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Bentley Race - Update

September 28, 2017

Christiano Szucs

My sexy 22 year old mate is starting the shoot wearing jeans, and a plaid shirt. He looks hot as he slowly undoes the shirt buttons to reveal his chiseled chest. But it's his lightly blond fur covered bum that I didn't notice before. I didn't notice that he had such a nice bum. Maybe all my attention was on that big uncut dick in the first shoot. I cut a new video with Christiano too. This time the blond hottie is fucking a fleshlight and then blows his cum all over me. I can't think of a better way to finish our second shoot together. We have stayed in touch this year and Christiano keeps asking when are we going to do it again. I'm sure our paths will cross again soon.

Butch Dixon - Update

September 26, 2017

AJ Alexander & Hans Berlin

OOH yes, the thuggish, thick dick brawn of Scotland pitted against the big-legged, pig-minded beef of Germany as Aj Alexander ( Scotland) ploughs and seeds Hans' hungry bareback hole. Hans and Aj are two of our favourite, rough 'n' tumble models. Aj is straight in there, passionately kissing Hans' handsome face, before turning him around bending him over and carrying on the passionate snogging arse-wise. Hans is rock hard and dripping wet, his arse is open and twitching for some raw dick init. AJ is the man to supply, its thick, uncut meat and Hans is luving the rippling squeak of his spit lubed hole, stretching and accepting that pork. These burly, bastards fuck and slam each others hard bodies, in an animalistic, fuck of sweaty, spunky, man-on-man, skin on skin passion. Its a real hum dinger!

My 10 Inches - Update

September 22, 2017

Fucking Logan McCree

On a recent trip to San Francisco Rocco ran into one of his porn crushes Logan McCree. You might remember tatted Logan from when he was a Raging Stallion exclusive back in 2007. Lots of tats, shaved head, hot body. He took a long break from porn but after a little convincing Rocco got him to stop by his hotel room to give a massage which, of course, turned in to a WHOLE lot more. Logan is still fine as fuck and even after a long break from porn he still knew how to take a dick from both ends!

Deviant Otter - Update

September 07, 2017

Good Guy Great Hole

Hans was just so friggin charming and relaxed that I was put at ease the second he arrived. After throwing back a few drinks and losing track of time we finally moved into the bedroom (which was kinda hot for me because I haven’t fucked around with anyone in the master bedroom yet besides my man but he was out of town, so yay no rules!). I could have sucked his uncut hog all day. Seriously, I cannot express how much I love uncut dick. But that would have gotten monotonous so I raw-dogged his hole all over the bed. Which wasn’t easy I might add, he is definitely a bottom that makes the top struggle and work for it, I was almost ready to pass out at one point. And thats why I love Hans.

Cazzo Club - Update

August 29, 2017

Alberto Vs Devian (Pt. 2)

The tattooed Alberto and his muscular guy Devian go into the second round on the beautiful Berger roof terrace. Mercilessly the pig sticks the fist into the intestines of the Italian in the turbo-staccato, acknowledged with loud cries from the bearded Italian. Then Alberto turns the action around, and much more: In his turn, he splits Devian with his bare cock. Always wilder they fuck each other and sweat like the pigs they are.

Cazzo Club - Update

July 18, 2017


Get out of the bedroom and into more fun. Sex also goes on the freeway, in the train, in a quarry or in the middle of the city, the fear of being discovered makes it extra awesome. Milking Cocks In the subway, fucking in the mud, a number in the taxi on the drive through Berlin: Everything guaranteed without a turning permit. The hottest and most dangerous outdoor scenes from 10 movies!

Dominic Pacifico - Update

July 04, 2017

Banged in Sneakers

Logan is a hot European stud with a Sneaker fetish and a fat uncut cock. Though he's more of a bottom he can't wait to get a taste of Dominic's sweaty juicy bubble butt. Pounding his meat deep and hard with his hot sweat sneakers on Dominic takes it like a man until he busted a huge load all over Logan's Chest.

Cazzo Club - Update

July 02, 2017

Fist & Fuck

Berlin's Cazzo Film is world renowned for some of the most extreme fisting and fucking and this is a hour and a half of the very top scenes.

Tim Tales - Update

June 19, 2017

Tim Fucks Joaquin

Lucky you, Tim is your daddy today! Timtales is so pleased to introduce newcomer Joaquin Santana. Let me just start by saying that this guy is a pearl! Originally from Colombia, Joaquin has this angel face with devilish eyes. He's so sexy, yet so pure. And did I mention he just can't get enough of Tim's massive cock? Tim loved his tight hole, sweet mouth and the way he rolls his eyes in pure ecstasy while getting fucked. Truly a pearl :)

Tim Tales - Update

June 03, 2017

Tim Fucks Patrick

Tim tastes the huge bouncy ass of the sexy Venezuelan Patrick Dei. With these gorgeous horny eyes, Tim can only fuck him harder and deeper. Judging from his moaning of joy and pain, Patrick didn't expect Tim's cock to be that thick. But he took him like a champ and got rewarded with a hot load deep in his mouth.

Bentley Race - Update

June 02, 2017

Kevin Babik

Kevin Babik is back in this hot shower shoot while in Berlin. This was actually Kevin's first nude photoshoot. I had not seen him naked before taking these photos. So he kinda surprised me when he pulled out that super fat uncut dick. 19 year old Kevin had recently moved there from Poland. He had been telling me about his sneaker fetish when I invited him to come around for a shoot. He is doing a simple photoshoot in the bathroom wearing just the Aussiebum speedo. After soaping up in the hot water he turns around to lather up his lightly hairy bottom. Kevin is very cheeky and pulls faces at the BTS video camera whenever my back is turned. Afterwards we made that very hot video where he jacks off and cums on me. What a nice way to spend our first day hanging out in Berlin!

Bentley Race - Update

May 23, 2017

David Ivan

Take a long hot shower with my straight mate David Ivan. Sometimes the simplest of shoots turn out to be the best. I did this tiny bathroom shoot with Bulgarian hottie David Ivan earlier this year during my visit to Berlin. David had hardly walked in the door when I had him trying on speedos. I didn't really get an idea of just how built this guy was until I started taking his photos. David is 21 years old, from Bulgaria, now living in Berlin.

Cazzo Club - Update

May 08, 2017

Alberto & Torsten

Torsten Muller and Italian pig Alberto Esposito are on the Berlin subway. They quickly go home to the shower, where Alberto lets loose a full load of into Torsten's mouth. Torsten gets his bare cock out and removes the butt plug Alberto has been clenching. The giant cock stretches Alberto's ass channel so that he cries every time his balls against his plump cheeks clap. Always an intense encounter, the spanking into the greedy hole of the bald pig continues in the ass. While the arsehole filled with yellow juice is gone, Torsten fucks his German piston again and again in the greasy drooling hole.

Tim Tales - Update

April 30, 2017

Tim fucks Henrik Sommer

Summer is back in Barcelona and it brings with it a sexy German newcomer at Timtales! Meet Timtales Exclusive Henrik Sommer. All made of pure German muscles, with an ass to die for. He's sweet and geeky but above all slutty as hell. Tim's massive cock enters Henrik like in butter. I swear he could have taken two or three more guys… Watch out, we'll give him just that at Timtales :)

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 28, 2017

Bottoming for Step-Daddy

Lee Santino is caught jerking off in bed by his stepdad Hans Berlin. Lee’s embarrassed, but continues to have a hard-on despite being found out. Hans notices this, and instead of walking away decides to show Lee what sex is actually about and not just how it appears on the internet. Lee learns from his stepdad just how much he loves sucking on uncut cock and getting fucked in the ass bareback. Hans Berlin is rough in bed, so Lee Santino gets one hell of a workout from his stepfather!

Mr. Man - Update

April 24, 2017

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender had been earning acclaim in small films for a few years when he got his big break starring as Magneto in X-Men: First Class (2011). He burst penis first into world-wide fame in Shame (2011) where he stars as Brandon, a man whose sexual appetite cannot be curbed. His performance won him multiple awards and landed him a Golden Globe nomination. Michael has nothing to be ashamed off as he flashes full frontal in this beautiful scene of annoying phone messages, peeing, showering and jerking off.

Cazzo Club - Update

April 20, 2017

Tim Kruger Special

Tim Kruger is a German Pornstar. He combines boyish charm with manly-exterior: bright blue eyes, trendy beard, chest hair and a giant cock! The well hung top takes charge of many strong guys. With lots of fun he slams them so heartily when they need it. In a daring quickie in the middle of Barcelona Tim and the hard-line Carioca milk off each other. One evening the striking Darren and Latino Lover Milan take Tim's cock in their ass.

Tim Tales - Update

April 06, 2017

Tim and Jonathan Miranda

Our sexy architecture student Jonathan Miranda climbs Tim's massive tower. Jonathan was looking forward to ride that famous cock. Literally fucked at new heights :)

Bentley Race - Update

April 04, 2017

Muscle Mate David Ivan

I had so much fun meeting lots of beautiful men while I was travelling through Europe. I have met some very sexy guys who are excited about doing nude modelling and porn videos for the first time. This week I'm happy to introduce my new straight mate David Ivan. I met the 22 year old muscly Bulgarian at my studio in Berlin. He was introduced to me by our mutual mate Micky Petrov, another model that I shot with last year. I didn't get much information out of David since we didn't speak the same language, but he was happy enough to strip and pose for me. Even his first jack off video was incredibly hot. This guy is solid and very strong. He obviously looks after himself and works out a lot. David's photos look great! And I love his thick erect cock as he proudly shows it to me. I got to shoot a lot of stuff with David while I was in town. I'm looking forward to making him a regular mate to appear on the site. He's a nice guy and really sexy.

Cazzo Club - Update

April 03, 2017

AJ, Aymeric, Mike & Ruben

The Dark Country market is the leather pride of Antwerp and is one of the largest unofficial fuck sessions in the city. The pigs here will dress up in leather and rubber blown and fucked in their asses to your hearts content. One of the customers, Mike Bomer, has just put on a rubber mask and searches for matching chaps and discovers the two Tattooed machos AJ and Aymeric. After a brief check of Mike, muscled body Aymeric unpacks his juicy dick and pushes it into the rubber pig's mouth.

Bentley Race - Update

March 24, 2017

Hung Twink mate Kevin Babik

Very cute Polish boy I met in Berlin last month. I saw some pics that 19 year old Kevin Babik had posted on his personal profile. They were photos of him showing off his fetish for sneakers. We got along really well and he agreed to model for me. Apart from being very cute, Kevin really surprised me when he pulled out that very fat uncut dick. He had trouble working his big cock and balls in to his cock ring. Kevin is a really sweet boy who had just moved to Germany. We had a lot of fun making the shoot. We ended the shoot with a video of Kevin ramming his fat cock in to a fleshlight and then blowing a huge load of cum all over me.

Tim Tales - Update

March 11, 2017

Tim and Josh Moore

Tim had the chance to meet his blond brother (practically), the handsome Josh Moore. Josh almost got bullied out of the porn industry recently and at Timtales, we don't discriminate. Tim wanted to show Josh the German hospitality. And I guess he felt it very deeply! With almond shape blue eyes, a pink hole and a big cock, Tim simply couldn't resist.

Cazzo Club - Update

February 26, 2017

The Best of Perverts

Well here it is crass and to the point: dirty, distant, fanciful. Can feet and also eggplants into a man's ass slide? In addition we have mud fucking, fist gang bang, pumps, cream pies and a whole lot more of Cazzo's wildest side. Extraordinary scenes from Cazzo films. So, you've never seen sex such as this.

Cocksure Men - Update

February 24, 2017

Hans Berlin and Sean Duran Bareback

Hans Berlin is in his room at a clothing optional gay resort in Florida. While Hans strokes his thick cock, his lover, Sean Duran, walks in naked and almost hard. The two naked muscle hunks talk a little, then Sean climbs on the bed and the raw action starts. Sean and Hans have great chemistry. There's a lot of cock sucking and ass eating. The bareback fucking begins when Hans rams his raw cock deep into Sean's ass. Sean lays on his back and Hans fucks him from the front. They take turns rimming then Sean fucks Hans bareback from behind. Hans lays down and Sean is on top of him ramming his raw cock passionately into Hans. Sean pulls out, grabs Hans cock, spits on it, then slides his ass on the raw cock. Sean goes for a bareback ride then shoots his load onto Hans's chest.

Cazzo Club - Update

February 22, 2017

Fritz der Haarige & Rico Rothar

The punk can't believe it as the hairy German pig fists him with both hands the ass channel. The hole squishes and pushes the big hands harder and deeper fuck until the Rosebud arches with full pride out of his ass. The thick sauce that Dick shoots from Fritz and defile the pussy lips again as he pushes into the pulsating flesh.

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