, but I gave in and pulled his big dick out. It barely fit in my hand. I sucked it down and gave him my throat to fuck as my head hung over the edge. He sucked me too, but then in a turn of events, Alpan gave me his ass to fuck first before we flipped.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 20, 2023

Michael & Nico Spit Roast Jerry

There's nearly 20 inches of uncut cock between Michael Lucas and Nico Zetta, and they are bringing all of that throbbing manhood to Jerry Toriz to take care of. Jerry Toriz is a handsome and beefy hunk of a man, and when you see him killing it at the gym you'd never suspect just how submissive and needy a bottom this guy can be in the bedroom. But he is, so much so that he wants to take it from both ends and get relentlessly spit roasted. Michael Lucas and Nico Zetta take turns fucking Jerry Toriz in his mouth and up his ass!

Southern Strokes - Update

June 19, 2023

Amon & Angel Abell

My biggest crush is the captain of the most hated soccer club in town. I'm the captain of the most beloved club, so being friends is forbidden, which turned us on even more. After a scrimmage, I invited Amon Volkov over to hang out and relax. He knew what that meant, and as soon as we started chatting, he put his hand on my knee and moved it up towards my cock. I reached over and grabbed his dick. After stroking each other, Amon went down and swallowed me up. I was happy to feed him my meat, but his cock was calling me. I sucked on his head just like my stepdad taught me, and he loved it, but then he licked my cock and ate my hole, which sent me into another galaxy. Then Amon stuffed his cock in my ass. I was on cloud-nine, and didn't want to come down, so I came instead, and so did he.

Blake Mason - Update

June 18, 2023

Dmitry, Austin & Yeison

Austin Ponce's Sex Diaries - Part 2: Yeison is the latest boy to move in, and he's arrived at the right time! While Austin Ponce is showing him to his new room horny young hunk Dmitry Osten is getting to grips with his rampant cock on the couch, and of course when they catch him in the act they're more than happy to join in! Young Yeison Elias might not have expected such an interesting welcome, but the smooth boy is soon feasting on double dick and taking an awesome pounding from his new roommates. We're sure there's a lot that comes with the monthly rent, but the best feature of the house is all the cock and cum to enjoy!

Blake Mason - Update

June 16, 2023

Dmitry & Austin

Austin Ponce's Sex Diaries Part 1: First of all, we need to say how happy we are to see gorgeous Dmitry Osten back here at BlakeMason. Austin is even happier than we are! The twinky boy is meeting his new roommate for the first time and what an introduction it turns out to be. Fresh from the shower handsome Dmitry soon has his long cock exposed and this boy can't wait to suck on it! of course the handsome young stud is just as eager for a taste and with their greedy cock lust taking over it's not long before Dmitry is fingering the boy's hole and pounding him all over the kitchen! It's such a rampant fucking, but the cum loads they shoot show it was worth every wet thrust. Dmitry looks even more handsome with twink cum over his face!

Men Over 30 - Update

June 16, 2023

Good Old Flip Fuck

Stud Valentin Petrov meets cute guy, Tommy Taylor for the first time and instantly create sexual chemistry as they take turns at pleasuring each other in this good old flip fuck.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

June 05, 2023

Watching My Boy

I love it when my stepson, Karol, does his social media stuff. He's been working hard on making his way in the world, and I couldn't be prouder, especially since he loves showing all the boys his cock. I stepped out of the shower during a trip we took together and found Karol taking nude pics of himself on the bed. I was turned on and walked over to him. He didn't see me watching him, and I startled him, but my cock was hard, and he knew what daddy wanted. Karol put his mouth right on it as he was trained to do. Then he bent over and showed me his ass. My boy loves how my thick cock slowly fills and expands his hole. I love how it grips my meat. We both shot our loads and took a nap together.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

May 15, 2023

Nik & Kay C.C. 486

Kay Tronx is excited to meet and induct Nik Fros into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. As the guys meet up, they begin to strip, exposing their ripped, muscular bodies. It is all hands on deck as Nik takes Kay into his arms and seduces him with his hot, wet kisses. Nik has his hands full of Kay’s muscular ass and is hungry to get at it. Kay has other plans as he drops to his knees and releases the strong bulge in Nik’s sweats. Once Nik’s impressive uncut cock is released Kay’s mouth is watering to get at it. Nik stuffs his hard cock into Kay’s hungry mouth and begins face fucking him, while exploring his smooth ass with his spit slicked fingers. Climbing on top of Kay, Nik begins tongue fucking and fingering Kay’s magnificent ass. Kay’s pleasure levels are rising fast as Nik continues his command over Kay’s ass.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

April 30, 2023

Black Leather

Sharing your fetish with a like minded soul leads to some wild adventures as Scott Carter and Sergey Blue are about to experience. As Scott enters the room in his leather harness and leather jock Sergey is on his knees looking equally sexy in his harness and leather jock. Both men’s nipples are twisted, pinched, and inflicted with pleasure as they admire one another other. Sergey grabs a brush and begins licking Scott’s boots as he polishes the stiff, black leather to a shine. Sergey’s other hand is busy stimulating his nipple as his cock commences to grow as his jock suddenly becomes too small to contain him. With his expert boot service, Sergey has brought Scott’s cock to life and it too has outgrown the confines of his leather jock.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 26, 2023

Jordan, Andrey & Michael

Threesome: Jordan Starr is hot on the trail of some dick. He wants to throat and ride cock, and Andrey Vic teams up with Michael Lucas to give him exactly what he wants. Andrey and Jordan take turns fucking each other, while Michael bangs them both in the butt!

Aussies Do It - Update

April 26, 2023

Dennis Dips Into Kandy

Russian Dennis is a hot-blooded Slav who loves reaming out bottom boys who can't get enough big cock. Kandy Kane is just the bleached-blond muscle boy who will gladly bump his booty back into every hard stroke. What a match! Kandy's careful to suck hard and deep throat down every inch, inflating Dennis' big boner till it's stiff as coiled steel. They kiss and rub their muscular bodies together, get their dicks throbbing for action. Kandy receives a royal rim job as his buddy licks and drills his tongue in deep. Tattooed Dennis doesn't want to wait a second more, slides his big bare cock into Kandy's twitching hole and has him moaning for more. Once he hits that magic spot inside Kandy they're off to the races. These two raw fuckers are scorching hot for each other, and smack their gonads together in just the right way.

Fuckermate - Update

April 24, 2023

Daily Dose

Once again XXL hung twink Alberth Pineda proves his skills banging hard the holes of our bareback-lover Saylor Jones with his raw massive cock and slaking his thirst with a daily dose of fresh thick cum!

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