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Kristen Bjorn - Update

May 27, 2021


Trends come and go, but Beards have become a form of an indicator for Gay Bears, but beards have also crossed over into the muscle groups of gays, as is put on perfect display by Gianni Maggio and Leonardo Lucatto. As most men we all wake up with a ragging hard-on that demands attention. As Gianni wakes up, he is lucky to have Leonardo by his side to service his monster cock. Gianni takes the sleeping Leonardo’s hand and places it on his throbbing cock. Leonardo awakes to the feel of the heat of Gianni’s fat cock in his hand and quickly awakens and begins sucking on that magnificent cock. As Leonardo swallows Gianni’s colossal cock, his perfect pink hole is explored by Gianni’s wandering fingers.

Men At Play - Update

May 23, 2021

Come Inside & Play

When Diego Reyes’ real estate listing appointment doesn’t show, he gets in his car, out of the rain, and proceeds to jerk off inside to relieve some tension. From the neighboring house, an elegantly suited and sexy Manuel Scalco notices Diego, approaches, and invites him to come inside and play! Play they do and it is so erotic that you'll be busting a nut before you know it!

Fuckermate - Update

May 20, 2021

Red & Black

Our sexy red-haired twink Dshock got a big surprise today when he found none other than Carlos Le? in his bedroom, ready to give him a sweet taste of his well-known huge brazilian banana. The Italian doesn't want to miss the chance to have his boy-pussy treated like he deserves and wastes no time, taking Carlos' monster dick out and shoving it right inside his wide open mouth. With so many inches of hard meat Dshock feeds himself properly. Then, fucking horny, he spreads his ass open to let the Brazilian banging it raw. Carlos uses his massive cock like a hammer and as a cherry on top sprays his load all over his buddy's angel face!

Maverick Men - Update

May 17, 2021

Breed Italian Hole

This is our sexy friend, Frankie Delmarco. You can’t go wrong with a verse and hung Italian stallion. He spent the weekend with us fucking, sucking, eating ass and getting filled up. We shot a few more with Frankie and we can’t wait to share them all. Hey Keenan, thanks for lending us your hot lover. He’s as fun and sexy as you are!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

May 13, 2021

Warm Me Up

Our newest member to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men is the very handsome Jorman Brown, who is tutored, titillated and tantalized by the true brawn of Manuel Scalco. Stripping Jorman of his sexy underwear, Manuel takes his rich coffee colored big boy dick into his mouth and sucks it all the way down to his smooth, drawn up balls. Manuel is overwhelmed with the pleasure of Jorman’s meaty cock filling his mouth and immediately stands up and presents his dusty rose-colored cockhead to Jorman, who instantly devours the throbbing cock before him. Jorman can feel that Manuel is ready for more by the way his cock is pulsating in his mouth, so he flips him and rams his raw cock deep inside of his ass. Manuel’s hairy ass gets a deep dicking from Jorman before he gets flipped.

Fuckermate - Update

April 30, 2021

Getting Caught

If you get caught by your boss while you're texting on Grindr, just when you are working together with him, then you have to be as helpful as possible if he takes his cock out to teach you a good lesson! That's exactly what happened to our sweet muscled mate Santiago Rodriguez, that after his fault has been dealing with the giant schlong of his office manager Gianni Maggio for an entire morning! As soon as the Italian reveals the hard meat hiding in his pants, Santiago kneels down and swallows every single inch with his greedy mouth. Gianni is not far behind and takes a taste of the beautiful dick of his subordinate. He then draws his attention on the shaved ass that Rodriguez offers him, bending doggy style over the desk, first licking it and then sticking his raw monster cock deep inside.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

April 09, 2021


To reach the level of bodybuilding such as Heracles, one has to put in endless hours of hard work and today he is auditioning for horse hung Gianni Maggio. Gianni has a mild fetish for domination and is eager to find out what Heracles’ limits are. Heracles goes through his normal posing routine as Gianni looks on with admiration. As Gianni’s monster cock emerges larger than life, Heracles is unscathed and immediately leans and begins sucking on that powerhouse cock. Gianni strips Heracles down and spreads those amazing mounds of muscles that form his perfect ass and begins eating away at the perfectly smooth pucker hole. Without much notice Gianni gets to his feet and rams his gigantic, raw cock deep inside of Heracles’ bodybuilder ass.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

April 08, 2021

Unmasked & Ready To Fuck

After a long day of being outside Riley and Rikk can't wait to be home to take off their masks and suck each other's big dicks. Watch Riley Mitchel and Rikk York bareback fuck each other with their huge cocks until one of them can't hold their load any longer.

Trans Angels - Update

April 01, 2021

Fuck Me Hard

Draven Navarro buys some clams for a party he's hosting in just a few hours. Little does he know, one of the clams contains a magic little trans angel, the sultry Korra Del Rio. She is pissed because someone stole her precious pearl, and she can only assume that Draven is the thief. Draven doesn't have a pearl to give her, but Korra insists he gives her something to make up for the damage. And she has just one thing in mind. Sex!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

March 28, 2021

I Want You

After a strenuous workout, Lucio Saints invites Marco Napoli back to his flat and the testosterone levels are skyrocketing. The very masculine Marco seduces Lucio as he plays with his nipples and tugs at his growing cock. The guys quickly get naked and Lucio goes in for the grand prize, Marco’s hairy, muscular ass. Lucio makes a feast of Marco’s delectable ass and rock-hard cock. Lucio flips Marco around and presents his meaty, monster cock for Marco to feast on. Marco does everything within his powers to choke down the gigantic cock as his ass begins twitching with anticipation. Marco gets flipped around again and this time Lucio rams his humongous cock deep into his beautiful ass. Lucio immediately begins fucking Marco with an energy only reserved for hardcore muscle fuckers.

Trans Angels - Update

March 24, 2021

Pose For Me

The stunning Eva Paradis is more than photogenic, and she knows it. She only needs an external eye to tell her how to pose for the camera. Today, she invited her hot buddy, Giovanni Casti, for a steamy photoshoot. As soon as Eva shows her perfect boobs, Giovanni can't help but drop the camera and put his hands on Eva's body. The two horny perverts soon forget about the photoshoot. They'd rather have a naughty fuck instead.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

March 10, 2021

Right To The Point

It is a clear and crisp day as Leonardo Lucatto and Manuel Scalco hike up the mountain to Leonardo’s cousin’s cabin. As with any horny man, the best way to warm up is to strip down and have sex. Manuel and Leonardo strip down to their jock straps and begin exploring one another. Leonardo spits and sucks his way up and down the smooth cock shaft of Manuel as he feels the strength of his cock grow in his mouth. Manuel spits a hefty amount of saliva onto Leonardo’s ass before he slips his hard cock into his raw ass. Manuel gives Leonardo a hard fucking before he flips Leonardo onto his back and trades his cock for his hot, hungry tongue. Feasting on Leonardo’s ass as if it were his last meal, Manuel brings both men’s desire to a higher level that really heats up the cabin.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 05, 2021

Stas, Nick, Ben & Andrey

Sometimes a young punk who thinks he’s a big-shot around the office needs to be put in his place and taught who is boss. Big-boss Nick Capra and his trusted associates Stas Landon and Andrey Vic have kept an eye on Ben Batemen’s bad, narcissistic attitude for awhile. And when it’s apparent that he needs to be brought swiftly under control. Nick Capra, Stas Landon, and Andrey Vic keep him after hours and put him in his place. Ben is an incredible specimen when he’s stripped down and standing proud, and the three men in charge have a lot of fun bringing him to heel.

Breed Me Raw - Update

February 28, 2021

Hugh & Alessio

This was the last scene of the Vegas Production and what a great way to end! Hugh Hunter and Alessio Romero knew each other but never worked together before and were looking forward to it. We were too, given the need to release some morning wood. As soon as the cameras started rolling, Alessio and Hugh were at it! I recall the look in Alessio's eyes. He wanted to FUCK! Hugh was ready to provide a nice warm hole to fill, giving Alessio just what he needed.

BareBack That Hole - Update

February 28, 2021

Drew & Rico

Sometimes you need a hug. Sometimes you need to be fucked silly. Drew Dixon is in his room when his roommate Rico Fatale knocks on the door. There's no need to guess what he wants as he sits on the bed between Drew's legs. As they begin kissing and taking off their clothes, Drew notices Rioc's new body. The gym is paying off, and it excites Drew more. Rico slips off Drew's pants and starts sucking on his big cock. Rico loves gaging on it but takes a break to get his cock sucked by Drew while standing on the bed. Drew is happy to do some work and swallows Rico's cock. After switching again, Rico bends over and let's Drew devour his ass with his tongue. Drew loves eating a nice plump butt before he fucks it.

Masqulin - Update

February 11, 2021

The Arborists 2

The fucking heat is making the club arborists absolutely crazy horny! And neither Chris Damned nor Joel Someone can help watch their coworker Drew Sebastian fuck Marco Napoli. And, when Marco goes shower after a sweaty fucking, the two bros go from watching to joining in on the fun in a four stud orgy.

Fuckermate - Update

February 08, 2021

Taste Of Cock

Italy and Venezuela meet in front of our cameras this week for a hot bareback session with our XXL stallion Gianni Maggio and naughty Latin bottom Kike Gil. When they meet the Italian does not waste time to pull his thick cock out his underwear and offer it to the hungry Kike. The latter can hardly swallow that huge piece of man meat but soon Gianni commands him to get ready to take it all inside his insatiable hairy ass and, of course, to prepare for a facial reward in the form of multiple hot cum shots!

Chaos Men - Update

February 02, 2021

Jake Hart & Silas Raw

Silas referred a model to me recently (Jake Ducati) and mentioned he himself was still in great shape. Now at 37, he wanted to do another video, and I think he looks fantastic! I also got a blast from the past when Jake Hart, out of the blue, said he would be willing to come in and do a full shoot. Though it has only been a couple years since we last saw Jake, I thought this would be a good 'flashback' pairing. His limits were still fairly narrow, but I knew Silas would not mind. He just wanted a good prostate massage. I was eager to see this tatted-boy's long dick in action again. And with Jake's extra-long, nearly 9-inch cock, I was a little worried for Silas. But he took one look at Jake's dick and said as long as he didn't go deep, he could easily handle it.

Fuckermate - Update

February 02, 2021

Lustful Friends

When our big-dicked lad Abel Sanztin met red-haired twink Dshock for the first time, he would never have imagined that behind that seemingly shy guy and those sweet freckles the Italian was hiding a submissive bottom, ready to fullfill the wishes of a real dominant top. The Spaniard lets his extra-large monster loose and then invites our hungry newbie to suck him off and swallow his meat. After that satisfying sucking job, Abel orders the Italian to lay on his back and buries his face in the smooth juicy ass. Things heat up fast and Dshock begs in ecstasy to be fucked bareback. Abel knows very well how to play and sticks his huge cock deep inside the open hole, hammering his young buddy and letting him have every inch before unleashing his thick cum-load all over that angel's face!

Men - Update

January 27, 2021


Manuel Scalco's beard is getting a bit unruly, so he asks his boyfriend, Aitor Fornik, to give it a trim. As Aitor starts running the clippers over his man's face, the horny top distracts him by pulling out his hard cock! That big dick needs attention more than Manuel's facial hair, so Aitor gives it a long, luxurious blowjob. Manuel undresses the bottom and eats his hole, then fucks him doggystyle. They sit on the couch where Aitor can climb on Manuel's cock, then head into the bedroom where Manuel bends Aitor over the bed till he pulls out and gives the bottom a facial. The guys cuddle up as Aitor jacks his cock and shoots a big load onto Manuel's face.

Amateurs Do It - Update

January 25, 2021

Luca & Rhys

We've met Luca before as he's done a couple of shoots with us and was eager to bottom for another hung amateur! Luca has his classic, Italian good looks; perfectly tanned, smooth skin, a pair of plump, passionate lips, and a hot, tight hole... Cheeky Rhys is full of sexual chemistry, powered by his rock hard cock! Versatile by nature, Rhys is more than keen to show us how Brazilians like to fuck raw. This barebacking scene is a must-see, concluding with a very intense creampie as Rhys continues to fuck long after shooting inside Luca's hot ass!

Bear Films - Update

January 25, 2021


If you are into daddies types and leather, then you know there is nothing hotter than two sexy and very playful, leather daddies working each other over. And that's just what you get with Ale Tedesco and Steve Sommers. A little nipple biting, ball slapping, spit, restraint play, hole teasing, cock sucking and total pleasure. All that before they jump into the sling, where they flip fuck raw, back and forth, filling up their daddy holes in every possible position until Steve is covered in both their cum.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 23, 2021

Brent Flip-Fucks Nick

Nick Capra is one hell of a daddy. He’s tender and passionate with his bottom boys, and once they are ready, Nick amps up his energy and gets rough fucking them in the ass; it’s the only way they’ll learn to be true men. Brent Everett is immediately attracted to Nick’s masculine daddy energy, and quickly wants to please him and serve his needs. Nick Capra is more than happy to take Brent Everett under his care and show him what quality time with a top-tier daddy is truly like. And after Brent is throughly pounded out, Nick Capra spins around and gives his ass to Brent to teach him out to properly t

Masqulin - Update

January 17, 2021

The Arborists 1

Breakfast in bed? When Marco Napoli wakes up with morning wood and notices Drew Sebastian trimming the trees, he invites him inside. The arborist accepts the invitation and uses his own thick wood on Marco’s hungry hole. They get right down to it with some spreading deep tongue fucking rimming. Followed by deep hard pounding bareback anal sex. These two beefy hairy bears know exactly what gets them going and more importantly, what gets them off!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 16, 2021

Hugh & Geo

Sometimes two daddies have more in common with each other than a daddy does with one of his young lovers. That’s the situation with Hugh Hunter and Gio Forte, who take a last-minute trip with one another to Fire Island where they have plenty of fun in and out of their swimsuits! The stepsons are left home for this trip — it’s a MEN-only affair! All I can say is WOW, these two sexy daddies really know how to make anyone watching them grab their cock and jerk it until they pop.

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