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Raging Stallion - Update

March 26, 2022

Ride Or Die

When The Going Gets Rough - When deranged prisoner Chris Damned, a pawn in the diabolical warden's scheme, is delivered to shady District Attorney Travis Connor's luxury Las Vegas penthouse, where retribution for an old feud is about to go down. But not before Travis does. He wraps his supple lips around Chris's hairy balls and huge uncut cock before serving up his own hard dick to the convict he put away years before. Chris sucks Travis's pole before grinding his musky asshole into Travis's face. After going for Travis's dick and balls again, Chris spreads the DA's smooth cheeks and drills the lawyer's tight pink hole with his fingers and tongue. Now open and ready, Travis gets on all-fours for a bareback doggie-style pounding.

Why Not Bi - Update

March 26, 2022

Bussy Swap

Roommates Laura Fox and Aiden Jacobs really need a nice big cock to relax after their move, and when hunky cable guy Malik Delgaty rings the doorbell, they argue over who's going to get him! Laura stakes her claim, but Aiden sneakily hijacks that dick, hiding under a blanket to swap his bussy for her pussy! Malik falls for the bait, and Laura catches him ramming her roomie's ass. She grabs Malik by the cock and takes him back to suck him and ride his dick. After Aiden steals him back to get his mouth and his hole fucked, Laura decides watching the guys banging is kind of hot and plays with her pussy as she enjoys the show. Laura and Aiden take turns riding Malik's cock till Aiden cums, then they share the hunk's load.

Cocky Boys - Update

March 26, 2022

Puppy Play

French ginger Olivier Robert returns to explore his kinky side in an anonymous hook-up with Leo Louis in a scene directed by Raphael Massicotte! Olivier is turned on by the unknown, waiting on all fours for someone to take his hole and Leo is just as turned on by the prospect of dominating him. So, when Leo enters and sees Olivier offered up, he slaps his cock on his muscled ass, proceeds to slide it in, and pound his hole. Leo is relentless in fucking Olivier and thrilled to accentuate his dominance by slapping his ass, gripping the waistband of his jock, and holding his neck. Happily following Leo's orders, Olivier turns around to suck his massive cock and take his face-fucking. Leo in turn plays with Olivier's hole, prepping him for more fucking.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

March 24, 2022


We have all had that fantasy of the delivery guy arriving and giving us much more than what we ordered, today our real-life story unfolds as Apolo Adri is on his way to make a delivery to Cole Keller. Cole has been working and building his muscular body to the status of a competitive bodybuilder. Nearing the competition date, Cole is busy with all the last-minute details of preparations and when Apolo arrives Cole is in the middle of deciding on the exact, perfect posting strap. A perfect stranger's opinion is always welcomed with their fresh pair of eyes. Apolo is more than happy to lend his eye and opinion on what is most flattering and can't believe what an amazing delivery this has turned out to be.

Str8 to Gay - Update

March 22, 2022

Cumming Out Of The Closet

Horny twink Ryan Bailey is snooping around Malik Dalgaty’s bedroom ? his stepsister’s boyfriend who he has a crush on! The cute bottom is almost caught sniffing Malik’s briefs when the muscular top enters with his girlfriend, forcing him to hide inside the closet. Alone again, Ryan discovers one of Malik’s discarded condoms full of spunk and he can’t resist sampling the flavor! The twink pours Malik’s delicious juices all over his face and body and uses it as lubricant while stroking his dick. When the handsome top walks in on Ryan, he pushes the cum-covered bottom onto the bed. The dominating top rips open Ryan’s jeans to fuck him doggystyle, then he roughly feeds the submissive twink his big hunk of meat.

Jalif Studios - Update

March 20, 2022

Lucas & Lucas

Lucas Darren & Lucas De Luna - A grimy, basement toilet in a European, hard-core sex club. A young man, wearing a balaclava, walks to the urinal to take a piss. He is watched intently by an older man who's naked but for a jockstrap and a leather harness. Balaclava Boy instantly starts to stiffen, knowing he's being watched and very much enjoying the attention. The guy in the harness turns to face the wall, smiling encouragingly at Balaclava Boy, inviting him to come and play. Balaclava Boy walks across to him, his hard, cut dick pulled out of his jeans. He immediately starts to play with Harness Guy's smooth, inviting ass. The older man responds by thrusting his butt cheeks towards Balaclava Boy and rubbing his ass seductively against the younger man's hugely impressive dick.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 17, 2022

Unleashed Orgy 2

Watch part two of the incredible two-part Lucas Men Unleashed bareback gay orgy! When you get all of the Lucas Men together in one room and they strip out of their clothes, what do you really think is going to happen? Because when the Lucas Men are unleashed, they're going to get into a lot of bareback trouble with their incredible bodies and rock-hard cocks! Join Alex Gonzalez, Alfonso Osnaya, Allen King, Andrey Vic, Jeffrey Lloyd, Max Hilton, Octavio, Oliver Hunt, Rafael Carreras, Roque Rems, Rudy Gram, Ruslan Angelo, Sir Peter, Steven Angel, and Valentin Amour as they suck and fuck raw in this explosive two-part orgy that also features foot worship and double penetration!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 15, 2022

Unleashed Orgy 1

Watch part one of the incredible two-part Lucas Men Unleashed bareback gay orgy! When you get all of the Lucas Men together in one room and they strip out of their clothes, what do you really think is going to happen? Because when the Lucas Men are unleashed, they're going to get into a lot of bareback trouble with their incredible bodies and rock-hard cocks! Join Alex Alex Gonzalez, Alfonso Osnaya, Allen King, Andrey Vic, Jeffrey Lloyd, Max Hilton, Octavio, Oliver Hunt, Rafael Carreras, Roque Rems, Rudy Gram, Ruslan Angelo, Sir Peter, Steven Angel, and Valentin Amour as they suck and fuck raw in this explosive two-part orgy that also features foot worship and double penetration!

The BigCMen - Update

March 15, 2022

Chris & Jared Flip Fuck

We had recently met & chatted with this gorgeous man while presenting at the GayVN Awards a few weeks ago. Chris Damned has worked with most of the top studios, and has proven himself to be an outstanding performer. Although he is more Top, he puts in his best bottoming efforts here in this CRAZY hot flip session with Jared. I'm a handsy videographer, and of course I jump in a few times and bust a load with Chris at the end! This is one of those vids you can definitely watch over and over! I've already blown countless loads just editing it!!! Chris wants to flip with me next.

Treasure Island Media - Update

March 15, 2022

Smash & Grab 4

Diego Sphynx (Spain) & Scott Davies (UK) drag Frenchman Marc Delmont (France) into the back room of the sex club. While they are getting sucked Mikey Lee (UK) sneaks up behind Marc and shoves his cock in his hole. “That’s it, breed that fucking French cunt.” Diego and Mikey take turns fucking Marc while Scott helps out doing camera work filming while he gets his dick sucks. Scott hands the camera to Mikey and has a go at the pussy, battering it with his dick in long hard strokes. “He must want cum soon, I bet.” Mikey answers the plea for load and dumps his nut first. “Put that fucking seed in him.” Scott steps up to the now wet hole and fucks until he cums. Diego who has patiently been waiting his turn shoves in and we get to see the beautiful vein on the top of his dick as he fucks his load out.

Jalif Studios - Update

March 13, 2022

Ptit, Tyron & Emilien

A gloomy, Parisian basement club. Men stand around casually checking each other out. Tyron, a tall, aggressive-looking guy with ice-blue eyes walks into the space and arrogantly wanders between the cruising men, getting a sense of what each of them has to offer. He particularly likes Emilien, a dark-haired, brooding scally lad skulking in a dark corner. The two men start to kiss and, within seconds, are all over each other, groping furiously, tearing their clothes off. A cute boy in sports gear watches them with interest. Ptit likes what he sees and it makes him hard. He walks across to the now-naked couple… Emilien and Tyron like Ptit and the three men are soon embroiled in a frenzied threesome, instantly becoming a sexy, sleazy, sweaty mass of sucking, slurping, and rimming.

Gentleman's Closet - Update

March 10, 2022

Getting Started

The desire for a sexy man coming home from work in a well tailored suit and sheer socks is a dream come true for Isaac and Chris. They start off with some sexy and deep kissing. Quickly sitting down and taking off their shoes as the socks start to get sniffed and these two guys love every second of it. They start sucking cock but then get into their stockings and other garments to start fucking and fucking they do.

Jalif Studios - Update

March 09, 2022

Kameron & Yago

We're at The Eagle, an underground leather bar in Paris. It's very quiet. Sexy barman, Yago Sinner, is calmly cleaning tables while the only customer, a handsome blond hunk called Kameron Frost, stands at the bar reading. Kameron's had his eye on Yago for some time. His dick twitches every time he sees the barman's tight butt. He follows Yago into one of the cellar rooms and moves in for a kiss. Yago keenly reciprocates. It turns out he's been into Kameron ever since he started coming to the bar. The two men kiss, lustfully, bodies locked, hands groping. Yago drops to his knees; he's regularly checked out the huge bulge in Kameron's jeans and is eager to get that giant dick in his mouth. He sucks like a true pro and Kameron is soon rock solid and horny beyond words.

Jalif Studios - Update

March 04, 2022

Jeff & Karl

Tall, Euro-porn legend, Jeff Stronger, finds a quiet corner of a Parisian bar, sits on a leather bench, and slowly pulls his infamously large dick out of his tight jeans. A spectacle like that needs to be observed and he's soon joined on the bench by sexy Arabic otter, Karl Sensual. The two men sit side by side, exchanging hard, wet, dirty kisses. Karl is soon on his knees between Jeff's legs, his sexy mouth keenly servicing the tall man's thick tool. Jeff grabs Karl's head and pushes his curved dick deeper into the otter's tight, hungry throat. The two men switch places and Jeff briefly sucks Karl's tool. The experience is short-lived. Jeff is a card-carrying top; he'll suck a bottom for a short while to get him in the mood, but when he's bored, he'll guide the salivating sub back onto his dick again.

Jalif Studios - Update

March 02, 2022

Jeff & Atlant

Euro porn legend, Jeff Stronger, is back again, this time paying a surprise visit to his old friend, Atlant Adam. Tall, muscle-bound Jeff turns up at Atlant's apartment to find his super-cute playmate face down on the bed wearing just a jockstrap with his enticing, tight, pert ass on display. Horny Jeff runs his hands sensuously over the resting man's tanned, naked body. Sexy Atlant is soon awake and ready for action, so Jeff strips, lies expectantly on the bed and smiles in deep satisfaction as the horny twink's soft lips begin to run up and down his giant shaft. Within minutes, Atlant is hungrily deep-throating Jeff's enormous meat, while the tall top pushes his large fingers into the younger man's peachy ass. If he's gonna take a dick the size of Jeff's, a tight twink like Atlant will need all the preparation he can get!

Drill My Hole - Update

February 26, 2022

Halftime Fuckfest

Felix Fox and Chris Damned are watching the big game with their couple friends Kyle Connors and his boyfriend, but when their other halves go to get some snacks at half time, Kyle starts hitting on Chris behind their backs! Felix catches Kyle sucking Chris's cock and shows the interloper how it's done, then Chris sneakily rims Felix. When Kyle's boyfriend returns with the food, the three horny dudes hide under the blanket as Kyle and Felix vie for who will jack off Chris. Kyle's boyfriend makes a trip to the store, and Kyle steals another taste of Chris's cock before sucking Felix as Felix rides his bf. Then Felix sucks Kyle as Chris pounds him doggystyle, and Kyle jacks off as he watches Felix get fucked till the bottom gets covered with all three loads!

Treasure Island Media - Update

February 23, 2022

Dimitri, Hugo & Romeo

Romeo Davis & Sonny St-Clair continue their world tour of filming and fucking. While passing through Barcelona, they grabbed meat head Frenchman Dimitri Venum and took him to a sex club to fuck horny bottom pig Hugo Tara from Brazil. Romeo gets so worked up watching Hugo's perfect bubble butt, he decides to try out the fuck hole and soon has his legendary uncut cock buried deep. Unfortunately for us, Romeo does not breed, leaving Dimitri to feed Sonny a big load.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

February 22, 2022

A Debt To Pay

Gianni Maggio runs the Porn Syndicate and keeps tight control over its operations, yet today as one of his cohorts, Cole Keller arrives late and short on cash he decides to deal with him in the only manner that he seems to understand. Gianni takes Cole back to the office at gun point and lays down the rules. Cole leaves the room temporarily to hopefully find some fast cash as Gianni begins disrobing and neatly laying his personal items to the side. When Cole enters the room, he finds his boss fully naked and his fully aroused monster cock dancing in the wind. Cole is instructed to remove his clothing as Gianni instructs him to show him his magnificent muscular body. “Now get on your knees and suck my dick” is the order given to Cole so that he remembers who the boss is and who is in charge of this organization.

Fuckermate - Update

February 21, 2022

Glorious Debut

This week it's time for a porno debut and you are going to adore it! We introduce you Stallion Fabio, a French gorgeous mate ready to shine as your new favourite porn star! Like his name suggests, Fabio is a real stallion and a rough top, even if he got an angel face. He loves to pump his thick cock deep inside the hungriest holes and Valentino Sistor is the perfect match for him. The guys meet in the kitchen and when things get hot Fabio takes the reins in hand and eases his oversized dick deep down Valentino's throat, that sucks and licks in worship all those inches of young meat. Then in the bedroom our Colombian bottom surrenders to the will of Fabio and rides his raw massive cock ending up with his hole destroyed and his face covered in cum!

Fuckermate - Update

February 17, 2022

Can't Get Enough Cock

French power bottom Valentin Amour can't get enough of taking cock but this time he has to rely on his best skills to cope not with one but with two of the biggest cocks around. Viktor Rom wants to surprise him and takes Valentin to the bedroom, where the monster cock of Italian stallion Gianni Maggio is waiting to receive a full service. The smile on Valentin's face says it all when the two huge dicks surround him to take turn on being sucked, with a perfect teamwork. Then, Valentin saddles up and takes the big raw bones deep into his ass, jumping from one to the other like a crazy horseman. When the butt hole is stretched enough, Viktor and Gianni join their massive cocks and Valentin rides both for a hard double penetration that leaves him exhausted but not yet satisfied: what he needs is also a double dose of man cum.

Men - Update

February 05, 2022

Mouth Swap 2

When Ashton Summers spies on his roommates Malik Delgaty and Kenzo Alvarez getting shot down for a threesome by the girl they brought home, the horny bottom senses an opportunity! Malik and Kenzo settle for plan B: their VR headsets and a stroker. Ashton takes his chance to swap places with the toy, sucking his buddies' cocks, then bending over to get fucked by Kenzo as he blows Malik. When his roomies notice the switch, they fuck him on the couch, and Ashton sits on each of their cocks, cumming as he rides Malik reverse while sucking Kenzo, before the tops cover him with jizz.

Jalif Studios - Update

February 03, 2022

Matt Surfer & Malik TN

A glitzy health club in Central Paris. Two, hung, naked euro studs make out on the edge of a small, dimly-lit, indoor swimming pool. Matt and Malik kiss aggressively, hungrily grasping each other's rock solid mega-dicks. Matt soon has his lips wrapped around Malik's extra-thick shaft. Malik responds, grabbing Matt's hair and thrusting his juicy dick deep into his partner's throat. Matt stands on a bench and encourages Malik to suck his meat before the two men switch places and an absolute frenzy of deep-throating begins. Malik turns around so that Matt can get his rough, wet tongue lodged right up inside his hole. Again, these two versatile guys swap places so that the highly horny Malik can return the sleazy gesture, his legs and feet now dangling into the pool itself.

Jalif Studios - Update

January 26, 2022

Kameron and Atlant

Dicks as big as Kameron Frost's are rare, and when those dicks are attached to men as beautiful as Kameron, then all time stands still! The stunning blond man sits in a sex club, hand inside his jeans, watching porn on a large screen. He's soon joined by Atlant Adam, a cute dude with dark, cropped hair who's desperate for a piece of Kameron's dick. Both men casually jerk themselves off for a while. Without taking his eyes off the screen, Kameron nonchalantly reaches across and grabs Atlant's rock-solid dick. The two men kiss wantonly, but Atlant can't wait to get his craven lips wrapped around Kameron's enormous meat. He sucks him aggressively, hungrily, impatiently. He needs the sexy blond man's rock solid, curved dick deep inside him. Kameron forcefully thrusts his pelvis in and out of Atlant's mouth, causing him to gag.

Masqulin - Update

January 26, 2022

High Stakes Shuffleboard

Ethan Chase is finally back in town and wants to reconnect with his old buddy John Ander. John invites him over to catch up and play around in his games room. Ethan has always had his eye on him and John's motives aren’t so innocent. A bit of fun quickly turns into a round of high-stakes shuffleboard where, if Ethan loses, he has to suck John’s cock! Ethan is more than happy to play the part and even happier to obey John’s every command. He slurps up his thick cock before bouncing on his cock like he's always wanted to. John returns the favor by sucking his dick before thrusting deeply into him as he lays splayed over the shuffleboard and takes John’s huge cum-shot all over his face

Fuckermate - Update

January 22, 2022

Love In Black & White

It seems there has been a backfire between black stud Cherr Brown and sweet French power bottom Valentin Amour when they met in our home-town Barcelona. Our cameras caught the strong passion they feel for each other and how Valentin really worships the massive black dick of Cherr, that slides bareback in and out his perfect bubble ass while he moans with pleasure at every cock-stroke. After the hard banging he got, Valentin can't hold on any longer and looses his load, launching his cum lust all the way till his face. The sight is so hot that Cherr also reaches his ecstasy and unloads his thick sperm all over Valentin's face and mouth!

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