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Japan Boys - Update

September 09, 2019

Cherry Boy

Cherry boy Teppei is back and we've paired him with Tomohisa for his first anal scene with another model. When Tomohisa enters, Teppei is all giggles and smiles and tells Tomo "he's hot!" Tomo seems to think the same about Teppei and in no time, they're lipped locked. Teppei is eager to explore Tomo's lean body and wastes no time getting him out of his pink undies. Wanting a taste of Tomo's sweet tight hole, Teppei dives in tongue first before showing us his cock sucking skills. Now it's Tomo's turn as he rolls Teppei over and pulls off his boxer underwear. Teppei covers his crotch with his hands perhaps embarrassed that he isn't hard. No pressure Teppei, don't worry about the cameras or this being your first time, you're in good hands.

Japan Boys - Update

August 14, 2019

Makeout With Masato

23 year-old Masato is modeling for the first time at Japanboyz. Today he's paired up with Hideaki, so he has someone gentle and sweet to share kisses with at the start. They have to get over the "first date" awkwardness of legs in the way and nervous little giggles, but once pants are down and they lie next to each other on the bed, the nerves seem to melt away, replaced by affection and arousal. True romantic Hideaki smiles and whispers sweet nothings as he reaches for a handful of cock and balls. Masato flicks his tongue across Hide's nipple as he feels an erection swelling inside his Union Jack undies. Pulling them down he is wide-eyed over Hideaki's big cock, but eager to go in for a taste.

Japan Boys - Update

June 15, 2019

Fuji Goes For Gou

Meeting up for an after-dinner shoot, Fuji and Gou are getting together for the first time. Gou is gay and likes ordinary guys--hope he won't be disappointed with the EXTRAORDINARY Fuji. The introduction is to "escort Gou to some unforgettable hot sex" and if anyone can do that it is superstar Fuji. Gou must like what he sees, or especially FEELS, because he's hard as wood when Fuji wraps his talented lips around his cock. Shyboy Gou is a little unsure of himself, but smiley and ready for anything. He rubs his tongue over the contours of Fuji's tight hard nipples then gingerly works his way down to sucking that famous cock. Fuji holds his shoulder to reassure him, then reaches down to make sure his dick is aimed straight into Gou's throat.

Japan Boys - Update

June 05, 2019

Kazuki's Delight

Sexy badboy Yusaku is there to give a therapeutic full body massage to Kazuki, but things go a little bit over the line of professional business right away. Yusaku confesses that if he met Kazuki in public he might fall in love with him. Their appointment immediately turns into a seXXXy erotic massage as Yusaku turns Kazuki onto his back and remarks on the size of his dick. Kazuki's not so innocent either, and lies there with a red rubber cockring stretched around the root of his dick. Yusaku gets his juicy mouth around it and BOING! it's up and hard. Yusaku sweetly kisses his client and lies down beneath him. Kazuki sucks and nibbles on Yusaku's nipples, then moves down to his pierced cock.

Japan Boys - Update

May 23, 2019

Yusaku Blasts Natsu

At last, bad-boy Yusaku gets paired up with an alt-boy that is a perfect match for his tatted, pierced, shaggy swagger! Natsu is a college boy just back from spring break, with long shaggy bangs and a slightly grown out butterscotch-colored bleach job. It will be cool to see what these trendies get up to when they hit the sheets! Natsu is in the habit of telling his school buddies he's straight, but in truth he hasn't figured it out. Yusaku is a good match to help him decide, immediately goes in to suck on his nips and wrap his arms around tight. Yusaku's sweet nibbling kisses are pretty irresistible, and he's gentle in pulling off Natsu's little gold gogo briefs.

Japan Boys - Update

May 14, 2019

Fuji's Rock-Hard Shame

When we see Fuji and Misaki clad in little tight silver and gold swimsuits, Fuji pronounces them "shameful". That doesn't stop him from immediately popping a big hard boner that he can barely keep in his shiny showoff outfit. He and Misaki ditch their gogo boy getups and get right down to business, with Fuji grabbing a mouthful of Misaki that grows longer and stiffer. He turns around and straddles Misaki's face, tempts him into licking his ass. Meanwhile Fuji fills his hungry mouth with his buddy's cock. Fuji is the pretty one in this duo and it's tough to take your eyes off this sweet boy with his insatiable appetite for sex. His own ass licked and spit-lubed, he returns the favor and dives in for a taste of Misaki's hairy ass.

Japan Boys - Update

May 09, 2019

Welcome Back Ayumu

Another week, another hot homecoming, this time for veteran Japanboyz favorite Ayumu. His welcome parade is led by sweet and sexy Hideaki, who already is working on slurping down Ayumu's big piece. Ayumu returns the favor by bending Hideaki back, twiddling his nips and getting a quick taste of cock. They intertwine bodies and smooch, then Hideaki goes back to sucking cock with his sweet little hairy ass crack wagging behind him. Ayumu must like what he sees because he can't keep his mouth away from that tasty butt. After running a horny tongue up and down the furry hole he slathers a finger with lube and works it inside. They kneel and Ayumu reaches around to stroke Hideki from behind.

Japan Boys - Update

April 10, 2019

Big Meat Therapy

Edgy bad-boy Yusaku is playing therapist to sore and exhausted Sano. Asking where it hurts and feeling Sano's tight muscles, Yusaku manages to rub his hard cock along Sano's ass crack. He grabs Sano by the hand and nibbles his ear as he drills his prick against Sano's hole. As Sano turns over, Yusaku licks his nipple and rubs his crotch into his buddy's lean body. He slowly moves down Sano till his cock is in Yusaku's mouth. His stubbly chin nuzzles Sano's hairy nutsack and he swallows down the whole thickening prick. Sano tilts back his legs and exposes his hairy ass, and Yusaku buries his face in, lapping from hole to balls. He climbs up to straddle Sano's chest, offering his own big pierced stiffy for Sano to taste.

Japan Boys - Update

March 25, 2019

Fuji Takes Sano

Superstar Fuji is back with his boy Sano, only there's a twist this time. Dominant Fuji is bottoming for his sweet young thing. Fuji pulls off both off their t-shirts, sucks Sano till he's good and hard, then pushes his head down to get a quick blow from his young buddy. Sano licks Fuji's ass crack as soon as Fuji lifts and spreads his legs and starts beating his dick. The new inexperienced boy learns fast, and is sucking and lapping at the hole like a pro in no time. Fuji reaches for a condom, tears the pack open and hands it to Sano to roll on and lube up. Fuji climbs on Sano and guides his cock inside, riding Sano's hot young piece. Sano holds Fuji's hips and tosses his head back in boyish ecstasy.

Japan Boys - Update

March 20, 2019

Yusaku & Ryuzaki

Resident alternative badboy Yusaku has a charm that appeals to sweet innocent types like Ryuzaki. he leans forward and plants a big kiss on Ryu, twiddles his nips then drops his towel and climbs on top. He may be bad but he feels oh, so good! Ryuzaki lies back with eyes closed like a young hero getting despoiled by a handsome cad. Yusaku reaches under his towel, pulls out Ryuzaki's cock and swallows it down. He sits up and guides Ryu to lick his long thick dick, runs his fingers through the sweet young thing's soft straight hair. When Ryuzaki lies back on the bed Yusaku lifts back his legs and gives his crack a series of long sensuous licks, gently works a finger into the tingling, wet hole.

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