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Apr 05, 2024

Is That Enough Meat For You?

by XL Fucker

Solomon is a pretty inexperienced bottom so we warned him that Leandro was packing some pretty serious heat but when he got a view of that massive 10.5 inches he started to have second thoughts. But after a little coaxing he laid back and let Leandro open him wide up. We thought he was going to tap out but he took the full 20 minute pounding and when we asked "Was that enough meat for you?" he replied MORE than enough! lol.

By XL Fucker

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Apr 05, 2024

Global Entry: Mexico 6

by Naked Sword

Nakedsword Originals: Sitting alongside mustachioed daddy Sir Armas, sexy stud Vic Gioz is ready to talk all about sex with NakedSword and film his first-ever studio scene. After their interviews, Vic begins to deepthroat and pig out on Sir's hard cock before propping up his juicy bubble butt for Sir to rim. Sir, now balls-deep inside of the hot jock bottom, has Vic moaning as he fucks him across the room and pulls out to shoot a fat load all over his tongue and mouth.

By Naked Sword

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Apr 05, 2024

Dorm Life: The RA

by Next Door Studios

Dallas Preston is nervous in his first year at college, but he makes an unlikely friend in his R.A. Carter Woods. As the two spend some time together, Dallas has to come clean about his crush on Carter. Can Carter resist this cute Freshman

By Next Door Studios

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Apr 05, 2024

Just A Hole: Part 2

by Private Playground XXX

This boy had the itch to get whored out while his bf watches and joins in. We gave him the PPX special! A blindfolded fuckfest that his hole will be feeling for the week to come.

By Private Playground XXX

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Apr 04, 2024

Olaf & Torsten

by Bel Ami Online

There is trouble in paradise today as Olaf confesses that he would like to try a 3way with Jens. Torsten seems (a little) open to the idea of a threesome, but categorically rules out that Jens is the 3rd guy. Rebuffed but undeterred, Olaf decides to change tactics and catch Torsten when he is in a more amenable mood and that normally means right after sex. Of course, Torsten is onto this tactic right away and is going to milk it for all it's worth before he gives in. Olaf must really want to try out Jens as there is no command or directive that Torsten gives that our blond pup is not willing to submit to. We promise we won't keep you waiting too long to see if Olaf got his way or not!

By Bel Ami Online

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Apr 04, 2024

Threeway Hole Play

by Maverick Men

We met this sexy fucking fuck Aiden Tyler on our twitter @ThemaverickMen. He hit us up and confessed that we were on his bucket list of guys he wants to bottom for hahah. We were very flattered and very fucking excited to get in his beautiful hairy man ass, we had a great time and we also hooked him up with some local model friends, those videos will be cumming to Maverick Men Directs soon :) In the mean time you will love, this nasty hot cum soaked three-way fuck session.

By Maverick Men

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Apr 04, 2024

LCpl Parker

by Straight Off Base

Lance Corporal Parker hits up the Major's penthouse to escape the afternoon rain. He hails from Georgia and this smooth 20-year old "pocket-sized" Marine stands just 5'8" and weighs in at 130 lbs.?Parker says that back in high school he wrestled and played baseball 'a little bit.' He says that 'classes were boring' so he had to do something else to pass time.??The Major gets LCpl Parker out of his clothes to show off his smooth, lanky body. Parker slowly strokes his uncut dick for us and deftly concentrates on his foreskin. Parker puts on a great show for the Major's roving camera, giving us some teasing finger action around his tight, hairy butthole as well. He eventually works up to pop a nice yogurt-thick load on his hand and stomach.

By Straight Off Base

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Apr 04, 2024

Two Tattooed Twinks Fuck

by Hung Young Brit

Some of our mates have come over to help us hang the decorations for Christmas. Like everyone else each year we spend hours untangling wires from the lights. The lads get a bit bored and they wanna go “find the cat” and left JBSketch to finish the job. They find Puss sleeping as usual on the bed but she soon runs away when she realizes they want some privacy.

By Hung Young Brit

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Apr 04, 2024

Michael & Jack Make RandyBlue Debuts

by Randy Blue

The perfect pairing of Dom top and power bottom happens as two familiar faces make their RandyBlue debuts: Michael Jackman and Jack Emhoff ! At once Jack lives up to his reputation by sucking & deep-throating Michael and then riding his thrusting cock it with his physically expressive and vocal brand of bottoming. Michael shows off his Dom top prowess pounding Jack and making him moan, but also taking time out to suck him before his final ass drilling. Michael goes over the edge first, shooting an ultra-thick load over Jack's hole and breeding him which makes Jack shoot in response. As they kiss, Michael asserts his dominance by calling Jack a "good boy" so of course a satisfied Jack chimes in with "Yes Sir"!

By Randy Blue

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Apr 04, 2024

Friends With Benefits

by Guys In Sweatpants

Kai and Hazel have never fucked, but they hit me up saying they wanted their first time to be on camera with GuysInSweatpants. They're both full of jokes and good times, but you can tell there's some sexual tension that needed to be released. As soon as the sweatpants came off, they fucked each other all over the bed for 30 minutes straight. They're both hung, completely versatile, and love bottoming for a big dick, so watching them flip fuck is so hot.

By Guys In Sweatpants

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Apr 04, 2024

Collin Flips With Angel

by Cocky Boys

Collin Merp returns for more mutual big dick love, this time in a rare flip-fuck with Angel Elias! Angel has some things to show Collin but when it comes down it, they suck and fuck as only guys with big cocks would appreciate. Angel orally cock worships Collin who then turns around to pleasure both Collin's hole and cock and then face fuck him to really see how good he is. Collin plows Angel who shows he likes getting fucked by a big dick and then rides him to make it clearer. In a surprise move, Angel flips over Collin and drills him deep to find he can take it too and with his big dick energy at full power, Angel fucks him from the side and breeds Collin! Angel finishes being a good top by fingering Collin to a thick load orgasm and bestowing a sweet kiss.

By Cocky Boys

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Apr 04, 2024

Mullet Head

by House Of Angell

Some boys are just special. They have different needs than the typical guy. Some need to be a hole, just a hole, meant to be filled with cock. Mason Dixon is one of those needy ones and those are Will Angell’s favorites. Both show their true desires as they push each other over the edge.

By House Of Angell

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