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French Twinks - Update

January 06, 2019

Orgamisc Massage

Justin Leroy offers a massage to Ethan Duval. The young twink is wearing a jock-strap and the beautiful blonde is obsessed with this nice little ass, firm and bounced. The two boys get naked and kiss, they masturbate each other and then Ethan sucks the cock of Justin with passion. Justin then turns Ethan on the back to play, lick and titillate his tight little hole before penetrating it. An intense and sensual fucking session begins between these gorgeous twinks and will lead them to orgasm.

French Twinks - Update

December 29, 2018

Night Drive

Paul Delay shares his boarding room with a young British boy and thinking he's asleep as he begins to jack off discreetly in his bed. Paul fingers himself then uses a dildo in the dark trying to be as discreet as possible but his roommate opens his eyes and starts to masturbate watching the show. The two boys will afford a night of passionate ecstasy and the young British will feast with the little French ass.

French Twinks - Update

December 19, 2018

Don't Tell My Father

If there is one thing that Principal Marguet will not tolerate in his boarding school, it's homophobia! Today, Lucas Bouvier is summoned to the office of Mr. Marguet because the insolent boy would have uttered homophobic insults to a teacher. The vicious Principal will use blackmail and the threat to reach his goal and offer a good lesson to his student.

French Twinks - Update

December 11, 2018

Wake Up Failure

Adorable Ethan Duval shares his boarding room with Enzo Lemercier, the school dunce. The alarm clock suddenly brings Ethan out from his sleep and he tries in vain to wake his comrade. While Ethan is almost ready to leave to class Enzo is still in bed and drops the cover to show his roommate his morning erection. How to resist a beautiful cock and the smile of mischievous Enzo?

French Twinks - Update

December 04, 2018

Saw Gay

To celebrate our love for movies, discover Paul Delay, Chris Loan and Lucas Bouvier in our gay crazy parody about the famous movie "Saw". Chained in squalid toilets, Paul and Lucas will have to play a game dictated by a stranger to ensure their survival. What are the rules? Will they make the right choices? Will they get out of this trap alive? If one thing is sure is that there will be tons of sex during this perverse treasure hunt looking like an escape game!

French Twinks - Update

December 02, 2018

Burning Passion

While Gabriel Lambert fell asleep, Corentin Tessier noticed the big bulge in the boxers of his buddy. Gabriel is hard as wood while sleeping and Corentin takes the opportunity to caress his smooth body and to suck his cock. When Gabriel awakes, the dream is prolonged and Corentin offers him a memorable blowjob before giving his little ass. Gabriel plays with the tight hole of Corentin that he dilates gradually until he can introduce his big dick. A wild passionate fuck then begins and will lead the two boys to ecstasy.

Bentley Race - Update

November 26, 2018

Dylan & Brock

Last night I loaded up this shoot between our sexy mates Dylan Anderson and French twink Brock Matthews. This is Brock's 3rd shoot, and Dylan was in a load of videos last summer too. This is one of the more passionate shoots as the guys start making out on the couch while I am getting the cameras ready. Dylan is really happy with the French bottom boy I have set him up with and can't wait for the video to start. I've had fun shooting with these guys in their previous shoots. So I knew this scene was going to work out really well. The fucking in the video is amazing. I almost had trouble keeping up with the guys in the end as they moved around the room.

French Twinks - Update

November 18, 2018

Welcome To Boarding School

In this first episode of our new series "Boarding School Secrets", Principal Doryann Marguet welcomes a new student Justin Leroy. After showing the room to this delicious blonde twink, Mr. Marguet asks to search his backpack. The Principal will find prohibited objects and this will be the pretext he was waiting for to undertake a very thorough body search. Doryann touch Justin's smooth body and undress him by force before inspecting his rectum searching for hidden drugs. The young student resigned to submit to the authority of the Principal is as dazed as excited by this unexpected situation.

French Twinks - Update

November 08, 2018

Vice Kitchen Ep. 3

After the Chef came in their restaurant, Corentin and Jules who in particular have been forced to participate in an orgy in the middle of the dining room, seem to have found back their lost passion. The ambiance between the two boys is good and the business is doing better. To celebrate this new beginning our couple in love will engage in a wild fucking session. Jules is totally unleashed and Corentin will get literally pounded.

French Twinks - Update

October 18, 2018

Vice Kitchen Ep. 2

In this second part of "Vice Kitchen" the tension goes up a notch between the two bosses Corentin and Jules. The crisis ensues and the customers groan. As long as the two boys go to war it will be impossible for the Chef to help them. To restore communication between Jules and Corentin, Chris Loan will force them to show naked and suck in front of customers! If most people are outraged and leave by this show Paul Delay is the only client to sit.

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