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Bentley Race - Update

September 17, 2023

Beau & Andy

I was really excited about getting two of my mates from the gym together for this shoot. Both Beau and Andy have been in a bunch of other shoots by now, but none of them together. When I first met Andy I knew he would be interested in my beefy mate Beau. When I suggested it, he was really keen. The guys got along really well when we all met. They helped each other pick out the clothes they would wear for the start of this shoot. Being the start of winter in Melbourne the guys picked out jeans and plaid shirts to start in. They were so adorable as they chatted and kissed between photos. So I grabbed the photos quickly so we could move onto making a video. And I'm happy to see Andy take on Beau's fat cock. After getting it deep in his throat Beau pushed it up Andy's tight hole. I love watching them go at it on the bed.

English Lads - Update

September 17, 2023

Young Blond Muscular Bodybuilder

Baxter Robins is one of these very rare straight bodybuilders with an incredibly muscular, tanned, smooth body, and is willing to show it all off! With mesmerizing blue eyes, sun-bleached blond hair, and an Adonis body, he is one good-looking lad! Baxter shows off his body-building poses and flexes his big muscles as he strips out of his clothes! We get a close-up of all his muscles, including his huge muscular legs and bum, and finally his big uncut cock! He teases his cock with a few strokes and soon has a big hard-on! Whilst hard, he has a wander around my house and a cheeky wank at the top of the stairs. On the sofa he power wanks, his legs tense up, and he squirts his load all over himself! We end with a hot shower scene. Great work, Baxter!

Bentley Race - Update

September 12, 2023

Aussie Guy Liam Taylor

Earlier this year I met our cute mate Liam Taylor. The 19 year old from Melbourne was really keen to try out nude modelling and get into making porn with us. His first shoot went really well and Liam wanted to come back to do more. So I invited him back just before the winter break for this strip show shoot in the studio. I'm really happy with the shots we took and the new jack off video. I think Liam is going to be popular with our mates. I'll be getting him back for some scenes with our mates this summer.

English Lads - Update

September 09, 2023

Young Straight Teen Wanks

Jackson Ward is one of these handsome dirty blond straight teens whose uncut cock recently grew really big when he turned 18 years old, and he doesn't quite yet realize what a thick meaty one he has! Lucky for us I am on hand to let him know! Jackson keens naturally fit through his hard laborer's day job. He's caught some sunshine lately too with nice new tan lines. He shows off his lean, slim, smooth body for us and flexes his biceps as he strips out of his clothes! When his boxers are down we see a big semi pointing out and after a few strokes a thick and chunky erection! Jackson enjoys tugging at his big meaty cock whilst I get lots of close-ups of his feet. Power wanking to climax, Jackson squirts a few big loads of cum all over the place! Great work, Jackson!

Aussies Do It - Update

September 03, 2023

Elijah Rides Again

New AussiesDoIt discovery Elijah has shown us what a treat he is for the eyes. He's built, XXL hung, with a chiseled face, soulful brown eyes and a dazzling snow white smile. His tattoos adorn his hot body and even his face. And he loves us watching and loving him. In this second appearance on video, he admits that the camera is his true love and performing for an audience is his biggest turn-on. Now HE's the veteran porn guy compared to first timer Mateo, a mustachioed Colombian Latin lover who compares himself to the spicy food of his native country. Both Mateo and Elijah are versatile, but for this hookup it seems like each of them is in his most natural position, Elijah slinging dick and Mateo happy to take that huge uncut meat.

Bentley Race - Update

September 03, 2023

Sexy Mate Tom Robinson

Just before the winter break I met up with my beautiful mate Tom to take these photos and make a new video. I was staying in a hotel for a few days so I invited Tom to come and model for me. The cute British boy loves showing off. Tom was showing off his perfect thick bum in a jockstrap before I got him soaping up in a bubble bath. But this was just the foreplay to us making a hot video. Tom started out stroking his fat cock on the bed before I put the camera to the side and joined him. He loves having me wank him and suck his cock. I had my own cock out rubbing it against his hole. While he was on his hands and knees I milked his cock from behind. Tom gave me a huge thick load of cum. I can't wait to shoot with him again.

Bentley Race - Update

August 25, 2023

Benny Rides Beau

One of the best shoots of summer happened when I introduced my cute mate Benny Fox to Beau Jackson. I knew they would get along well and I really wanted to see what would happen between them in a video session. The guys were really sweet as they helped each other pick out clothes for the shoot and started sneaking a few kisses before we started. I got Beau pulling down Benny's shorts and underwear to how off his perfect little bum. Then when it dame to pull out Beau's fat cock, Benny couldn't get enough of it. The photos look good, but wait till you see the video they made. After warming up to it Benny eventually took all of that big cock in his tight hole as Beau pushed down on him. The guys had fun making this video and you can tell by the big smiles at the end after Benny blew his load across Beau's tummy with that big cock still inside him.

Aussies Do It - Update

August 18, 2023

Plowing Beckett

Lucky new guy Beckett has been getting a buttload of the hottest amateur studs Australia has to offer. Literally. Today this horny Brit is taking on the big 10 inches of mullet-haired Canadian Jamie, and we don't know whether to envy the bloke or send a get well card. Getting pummeled by that big stiff monster meat takes the pleasure pain barrier to new frontiers. When Beckett gets his first glance, he pants out "Fuck that's HUGE!" and tries not to drool. Both guys have some fun tales of their horny past, like Beckett's sex party in Berlin with too many tops to count, and Jamie's party that turned into a sex party for SOME, with the rest having to step over heaving and thrusting bodies to get to the bar. Jamie takes the lead, giving Beckett some tough aggressive kisses then skull-fucking his giant cock down Beckett's grateful and ravenous throat.

Bentley Race - Update

August 13, 2023

Skinny Mate Bruno Gaucho

When I first met this cute 26 y/o Brazilian during my visit to Berlin he really surprised me. When we got close to finishing his shoot he stood up above me and blew his load straight down my throat as I was trying to firm him from the floor. The shoot was so hot that I met up with him for a second shoot. I wanted to get another set of photos of Bruno stripping and showing off his sexy skinny body, the most perfect puffy bottom, and that fat cock. And of course make another hot video. I got Bruno sitting on top of me as he jerked himself off. He loves having his nipples played with as he brings himself to climax. I really like shooting with this sweet Brazilian boy. I'm hoping we will meet again when I get back to Europe.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 10, 2023

Jack Bottoms For Dan

Jack Bailey is is a smooth-faced, blond young twink who loves to get his ass pounded by a top with a huge cock especially when the top knows how to use it! Jack Bailey introduces himself officially to the fans of Lucas Entertainment in an interview for “Bareback Auditions 24: Thrusted And Pumped.” After the chat, Jack Bailey strips down and shows off his smooth little body before Dan Saxon gives him one hell of a workout sucking dick and getting slammed up his ass!

Aussies Do It - Update

August 06, 2023

Dennis Takes Jamie's Big One

When sexy Russian top stud Dennis finished his rare bottoming hookup with hot mega-hung Canadian Jamie J., the director asked if he's now a cum-slut. All Dennis could answer was "It's so big! It makes me shake." You're gonna hear a few variations on that sentiment as we recount their scene. Dark and seductive, tatted Dennis is sought out for his topping skills by the other Aussie boys at AussiesDoIt. But once he had a look, a nuzzle, and copped a feel of Jamie's big monster tool, his inner bottom took over. The two had a fun, easy rapport during their opening greet with the director, laughing and looking for all the world like a sweet hookup to come. When encouraged to start the action, Dennis took a hold of Dennis' fuck-pole and couldn't help blurting out "Mmm, that's a big dick!"

Bentley Race - Update

August 03, 2023

Aussie Andy Conboi

When I met the very cute Andy Conboi at my gym over summer, and he agreed to model for me, I couldn't wait to get him over to my studio. When his first shoot went so well I wanted to get him back for another solo photoshoot and video session. Andy is one of the sweetest and funniest boys you could meet. He picked out a cute outfit of sneakers, socks, tight denim shorts and a tank top for this shoot. We had a lot of fun trying different poses and eventually getting him naked. Now some of our sneaker fans will be happy to know that he keep those extra high sneakers and socks on for his hot new jack off video. Whilst fucking himself with a dildo Andy gives the biggest gush of cum I've seen in a long time. I can see now why all my mates want to get in to shoots with him.

Aussies Do It - Update

July 23, 2023

Dennis' Faceful of Larkin

Power top Larkin lets out a nervous giggle when tatted bottom Dennis rates the Aussie guys he's fooled around with a mere 3 out of 10. But he knows he has nothing to worry about in the lovemaking department. He's going to give haughty Dennis a long, hard fuck he won't soon forget. And shower his face with a spray of sticky sperm just for the fun of it. Dennis is sleepy and a little out of it, but ready to tear off his clothes and get the chat over with. Once he's tongue wrestling with dark, hung and handsome Larkin he perks right up. He drops to his knees and gets to work stiffening Larkin's long thick prong for the royal ass-reaming he needs. His aggressive cocksucking backs the hot top into the wall and there's nothing to do but lean back and enjoy Dennis' noisy, slobbering dick worship.

Bentley Race - Update

July 21, 2023

Brad Hunter

It's been a while since I've done some shooting with my hot mate Brad Hunter. I invited him over for a catch up and cheeky shoot in the studio. I gotta say he's looking super fit now. Brad has always been skinny, but now he's looking ripped as he pulls his t-shirt off. Once I grabbed a load of photos of our hung mate stripping naked I gave him some lube and a fuck toy to a make a video with. Just wait till you see him rip that rubber hole open with his fat cock. He just keeps going until he suddenly sprays a load of cum across the bed. Brad looks great and always puts on a hot show. It's nice to see him again naked in the studio.

English Lads - Update

July 21, 2023

Straight Body Builder Wanks

Baxter Robins makes his debut with EnglishLads after having done a shoot on FitYoungMen and wow, what a treat! This young straight man is only 21 years old and has an incredibly muscular body, with massive bodybuilder muscles, a serious tan, and naturally sun-dyed blond hair, Baxter is an Adonis! He has fun showing off his hard work at the gym and strict diet lifestyle as he flexes his enormous muscles and whips off his clothes to reveal a muscular bum and big uncut cock! After doing some tricep dips to get pumped, Baxter wanks his cock to a big throbbing erection and comfy on the bed he power wanks his hard-on until he squirts cum everywhere!

Bentley Race - Update

July 16, 2023

Cute Mate Eddie

When I started getting my hot mate Beau Jackson back for new shoots I had some of my other mates in mind for him to meet up with in the studio. My cute mate Eddie Archer came to the top of the list. He was really keen when I told him about Beau. So we all met up at the studio to get some photos and make a new video. And I don't think I've seen Eddie so happy as he's getting picked up and carried around by his new muscly mate. It's one of the most fun shoots of the year. And I can see by the look on Beau's face as Eddie is sucking on his cock that he's loving the attention too. I worked through the photos quickly so we could move on to making a video. After watching this I can see why so many of my mates are now wanting to come and meet Beau.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

July 02, 2023

Letterio & Sergi

Prepare for a scorcher! This is a really hot, strong video with huge, muscular powerhouse Letterio Amadeo getting a very thorough servicing from eager horny muscle bottom Sergi Rodriguez. He starts off getting a feel of Letterio's huge bulge under his sport shorts as he gives his nipples a good sucking, then they strip to their underwear, revealing their incredible, muscular bodies. Sergi drops to his knees and takes out Letterio's huge, thick and meaty uncut cock. Sergi licks and sucks on the head, making it throb, then gets down to some very hot oral action as he slurps and sucks Letterio's wrist thick meat, barely able to get his lips around the meaty girth. On the sofa now, Letterio lays back to have his monstercock worshiped some more, jamming it as deep into Sergi's throat as he can handle.

English Lads - Update

July 01, 2023

Straight Muscular Stud

Harvey Robinson is one ripped, straight, uncut stud who makes his debut video with us today after first appearing on FitYoungMen! With the weather warming up, we take to the rooftop for today's video and Harvey gets comfy on the new seating! Harvey has a confident, cheeky, personality and enjoys flirting with the camera as he flexes his big biceps. He does a mini workout with some press-ups and sit-ups as he gets pumped up for the shoot! Whipping his big uncut cock out of his boxers, Harvey's hands are always busy and he soon is wanking his big hard throbbing erection! With his defined abs, hairy chest, and fuzzy treasure trail, Harvey has one amazing body and one stiff cock! As he power wanks, his toe curl, and legs tense up and he fires cum all over his ripped body!

Aussies Do It - Update

June 24, 2023

Larkin Sticks It To Beckett

Striking newcomer Beckett is a mustached blond with curly hair, piercing blue eyes, a smooth, tight little body and a hunger for big hard dick. Which works out fine because those blue eyes are just what turns on veteran Aussies Do It stud Larkin the most. Larkin's patient with the new guy, spending lots of time kissing and feeling his way around Beckett's slim tight body before things really start heating up. Beckett takes the initiative and drops to his knees to get his mouth around Larkin's big uncut meat pole. Larkin returns the favor by peeling off Beckett's t-shirt, groping his goodies then rimming his hungry ass. While he's down there, Beckett turns it to a hot 69 by sucking the dark handsome top's cock. He rocks back up to grind his butt into Larkin's probing tongue, ready to get more than a tongue up there.

Bentley Race - Update

June 18, 2023

Andrew Pounded By Beau

I'm pretty excited about this shoot with my mates Beau Jackson and Andrew Tran. It's Beau's first couple shoot. When I first met Andrew he told me how much he liked this guy called Beau he'd seen on my site. At the time Beau was not shooting with us anymore. When he told me he was keen to do some new shoots, I thought I'd surprise Andrew with a shoot with his porn crush. Beau was pretty keen to get a go at fucking Andrew too. The boys got along really well. In fact Andrew was already sucking on Beau's cock before we even started shooting. I love how excited they got during this shoot. I had to take the photos quickly because I could see they were ready to get off. We went to make one of the hottest couple shoots on the site. Beau can barely fit his thick cock in Andrew's hole. It's a really nice video from our horny mates.

Aussies Do It - Update

June 14, 2023

Hot Juicy 3-way

Billy, Kandy & Valentino - Edgy Kandy Kane and built Valentino have had a few hookup dates before, one where Kandy topped for the first time, but now they're joined by sexy young Billy Ocean. Valentino's the versatile one here, but tonight the muscle boy body beautiful with the hot piercing stare is in a topping mood. And good thing, since Kandy and Billy are both here to get some stiff raw cock up their asses. They come to their interview in matching white t's, black gym shorts, and thick swollen cocks eager for some three way action. They joke around with the director, but really want to get to the fucking with no delay. These guys, all "above average penis size", are horny and we're here to watch and enjoy. They strip naked and fondle each other's rapidly growing cocks, in a session the director notes as a great "promo".

Bentley Race - Update

June 12, 2023

Cody James

My horny mate Cody James is back this week getting naked for me in the studio. Cody was making some really hot home movies for me during the lock downs here in Australia. But no we are catching up over a hot nude photoshoot and toy fucking video scene. Cody is one of our more typical horny Aussie boys. He loves showing off naked in front of the camera. He loved those colourful undoes so much I gave them to him to take home. It's also my first time seeing his cock piercings. It looks great peaking from under his foreskin as his big cock grows harder. After seeing him again this week I really want to see him fucking some of our mates again.

Bentley Race - Update

June 06, 2023

New Mate Leo Rex

I'm pretty excited about all these new guys I've been meeting this year. It's been a huge bump for the site after those couple of years of lock downs. Australia is getting loads of visitors again. Most recently I met British porn star Leo Rex. The 26 year old hottie is travelling around Australia. During his short stay in Melbourne I got him over for a couple of shoots. When it comes to making porn, Leo is a wild boy. After seeing him showing off during the photoshoot I ended up jumping in on the video with him. Leo is really hot and so much fun to play with. I'm hoping he'll visit again before he leaves Australia.

Aussies Do It - Update

May 30, 2023

Kyler Gets Reamed

Kyler Throb's a hot regular guy, solidly built with a friendly dad bod. But don't be fooled. He loves cock like nobody's business, especially the giant prong sticking straight out from Jamie's smooth tattooed crotch. Jamie's the slim little guy with the massive Olympic-sized cock, He's rightly become a favorite for his easy but mighty sexual prowess. They're both in luminous acid green, and more than ready to tear off their clothes and get straight down to business. When Kyler first gets a feel of Jamie's XXL endowment, he groans "Wow, that's a big cock!", not afraid but looking forward to getting that giant tool into his hungry butthole. Kyler's a well-hung guy himself, but can't help holding his cock against Jamie's to admire its girth and size. He gets that trophy dick into his mouth and gamely swallows it to the pubes without gagging. .

Bentley Race - Update

May 23, 2023

Eddie & Andrew

It's about time I got my cute mates Eddie Archer and Andrew Tran together. I've been wanting to get them together ever since Andrew starting doing shoots with us. Both Eddie and Andrew have become good friends of mine but hadn't actually met. This ended up being the top of my list of couple shoots when I arrived back in Australia. They were pretty keen to meet each other too. After helping each other pick out clothes for the shoot we quickly got down to the business of taking photos. Eddie was first to start pulling off Andrew's shorts. We were keen to show off the Andrew Christian undies the company had sent us. And I gotta say, they look really cute in them. There's a lot of kissing as they strip each other naked.

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