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Bring Me A Boy - Update

October 24, 2023

Andre & Nico

My boy is the best in the world, and I try to show him how much I love him whenever his mom isn't around. Nico came to me to show off his new shirts, which fit his body perfectly, but I knew it would look better on the floor with my dick inside his great ass. I stripped him down and smacked his ass around before licking it and getting it ready for fucking. Nico Vegas is trained to please Daddy Andre Cruise and likes when I treat him rough but with my special touch. I fingered his hole and then allowed him to suck my dick. I gave his throat a good fuck before swallowing his cock, turning him over, and sliding into his hole. The expression on my boy's face as I pound his ass turns me on so much. We were dripping in sweat when we shot our loads. Hope we didn't stain the couch.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

October 23, 2023

Fortune Teller: Hans & Gianni

Hans Berlin slips into the world renowned seer’s lair to see what he can learn, but Gianni Maggio already knows who he is and what he seeks. Gianni proceeds to prepare a reading for Hans as the candle is lit and the cards are dealt. What will the cards tell us? The cards are not clear and Gianni must use a more powerful reading, “The Ora-Culo of Ur-Anus” reading. Gianni prepares Hans for the reading by stripping him down to his jock strap and retrieving his ora reader. Trepidation is all over Han’s face as he plays along. Gianni is unable to get a clear reading and has to delve deeper to see what the future holds for Hans. As Hans is splayed on the chair, Gianni uses another of his ora readers, his tongue, to explore Hans’ much deeper.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

September 17, 2023


Lucio Saints has been gathering evidence and today his suspicions play out, but not the way he wanted as he views his boyfriend, Jorge Leal in the arms of Hans Berlin. Lucio confronts Hans and tells him he knows exactly what his boyfriend likes and that is his monster cock. Lucio rips his pants open and out flies his gigantic cock. Hans is asked if he wants to try it as Lucio pushes him to his knees and his growing cock is shoved into Han's mouth. Lucio gives Hans an intense face fucking as he gags, and chokes the fat hog down his throat. Lucio takes possession of Hans' mouth and uses it to release his anger and frustration. Hans complains that it is too big just as Lucio shoves it down his throat. Hans gets bent over and Lucio begins to devour that hot pink hole. Lucio instructs Hans to push it out and Lucio savors the delicacy in front of him.

TheBroNetwork - Update

August 14, 2023

Play My Song

Cam Crawford is an international DJ in town for a quick club gig when cutie Enzo Muller approaches the booth to play his song. Well, Enzo is willing to do whatever it takes to get his favorite track played, and a bit of talented tongue action has Cam slipping up during his set. After the crowd goes wild for all the wrong reasons Cam joins Enzo after hours, so he can show him just how much of a fan he really is.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

August 07, 2023

Hans & Jack

Something a bit different here, with handsome hung muscle dad Hans Berlin getting his thick meat serviced by cute, horny young Jack Green, then fucking him, before flipping. Dad fucks Lad then Lad fucks Dad, and Dad gets a messy facial too! Starting off with passionate kissing, groping, and nipple play, then they pull out each others big uncut dicks. Jack drops to his knees and gives Hans big thick meat a good, sloppy sucking, then Hans gets down to gives Jack's stiff cock some expert deepthroat. On the sofa, Hans lays back as Jack works on his girthy dick some more, mouth stretched wide, spit dripping down the shaft, while getting a nice mouth fuck too. Some very hot oral action here! Next, Jack is on all fours on the floor as Hans works on his smooth hole giving it a good licking and fingering.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 03, 2023

Water Me

Heading out of town, Scott Carter asks his neighbor Andre Cruise to water his plants while he is gone. Andre is watering the plants when he is startled as Scott comes home unannounced. Scott, being the sexy fucker that he is begins stripping and seducing Andre. Scott suggests that Andre water him instead. With all the summer heat the guys decide to water each other down to cool off. Cooling off is not happening as the water drips across Scott’s hairy, muscular torso, his cock only grows that much more. Andre drops to his knees and begins lapping at Scott’s plump cock, tasting the mix of water and the pungency of man sweat. Scott decides he should reward his neighbor for helping him out and begins to water him down as well. Andre soaks up all the moisture and seductively lets it flow across his lips and tongue.

Bentley Race - Update

May 29, 2023

Matthew Ricci

I was meeting some really cute guys while I was staying in Berlin over winter. I was lucky enough to spot Matthew Ricci posting some flexing photos online. He was staying close to me and was keen to give modelling a go when I suggested it. The 23 year old from Italy is super cute and has an amazing body. He picked out some little shorts and a jockstrap for the shoot. Even though it was a dull day in Berlin, the photos of Matthew were turning out brilliant! After taking way more photos than I needed, I grabbed the video camera to record our cute new mate jacking off. He ended up dumping a big load of cum on me as I lay filming him from the floor. Matthew is super cute and a really sweet boy. I can't wait till our paths cross again.

Bentley Race - Update

April 13, 2023

New Mate Charles

While I had some free time during my winter vacation in Berlin I started checking out the guys online there and asking a few if they would model for me. I was really happy to meet 19 year old Spanish boy Charles Romero. He was a bit shy at first when we met back at my apartment. Charles is a really sweet boy. Really cute, and super fit. Even though it was a really dull grey day in Berlin, we managed to get some brilliant photos with Charles stripping naked on my couch. We also made a little video with him jerking off. What a nice way to spend a cold grey day in Berlin. Charles makes a really nice addition to our group of cute boys modelling on Bentley Race.

Real Men Fuck - Update

March 23, 2023

Daddy Dicks A Stud

Hans Berlin gets his dick wet when Arturo Santos gets on his knees to suck the hung daddy. Arturo's talents get Hans hard almost immediately as the lucky stud continues to work the daddy dick in front of him. Hans takes a taste of Arturo's open hole before he slides his cock deep inside and starts pumping away. Hans is unstoppable as he pounds a steady rhythm just the way he likes it. Hans heaves a final sigh and dumps his load into Arturo to give him a sloppy cream-pie that's going his undies wet for the next few hours for sure!

Bentley Race - Update

March 21, 2023

David Avila

During my European vacation I got to meet with some very beautiful guys. I hadn't expected to get so many sexy guys modelling for me in the bleakest part of the Berlin winter. So you can imagine my surprised when 22 year old David Avila arrived at my door soaked from the freezing rain outside. It was his first day visiting Berlin and he was coming to model naked for me?? We had a little trouble since we didn't speak the same language, but we managed to get through the shoot okay. In fake the overcast day helped me get some beautiful photos of our newest mate. David is very handsome with a beautiful thick muscly body. I can't wait to show him the photos later today. I also got him jerking off while I filmed him so we have a nice hot video to add to the site.

Club Amateur USA - Update

March 06, 2023

TreyDaddie 776

TreyDaddie | Complete Scene | 31 | 6'00" | 165# | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight and Sexploring: Back during the first five years of producing Club Amateur USA, my native German friend would, literally, call me from his plane at Sky Harbor when he landed (or from Houston Intercontinental before he took off) to let me know that he was coming into town, briefly, for business, and he needed the CAUSA massage table treatment (sans cams) while on the ground here. Thom would drive his rental car over from PHX, and we'd usually have about an hour to see how many times I could bring him to orgasm. I remember this one particular time wherein the pleasure was so intense for Thom that he, literally, started crying, and also, as a result of this extreme intensity, Thom's big ol' uncut Bockwurst would stop working.

Bentley Race - Update

March 05, 2023

New Mate David Khalid

I just got back from a visit to our studio in Berlin. I was surprised by how many beautiful guys I got to meet during when of the bleakest periods in Germany. One of the first boys I met was 21 year old David Khalid. Recently arrived from the Middle East David is enjoying settling in and exploring the city. I was really taken by David's gorgeous looks. Plus he was so much fun to shoot with. I was experimenting with the limited light as David slowly stripped out of his shorts and t-shirt. He has a fit slim body with the most perfect covering of hair. He gives me a lot of cheeky smiles as he gets his gear off. Afterwards I grabbed the video camera to catch him jerking off with a fleshlight too. I'm really happy to have David join our group of sexy mates stripping and getting off at Bentley Race.

Boy For Sale - Update

January 02, 2023

The Boy Clayton Ch 1

The Grooming: The latest acquisition from Master Kamp was a rare prize, indeed. Clayton was a tall, statuesque slab of blonde meat that was formed by the rigors of high school football and weight training. In his past life, he was the golden boy of his town. Quarterback, prom king, envy of all men and boys. The untrained eye would look at Clayton and assume that this boy would become top of the world. But there wasn't a "top" bone in Clayton's body. And only the analytical eyes of an expert like Master Kamp could see this truth. Kamp felt Clayton quiver. He could tell that the large young man was so eager to be used. He gripped the boy's head roughly and pushed him onto a pedestal in the center of the darkened room.

Axel Abysse - Update

December 13, 2022

Fill Me Up: Part One

His balls are fuller than ever but the hole is desperately empty! Axel meets Georgi at Time Off, the fisting club in Gran Canaria, for a deep session in the sling. These two just can't get enough fisting and love that prolapse. If you like deep hard fisting, then this is the right place for you!

Spritzz - Update

November 14, 2022

Punk Boy Needs Big Cock

The young slutty punk boy with the pink hair is an uninhibited cocksucker and Alec's stiff 20 inches are right up his alley. Like a blowing machine, he licks and sucks on the bulging pipe and Alec has to be careful not to shoot his load too soon. First, the punk bitch must still be fucked deep and hard!

Jalif Studios - Update

October 10, 2022

Rod & Martin

Rod Malek and Martin Klauss barely speak the same language, but what they lack in words, they understand in sexual appetite. Rob is surprised by Martin's advances, but he can't deny he's curious to experience the handsome man's cock. Martin stands and reveals his massive, uncut member, plunging it into Rod's mouth before he can even react to its size. Martin's horny, provocative approach pays off. Having had one taste of his member, Rod is ready to tear off his clothes and give in to the intense tan man's urges.

Bentley Race - Update

September 17, 2022

New Mate Erik Brieger

I'm pretty excited today to introduce my handsome new mate Erik Brieger. I was chatting to this guy online during my stay in Berlin. I wasn't sure if he was serious about modelling for me when he suggested it. But I'm glad he was because he's really sexy. And we had a lot of fun doing this shoot. The fit 29 year old lives on the outskirts of Berlin and travelled in after work to meet with me. I was glad the summer days are long in Berlin so we could still get some nude shots out on the balcony. This was a simple shoot with Erik stripping naked, showing off his very fit body and pierced hard dick. Later we also made a video where he showed me he can lick his own dick! He's every talented. I think Erik is going to make a very nice addition to our sexy group of mates.

TopFanVids - Update

August 29, 2022

Johnny & Daniel

Johnny Rapid introduces himself to hot blond twink Daniel Hausser, and gives him a fucking he'll always remember. This is one hot scene and one to remember finally seeing both of these hot up and coming stars get the torch passed to them and really make their mark in the Gay Porn Industry. They hold nothing back and go for it in every way. So...sit back and enjoy as you see what they can do on their own. Oh yeah...bring plenty of cum'll need them.

Bentley Race - Update

August 23, 2022

Marti Trifon

I caught up with my hot mate Marti Trifon while I was visiting Berlin over summer. I met Marti a few years ago when he had just turned 21. I was so impressed by this muscly straight boy that I invited him back for several shoots. It had been nearly 3 years since I last saw him. So we got together for a drink and quick photo and video shoot. Marti is a big boy. You can see he spends a lot of time working on his body. I was really impressed that he was letting his body hair grow. I grabbed some photos of our built mate stripping out of some shorts and t-shirt to flex and show off that body. Marti has got a nice thick cock too that he strokes to full erection. Afterwards he made a nice fleshlight fucking and wanking video for the site. I'm really happy to see our sexy mate again and getting his gear off for this shoot.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

June 15, 2022

Hans & James

Horny handsome muscle dad, Hans Berlin, has a passionate session with eager, willing young twinky lad, James Lewis. A little kissing and groping, then Hans takes off their sports tops, revealing his powerful, tanned and muscular body, in contrast to James, who is pale, smooth and slim. James licks and sucks Hans's nipples whilst getting a feel of the thick throbbing bulge in his shiny shorts. Hans pulls his meaty uncut cock out then reaches inside for James's dick, also rock solid, and pushes him down to his knees. He licks Daddy's precum, then opens wide to take that big thick cock, giving it a slow, sensual sucking. Hans pushes his cock in as deep as he can, then grips James head and gives him a real hard face fuck. On the sofa, Hans lays back to get sucked again, giving James another good mouth fuck.

Cutler's Den - Update

May 20, 2022

Fuck You Up

He has to travel. There are so many asses out there to fuck... First stop - BERLIN to see Ridick. Ridick is a great fuck. It seems he just cant get enough and there is no one that can help him. Cutler is ready to do his best to satisfy this hole and with his monster cock and he really beats it up. That lean muscular body bends and stretches in all directions just to give Cutler full access to that big hungry gape and rewarding rosebud. Suck it // Fist it // FUCK IT UP ///////

Island Studs - Update

May 10, 2022

Daniel is Back!

Ripped Bearded Daniel is Back, proudly showing off his hairy, All-American, towering belly slapper in his super tight blue undies, fully nude, remains rock hard - walking in the tropical garden and while removing is underwear and work boots, trims Heliconia Flowers fully naked, playfully threatens to cut off his perfect cock with garden shears, spreads his ass cheeks wide open while stroking his beautiful rock hard dick between his legs with his face and hairy man hole in full view, leaks pre-cum before sitting down for a long jerk off session, moans loudly as he sprays a fountain of cum all over his thick bush of crotch hair, drops cum as he poses for more photos, before taking a sexy outdoor shower, showing us his hairy hole again in this Exclusive New Video from Island Studs!

Breed Me Raw - Update

April 27, 2022

Leo & Hans

Sometimes, the best way to tackle a problem is to walk away or temporarily ignore it. Case in point. Hans Berlin is in the kitchen. He's just finished tidying up when he discovers the sink is clogged. When Leo Forte appears, his solution is to leave it alone. Unfortunately for the sink, it has to wait. Fortunately for Hans, AND Leo, something else is about to be clogged...uhhh, no...stuffed. Yeah, that's it. Stuffed. And full of cock, too! And that would be Hans. Bearded Leo mounts bigger, taller Hans, bareback fucking Hans right there in the kitchen. Hans takes the fat tube up his ass and when Leo comes, he feeds some to Hans, pushing him over the edge to blow a load of his own. We don't know if their sink was ever unclogged but with such a welcome distraction in the form of Leo.

Dudes Raw - Update

March 23, 2022

Muscle Daddy Dicking

Arturo Santos is horned up and ready for boarding. His booty twitches at the thought of hot muscle daddy Hans Berlin and his big uncut German booty blaster. The handsome European stud plays up the romance in their first deep kisses, running his hands all over Arturo's tight muscles. When their hoodies, flannel shirts and t-shirt come off Arturo drops to his knees to slurp down a throat full of hot hard dick. Hans sighs his approval, reaches around to cup a hand behind Arturo's head. He fucks his love pole deep into Santos' thirsty throat. Arturo climbs halfway onto a banquette with his legs spread wide. Hans burrows his tongue in deep and sucks the throbbing pucker. He stands up to position his ass rammer in line with Arturo's insatiable hole and slides in raw and rough.

Men Over 30 - Update

November 20, 2021

International Sexual Relations

Horny men Adrian Suarez and Hans Berlin kiss passionately before sucking each other's big hard cocks and fucking intensely till they cum! This is not only a hot intergenerational sex scene but also an interracial gay sex scene and it's really hot. The way they get into the action shows how long these two have been at it. They have great chemistry and above all a bigger desire to have great gay sex!

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