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Japan Boys - Update

Wednesday March 20, 2019

Yusaku & Ryuzaki

Resident alternative badboy Yusaku has a charm that appeals to sweet innocent types like Ryuzaki. he leans forward and plants a big kiss on Ryu, twiddles his nips then drops his towel and climbs on top. He may be bad but he feels oh, so good! Ryuzaki lies back with eyes closed like a young hero getting despoiled by a handsome cad. Yusaku reaches under his towel, pulls out Ryuzaki's cock and swallows it down. He sits up and guides Ryu to lick his long thick dick, runs his fingers through the sweet young thing's soft straight hair. When Ryuzaki lies back on the bed Yusaku lifts back his legs and gives his crack a series of long sensuous licks, gently works a finger into the tingling, wet hole.

Japan Boys - Update

March 13, 2019

Fuji's New Boy

Japanboyz' popular model Fuji has brought in his new pet, an 18-year old he picked up on the street who is very devoted to him. Sano is young and inexperienced, but with a teacher like sexy Fuji he will pick up a few sexy tricks right away! As soon as their clothes come off Sano gets his mouth around Fuji's cock and nibbles at his manly chest. Fuji is quick to return the favor, slurping up the young man's dick then flicking his tongue along his furry ass crack. Sano wears an expression of dreamy delight as Fuji devotes some attention to turning him on. When he smoothly drives a few fingers into his horny butt, Sano responds with an open-mouthed groan and a stiffening prick.

Japan Boys - Update

February 14, 2019

Starting It Right

Fuji is alone and bored, and invites Fuji to have some fun. Yusaku is happy to start the year out with a sex date with one of the hottest models around, and comes right over. Fuji gives him a big welcome kiss and their jeans come off. Yusaku's cock is already firm under his briefs, and Fuji gently kneads and rubs it as Fuji reaches over to tweak his nipples. Yusaku's sexy briefs are perfect for letting his dick out between the pouch and waistband, and Fuji gets his mouth on it right away before standing to strip off his own undies. Yusaku plays with Fuji's dickhead between his lips and at the tip of his nimble tongue before taking it all the way in.

Japan Boys - Update

February 09, 2019

Happiest Ending Massage

Sexy tatted stud Yusaku straddles Yamato and kneads the tired muscles of his back. When Yamato is totally relaxed, Yusaku begins nibbling at his ear and slowly humping his dick into his butt crack. He pulls down Yamato's towel and glides his tongue across the downy hair on Yamato's ass, dives in closer to lap at his hole. He breaks out a trusty vibrator from his masseur equipment and after slathering on a big dollop of lube and working in a finger, slides in a jelly-like tip to Yamato's sensitive hole. The buzzing vibration gets Yamato's appetite for cock whetted, and soon his butt is grinding up into its insistent buzz. He rolls Yamato over and begins stiffening his cock with a juicy blowjob.

Japan Boys - Update

January 25, 2019

Yusaka Plows Tomohisa

New boy around Japanboyz, Yusaku, is moving fast. Now it's his turn to try topping, this week with veteran bottom Tomohisa. In the glare of a bright light in an all-white room, Yusaku and Tomohisa embrace and kiss, grabbing each other's chests and nips before moving down for a nibble. Yusaku gives little love bites to Tomohisa's nipples, then lightly brushes his scruffy beard down his torso. He pulls down Tomo's briefs and licks from nuts to tip of the cock, then takes the head in tenderly. Moving down to the smooth shaved ass, Yusaku laps his broad tongue up and down Tomo's crack. Turned-on Tomohisa begins worshiping Yusaku's dick, preparing him to fuck.

Japan Boys - Update

January 20, 2019

Fuji Goes Into Yusaku

Yusaku is a cute hipsterish 27, with wavy hair and several interesting tattoos. This is his first time up at Japanboyz, and our veteran performer Fuji seems intrigued. he wastes no time stripping off Yusaku's pants and flame-patterned underwear to get his mouth on that hot uncut cock. Yusaku has a simple black tuft of pubes and smooth shaved balls, making his cock look even bigger. Fuji deftly strokes with one hand and follows with his hungry mouth down the shaft. And RIGHT, when Fuji peels down his clothes he sports a rock hard cock ready to try out Yusaku's mouth and hole. Yusaku starts by nibbling at a nip, then works his way down to Fuji's stiff prick and nutsack.

Japan Boys - Update

January 10, 2019

Fuli Initiates Jotaro

It's first time on camera for new boy Jotaro, and Fuji is in a giggly mood. Since Fuji has no steady boyfriend, the cameraman suggests that he consider Jotaro as his for the evening. Jotaro has a fine build and a bit of scruffy beard, so he brings a masculine appearance to the shoot. Fuji's expertise must be very effective, since he has Jotaro hard in no time once he gets his mouth around the new boy's dick. Jotaro is not bad himself at sucking cock, though he doesn't try to deep throat Fuji to the hilt. Fuji keeps him excited with some nipple twiddling while he's swallowing down half of Fuji's long prick. Jotaro's ass crack is lined with downy hair, so Fuji gets a mouthful of fur as he's rimming.

Japan Boys - Update

December 24, 2018

Tomono Tops Tomohisa

Tomono is a coverboy of popular Japanese magazine Badi, appearing for the first time here at Japanboyz. Tomono claims not to know if he can call himself bisexual, but he likes gay people and hopes he can build his own popularity and Japanboyz as well. Interview over, and Tomono kisses Tomohisa sensually, rubbing his hands over Tomohisa's lean hard chest. He reaches up to feel the sensitive nipples, and gingerly grazes Tomohisa's crotch. his experienced partner moans in encouragement when Tomono flicks his tongue around and finally pulls down his briefs to reveal an already hard cock.

Japan Boys - Update

December 01, 2018

Fuji & Kento

It's an October dream come true when manly stud Kento gets a bedtime visit from a caped count in the form of boyish top Fuji. Waking up from a sexy dream, Kento gets the oral action that gets his cock into gear when Fuji drops the fright mask and goes to work on that long thick cock. Kento is lean and classic, with a scruffy goatee and tight hairy thighs. He reciprocates with a deep sex-fueled blowjob and enjoys the sight, smell and taste of Fuji's dick. It's clear that Kento loves cock and wants to feel it up his hole. Still in his vampire cape, Fuji licks the smooth downy black hair along Kento's ass crack, then plunges in with a slippery finger or three.

Japan Boys - Update

November 09, 2018

Yamato & Takumi Deep

Yamato and Takumi are enjoying a high-rise view but can't resist kissing and making out. The two young guys drop to the bed and grind their crotches together. Adorably nerdy in his studious black glasses, Yamato deftly unbuttons Takumi's shirt and works down his jeans and underwear. He takes Takumi's cock into his hungry mouth and swallows it to the fuzzy root. Takumi returns the favor and undresses Yamato, paying special attention to the lean top's thick prick. Both guys hard and naked, Yamato takes charge and spreads Takumi's legs to get in and rim his butt. He lubes his fingers and works them into Takumi, who moans his approval.

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