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Hot House - Update

October 04, 2022


As Chris Damned prepares for his big day, he makes one last stop to get his shoes shined by Jack Bailey. As Jack is buffing Chris' shoes, he can't help but eye the increasing bulge growing in Chris' pants. Without a word, Jack glances up at Chris and reaches for the cock in his face. Chris nods and unzips his trousers to reveal his uncut cock for Jack. He quickly switches from polishing the groom's shoes to polishing Chris' meat, while Chris works on shedding the rest of his suit. After shining his cock, Jack bends over to let Chris shine his hole with a deep rimming. Now that he's lubed up and ready to go, Chris bends Jack over a chair and works his pole deep into Jack's ass bareback. Since it's all about servicing the customer, Jack lays back and lets Chris pummel his hole until Chris shoots a thick load all over Jack's torso.

Jalif Studios - Update

October 03, 2022

Jordan & Jess

A graffiti-covered, forgotten-about building site, somewhere in the French countryside. Jess Royan, a shaven-headed dude in sports gear stumbles upon Jordan Kiffeur, a horny scally boy who can't wait to get down and dirty! Jordan drops to his knees and instantly starts to suck Jess' huge dick. These two pigs plainly love it rough and kinky. Within seconds, Jess is spitting on Jordan and Jordan is responding by squatting down and eagerly licking and kissing his new master's sneakers. If you're a foot-fetishist, you're gonna love this film. These two dudes are well into sneakers. There's plenty of sleazy sniffing, slurping, slapping and deep, sloppy sucking to keep your right hand more than busy! Jess is hugely turned on by the encounter.

Raging Stallion - Update

September 27, 2022

Truck Loads 3

Exhausted truck drivers Markus Kage and Gabriel Clark are taking a much-needed break from the weeks of Freedom Convoy protests when they start chatting with Windom Gold about experimenting with guys while out on the road. The conversation sees their curiosities and cocks grow with both men soon allowing Windom to suck off their raw trucker cocks. Gabriel even tries swallowing some dick himself before moving down to Windom's ass to rim and bareback his smooth hole. Without giving the bottom a break to breathe, both Gabriel and Markus fill up Windom at both ends as each rotates between his mouth and ass. Riding Markus' hairy cock is finally what gets Windom to blow his load right before he drops to his knees and opens his mouth for the fresh cream of these straight strangers.

Jalif Studios - Update

September 26, 2022

Will & Killian

Will Helm enters a sleazy, seedy, basement sex club in Paris. It's a quiet afternoon and he's wearing a suit. He's ducked out of work and slipped into the club in the hope of satisfying his restless dick, which is preventing him from writing up an overdue report! The club is empty apart from the sexy, semi-naked barman, Killian Dheais. Will sits at the bar, unable to stop himself from playing with his dick. Killian, turned on and curious, peers over the bar to see what Will's packing. Liking what's there, he suggests that the handsome suited man follow him to one of the lock ups. They're instantly all over each other. Killian impatiently pulls Will's beautiful 9-inch rod out of his pants and gets to work on it with his hungry mouth. Will is instantly in ecstasy. He grabs the back of Killian's head and thrust his dick deep into his throat.

Fuckermate - Update

September 23, 2022

Morning Lust

Our Colombian candy Dani Brown just woke up and is daydreaming about his last amazing fuck when French XXL top Tommy Dreams appears in the room and invites him to join and touch the hard thick meat he got between his legs. Ecstatic at that sight, Dani hops onto his knees to deliver one hot blowjob, salivating on every inch of the huge French cock. The boys move to the bed, where Dani feeds again his hunger for dick and Tommy returns the favor, plunging his face into Dani buttocks. After a more than a plentiful taste, Tommy makes his way to Dani's hungry hole, then smacks his raw beast and crams it in deep inside. Our skinny top absolutely loves Dani's ass and he shows it, by hammering and crushing like crazy! What a fantastic bareback ride for our insatiable Latin!

Men - Update

September 23, 2022


Malik Delgaty's buddy wants their trip to Oktoberfest to be a date, but Malik's more interested in the hottie across the tent filling out his lederhosen. King Heart strokes Malik's cock and even gives him a sneaky bj, then the guys find a back room where Malik gets King over a barrel! He spanks the bottom and fingers him before drilling him doggystyle, and King rides the top. Malik slips his belt around King's throat as he fucks him in mish till the bottom cums, then King eagerly swallows Malik's huge load. Now that's how you celebrate Cocktoberfest!

French Twinks - Update

September 14, 2022

Crush EP2 Cheating

After spending the night at Enzo's place, Valentin is still very depressed and struggling to recover from his breakup while his ex Bastien seems for his part to have turned the page and be happy in Leo's arms. When Enzo discovers that the new drummer that Sacha and Sam have recruited in his absence is none other than Bastien, Valentin's ex, the tone quickly rises between the boys. Sacha has secretly made a date with Axel, a guy he met on Instagram and he almost gets caught by his still jealous and possessive boyfriend Sam. Bastien will try to have a discussion with Valentin to ease the tensions between them but Valentin does not seem ready to forgive his ex.

Jalif Studios - Update

September 12, 2022

Kameron & Letho

Letho rushes up the stairs of an old apartment block in rural France. He's a good-looking guy in his 20s with addictively twinkly eyes, cropped hair, and a face which suggests a hard life. He enters a grand apartment and is introduced to the handsome blond hunk inside. Kameron Frost has been waiting expectantly, with his large dick hard and already out of his jeans. Letho immediately sinks to his knees to service Kameron's penile masterpiece with his soft, sexy lips. Kameron grabs the back of Letho's head and forces his weapon deep into the horny boy's slippery throat. Kameron pulls Letho to his feet and they kiss lasciviously before moving to the stairs. Kameron thrusts his dick between the banisters and indicates for Letho to keep doing what he does best. The boy sucks hard, wrapping his lips tightly around the blond man's shaft.

French Twinks - Update

September 11, 2022

Crush EP1 Fight & Seduction

Crush is a web series following the adventures of a bunch of boys whose destinies intertwine between love, friendship, passion and betrayal against a backdrop of rock music and sex. Enzo, the flirtatious dunce, Sam, the nerdy student and his lover Sacha, the sarcastic philosophy student, revise their lessons at Happy Twinks, the café next to the college where they usually hang out. The three friends recently formed a rock band called the "Candy Boyz", although the drummer left due to an argument with Enzo. Sam does not miss to challenge Enzo about it but Sacha calms things down by announcing to them that a new drummer should join them soon. Since he was left by his boyfriend, young Valentin is totally depressed. He finds himself on the street, out of work and tries in vain to reach his ex.

French Twinks - Update

September 09, 2022

Pleasurable Massage

As tradition dictates, new actors are entitled to a little massage session and it’s here the handsome Sacha Delage who slides his soft hands over the oiled body of Hugo Duprés. Hugo appreciates this moment of relaxation and doesn’t take long to feel a certain excitement when Sacha's hands touch his lower back or his lower abdomen. Sacha then grabs Hugo's cock and starts jerking him off before giving him a memorable blowjob. Sacha's expert mouth moves up and down on Hugo's beautiful cock, which moans with pleasure. Hugo passes a hand under Sacha's boxers and begins to play with his little ass before getting him on all fours to lick his tight hole and gradually dilate it with tongue and fingers. Hugo will then fuck Sacha with a mixture of sensuality and power that will lead the twink to explosive pleasure.

Fuckermate - Update

September 08, 2022

Raw Banging At Boyberry

Every time Latin alpha male Viktor Rom visits Boyberry, his favorite cruising place in Barcelona, he always expects to find some hot piece of man willing to serve his thick raw dick properly. This time, down in the basement Viktor meets French newcomer Tonyx and remains fascinated by his strong muscular body. He approaches him, touches his muscles and puts the tongue in his mouth, without wasting any second. Tonyx is not less and reaches Viktor's bulge, grabbing his massive cock and kneeling down to work on it with his greedy mouth. Our stallion enjoys every lick and every suck and before long, Tonyx is on all fours and Viktor is banging him hard in the ass bareback!

Jalif Studios - Update

September 07, 2022

Theo & Greg

Theo Sartera responds to a friend's request to help with his erection and thinks he's going over to build a patio set. He learns quickly once he arrives that "erection" can have more than one meaning! Greg Centuri actually meant both: he needs help with the gazebo and his aching cock! The twinks make out outdoors on the patio. Greg makes no bones about which "erection" he wants to focus on first! Theo takes Greg hard dick and pulls it into his mouth. Between tonguing the tip and guiding the shaft down his throat, Theo shows all the signs of a master! He bobs on it long and hard. Greg even reaches up and grabs the unfinished gazebo to steady himself because this blowjob is so good! Theo drops his drawers showing off his uncut cock, which he strokes while swallowing Greg's. Greg's dick is wet and ready.

Disruptive Films - Update

September 05, 2022

His Stepfather's Footsteps

When Dale (Dale Savage) convinces his step-son, Peter (Calvin Banks) to work at his company for the summer, Peter doesn't know what to expect. Since Peter admires and looks up to Dale, he agrees to take the job. Once he starts in the position, he realizes that it wasn't Dale's idea that he get involved with the company, but that of Dale's boss Rich (Chris Damned). It doesn't take long for Peter to learn the truth about Rich and Dale's relationship, and what part he'll have in it.

Maskurbate - Update

September 03, 2022

Manuel & Carlos

The Lost Tapes: Good news! We've recovered the lost tapes of the Manuel Deboxer & Carlos scene! So, I'm really excited to bring you the entire raw footage with a lot more content than the original. You won't want to miss those two hotties having fun with each other. These two hunks are absolutely amazing and you'll get a hard on as soon as you see them in action.

Raging Stallion - Update

August 28, 2022

Truck Loads

Burly truck drivers Markus Kage and Ryan Bones are enraged that Teddy Torres would waste their time by dragging them out to the middle of the woods and trying to sell them a piece of junk truck. To make up for his fuck up, the two bearded daddies bring Teddy to his knees and stuff his face with their firm slabs of meat. Markus lets out a brutal growl and is soon thrusting his bareback dick into Teddy's hairy hole while Ryan fills the trucker fucker's mouth. With Teddy's fur-covered body draped over a pile of old ties, the two hulking tops continue using their girthy cocks to stuff him at both ends until the bottom is covering himself in his own cum. A drained Teddy then drops to his knees for his fellow truckers to stroke it out and shoot ropes all over his thick body hair.

Men - Update

August 28, 2022

Hospital Flasher

Gabriel Clark wakes up horny in the hospital and decides to make it everyone's problem! He flashes a nurse, takes off running when security guard Theo Brady chases him, then waggles his dick right over another patient in his bed! Theo calls for backup, but as Gabriel shows him his hard cock and ass, Theo realizes he wants to back up on the flasher's dick instead. He sucks Gabriel, who tears open the guard's pants, rimming Theo and swallowing his nightstick. Theo rides the top reverse, and Gabriel bends him over the occupied bed to pound his hole. Theo cums as he takes it deep in missionary, then Gabriel pulls out and covers the bottom with jizz.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 27, 2022

Jeff & Rayan

Tall, beefy, Euro-porn legend, Jeff Stronger is back. This time he's skulking around a dusty, dark cellar, waiting for his prey, which, today is Rayan Connors: a cropped-haired, nervous, somewhat innocent-looking guy in a blue soccer uniform. Stronger towers above him. Rayan drops to the ground and starts to do push ups. Stronger watches him with a twinkle in his eye and a rise in his pants. The tall man cheekily moves across to Rayan and pulls down the younger man's soccer shorts to expose a deliciously peachy ass. Push ups are followed by sit ups. Stronger stands at Rayan's feet and encourages the younger man to fondle his ever-growing bulge. Rayan stands and the two men are soon passionately making out, eagerly kissing, groping and caressing each other.

Men - Update

August 26, 2022

Yee Raw!

Lost in the desert, Roman Todd hasn't seen a sign of life in miles... until cowboy Malik Delgaty strolls toward him, looking like a mirage! Malik is happy to help the city slicker, but instead of offering him directions, he brings Roman to his truck and dresses him in nothing but a cowboy hat and pair of chaps. Malik pushes the bottom up against the truck, kissing him, and the guys rub their cocks together before Roman drops to his knees to suck the top. Roman gets fucked doggystyle against the side of the truck, then climbs into the bed to ride the cowboy. Roman cums as Malik fucks him from behind as the sun goes down, then takes a hot load on his chest.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 20, 2022

Kameron & Alex

We're in the dark, damp basement of a sleazy club in Paris. Sexy, shaven-headed, scally boy Alex Kiffeur sits on a bench wearing sneakers and shiny track pants. He spots someone he likes and subtly begins to rub the bulge between his legs. The object of his interest is Kameron Frost, a tall, blond, handsome guy who leans casually against a wall, watching Alex with lust in his eyes. He grabs his crotch and signals for Alex to follow him into a nearby cabin, which has a glory hole in one of its walls. Kameron unzips his flies, pulls out his dick and pushes it through the hole… Alex appears in the neighboring cubicle and immediately drops to his knees, allowing his soft, rosy lips to glide seductively up and down Kameron's stiffening shaft. Kameron then pushes the tip of his sneaker through the glory hole.

Men - Update

August 19, 2022

Hospital Flasher

Gabriel Clark wakes up horny in the hospital and decides to make it everyone's problem! He flashes a nurse, takes off running when security guard Theo Brady chases him, then waggles his dick right over another patient in his bed! Theo calls for backup, but as Gabriel shows him his hard cock and ass, Theo realizes he wants to back up on the flasher's dick instead. He sucks Gabriel, who tears open the guard's pants, rimming Theo and swallowing his nightstick. Theo rides the top reverse, and Gabriel bends him over the occupied bed to pound his hole. Theo cums as he takes it deep in missionary, then Gabriel pulls out and covers the bottom with jizz.

Blake Mason - Update

August 16, 2022

Xavier & Maxxie

Maxxie Needs That Big Hairy Cock: We all love seeing Xavier fucking, right? This horny boy can't get enough mouth and arse, but his appetite for sucking dick is big too. Young and smooth Maxxie Sibley can't wait, with a little smooching his dick is being slurped and soon he's returning the favour. Xavier Wilde's natural look is damn hot, his hairy balls pumping while he fucks his friend and pounds him from behind. By the time he's made Maxxie splash his cream from his cock he's ready to pull out and wank over him, adding to the goopy mess.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 15, 2022

Greg & Sam

Sam Minotaure squats on a dirty mattress in the dark cellar of a French farmhouse, wearing nothing but a jockstrap and sneakers. This sexy, tattooed scaly boy is feeling horny. His ass is lubed. He's ready for anything. Cue porn God, Greg Centuri, who appears in the cellar with his dick rampantly sticking out of the fly of his tight jeans. Greg is carrying a rope which he uses first, to gently whip Sam, then to carefully tie-up and semi-incapacitate him. Greg feeds his rock hard dick into Sam's mouth, who wantonly sucks it, desperate to please his dominant new master. Greg thrusts his dick into Sam's throat, causing the boy to choke and gag, utterly humiliated. Undeterred, Sam allows his slippery tongue to flicker and dance over the tip of Greg's giant member.

Bromo - Update

August 12, 2022

Dirty Hunters

Instead of hunting big game, dirty hunters Markus Kage and Olivier Robert are looking for big bottoms! Olivier lets Markus use his ass as a tripod, but the booty they were looking for slips away into the trees. Markus gets hard watching Olivier's bare rump as he answers the call of nature, and Olivier hungrily devours that rifle before they find some privacy on their four-wheeler for Markus to pump the bottom's hole full of cum!

Jalif Studios - Update

August 07, 2022

Kameron & Maxxime

Kameron Frost enters a housing block on the outskirts of Paris. The blond, handsome hunk is greeted by Maxxime Fury at the door, ready and willing to be dominated by the hot guest, Maxxime is your typical scaly lad. He's a rough diamond with a great body and a peachy ass, and he's up for whatever comes his way! The two men immediately start making out. Maxxime is quick to fall to his knees and pull Kameron's king-sized dick out of his tight jeans. He wraps his lips around it, and allows the giant, veiny member to repeatedly slide in and out of his tight, hungry throat. Maxxime is a diligent sucker and clearly gives the greatest head! Maxxime's ass begins to twitch uncontrollably, and he leans over the side of the couch, presenting himself to Kameron, who takes full advantage of the situation.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 03, 2022

Greg & Enzo

Enzo Milano sits on a messily made bed in a Parisian tower block. He's a good looking guy; dark and brooding with cropped hair, diamond ear studs and razor sharp cheekbones. Greg Century enters the room. This European porn god needs no introduction. He's tall, lean, masculine, and tanned… and he has a dick to die for. Enzo knows he's a lucky man. The two men are making out within seconds. The passionate kissing makes it clear that they're into each other in a pretty major way. Enzo drops to his knees to hungrily service Greg's legendary dick, which seems to do nothing but grow and grow between his slippery lips. Greg smiles utterly contentedly as Enzo's talented tongue flickers over the tip of his dick before dancing seductively down its shaft. Enzo knows exactly what he's doing!

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