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Jalif Studios - Update

December 03, 2022

Will & Romeo

Will Helm takes the reins and announces that he finds it very difficult to concentrate on work when his cock is rock-hard. Would Romeo Courtois be interested in helping him out with that? The handsome Frenchman certainly would! It takes less than two seconds for Romeo to get on his knees and start peeling Will's pants and boxers off. The sensation of his smoking hot coworker's eager and hungry mouth on Will's swelling cock feels incredible! Will quickly throws his shirt off and smiles as Romeo sucks and slurps with a rabid vigor. Romeo takes his mouth off of Will's powerful erection just long enough to tear off his own shirt and unbutton his jeans. Will takes the opportunity to play with Romeo's nipples, getting them erect as well! Romeo loves this kind of erotic touch and goes back to town on Will's hardon.

Men At Play - Update

December 01, 2022

Bathroom Attendant

Exclusive clubs often provide premium services for their patrons - including bathroom attendants that ensure clean facilities and keep good order. When using the urinal, tuxed-up Manuel Skye notices the bathroom attendant, Olivier Robert, peeking while he pisses and calls him out. But that doesn’t stop the pervy Manuel from leaving the attendant a nice cash tip to get his attention. Mr. Skye is certain that this attendant will be receptive to providing “extra” services. When he returns a second time, a tip is not the only thing he offers the obedient Olivier – and Olivier welcomes Manuel's big, uncut cock on his knees!

Fuckermate - Update

November 26, 2022

Second Big Round

After coping with one of our most hung top mate, horny Australian Jacskon Radiz meets our skinny French stallion Tommy Dreams and gets the bareback fuck of his dreams, enjoying and swallowing every single inch of the huge perfect curved cock that Tommy uses to plug his holes hard and rough!

Jalif Studios - Update

November 23, 2022

Leo & Rod

Leo Helios presses his body up against Rod Malek's, pushing him upright against the graffitied wall. With a few simple words, the euro stud pushes Rod's mouth open and claims his lips in an aggressive kiss. Their tongues danced together as each man tastes the other. Leo could tell quickly that his flavor is stupefying the blonde twink because, with little direction, Rod is quickly on his knees, obediently sucking on Leo's uncut cock. Leo thrusts into Rod's willing mouth while maintaining eye contact with him. Rod struggles with both Leo's girth and length during the blowjob, so he works his tongue around the cockhead slowly until he has a feel for Leo's size. Leo isn't so patient, though, and knows exactly what he wants: for Rod to worship his balls. Leo wordlessly pulls Rod's jeans down to his ankles and props him against the wall.

Blake Mason - Update

November 19, 2022

Kamyk & Xavier

Their First Time Fucking!: We don't know why it took so long to get these two boys on the couch for a good fuck. Kamyk Walker and Xavier Sibley know each other quite well, they're familiar with those hard uncut dicks and they know how to make each other cum. That's what makes this hot suck and fuck so damn good! From the sensual kissing to the long and stiff cock sucking these two really are awesome together, but it's when Xavier sticks his meat up Kamyk's pert little butt that things really get wild. Xavier loves to get just a little rough, but he's rewarded with a mouthful of cum from his bottom boy's dick in the end!

Raw Road Nation - Update

November 17, 2022

Huge Police Gang Bang

13 Men 2 Cop Holes: 13 Real men fuck 2 hot as hell REAL Cops all bare, nasty and fucked-up for simply hours on end with gallons of cum going into their unwilling furry uniformed holes. Two cops try and search the wrong property where a gang of labourers and horsehung tradies have had enough and the MET are about to get a training session that is not part of the Police guide book.

Jalif Studios - Update

November 17, 2022

Jeff & Killian

If you're gonna be woken up from a deep sleep in the early hours of the morning by a film crew… Well, it better be worth it! A bleary-eyed Killian Dehais struggles to get used to the bright light shining in his face. He's even more confused by the news that his all-time favorite adult movie star, Jeff Stronger, is in the next room! Stronger emerges, dressed in a leather harness and a tight-fitting jock strap. Unable to believe his luck, Killian excitedly gets to work on Stronger's legendary nine-inch dick, taking it into his mouth and running his soft lips up and down its shaft. Killian is soon on his back on the bed with Stronger aggressively thrusting his enormous meat deep into Killian's throat. Killian then squats on the bed, presenting his delicious, peach-like ass to Stronger, who spits on his hole to prepare him for the ride of his life.

Masqulin - Update

November 15, 2022

Psycho Killer Body

A Masqulin Halloween Thriller. One dark and foggy evening, a predator lurks in the dark, ready to pounce. The neighborhood is being terrorized by a crazed night stalker, putting the whole community on edge. Olivier Robert’s roommate has a few idiosyncrasies but rules are rules. And, with Rocky Vallarta, things need to be just so. Rocky has a tendency to fixate on the details and Olivier certainly doesn’t want him to get crazy… Suddenly a breaking story comes on the TV. Another body has been found in an alley downtown. As Olivier puts two and two together, all of a sudden the room goes dark. Rocky’s sexy roommate has discovered his secret, now he can’t leave any loose ends. Olivier awakens tied up and gagged in a plastic-covered room.

Jalif Studios - Update

November 10, 2022

Romain & Greg

Sexy Greg Kiff ducks into an alleyway and enters a sex club, flinging himself down onto a couch and spreading his legs enticingly. Greg immediately attracts the attention of Romain Alabien, an edgily-dressed young man who kneels down next to the couch and starts to sniff and lick Greg's prize sneakers. Seriously turned on, Romain's hungry mouth slowly moves towards the impressive bulge in Greg's pants. Greg rapidly returns the favor, chewing and sucking on Romain's crotch like an addict before diving down towards his stinking sneakers. Romain's big, excited, curved dick is soon out of his trackies and half-way down Greg's slutty throat. The sneakers come off and the two men become embroiled in a hot, hard, sleazy, desperate, writhing mass of flesh, feet, rubber and sweaty, synthetic fabrics.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 07, 2022

Adam Fucks Valentin

Valentin Amour sure does have a lot of control over his body. This guy has the grace and flexibility of a fine dancer, and he knows exactly how to use it to his benefit in the bedroom. Conversely, Adam Killian is a man of brute strength, and he also knows how to use his qualities between the sheets. Valentin Amour uses his mouth to suck on Adam Killian's fat erection before spreading his legs open to give Adam full access to his boy pussy!

Masqulin - Update

November 03, 2022

Heat Wave

Gabriel Clark is cooking up a storm. He and his roommate Benjamin King are anxiously awaiting their hot double date with TWINS! A hot sex party on the hottest day of the year, the excitement is palpable. But when these studs get hit with an inconvenient triple-whammy of power failure, their dates canceling and the herbal boner pills kicking in, they don’t know what to do! Stuck with a stiff and throbbing situation, Gabriel hopes a cold shower will give him relief.. while Ben chooses to employ a more hands-on approach to his problem, stroking his big uncut cock in the living room. Well, it’s not long before Gabriel’s out of the shower and catches Ben red-handed! In this house, bros help bros and a little proposition from Gabriel has Ben considering taking a hard cock up his ass for the first time.

Jalif Studios - Update

November 02, 2022

Isaac, Igor & Axel

When Isaac Torrid accidentally wound up on the wrong side of the outskirts of Lyon, he knew his ass was in for trouble! Or so he hoped! Very soon indeed, buddies Igor Lucios and Axel Lorentz rounded the outsider up and led him to an abandoned, demolished building. There, the tremulous, anxious Isaac was ordered to face the wall and place his hands up against it. Igor and Axel couldn't help but notice just how quick, compliant, and obedient their captive was in response to their orders. They wondered just what all they could do? Being naturally extremely horny and their detainee already under their command, they went ahead and pulled out their rock hard dicks for him to hurry up and get to sucking on!

Axel Abysse - Update

November 01, 2022

Eruption, Part One

In the shower, Axel rinses his hole, getting ready for one intense session of hole treatment with Max Lava: enema, punching, double fisting and more! This is Part 1 of an exclusive Axel Abysse new series that you'll not only love but cum to again and again. Only Axel can show us the life he lives and how absolutely hot it is.

Cutler's Den - Update

October 31, 2022


2 BIG COCKS / 2 HUNGRY HOLES / 3 HOT MEN Cutler is in heaven, He loves to fuck big holes and nothing makes him cum faster than to have his dick rubbing against another in a hot hole. Ian really gets the best deal he strokes out Max's hole with his big fat cock while Cutler digs deep in Max's throat. Ian flips on his back while Max sucks his ass juice off Ian, Cutler slides in balls deep into Ian's furry hole. Cutler gives Max and up close fuck show so he can get ready for the big fat DP that's coming his way.

Jalif Studios - Update

October 27, 2022

Kameron & Stan

Bare-chested French hotties Kameron Frost and Stan Lamere have been eyeing each other all afternoon. Blond-beauty Kameron suggested that they hang out at his apartment and Stan was all for it. After a little flirtatious conversation, Kameron asks Stan if he would like to play with his dick. The super cute brunette didn't need to be asked twice! Stan delightedly reaches into Kameron's skimpy red boxer briefs and pulls out an impressively large and thick cock. Stan readily strokes his sexy buddy's hard dick and then eagerly begins to suck on it simultaneously. Kameron's excitement level ramps up as Stan's cock sucking becomes more and more enthusiastic! The blond stud can't help but take a hold of Stan's head and gently start face fucking him, pushing his steel-hard, thick manhood deeper into his mouth.

Men - Update

October 24, 2022

Malik & Pierce's Shower Fuck

Join favorite Malik Delgaty for a private moment as he strips down in the bathroom, flexing his muscles in front of the mirror before stepping under the shower and letting the water stream down his skin. Pierce Paris does just that, joining Malik under the spray without even taking off his clothes! The guys share slow, sensual kisses, and Pierce hungrily swallows the top's dick, then Malik bends him over to penetrate him from behind. Pierce rides the top, then cums all over the glass shower door as Malik drills him up against it, and the top shoots his load on Pierce's ass.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

October 23, 2022

Jordan & Oscar

Thick dicked power top Jordan Fox dominates athletic young hottie Oscar Roberts in this very hot scene. After some nipple play and hard bulge groping, the lads get their dicks out, both are hung and uncut, Jordan is super thick.. Getting on his knees Oscar sucks the fat meat, getting his throat fucked in the process. On the sofa they suck some more, Jordan is pretty rough and forceful... Then he plays with Oscars arse, spitting onto his hole then pushing the spit in with his thumb, stretching his hole.. Eager to fuck now, Jordan fucks him on the floor first, and Oscar can only just handle the hefty girth... Next, Oscar is up against the sofa for a harder, deeper fuck. Laying on his back now, Oscar takes a final pounding as Jordan bangs his hole some more, his muscles bulging and shiny with sweat.

Blake Mason - Update

October 23, 2022

Xavier & Ricky

Bareback In The Warehouse: Sure, they could find somewhere more private to fuck, but why not make it more exciting by hooking up at the abandoned warehouse where any horny guy could come and watch! With a little kissing those big wet dicks are soon out and in each other's mouths, sucking and slurping each other greedily. Naked and raw Xavier Sibley fills the blond boy with his big meat, fucking Ricky Vilela from behind and giving the boy a ride on his thick tool before a splashing of semen leaves young Ricky drenched in hot cock cream!

Jalif Studios - Update

October 19, 2022

Stany & Enzo

Enzo Milano enters the abandoned building, scouting for a place where he can get properly fucked. Finding a good spot, Enzo goes in for the kiss and pulls out Stany’s already stiff cock. Stany Falcone shoves the full length of his cock into his warm throat and continues to slap his face with it. Enzo takes his position and puts his hands against the wall of the abandoned building as Stany gets ready behind him. Pushing his cock against Enzo’s twitching hole, he enters with ease; you can hear his cheeks being pumped as he’s entered with the full force of Stany’s throbbing cock. Pumping him harder and harder, Enzo moves over so he can put his hands on the floor and Stany can keep his cock fully inside him while he gets ready to blow his load. Slowing his momentum, you can tell he’s ready.

Men - Update

October 18, 2022

Warm Welcum

Malik Delgaty is nervous about meeting his girlfriend's dad for the first time, but Paul Wagner is way more welcumming than he expected! Paul keeps touching Malik's muscles, and when they're alone, he sucks Malik's cock. The daddy rides the buff straight guy, showing him just how much better a tight man's hole feels, and Malik pounds him on the couch. They hide in the shower so Malik can drill the bottom doggystyle, then puts Paul on the counter to fuck the cum out of him and gives him a facial.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

October 16, 2022

Ryan & Anthony

Super cute and ripped, blue-eyed hottie, Ryan Young, has a seriously horny session with handsome and defined, big-dicked bottom, Anthony Cruz. Starting off with kissing, nipple play and hard bulge groping in their shiny sports shorts, the lads then pull out each others dicks and jerk each other off. Ryan's is so hard it throbs, Anthony's big, super thick uncut meat rises from semi to stiff as they kiss. Eager to get Ryan's solid cock in his mouth, Anthony drops to his knees and sucks deep and wet, swallowing it to the base. They move to the sofa, where Ryan gets his jaw stretched wide as he gives Anthony's fat cock a good sucking, before laying back to get sucked one more time himself, fucking Anthony's mouth. Eager to fuck, Ryan works on Anthony's hole with spit and fingers, fucking him six ways from Sunday.

Cutler's Den - Update

October 15, 2022


Shadow and Max Lava are sizzling hot together in this high energy, chemistry filled sweaty and slippery ass breeding session. Shadow tells Max he is going to make him his bitch and this muscle Dom doesn't disappoint. Rough and randy all male fucks right here. This one hot scene and these two hot studs definitely had chemistry!

Fuckermate - Update

October 14, 2022

Joy Ride

Our huge-cocked French Tommy Dreams this time has to deal with the unstoppable hunger of fresh face Leo Rocha, a pure Brazilian candy with a winning smile, muscular body, and a perfect ass that will make him totally crazy. Since the first moment Leo puts in place his skills of an expert sucker, devouring any single inch of the French meat. And, Tommy surely shows that he loves such kind of bottom boys, by smacking his raw supersized cock on Leo's hungry hole and then, for his joy, cramming it in deep inside

Jalif Studios - Update

October 10, 2022

Rod & Martin

Rod Malek and Martin Klauss barely speak the same language, but what they lack in words, they understand in sexual appetite. Rob is surprised by Martin's advances, but he can't deny he's curious to experience the handsome man's cock. Martin stands and reveals his massive, uncut member, plunging it into Rod's mouth before he can even react to its size. Martin's horny, provocative approach pays off. Having had one taste of his member, Rod is ready to tear off his clothes and give in to the intense tan man's urges.

Treasure Island Media - Update

October 06, 2022

Ethan & Jonas

Somewhere on a rooftop in Argentina in full view of anyone who wants to see, Ethan Chase hooks up with local Jonas Matt and these two bros go at it. Ethan is hungry and Jonas Matt is horny as he makes the slut bottom take care of his uncut cock with his mouth and cunt. Lots of ass to mouth action that you will love!

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