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Boy For Sale - Update

Friday August 23, 2019

Cole The Auction

Cole is nervous to be put up for auction, but he's also desperate to feel owned by a powerful man. It's deep in his core to be submissive and he knows that there will be no better sense of pleasure than when he's finally possessed by the top bidder. Master Felix shows off his smooth, toned body, making him irresistible to the men in the crowd. But it's Master Oaks who wins the day and lays claim to the boy's body and spirit. As is customary, he mounts the young man and breeds him in front of his fellow bidders, enjoying the privilege of his purchase as well as securing his status as owner and master.

Amateurs Do It - Update

Thursday August 22, 2019

Neil & Joel

Joel is a tall top who loves the idea of fucking on camera. The thrill of everyone seeing him in action is enough to get his cock hard before recording even starts! He's paired up with Neil, a sexy, older, daddy cocksucker with some bit meat of his own. The two fool around, making out and sucking each other off before heading into the bedroom. Neil is totally in awe of Joel's big, uncut, hungrily swallowing it down again and again. Joel loves how it feels to have his mouth on his cock, feeling his nuts ready to pump out a creamy, think load.

Fun Size Boys - Update

Wednesday August 21, 2019

Austin Dr. Wolf's Room

Dr. Wolf has grown very fond of little Austin. The short boy has come a long way from his quiet, shy demeanor in the sterile office. Now, in the tall man's home, he feels completely comfortable and relaxed - even a little frisky. The young boy is constantly thinking about how hot it is to be fucked and filled by the auburn giant, never letting a moment pass where he could be riding his massive cock. Dr. Wolf sees the hunger in the boy's eyes, even as they tear up slightly sucking on his massive meat. He knows the boy's hole can take much more than his throat, so he bends him over the edge of the bed, giving him the perfect view of his tight little hole. He tells him to pop it up for him as he wets the tip of his dick with his spit.

All Australian Boys - Update

Sunday August 18, 2019


Steve is a Hot tradie from the Kimberly area of West Australia. We flew him to Darwin to do this shoot. Steve loves the outdoors, working out and keeping fit. Besides his Awesome muscular body and natural All Australian good looks, he has an enormous uncircumcised HORSE COCK ! That immediately got hard as soon as he started to watch girl/girl porn. He could also make it move by twitching it – don’t miss this. The girls must love this sizzling hot straight boy - with his HUGE toy. As I am sure you will as well. Now live and exclusively on AAB.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

August 17, 2019

Spencer & Logan 3

Logan slides his cock in Spencer's hole, feeling it wrap around his raw veiny cock down to the base. The muscle master feels a primal calling to fuck and breed seeing his submissive bottom positioned perfected to take his load. Spencer's cock is rock hard in his jockstrap as his hole is used by the anonymous stranger, knowing that the only clue he may ever have is the DNA left in his tight ass. With his hands on Spencer's hips, Logan is able to mount him hard and deep, fucking out a hot load all over his smooth, milky cheeks before plunging his cock back inside to leave him a little treat for later!

Bentley Race - Update

August 12, 2019

Brad Hunter

This is one of my favourite shoots from summer. Road tripping around country Victoria was one of the most fun weekends I spent with 20 year old Aussie boy Brad Hunter. Brad and I have made some really fun shoots over the past 2 years. And today we are our taking side photos out by the Bendigo train line. With trains wizzing past Brad strips naked while I take a load of photos. He's getting cheeky how as he climbs on to the roof of the car to show off his little bottom. He's in full view of the neighbours over the hill now, but he doesn't care. Showing off just makes him even more horny. I love these outdoor shoots and I can't wait to do more.

All Australian Boys - Update

August 08, 2019

Surfer Brett

This week we have an exceptional new All Australian Boy for you! I feel this is one of the best models shoot for a long time. Brett is a surfer dude from Melbourne Victoria. He spends all his off time down on the Surf Coast around Torquay hanging with his surfer mates and living the surf culture life. He is a naturally unique all aussie guy who just loves the outdoors. He initially started while watching two girl porn vid. Then stood up while pulling his big cock and then thrusts it through the Gloryhole where our young sucker – Joel, is waiting to expertly suck him. Brett really loved it – just watch him do his stuff till he spurt over Joel. Brett is truly represented of the spirit of AAB. You will find Brett super-hot.

Bentley Race - Update

August 08, 2019

Lucas Deen

My horniest mate award has gotta go to Lucas Deen. Our new mate can't get enough sex and loves showing off on camera. Lucas was so excited by all the gear that I have for shoot over at the studio that he wanted to come back and try some photos in different outfits. So I had him over again a few weeks ago so he could pick out some gear for some special photos. I really like Lucas in the pink harness and underwear. Things got pretty hot during this shoot and we ended up getting it on. I remember at some point I was taking photos of Lucas down on his knees sucking on my cock. We quickly moved on to making a video of us fooling around and eventually Lucas cumming on my face.

Fun Size Boys - Update

July 31, 2019

Big Ryan's Home

After their hot session in the janitor's closet, Ryan could not get enough of Logan's tight little body. It was always hard for them to sneak away at school, so Ryan brought the young man back to his place. Needing to feel the boys mouth on his shaft, he pulled down his pants and sat on the couch to let him suck him. He knew that the boy could never reach his cock on his knees alone, so this gave him the chance to feel it hit the back of his throat like he likes! With a warm, wet cock hard and ready, Ryan bent the toned boy over on all fours and plowed his big, raw cock in his tight, hungry hole.And good boy Logan moaned with delight as he felt his body fucked and filled like he'd only fantasized!

Andy's Aussie Boys - Update

July 30, 2019

Ryan & Peter 1

Peter and Ryan tear at each other's clothes, desperate to get each other underdressed and bare. The only thing slowing them down is their insatiable desire to kiss and caress one another's smooth, toned bodies. Lips meet flesh again and again as they grind against each other and prepare to give in completely to their carnal desires. Ryan swallows Peter's cock, taking it to the back of his throat as his eyes roll back with delight. Peter returns the favor, swallowing Ryan's uncut cock and bringing his partner to the edge. It doesn't take long before Peter plants his raw cock deep inside Ryan's furry ass, spitting on the tip of his dick to slide it inside. Watch these two throw themselves at each other again and again in this hot, passionate scene.

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