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BadPuppy - Update

March 18, 2019

Hans & Ryan

Hans Berlin and Ryan Kroger hit it off from the start of the interview. The groping gets more intense as the interview continues. Hans can't keep his hands off of himself or Ryan. Hans' cock is already trying hard to poke out from underneath his underwear. All of a sudden, the talking goes silent and both our German studs shove their tongues down each other's throats while Ryan reaches over and frees Hans' thick, rock-hard cock. Ryan gets up on his knees and swallows the whole of Hans' long, uncut dick. Hans reaches back and puts his hand down Ryan's underwear and starts teasing his hole with his fingers. They both strip out of their underwear and Hans goes right for Ryan's cock.

Spritzz - Update

March 17, 2019

Breeding A Twink Ass

Tanned boy Victor can't wait to cum in that twink ass, but before he gets to flood his friend's guts with his juice he needs to take a pounding bareback butt fuck himself. He's not reluctant to take that gorgeous length from handsome boy Kellan, the gorgeous young man has a great dick and he knows it's gonna feel good after sucking the tip and tasting the clear juices leaking from his helmet. The boys swap their engorged lengths with each other in a delicious display of mutual boner loving oral, but with some licking and fingering of Victor's hole it's soon ready for those bare inches to slide in deep. He lays back and takes it, his own impressive manhood throbbing and wet as his balls bounce with every thrust.

Young Bastards - Update

March 16, 2019

Huge Cocks Both Ends

Hurrah, he's back Mickey Taylor, and he's coupled with the big, brawny, studly - Dan Johnson and....erm..someone else! Sexy Mickey Taylor has gone punk, blue hair and red hot attitude, he can't get enough uncut cock, we scripted this for a hot-duo-fuck but when Mickey saw that juicy uncut, anonymous cock at the glory hole, he just couldn't resist and was on that with his hot lips and his even hotter, tighter ass, getting himself fucked from both ends. And who can blame him ?! Dan Johnson is the kind of sexy thug that would get anyone hot under the collar. Mickey couldn't wait to suckle on that fat, rigid, weighty uncircumcised cock. He has Dan moaning with pleasure in seconds as his big dick juts out like a lightning rod.

Bentley Race - Update

March 11, 2019

Kell Fuller

During my visit over the summer to Germany I did a series of shoots with 20 year Russian hottie Kell Fuller. After meeting him 2 years earlier, I really wanted to get him modelling for me again. Well Kell has really grown into a man in the past 2 years. He's super fit and showing off a hairy chest and some new tattoos. The series of shoots included splashing around in an inflatable pool, and riding a bike naked through the park. But today Kell is back stripping and showing off naked on my balcony. It love seeing his cheeky smile as he shows off his bottom while sliding back on a the chair. We quickly moved back inside where we made our last video today. In this video I start sliding my cock in and out of Kell's hole while he rams his cock into a fleshlight.

Young Bastards - Update

March 02, 2019

Raw Fucking

Dimitri and his friend Alejo discover something unexpected, but like all horny teens they can't miss an opportunity to shoot some cum together. A little making out gets the boys ready to make use of the toys at their disposal, with Alejo soon naked and bent over, strapped into the bench at the perfect height to suck on his friend's gorgeous wet cock. Dimitri feeds his buddy his dripping dong and makes his pal drink his precum, but when he turns his attention to that tight slut hole things only get hornier! Alejo gets a massive dildo crammed up his chute, opening him up and getting him used to the feeling of being totally owned.

Spritzz - Update

March 01, 2019

Twink Facial

Bond boy Kris and his friend Xavier are hanging out by the pool when things start to get understandably horny. With a little kissing and groping those long uncut dicks are revealed, sliding between lips as the boys swap their impressive cocks. They taste so good the boys could spend the rest of the afternoon just sucking cum out of each other, but they crave more than that. With tight butt holes licked and fingered Kris takes control, jamming his incredibly hard dick between his friends butt cheeks, filling him up and fucking him hard right there in the sun. After enjoying that ass he's more than eager to get the same from Xavier, sliding his own naked hole down on his friend and riding his shaft sliding up and down on that gorgeous boner.

Spunk Worthy - Update

March 01, 2019


Marty is a bit of a firecracker; a 5-foot-tall former Soldier, and now pursuing a career as a professional powerlifter. A mutual friend got us in touch when they found out that he was coming out to San Diego. Marty, not one to shy away from some naughty fun, jumped at the chance to get naked on camera. Even though he's married, Marty said that his wife was totally okay the idea. After all, they'd had somewhat of a "non-traditional" start to their relationship, meeting at a swinger's party. A little shy on conversation, it was telling that he was already getting hard as soon as he whipped his cock out during the photo session. "I've been saving up for three days," he said with a laugh.

Spritzz - Update

February 19, 2019

Big Uncut Boner

The new lube arrives, but it is as good as they intended it to be? There's only one way boss David Paw can be sure, and that's to use it on a hot piece of ass. It's a good thing he has such an obedient trainee in Cory Prince, a gorgeous young man with a hot tight body and a hungry mouth ready to stuff with dick. David's incredible boss cock is so hard, wet with cock juice and throbbing with delight while Cory licks and sucks it, playing with his hooded tip and licking the cum hole. Cory's cock is just as hard, and his boss is just as eager to suck it in return. With boners ready for more David slides his wet length into that lubed ass and starts fucking Cory right there in the office, taking him from behind, then on the desk.

Young Bastards - Update

February 18, 2019

German Uncut Meat

Sparks are flying in the workshop when hung twink boy Dan Darkwood feels his incredible length of uncut cock starting to throb. His buddy David Luca might initially be trying to ignore his advances but he knows how awesome Dan's thick uncut cock is and there's no way he can refuse when his pal gets his mouth between his ass cheeks and starts licking him out. When it comes to being greedy for cock, David has got it down to a fine art. His slutty mouth loves being full of dick, gobbling on gorgeous Dan's awesome pink shaft, gagging on his length. Spit and precum dribbles from his greedy lips when he finally takes a breather, letting his buddy frot their dicks together and grab a taste of his handsome shaft in return.

Young Bastards - Update

February 15, 2019

Twinky Whore Hole

Gorgeous lad Jack Taylor has picked the right pub. The entertainment for the evening has arrived, roped up and gagged upstairs. Twinky whore Billy Rock has already been fucked by a couple of the bar staff but Jack has arrived before the rush so the boy's hole ist tight and fresh still. Jack starts out fingering the greedy pucker and licking out that hole. He's gonna make use of this ass before the other customers gather to gang up on the boy, feeding Billy his own gorgeous length of fuck meat, making the slut gag on his shaft and drip spit, then taking aim at his hole and stuffing his awesome dick inside.

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