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Jalif Studios - Update

August 07, 2022

Kameron & Maxxime

Kameron Frost enters a housing block on the outskirts of Paris. The blond, handsome hunk is greeted by Maxxime Fury at the door, ready and willing to be dominated by the hot guest, Maxxime is your typical scaly lad. He's a rough diamond with a great body and a peachy ass, and he's up for whatever comes his way! The two men immediately start making out. Maxxime is quick to fall to his knees and pull Kameron's king-sized dick out of his tight jeans. He wraps his lips around it, and allows the giant, veiny member to repeatedly slide in and out of his tight, hungry throat. Maxxime is a diligent sucker and clearly gives the greatest head! Maxxime's ass begins to twitch uncontrollably, and he leans over the side of the couch, presenting himself to Kameron, who takes full advantage of the situation.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 03, 2022

Greg & Enzo

Enzo Milano sits on a messily made bed in a Parisian tower block. He's a good looking guy; dark and brooding with cropped hair, diamond ear studs and razor sharp cheekbones. Greg Century enters the room. This European porn god needs no introduction. He's tall, lean, masculine, and tanned… and he has a dick to die for. Enzo knows he's a lucky man. The two men are making out within seconds. The passionate kissing makes it clear that they're into each other in a pretty major way. Enzo drops to his knees to hungrily service Greg's legendary dick, which seems to do nothing but grow and grow between his slippery lips. Greg smiles utterly contentedly as Enzo's talented tongue flickers over the tip of his dick before dancing seductively down its shaft. Enzo knows exactly what he's doing!

Active Duty - Update

July 31, 2022

Damned Fucks Carr

Chris Damned and Niko Carr are hot, horny, talented with their tongues, and super tattooed. The two sexy soldiers go hard in this active anal scene. If you like your guys hardbodied and covered with tattoos, then you'll love this scene. Chris and Niko slip away to get some alone time together and they didn't hold back at all. Chris eats then plow Niko's asshole deep hard and raw and in a number of positions.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 31, 2022

Nico Tops Valentin

It's a battle of the six-pack abs between Nico Zetta and Valentin Amour. Both of these guys have incredibly trim and muscular bodies, and when they undress and show off to one another, the sexual energy gets jacked way up. Valentin drops to his knees and does what he does best: he services and sucks on that huge uncut cock between Nico's legs! But it's going to take more than oral sex to get Nico to come. No, he wants some ass, so Valentin bounces his huge muscular butt cheeks on the uncut rod between Nico's legs!

Jalif Studios - Update

July 25, 2022

Jonathan & Kameron

It's a question as old as time: whose dick is bigger? Jonathan Darko is hanging out in a dark, dingy, European apartment waiting for his hookup to arrive. He's horny as hell and ready for some hot man-on-man action. Kameron Frost arrives, tall with curly blond hair, and just as amped to start fucking as Jonathan is. They start making out, passionate kissing that start everyone's juices flowing. Kameron slides his hands into Jonathan's pants and discovers a little secret: ass-less underwear! Pants come off and Jonathan slurps Kameron's hard cock into his mouth. The long, veiny hard-on jumps on its own with excitement as this talented cocksucker opens his throat for business. Kameron's blond pubes tickle Jonathan's face with every deep dive he takes!

Men - Update

July 23, 2022

Norse Fuckers Part 4

In exchange for a temple built to his eternal glory, the Norse god of chaos Loki (Felix Fox) agrees to voyage across the seas to find Thor, god of thunder, the only being strong enough to stop Dracock the Dragon from destroying the Norse lands. Thor (Malik Delgaty) has found his peace living a simple life as a blacksmith with a human wife, and doesn't want to return... until he finds Loki teasing his hole with the metal cock he forged. Loki's mouth around his godly dick reawakens Thor's hunger for glory, and for his tight hole. Thor pounds the god of chaos doggystyle, then Loki rides the top's cock. The trickster cums as he gets drilled in missionary, then Thor shoots a thunderbolt on his face!

Jalif Studios - Update

July 17, 2022

Jeff & Enzo

A dark, dingy basement club in Paris. Thumping techno. Sweat trickling down the black-painted walls. Two guys, dressed in leather harnesses, underwear and boots, stand facing each other, expectantly. The taller of the two is the legendary man-mountain, Jeff Stronger. The other is Enzo Di Karina, a shaven-headed hunk who likes what he's seeing and wants a piece of it as soon as possible. Stronger ambles towards Karina and the two men are soon making out. Their kisses are wet and needy. Both men exude an almost dangerous masculinity. Stronger sucks Karina's big dick, thrilling the shorter guy with his highly-tuned head-giving skills. Things get decidedly steamy as the two men assume a reverse 69 position. Karina soon has his sleazy tongue lodged deep inside Stronger's ass.

Fuckermate - Update

July 13, 2022

Twin Monster Cocks

After his porno debut with us few weeks ago, French XXL top Tommy Dreams wanted to try something harder and hotter so we invited him to join our big-gifted Spanish Abel Sanztin and double fuck the handsome Vlad Stark, that is always ready to get naked and have some good bareback sex. Vlad has to give his best to take the twin monster cocks. Tommy and Abel first take turns getting in and out his willing mouth and his beautiful hole, then join forces and merge their huge raw dicks in a powerful double penetration. When the boys are about to bust, Vlad gets on his knees and takes a final shower that lets his pretty face dripping with cum!

Cocky Boys - Update

July 11, 2022

Gabriel & Mitch

Mitch Matthews brings his bottom energy back to Cocky Boys for a scene with Gabriel Clark and lays it all on the line, candidly expressing all the many things that make for a satisfying sexual experience. His checklist pretty much matches up with the ways of Gabriel right from the start when they kiss & neck and Mitch's crotch swells up with a raging hard-on. As Gabriel sucks him, Mitch's cock gets even harder illustrating just how turned on he is. After getting Gabriel's masterclass cock sucking, Mitch returns the favor, while taking the time to truly admire and savor every inch of Gabriel's uncut cock. While engaged in a 69, Mitch also urges him to not hold back and throat-fuck him deep and Gabriel is astounded. Gabriel has some pleasure to give too.

Jalif Studios - Update

July 09, 2022

Kameron Frost & Picwik

From a purely visual perspective, Kameron Frost and Picwik couldn't be any more mismatched. Tall, blond Kameron is dressed in boxing gear; silky shorts, red boxing gloves while Picwik, who's darker featured and more diminutive in stature, wears a natty suit and tie. The two men are in a messy garage. Kameron has set up a makeshift heavy bag out of cardboard boxes. There's obviously a lot of pent-up anger in him today, as he's slamming his fists into it with considerable force! Picwik is impressed. In fact, he's somewhat turned on! Picwik walks across to Kameron and pushes his shorts down, cheekily grabbing the taller man's dick before dropping to his knees and getting it into his mouth. Kameron's 9-inch mega-weapon is solid in seconds. Picwik's a sexy guy who gives insanely good head.

Jalif Studios - Update

July 01, 2022

Kevin & Jimy

Kevin Archer is everyone's definition of success. Nice car, expensive suit, and he works in the best neighborhoods. With the exception of this one property. It's a dilapidated old building, but in a really nice part of town. There's something about this old place that gets Kevin's engine running, so he gets on the apps, hoping for a quick rendezvous with a hot bottom! He calls his clients to let them know he's going to be a little late, but doesn't say why. Jimy Fix is the reason why. A hot, cute twink, the thought of fucking outdoors where anyone could catch him is a real turn on for him. When he gets to the building, Kevin already has his dick out through his clothes and is patiently stroking it. Jimy has a hot mouth so he swallows Kevin's cock and deep throats him until he's about ready to blow!

Cocky Boys - Update

June 28, 2022

Benjamin & Leo

A pick-up game of one-on-one basketball literally becomes a pick-up with Leo Louis & Benjamin Blue. When Benjamin passes by a neighborhood court and stops to watch Leo shooting hoops, it's really Leo's big dick bouncing in his shorts that motivates Benjamin to join him playing ball. Thinly veiled sexual banter and Benjamin's cute butt spur Leo to take him to semi-secluded garden to act on their mutual lust by kissing & groping each other. When their cocks coming out, Benjamin goes down on Leo who then starts to eat out Benjamin's hole and they only stop when Benjamin hears someone coming. So, he takes Leo home for total freedom. After more passionate making out, Benjamin sucks Leo again and Leo reciprocates with oral pleasure on his cock, his sensitive smooth body and back to his hole.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

June 26, 2022

Rub It In

Martin’s been working out so he can get a bit bigger and meatier and have a bit more strength in his dick thrust. Alex is there to help him out with a bit of a rubdown but seeing as this is Lot 45… someone’s gonna get a dick in the butt. These two Trailer Trash Twinks will make you look at a Trailer Park in an whole new way.

Jalif Studios - Update

June 23, 2022

Jeff & Romeo

Euro porn god, Jeff Stronger, is back to his old tricks. Man mountain, Jeff, dressed in a leather harness and jock strap, has made his way into a dark, dirty cellar beneath a sex club somewhere in Paris. As his eyes become accustomed to the darkness, he realizes he's not alone. Crouched provocatively on the floor is heavily-tattooed hunk, Romeo Curtois, who's wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a tight jockstrap. Jeff wastes no time asserting his dominance and interest, rubbing his leather boots all over the well-sculpted cheeks of Romeo's bubble butt. Within seconds, he's using his alpha saliva to lube up his new slave's ass, while Romeo eagerly wraps his mouth around Jeff's pleasingly engorged dick. Romeo clearly gives great head. Jeff's huge, veiny dick rapidly turns as hard as concrete

Jalif Studios - Update

June 16, 2022

Kameron, Kevin & Boy

Kameron Frost had been waiting all day to get to the bathhouse. He loves getting his dick sucked, and the glory hole room is the perfect place for guys like him. It took forever for the workday to end, but when he was done he just had to take care of the ache in his pants! Heading straight for the glory hole area, he's a little surprised to see someone is already in there. Kevin Archer is wearing just a towel and has the same goal as Kameron. Good thing there's more than one glory hole there! Through the hole, Kameron and Kevin can see one of their favorite cocksuckers is on his knees on the other side. No name for the deep-throater in a mask; everyone just calls him Boy. Kameron sticks his rock-hard uncut cock through the hole - Boy loves sucking and is very good at what he does!

Men - Update

June 14, 2022

I'm Just A Hole Sir 1

Angel Rivera wants to try some roleplay with his man, so he texts Malik Delgaty to ask him to fuck him harder than he ever has, before stripping down to his jock strap and waiting face down, ass up! Malik doesn't even wait to get his clothes off, just takes out his cock and rams his man's hole doggystyle! Angel sucks Malik, then takes a hard drilling in missionary, and the top rolls him on his side to fuck him in spoon position. Malik face-fucks Angel, then the bottom jacks himself off as he rides that huge dick till he orgasms, then sucks out every drop of Malik's cum.

Fuckermate - Update

June 13, 2022

Bare After The Park

Our Colombian mate Bastian Karim has been very lucky when in the park he came across a shy French guy looking for someone to show him the city. Bastian volunteers but first of all he invites his new friend Tommy Dreams home, to try if he got some hidden quality to show off. Surely he do not get disappointed when Tommy lowers his shorts and pulls out a massive 9 inches dick, more than ready to plunge into that tight Colombian ass! Before opening his hole for that raw huge meat, Bastian savors every single inch deep into his mouth, while our French newbie gets harder at every tongue stroke. Bastian then begs for cock and bends over doggy style. Tommy pleases him and hammers him out, planting his supersized tail in and out the horny ass and giving Bastian the bareback fuck of his life!

Jalif Studios - Update

June 09, 2022

Greg & Anthony

A good-looking man squats on a balcony outside a block of flats in Paris. Anthony Karlier is naked but for a tight pair of boxer trunks with the butt cut out. He suggestively runs the palm of his hand over the peachy cheeks of his ass before fingering himself expectantly. Euro porn God, Greg Centuri, arrives at the apartment and lets himself in. He discovers Anthony keenly pleasuring himself on the terrace and the sight plainly turns him on. Greg pushes his hand down the front of his jeans and starts to massage his enormous dick, unable to take his lust-filled eyes off the naked man in front of him. Greg moves across to Anthony and slaps his ass before dropping his pants and sinking his meat into the naked man's hungry mouth. Anthony immediately gets to work, sucking Greg's swollen dick like his life depends on it.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 06, 2022

Gay Cockolding

Sometimes a bossy bottom is the far more dominant guy in a gay relationship, and his top is just there to take care of his needs. That’s what’s going on in the gay cuckold fantasy scenario between Valentin Amour and Rudy Gram. Valentin is a controlling “hot guy” (the gay equivalent of a hot wife in a straight cuckold relationship) and Rudy Gram does everything he can to keep his boyfriend happy. But Valentin keeps pushing his wants further and further, and before he knows it Rudy finds himself in the position of a gay cuckold. One evening on the lanai, Valentin consummates this new kind of relationship with the bulls Sir Peter and Tomas Brand. They take turns on his throat and ass. All the while, Rudy Gram sits on watching and watching alone.

Drill My Hole - Update

June 05, 2022

Raunchy Brunch

Olivier Robert and his BF have invited over some friends for a fancy brunch, but Olivier wants to get a taste of his guest! When he lets Malik Delgaty in, he sucks his fingers, then starts rubbing Malik's cock under the table. When Malik sees Olivier's booty bent over in front of the fridge, he is too tempted and has to sink his cock inside! They get caught by the other guest, but Malik sends him packing as Olivier lies back on the counter with his legs spread to take the top's cock! Olivier sucks Malik and rims him before bending over the counter for more hard drilling, then rides Malik on the floor. Olivier may have dropped the cake on the floor, but luckily Malik gave him a creampie!

Jalif Studios - Update

June 03, 2022

Greg & Jonathan

You always know you're onto a winner when Euro hunk, Greg Centuri, walks into a shot. This dark, brooding, tall guy has a sexy air of arrogance and dick to die for! Greg finds tattooed, scally-lad, Jonathan Darko, sleeping on a couch and wakes him up by pushing his giant meat against his lips. Obedient Jonathan immediately sets about sucking Greg into a state of pure arousal. Greg rocks and pivots his groin as he thrusts his solid dick in and out of Jonathan's keen, wet mouth. Jonathan clearly gives great head. Greg grins sleazily and throws his head back in pure ecstasy, savoring every moment of the sensual, slippery, salivary experience. Jonathan eventually stands up, leans against the kitchen counter and presents his ass to Greg.

Fuckermate - Update

June 01, 2022

First Rate Debut

This week let us introduce you Tonyx, a sexy French newcomer with a strong muscular body and a big ass that deserves to be treated properly hard! He makes a perfect couple with Brazilian stud Kyle Fox, that fucks him rough and bare with his always-hard cock and lets his face dripping with cum for a first-rate porno debut!

Jalif Studios - Update

May 29, 2022

Kameron & Marco

Blond, tall dude, Kameron Frost, is the man everyone wants. The handsome twunk leans against a ladder in a Paris loft apartment and pushes down his red shorts to jerk his giant dick. He's joined by Marco Martin, a cropped-haired scally lad in jeans and sneakers who instantly drops to his knees to hungrily service Kameron's mega-member. Kameron, fully erect, casually leans back on the ladder, savoring every moment of this note-perfect blowjob. Marco continues to suck, but periodically breaks away from Kameron's dick to worship the blond man's top-of-the-range sneakers. Marco has soon stripped down to a well-fitting jockstrap which frames his bubble butt like an expensive work of art. Marco climbs onto a leather chair and presents his juicy ass to the sexy top.

Cocky Boys - Update

May 27, 2022

Hit Me Up: Ep. 3

In the third episode of HIT ME UP, Jordan Starr gets more than hot hook-up---he gets "Clark'd" by Gabriel Clark! After swapping texts and explicit pics, Jordan invites over Gabriel who starts his seduction the minute he walks in the door. He passionately kisses Jordan then lets his lips and hands wander and in no time, Gabriel has Jordan on all fours so he can rim and finger his voluptuous ass. Jordan wants to get at Gabriel's cock and before long he has Gabriel lying back, totally enjoying his deep sucking skills. In time Gabriel takes charge again to suck Jordan with passion and subtly he gets him to admit he wants to get fucked. Jordan then spit lubes Gabriel's cock and rides it every which way, getting Gabriel to use it at his pleasure, especially when Jordan is in the cowboy position.

Jalif Studios - Update

May 24, 2022

Picwik & Foutrator

A derelict, graffiti-covered barn on the outskirts of a French village. Picwik leans against a wall, waiting expectantly. This sandy-haired, tattooed Euro-dude is feeling horny and up for some seriously raunchy sex with the guy waiting in the next door room. Foutrator's face is covered in a sinister bandana, like a super-villain in a comic book. No one can know what he looks like. He walks slowly - but with intent - towards Picwik before pulling his dick out of his army cargo pants and unzipping his leather jacket to reveal a darkly-tanned, stunningly-chiseled torso. Picwik obligingly drops to his knees and enthusiastically services Foutrator's solid, bulging dick, which instantly swells into a dangerous nine-inch weapon.

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