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Aussies Do It - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Timmy Takes Elijah's Big Tool

Aussies Do It's latest find is an expatriate German 18 year old bottom with a bit of class and a little sass. Timmy doesn't mince words when he tells the director he prefers having sex with Aussie men, the reason being that dirty talk is a lot more fun in English. He's slim and good looking, with dirty blond hair that he can't really pinpoint as to the exact color. Obviously happy to be paired with hot, hung hunk Elijah for this first outing, he's more than ready to get into gear for his initial porn shoot. Elijah is his usual thoroughbred beauty complete with stallion-sized cock, his gleaming smile and multiple tattoos just what Timmy looks for in a potential hookup. They start with the usual kissing, more passionate and driven than many models getting together for the first time.

Bentley Race - Update

Saturday February 17, 2024

Eddie & Buzz

I finally got my beautiful mates Eddie Archer and Buzz Hardy into a shoot together. Both Eddie and Buzz have appeared in a bunch of scenes over the past year with our other mates, but this is their first time meeting. Mostly the guys choose who they would like to do a shoot with. I was really happy when Buzz told me he would like to meet Eddie. They were getting along really well as they helped each other pick out clothes for the shoot. There was a lot of kissing and playing around between photos as I directed them through the photoshoot. We got same great photos of Eddie pulling Buzz's big cock out and sucking on it. But of course this was just the foreplay for the video we were about to make. Eddie ends up fucking Buzz in the video. You can see by the look on Buzz's face how much he's enjoying being drilled by his new mate.

Bentley Race - Update

February 10, 2024

Hot New Mate Chase Landon

The hot new mate joining us this week is Chase Landon, visiting us all the way from California. I'm really excited about having Chase modelling with us. When I heard he was going to be visiting Melbourne during his stay in Australia, I jumped at the chance to invite him around to the studio. And I'm so glad he said yes. Chase is really fit with a gorgeous bulging chest and biceps. I couldn't wait to see him stripping out of some tight shorts and a t-shirt. In the studio I got Chase showing off his body during a slow strip tease photoshoot. But wait till you see what happened afterwards in his first video. I ended up down on my knees sucking on his perfect fat cock and then shoving my face between those thick cheeks. Then over on the bed Chase sat on my face while jerking himself off.

Andy's Aussie Boys - Update

February 05, 2024

Beckett & Larkin

Cum Back For More: A fuck so nice, they're doing it twice. Beckett and Larkin couldn't wait to get their tools, mouths and booties in gear again, and who are we to stand in the way of true lust? Beckett's been around the block a few times since their initial on camera hookup, and maybe he's learned a few new tricks? And Larkin's still the ever-ready assrammer we've cum to know and luv. Clad in almost identical white t's and dark shorts, they are definitely on the same wavelength. These two don't need a long introduction, but Beckett does let us know how happy he is he can take raw dick instead of dealing with the inconvenient mood-killer of sex with condoms. Larkin's happy to ruck him raw and natural. They brought in their favorite undies to share with the viewers and banter a bit, but clearly they are more ready to get the fucking started.

Bentley Race - Update

February 03, 2024

Byron & Beau First Time Meet

Recently I got two of my favorite mates over to the studio for their first shoot together. Both Byron Atwood and Beau Jackson have appeared in a bunch of shoots with our mates over the past year, but this is their first time meeting each other. When I suggested to Beau that he might like to meet Byron, he was really excited. Byron is absolutely adorable, full of energy and loves meeting the other guys. Right from the outset they were getting along really well as they helped each other pick out the clothes and sneakers they were going to wear in the shoot. In the studio things got hot pretty quickly as they started kissing and rubbing each other's crotches. Beau quickly got Byron's shorts down for a look at his perfect bottom. Then Byron was pulling out Beau's fat cock and getting it deep down his throat.

Bentley Race - Update

January 27, 2024

New Mate Ethan Lake

Last week I was introduced to our newest mate Ethan Lake. One of our other mates brought 29 y/o Ethan along for a shoot recently. After seeing him in action I suggested he come over for a solo shoot. Ethan is a quiet skinny boy with a huge cock. He's not too shy about showing it off either. I grabbed some nice photos of Ethan stripping naked on the bed. But the real surprise came when I ended up fucking Ethan on the couch. I had been helping Ethan out, wanking and sucking on his fat cock. When he started sucking on my dick, I knew where it was going next. Just as I started getting deep inside him I quickened my pace making him blow a huge load of cum across his belly. What a hot way to finish the shoot. I think Ethan will be a great addition to our group of mates on Bentley Race this year.

Bentley Race - Update

January 22, 2024

Marcel Met Eddie Archer

The new year has started out with the studio being really busy. We've already completed two shoots this year. We are also catching up on the scenes we shot in the past couple of months in 2023. This one stands out as one of my favourite shoots. We were lucky to get a visit from beautiful Marcel Eugene from the United States. I was really happy to grab day during Marcel's travels for a photo and video session with my cute friend Eddie. Right from the start of the day they were getting along really well, helping each other pick out clothes for the shoot and teasing each other while I was taking photos. The session couldn't have gone any better. Marcel is a super sweet boy. He was getting massively turned on while Eddie played with his big cock. Ut was such a fun day and it shows in their photos.

Aussies Do It - Update

January 21, 2024

Elijah Rams Into Aksen

Well, this was a matchup that was bound to happen. Drop dead gorgeous Elijah, with his perfect body and oversized XXL cock, meet sexy little fireplug wrestling aficionado Aksen, who we last watched canoodling in a singlet to match his bf Pete's. In the opening interview they reveal a bit about themselves, and when Aksen lets it be known he's really into big humping groups and orgy scenes, the director helpfully explains, "Well the guys say that Elijah's dick is like an orgy in itself!" Aksen flashes a big smile and Elijah just gives a little laugh. He knows those words are the honest truth. When the sexing starts, the guys kiss and rub their horned-up parts together. Aksen has to gasp a bit when he pulls Elijah's trouser-snake out of his shorts. It really is as big as legend paints it to be...

Bentley Race - Update

January 17, 2024

Cute Friend Andrew

After a few days away with my family I am getting back to editing and updating Bentley Race again today. And I'm starting with a shoot with my cute friend Andrew Tran. When I met Andrew a couple of years ago I didn't know he was going to become one of my regular models and a close friend. He always looks great in the shoots and I love playing with him too. In this shoot I invited Andrew up to the hotel I was staying at to get these shots and make a new video. He loves showing off that perfect bottom as I take the photos. In his new video I joined in licking his hole while he sucks on my cock. I really love making him blow his load. I love how much he gets turned on in this shoot. Andrew will be back again this summer teaming up with some of our mates.

Aussies Do It - Update

January 09, 2024

Aussie 3Way Studs' Cumshots

Here's our end of the year holiday gift to cum-lovers everywhere! Now we admit all these group scenes and cum shots fried our brains a little. We titled this mega-cumpilation "Aussie 3Way Studs' Cum Shots" before we realized in the middle of all those hot musky balls, spurting dicks and muscular Aussie dudes, half are even more than threeways, but pileups of four sweaty bareback fuckers. Anyway, it's half an hour of pure load-splattering enjoyment, featuring the spermy contributions of some of our favorite "Aussies Do It" superstar models: Leo, Hunter, Timothy, Lucas, Batt, Blake, Tyson, Roberto, Dane, Jonny, Randy, Jaxon, Harvey and Levi. There are quarts of musky manjuice flying, puddling and drenching all the fun foursomes and tittilating threesomes, and you're invited. And more than welcome to wallow in it!

Bentley Race - Update

January 02, 2024

Ryan & Rory

In the lead up to the Christmas holidays I've been getting some of our mates together for a few special shoots. And being the start of summer in Australia they're all very eager to get their clothes off. In this shoot I invited our sexy mate Rory Hayes over to meet Ryan Matthews. It's been a long time since I've seen Ryan so I was really keen to see him again and get him into a new shoot. They are both so adorable in this photo and video shoot. And since the studio was decorated for the coming Christmas themed shoot I also got a few photos of them kissing in little Santa hats. I'm very excited about all the shoots we have planned with the guys over this summer. We have a few of our models from the past coming back to visit us as well as a few new boys joining us. It's going to be a very busy summer holiday.

Aussies Do It - Update

December 27, 2023

Flip Fucking Singlet Studs

Few things get our balls churning and dicks swelling to full stiffy than two hot studs in wrestling singlets, diving hands under the spandex to grab the hot hard goodies inside, or grappling to get on top and rub their thick hard crotches into each other's ass cracks. Our recent discovery Pete is back with his real life bf Aksen in tow to do a rather special fuck scene with more bells and whistles than we're even prepared for. Clad in matching robin's egg blue stretchy singlets, the scorchingly seXXXy couple pose like superheroes and go through the usual cheeky interview before getting down to some tangling on foot and on the mattress. Aksen is a vers bottom who calls Pete "Daddy", but he's no submissive. Asked what his biggest turn on in sex is, he admits he LOOOOVES cum, and all it takes to get there.

Bentley Race - Update

December 25, 2023

New Mates Kyler & Max

It seems funny to be setting up 2 of our American mates with a French boy in Australia for this shoot. When Kyler and Max flew over to visit us from California I asked them who they would like to meet and shoot with here. I mentioned a few names and they both picked sexy French boy Buzz Hardy. There's a bunch of guys wanting to get into scenes with Buzz. This ended up being a really hectic shoot with Buzz wanting to have sex with the guys during the photoshoot. So I worked quickly through these photos of the guys kissing and stripping each other naked. I enjoyed taking their photos but wait till you see the video we made afterwards. It's a hot scene with a lot of double cock sucking and rimming and fucking. I especially liked it when the very handsome Kyler blew his load while fucking Buzz, at the same time Buzz was fucking Max.

Bentley Race - Update

December 19, 2023

James Rhyder's First Couple

I'm so excited to get our cute new mate James Rhyder back into the studio for his first couple scene. I've matched him up with beefy ginger bear Beau Jackson. James told me that he likes big tops so let's see how he goes matching up with Beau. The guys got along really well. James was all over Beau as we started taking some photos. Beau was pulling down James shorts and kicking his cute little bum. While James couldn't to get Beau's fat dick out. We hurried through taking the photos so we could start the video. I haven't seen anyone take Beau's big cock as well as James did. That boy was bouncing on that thing! I love seeing guys having so much fun in a shoot. James is a great addition to our group of horny mates.

Falcon Studios - Update

December 18, 2023

Cumming Home For Christmas

While on a jog in his hometown of Calistoga, Dan Saxon has a run-in with his high school boyfriend, DeAngelo Jackson. Instead of reminiscing over old feelings with his former love, Dan literally runs away until he's back at his brother's place and scrolling through a dating app in an attempt to find a serious dick straction. Lucky enough, neighborhood hunk Cole Connor is just a couple hundred feet away and ready to come over to suck Dan off. In return, Dan rims the stranger's hairy hole and stuffs him with his uncut member. Only steps away from the family Christmas tree, Cole turns the anonymous hookup into a flip-fuck as he barebacks and mounts Dan's thick cheeks. Dan then gets a taste for his own holiday hole as he goes down to blow Cole and lick up his fresh cum right before climbing on top of Cole to unload himself all over the hookup's face.

Aussies Do It - Update

December 14, 2023

Bare Bangin' Bottom

When horny bottoms collide, it can go two very different ways. Either a disappointing attempt with a couple of wet noodles desperate for a real top, or a HOT hookup with two studs who really understand what gets each other off. Fortunately in this matchup between international fuckers British Beckett and Colombian ex-pat Mateo, Beckett rises to the occasion and gives his new Latino buddy the marathon screw he needs. Asked to describe what he misses from his homeland Mateo responds he misses the spicy, earthy food and the sensual uninhibited men. But he's open to forgetting about Colombian guys if Australia gives him a good reason. Beckett and Mateo both love kissing, and they take their sweet time making out.

Aussies Do It - Update

November 29, 2023

Aussie Fuckers MEGA Compilation

Here's a scorching treat from down under. Aussie guys have a reputation for being some of the hottest fuckers around, and with this compilation pulled from unseen clips of some of AussiesDoIt's favorite horny amateurs, you get to see JUST the hot, filthy ass-fucking action with none of the chat or "getting to know each other" preliminaries. We're getting down to business, like the Aussie studs themselves do. Watch and wank to twenty pud-popping minutes of pure raunchy anal from the guys who specialize in going DEEP and HARD.

Bentley Race - Update

November 28, 2023

Eddie & Byron Hooking Up

I've finally gotten my beautiful mates Eddie and Byron together. I was looking to set up a couple of my mates for a late winter shoot while I was shooting in one of the city towers. One of the most fun shoots I've ever done happened when I brought Eddie and Byron over to the studio. So I decided to get them together one more time. They look so cute as that tease each other during the photoshoot. I'm really happy with the photos from this set. But wait until you see the video of Byron throat fucking Eddie on the bed. After watching their video again today I can't wait to see them again this summer.

Bentley Race - Update

November 22, 2023

Sexy Middle Eastern David

My gorgeous new mate David Khalid is back this week modelling for me on Bentley Race. When we met in Berlin earlier this year I was really taken by how beautiful this 21 year old is. He was a little nervous in the first shoot so I decided to invite him around for a second session. These photos and video are the results from our second meet up. David comes across as a little shy to begin with. By the time he was naked there was no problem getting hard and putting on a hot fleshlight jacking show. I've had a lot of nice comments from our mates about David's first shoot. I'm looking forward to getting him over for some outdoor photos next summer.

English Lads - Update

November 15, 2023

Young Straight & Tall Teen

Jack Costelow returns this week after catching some summer rays and working out regularly and is looking more tanned and leaner than ever before! At 6-foot 5-inches Jack is one tall, lean, handsome lad with long legs and one very long uncut cock! Jack shows off his three-piece outfit but soon has it off as he flexes his arms and gives us a 360 look at his lean physique. We get lucky to see Jack's uncut cock in its natural soft state before he strokes it to a big throbbing erection! Jack wanks his cock on the sofa and spreads his legs to show off his hairy hole before power wanking himself to a big explosion of cum that covers his abs and torso! Great work, Jack! A manhandling next!?

Bentley Race - Update

November 15, 2023

Mate Dante De Moro

It's been a while since I've seen my sexy mate Dante De Moro. You might remember that we met around this time last year. This hot Italian boy was so turned on getting photographed he was rock hard through 3 photo sets. I hadn't seen much of him this year so I invited him over for a catch up and a new solo shoot. I think Dante is one of the most beautiful guys in Melbourne. He's really lovely and looks great in his photos and videos. He's looking super fit these days, and I love his bleached blond hair. Dante's legs are getting huge. Which means his butt looks fantastic! I might have taken more photos of his legs and bottom than I needed to.

Aussies Do It - Update

November 01, 2023

Hung Fuckers Turned Suckers

Not every day you get to witness the crossed swords matchup between the horniest, most well-hung studs the Great White North and the Land Down Under have to offer. Canadian cock-slinger Jamie and Sydney's own mega-hung Elijah are pressed by the director to match their dicks up inch for inch, or rather centimeter for centimeter. Jamie's packing the longer tool, by a mere pubic hair's breadth. But Elijah wins out in the thick dick department (we remember him as being in a class of his own). It's a kick watching these tough raw-fucking tops' eyes gleam with wonder and amazement at checking each other's package. But when it comes down to action, what do super hung tops do to each other? Here's where the meaty fuckers turn into thirsty suckers and try their best to slurp and swallow those mega prongs jutting out from their crotches.

Bentley Race - Update

October 31, 2023

Eddie & Conboi

My beautiful mates Eddie Archer and Andy Conboi have appeared in a bunch of shoots on Bentley Race, but this is their first shoot together. Over the winter I invited Eddie and Andy around for a little photo and video shoot. They really are two of my sweetest mates. They're very cute together as they sneak kisses between photos. By the time they got fully naked I decided it was time to change to the video camera and catch some footage of Eddie fucking Andy and blowing a load all over him. After watching this again today I can see why I like shooting with them so much. I've got them both coming back for a larger group shoot soon.

Bentley Race - Update

October 25, 2023

French Mate Buzz

I'm really happy to have my sexy French mate Buzz Hardy back modelling for me. I seem to have a long history of always having a sexy French boy visiting us in Australia. 25 year old Buzz has stayed around all year, so I'm really happy to get him in for a new shoot. He's one of my mates who loves showing off on camera. Since I hadn't seen him in a while I wanted to get him over for some new solo photos and a new video. But I also have plans to get him over for some new scenes with our mates too. I'm going to be keeping Buzz very busy over this summer in Australia. Make sure you also check out his hot videos from last summer.

Aussies Do It - Update

October 17, 2023

Blasting On Beckett

Blue eyed Brit Beckett and hung, built Aussie Elijah are not exactly rabble rousers or rulebreakers. When the director asks what's the "naughtiest" thing they've ever done, both of them answer timidly "porn" And neither of them seem to be impressed by Aussie guys in bed. But once the opening interview is over, things DO heat up for the XXL top and the cock hungry bottom. They kiss deep and hungrily, then when Beckett yanks down Elijah's undies to see what he's packing, his interest perks WAAY up. He sucks Elijah's thick uncut piece down till he's gagging. They both get their oral jollies when Elijah chows down on Beckett's smooth, tender ass while Beckett's leaning forward to gargle on his buddy's stiff pole.

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