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Chaos Men - Update

January 13, 2021

Jake & Mitch Raw

Another fantastic pairing with great chemistry! These two were flirting before we even got in the room. Another video where I just chase the models around and try to keep up with them. Based on the amount of kissing and rimming, you can tell these two were really into each other. The two don't spend too much time sucking and cock jousting before they jumped right into the fucking. Mitch easily took Jake's fat dick, eager for his cock. This video is a 'must see' as Jake breeds Mitch's hole after fucking the cum out of Mitch!

Fuckermate - Update

January 13, 2021

Deep Pumping

After his porno debut few weeks ago Costa Rican black bottom Miiothy Miio is back and ready to take another ride and this time he tastes the raw monster cock of Italian stallion Gianni Maggio. Miio sucks and worships every inch of the mediterranean meat before opening up his legs like an expert fucker and letting Gianni pump deep and destroy his ass.

Falcon Studios - Update

January 02, 2021

At Home With You 2

Adrian Hart is enjoying a steamy, hot shower and stroking his hard cock. When he finishes, he towels off and finds a naked Devin Franco resting in bed. He gets Devin up by stroking his cock and teasing it with his lips. Fully excited, Devin gets his mouth around Adrian's lengthy fuck-stick. After Devin gets his throat reamed, Adrian returns the favor, licking and sucking every inch of Devin's cock and hole. They both take turns sucking and rimming each other until Devin is the first to get his ass plowed bareback from behind. In a sensational flip-fuck, they switch so Adrian can feel Devin's girth against his prostate. Adrian's ass is too tight and hot for Devin to handle as he shoots his load all over Adrian's ass and licks it up. As Adrian lays back and busts, Devin makes sure he's there to lick up every drop he can.

Men Over 30 - Update

December 26, 2020

Wet Load In My Ass

Chase Ryder just got done a sweaty workout and is cleaning himself off. Extra horny Riley Mitchel is watching Chase in the shower and can't help but get hard. Chase notices Riley and loves the idea of having a good fuck in the showers. Watch Riley and Chase deepthroat and fuck each other in the showers.

Fuckermate - Update

December 24, 2020

Horny Angel

It is not very common to meet red-haired mates and this week we introduce a very sexy one: Italian twink D-shock is our last discovery and also if he may seem shy at first sight, you'll find out soon that behind his innocent angel face and his sweet freckles he hides an insatiable desire for big cocks. For his porno-debut he surrenders to the massive raw dick of our dominant top Robert Royal like a real submissive bottom, willing to be fucked hard and be satiated with a huge load of milk.

Trans Angels - Update

December 06, 2020


The gorgeous Monica Conti is waiting for her man. As she lazes on her rattan chair, wearing her prettiest nightgown and delicate white lingerie, she starts feeling herself, touching the very tip of her sensitive nipples. Here comes the awaited one, Jonas Jackson, looking good in his most precious pink suit. He won't wear it for too long, as Monica has other plans for him. She gets on her knees, undresses the man and services him, he then does the same to his queen. Those are only the first steps in a passionate and steamy intercourse.

Hairy and Raw - Update

December 04, 2020

Max & Hugh

This is my first time working with these two sexy men and I'm glad I found them. When I put these two together they both instantly were into it. Never having worked directly together on film was fun for the both of them and Entourage Las Vegas was the perfect backdrop. Watching Max swallow Hughs HUGE tool was very hot but watching Max fuck the shit out of Hugh was hotter. In and out, up and down till both loads flew. A scene you for sure don't want to miss.

Daddy Sex Files - Update

November 28, 2020

Delivery Boy Tag Team

Most men jack off at work, young Tommy DeLuca is no different. Thankfully married man Hans Berlin is more inclined to get his uncut cock out and join in when he finds the lad beating his huge meat to some good pussy porn. The arrival of delivery guy Zack Taylor only makes the encounter more fun, he doesn't need a whole lot or persuasion to get his own stiff meat out and within moments all three are stroking each other, sucking hard wet meat and preparing to share that delivery guy hole! By the time cum loads are splashed all over bottom Zack it's clear he's gonna be delivering here again

Men At Play - Update

November 27, 2020

Falling Into Temptation

Franky Fox has arrived home to pick up his boyfriend Marco Napoli for their dinner party. Marco is not ready and asks Franky to help him get dressed in order to hurry up. Franky starts to help, first with the sheer socks. But Marco wants to play and rubs Franky’s cock with his foot. Franky can’t resist the temptation of a good fuck before dinner… we guess dessert gets served first today!

BareBack That Hole - Update

November 23, 2020

Riley & Dillon

Riley Mitchel's been wanting to get it on with his trainer for months, now. At first, Dillon Diaz said no, but Riley can be persuasive when it comes to sexual rewards. Gradually, he wore down Dillon's resistance, until the muscle hunk eventually said yes. The only problem was that neither of them had a place, and since they wanted their hook-up to be spontaneous, they left it unplanned. And today, halfway through a 5K run, Riley got his wish. In the middle of the desert, with no one around for miles, they stopped suddenly and took turns sucking each other. And, yeah. They almost got caught. But that only made their risky encounter that much more exciting. With their pulse racing, and hearts beating fast, Riley bent over and offered up his big muscled ass.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

November 23, 2020

Mike & Chad

Super cute Chad is a boyish 18-year-old, with an angelic Bad-Boy look. At 5'6" he's petite, with a gorgeous body, smooth and defined, with a 6-pack and fit legs. And he's got a perfect arse with the tiniest bit of hair in his crack! He likes big cocks and wanted to try taking a huge thick one on camera. Mike Stafford is the lucky one who gets to play with Chad and open him up. Sporty Mike and scally Chad start off kissing. They take turns licking and sucking on each other nipples, and in no time, Chad pulls down Mike's shorts to reveal a big thick solid stiffie straining his white undies, moist with precum. Mike has one of the hottest cocks...a good 8 inches, very thick, uncut and slightly veiny. He's got big solid balls too.

BareBack That Hole - Update

November 08, 2020

This is Our Chance

Hunky Riley Mitchel and Mason Lear go shopping at their local adult fetish shop. But what can you do when you're so horned up you can't even think straight, let alone focus on what you're looking at? It doesn't help that there's porn all around, and sexy things they'd normally consider trying on. All they can think of is fucking and dropping a load. They want to sneak off and get it on, but where? Lucky for them, another horny customer walks in. But this guy isn't shopping. He's looking for something to steal. And once he finds it, he takes off, followed by the shopkeeper. Riley and Mitchel, recognizing the opportunity, hurry to the back where they get hot and sweaty as they take turns bareback fucking each other. Filmed at Get Booked, Las Vegas.

Butch Dixon - Update

November 07, 2020

David & Marco

HOT DAMN, the temperature's rising so is the sap, this daddy's gonna blow. Welcome to Marco Napoli and David Lee, these guys are packed, ripped, hung and juuuicy. David is strapping bearded bloke with a juicy joint, very long, snug foreskin and he just luvs those tight, horny lads like Marco. Italian Marco is all male, all beef, but he just luvs a hot dick up his hairy, hard and very tight hole, those guy is a real dick milker. this avid bottom is rock rigid as he rides that raw pole, his big nuts swimming to the rhythm of David's rampant thrusts - of those hips to butt collisions ! We make sure we're right between those beefy thighs - if these legs close I'm a goner, its an occupational hazard but a risk I'm willing to take.

Raging Stallion - Update

October 23, 2020

Lunch Daddy?

On a busy work day in New York City, Riley Mitchel is taunting his daddy, Zack Mitchel, with some quick, lunchtime release. When they both get a working-from-home break, Riley takes Zack to the bedroom and unbuttons his dress pants to reveal Zack's thick, meaty cock. Without hesitation, Riley engulfs Zack's girthy member with his mouth, swallowing it down to the base. Riley wants another hole worked so he climbs on top of Zack and slides down his hefty pole bareback. Riley takes Zack's big dick in multiple positions before erupting with thick ropes all over his hairy abs. When it's Zack's turn to unload, Riley waits below with an open mouth to lap up every milky drop Zack can spill into his mouth. Riley is so turned on by Zack breeding his mouth that he shoots out another load all over himself.

Tim Tales - Update

October 23, 2020

Boseda Fucks Saverio

It's Timtales Tuesday with one sexy newcomer. Meet the dominant top Boseda. With a long big black cock and a macho attitude, he's gonna be a bottom's dream. Originally from Africa, Boseda is in Europe to fuck one eager hole at a time. Today, Saverio is the lucky bottomless bottom taking all that cock. It's one rough raw fuck that ends with so much warm man milk.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

October 18, 2020

Valentino & Gianni CC 433

Gianni Maggio is “the expert” with a massive cock that is going to show Valentino Sistor, beginner how to show your best side to the camera. As soon as Valentino sees Gianni’s monster cock, he jumps on it and shows that he is no beginner when it comes to cock sucking. His cock sucking skills are actually quite impressive as he is able to take all 24 cm (9.5”). Gianni is thinking to himself, “if this guy’s mouth is this talented, I can’t wait to see how deep I can go in his ass.” Valentino’s ass gets a thorough tongue lashing before Gianni slams his cock, balls deep inside of him. While holding his ass open, Valentino shows Gianni that he is eager to take that huge, raw cock. Gianni fucks Valentino in multiple positions before creaming his ass with his thick load of cum.

Transsensual - Update

September 27, 2020

Daddy Dearest

Khloe (Khloe Kay) is getting ready for a date with her college crush. She stops in the kitchen to make sure that she looks perfect. Her stepdad Draven (Draven Navarro) complements her and gives her the confidence she needs for her date. She smiles at him and leaves the house. A few hours later she comes back home crying. Her dream date was an asshole he treated her like shit. Obviously, Draven reacts like every dad would. He's so fired up he wants to go to kick his ass. Khloe stops him, she finds his reaction cute. She wishes that she could find someone like him someday. In this intimate moment between her and her stepdad, she lets herself go and kiss him. Draven tries to move away, but when she presses her young body against him, he gives up and kisses her back.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 20, 2020

Love & Lust

There’s been so much scandal and infidelity among Paul (Nick Capra), Jeffrey (Adam Russo), Bryson (Drew Dixon), Dylan (Drake Rogers), and Markus (Sergeant Miles). But it’s time for old hurts to settle down, and Bryson and Paul finally begin to repair their relationship after Markus shows him the error of his ways. This paves the way for Paul to reignite his sexual and romantic relationship with his husband, Jeffrey. And they consummate their fiery passion for one another with hardcore love and lust that only two husbands can experience together!

Men At Play - Update

September 14, 2020

Big Tipper

Manuel Scalco is staying in a luxury boutique hotel where Bruno Max works as a waiter. Seated in the garden, the suited stud Manuel orders breakfast. While Bruno clears other tables, Manuel cannot stop staring at his ass. And, in order to get Bruno's attention, he intentionally pours coffee over his shirt. Bruno runs to help him get cleaned up and receives a generous tip for the help. When Bruno asks Manuel if he needs anything else, he’s offered more money, but this time Manuel takes Bruno's hand and shows him where the money is.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 09, 2020

Nick & Sergeant Miles

Nick Capra stars in “Secrets Between Uncles And Nephews" as Paul, a father and husband who finds the difficulties in his life at an all-time high. His 12-year marriage to his husband, Jeffrey (played by Adam Russo) has lost its spark and the romance isn’t what it once was. Even worse, his relationship with his son, Bryson (played by Drew Dixon) is cold and strained, because Bryson has never forgiven Paul for coming out of the closet, divorcing his mother, and and marrying another man. The tension is palpable during a pool-party visit from Paul’s brother-in-law, Markus (Sergeant Miles), and Paul’s nephew, Dylan (Drake Rogers). The gathering is to celebrate Dylan’s twenty-first birthday, during which Markus has a few too many, and being the doting host, Paul helps him to the guest room.

Hairy and Raw - Update

September 06, 2020

Atlas & T. Wilcox

Something happens to a man when he walks into a bathhouse. Something dark and primal takes over and it's about more than just the need to unload. It's about the urge to hunt and take a man down, get him beneath you and take him like a bitch. There's no way around it and no nice way of saying we're all fucking dogs. And as long as were slipping a raw bone in a tight hole, we're happy. That's what it's all about when you hit the bathhouse and find a willing cock whore. At Entourage, in Las Vegas, it's no different for big and beefy muscle hunk Atlas Grant and big, hairy fetish fucker, T. Wilcox, who puts Atlas through his paces, fucking his face and bareback fucking his hole until they let loose with some potent creamy jizz.

Hung Young Brit - Update

September 04, 2020

Real Pool Party

We live up to our low class reputation and we're not full of shit! When we say we will fuck anyone, we mean it. In fact we took cum from many more guys off cam too. That’s how dirty we truly are and we need you know know it! I've uploaded this clip so you can see how we party! PLEASE come to our parties if you see them advertised. They're all inclusive. No dick left behind! No spunk refused to be swallowed! If we're going to suck your dick, all we ask is that you give whichever NEW young lad we are dragging around your warm spunk either bareback in the arse or right in his mouth. Only guys who are "open minded" are invited to hang with us, so our no BAD attitude’ policy applies to them too.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 31, 2020

Play With Me

Jonathan Miranda and Manuel Scalco are gay porn stars in high demand for live sex shows at the clubs. The next morning the guys find themselves very horny after last night's performance. Manuel teases Jonathan with his hard cock, so Jonathan begins showing off his impressive cock as well. Jonathan begins by sucking on Manuel’s cock, giving him greater pleasure than from the show the night before. Enticed by the sight of Jonathan’s magnificent, fat cock, Manuel moves in and begins sucking, licking and kissing Jonathan’s throbbing cock. With his hunger mounting, Jonathan leans over and begins to feast on Manuel’s hairy ass, as his cock continues to fill his mouth. Manuel gets flipped around and Jonathan thrusts his bulging cock deep into his raw, hairy ass.

Breed Me Raw - Update

August 28, 2020

Atlas & T Wilcox

Something happens to a man when he walks into a bathhouse. Something dark and primal takes over and it's about more than just the need to unload. It's about the urge to hunt and take a man down, get him beneath you and take him like a bitch. There's no way around it and no nice way of saying we're all fucking dogs. And as long as were slipping a raw bone in a tight hole, we're happy. That's what it's all about when you hit the bathhouse and find a willing cock whore. At Entourage, in Las Vegas, it's no different for big and beefy muscle hunk Atlas Grant and big, hairy fetish fucker, T. Wilcox, who puts Atlas through his paces, fucking his face and bareback fucking his hole until they let loose with some potent creamy jizz.

Men At Play - Update

August 27, 2020

Non-Capisco, Editor’s Cut

MENatPLAY has released over 750 movies/videos in the past 15-Years! And, among our many award-winning Titles, ‘Non-Capisco’, originally released in 2010, ranks among the top favorites. Our editor dug up the raw footage and has compiled a new remastered Editor’s Cut of ‘Non-Capisco’ as a special bonus to our loyal supporters! Enjoy this scene it's been done very well and you'll love the extended version.

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