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Sex Japan TV - Update

Friday September 29, 2023

Hot Pussy In The Kitchen

FeiFei is a real operator and a whiz in the kitchen, to say the least. We see her sprawled over the counters and kitchen island, writhing erotically in a slow arousing dance. When her friends arrive for a chat, her best girlfriend has a handsome date with her. FeiFei turns on her seductive skills, playing footsie under the table with the boyfriend without tipping off her girlfriend her filthy intentions. When her friend is called away and has to leave, FeiFei makes her move and gets the boyfriend hot, bothered and stiff as a steel rod. She uses her hot juicy oral skills to get him aching to screw, then takes his big cock into her warm, moist pussy. They fuck all over the kitchen and end up blasting off on the couch. They collapse into a happy postcoital daze, staring at the ceiling.

Japan Boyz - Update

Thursday September 28, 2023

Bare Baller Koki

Who knew that cutie Koki would turn into a hard plowing bareback top? Well, handsome Japan boy Ruito sure found out when Koki took possession of his ass. They start out kissing, pretty aggressively. Koki wastes no time getting his mouth onto Ruito's nips and dick, and especially his sweet hole. From the volume of Ruito's moans of encouragement, he's reveling in every minute. Koki slides into his booty with power and finesse, then thrusts away like he was born to fuck. Ruito's eyes glaze over dreamily as his butt gets filled with thick hard Asian cock. Koki turns up the tempo, smacking his pubes into Ruito's crack with every relentless stroke. He shows a little mercy and slows to a sensuous deep screw that has his buddy gasping, panting and groaning even longer and louder.

DamianXDragon - Update

September 27, 2023

AJ Sloan - Ride Me

AJ Sloan and I suck, kiss, rim and fuck in every corner of my apartment. AJ starts by fucking my hole but soon becomes a take charge bottom and rides my uncut cock and milks his prostate until I pick the cum out of him. He then takes care of me by fingering my hole and pounding my prostate while he licks my balls until I shoot a thick load all over my stomach.

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

September 19, 2023

Snap Up Pt. 2

In fisting, turnabout is fun play. Now Yoshi gets his turn to pay back Leon Chevarier's excellent customer service. Before he loosens up Leon's hairy hole, Yoshi takes a moment to sniff around his sweaty ass. His slick fingers disappear into the hairy cavern one by one, and his whole fist inspires a deep growl from Leon when it enters his cunt. Fisting begins slowly as Yoshi starts. But his faster strokes make Leon growl all the louder. He punches Leon's guts until his rosebud pops out, and Yoshi leans in for a sweet taste. With Leon wide-open and satisfied on the chair, Yoshi takes the leather harness and leaves.

Japan Boyz - Update

September 18, 2023

Bedtime BFFs

Ramu is one of the most popular new guys at Japanboyz, and now he's looking even hotter with a freshly cropped, spiky haired cut. Resident muscle god Reach definitely likes it! They would be perfect cuddle buddies as they relax in bed if their stiffening tools and wandering hands didn't keep distracting things. But one thing leads to a couple of big hard things, and after their dicks are drained they can get back to a sweet sensual cuddle.

DamianXDragon - Update

September 18, 2023

Japan 2023 Pt5

Hiroya, Kemono & Damian: Hiroya is kidnapped and taken to the Beast, Kemono Dragon, and Damian Dragon's den. He is forced into an initiation rite of our tattooed gang. He declares defeat but has secretly been longing to be part of what we have just given him during our initiation rites. What was once taken from him by force is now an empty pit deep within him as he longs to be filled by our cocks and our seed.

Japan Boyz - Update

September 10, 2023

Ram Into Ruito

Lean, good looking, mop-topped Ruito is a Japan boy you can depend on to get any of the other models, horny tough top or thirsty, cock starved bottom, worn out and well-satisfied. Kosuke's here to get his first taste of Ruito's sexy lips, smooth body and hot, tight booty, and it's sure to be a special night for them (and all us observers). Kosuke is a no-nonsense type, horny for cock and hole but not willing to beat around the pubic bush. They wrap their arms around each other and start with tender kisses, but thing heat up fast. Ruito gets loud in his moans of appreciation, and Kosuke's happy to respond. When he lubes up and slides his big cock in bare and balls deep, Kosuke lets his deep male instincts take over. Their bodies clash and crash in hot slick agreement, and that spark is unavoidable.

DamianXDragon - Update

September 10, 2023

Jiangeng Zhang

Second Time Around: It always gets better the second time around. This time I get muscled Jiangeng all to myself. The familiarity of passion rises as I dominate Jiangeng's ass with my uncut cock. Just when I can't control myself any longer I pull out, stand over him and blow my load onto his chiseled chest.

Japan Boyz - Update

September 04, 2023

Hookup With Haru

Now that new Japanboyz model Haru has grown out of bleach-haired boyishness and embraced his hot studly manhood, it was inevitable that our resident raw fucking royalty Hiroya would cum sniffing around for a piece of Haru's thick round booty. Right from the start they can't keep their hands off each other. Dressed in formal Japanese robes, Haru wants to strip down and Hiroya's already got a hand diving in to tweak Haru's nips and get the action started. From kisses to body friction and nip-licks, to ass eating and the main raw ramming event, their hookup builds and heats up slowly but steadily. As Hiroya groans out his satisfaction, Haru gets into the same groove and soon they're a moaning man-pile. They grind their tight, lean bodies together like parts of a well-lubed fuck machine.

DamianXDragon - Update

September 03, 2023

Dicked Down In Apt 6D Pt1

My upstairs neighbor, Rio Grande, sneaks down the fire escape when he sees me jacking off to porn on my terrace. I catch him stroking his thick uncut cock and flag him over to come join me. Stay tuned for more of my apartment building hookups that happen in apt 6D.

Japan Boyz - Update

August 27, 2023

Japan Boyz

Little Ramu lucked out when his latest partner turned out to be handsome Japanboyz veteran Fuji. Nobody knows the ropes better and he's dependable, gentle, understanding and tough when he needs to be. Fuji breaks the ice and keeps Ramu relaxed and turned on when they peel off their traditional Asian robes and get down to some hot and dirty fun. After the usual kisses and nip tweaking pleasantries, Ramu and Fuji trade juicy oral attention. Fuji opens Ramu's tight and not too experienced hole with patient fingers and a magic tongue. By the time Fuji's slipping his slick tool into Ramu, the new guy is open and more than thirsty for some cock. Fuji's muscular butt bobs up and down as he plows in with a steady rhythm. Soon Ramu is riding champ like it's NOT his first time at the rodeo.

Japan Boyz - Update

August 21, 2023

Creaming Koki

Cutie Koki has had some very hot vanilla sex so far, but is he ready to take what kinky hipster Yusaku's slinging out with his big pierced cock and split tongue? Yusaku's pretty gentle with the new guy here at Japanboyz, but his dick shows no mercy when he buries it raw and deep in Koki's fuck starved hole. Clad in their traditional Japanese robes, they stick to kisses, cuddles and sweet caresses to start, then Swallow down each other's cocks to get the action going. Yusaku burrows his tongue up Koki's smooth asshole, gets it wet and open. Positioning his big monster meat right at Koki's quivering pucker, he lets it slide in balls deep and starts thrusting. Koki is not one for talking dirty but his moans and howls are all the communication he needs to keep any top plowing in hard.

DamianXDragon - Update

August 20, 2023

Japan 2023 Pt4

Rio, Damian and Kemono -Kemono Dragon and I do what we do best, breed our boys together. Rio told us he's ovulating and wants two Dads, Kemono Dragon and I. Rio got our Dad cum injected deep into his hole. We inseminated him with Dad cum, then applied pressure to his prostate making our boy Rio cum in ecstasy.

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

August 13, 2023

Snap Up Pt. 1

When traveling Yoshi stops by Brussels' notorious Spit It Out sex shop, he's looking for fetish gear, but keeping an eye open for whatever hot opportunity might turn up. When he goes into a secluded fitting room, he notices helpful and hungry staff member Leon Chevarier peering at him through a half-open curtain. Yoshi plays with his nipples to encourage Leon to make a move. When Leon steps in, he rips open Yoshi's short to reveal his jockstrap and greedy pussy. He rims and fingers Yoshi's hole to warm him up, then uses a display model dildo to loosen that hole further. As good as that feels, horny Yoshi's not satisfied by a dildo and asks for something bigger. Obliging, Leon rams his fist in to give the customer what he wants. Fist fucking him hard, he provokes a scream out of Yoshi that echoes through the entire store.

Japan Boyz - Update

August 12, 2023

Railing Rio

Rio is that rare Asian guy who's butch and hot as a fireplug but really, REALLY wants to feel a big bare dick us his hungry hole. And horny Rikiya is just the man to give Rio what he needs. Once they get past the kisses and nipple tugs, Rio slides down to make sure Rikiya is stiff and fuck-ready. Then he lies back and lets Rikiya do his dick magic. Rikiya slides in raw and rough, letting Rio's moans direct him to the perrfect speed, depth and aim to get the hot hairy little stud off. Rio is not shy about making some noise, and it heightens and heats up the mood as these two Japanese fuckbois get it on. When Rio ends up with an ass crack glazed with hot sticky sperm and a big smile on his face, we know Rikiya was the perfect choice to satisfy him.

DamianXDragon - Update

August 12, 2023

Zed ‘Tool Boi’ Sheng - Bound

Tom Roper, ThikTool, invited me over to share his boy Zed Sheng, ToolBoi. Tom partially suspends Zed, leaving him helpless, his hands tied and hole exposed for me to breed. I tease Zed's nipples and cock, priming him to receive my uncut dragon cock, take my seed and have my dragon babies.

Japan Boyz - Update

August 07, 2023

Shizuku's Hot Hookup

What would a skinny gay guy sitting quietly on his bed think when a hot tatted muscle stud strolls up behind him and starts reaching for his nips? If he's new Japanboyz model Shizuku, he might think he's hit the jackpot, having a hookup date with handsome, horned-up top Rikiya. Rikiya wastes no time locking lips and groping Shizuku's crotch to get the ball rolling. He bends the good-looking bottom back to get a good look at his pretty ass and quivering hole, then dives in for a musky taste. The usually reserved Shizuku opens up and begins to moan as his erotic temperature rises. Slicking on some lube, Rikiya slides his big thick tool in bareback. Shizuku's legs spread open reflexively to give Riki free rein to plow in deep.

DamianXDragon - Update

August 06, 2023

Cumunion SF

Cumunion is a right of passage of a man to be accepted at a certain age. Kemono Dragon and I shared our intimate feelings and bodies. I give him in exchange my mental and spiritual seed and energy. I grow Kemono into the man he needs to become.

Japan Boyz - Update

July 31, 2023

Kissyboy Koki

With a hot body, a sweet face and big mushy lips that just beg to be kissed, Koki is a bit of a cipher. With his boyish good looks and adorable personality, you might jump to the conclusion this Japanboy is a definite bottom. But matched up here with horny muscleman Reach, Koki's inner topman just rises to the occasion and Reach is moaning with delight over that! They start out kneeling in bed facing each other in prim white patterned robes, and the kissing starts. When Koki slips down to nibble on Reach's fleshy nips and then on to his thick tool, he still makes sure to look up and suck face with his hot partner. From Reach's loud groans and gasps, Koki knows exactly what the big guy wants and needs, and gives him all he can take.

DamianXDragon - Update

July 31, 2023

Sunny: The Blue Room

I couldn't wait to get Sunny's sweaty clothes off after the gym. He's got this thick wrestlers body and is strong AF. As soon as I got him naked I started making out with him. In no time he drops to his knees to suck my uncut cock. Sunny's been doing his squats and I dove right in to his beefy ass to loosen it up with my tongue. I drove my cock deep into his hole, coat his hole with my load and push it back in.

Japan Boyz - Update

July 24, 2023

Cruising the Office

One of the sure-fire boner thrillers for the Asian crowd is about the secret underground hijinks of bored Japanese office workers. Our Tokyo producers crank out scene after scene of buttoned-down business boyz getting busy, and that's NOT with spreadsheets and expense reports. No surprise that you dedicated followers of Japanboyz are popping big woodies for every new update. Rikiya and Ryuji are the office drones whose dicks are busier than their brains in this office hookup and it only takes a few sidelong glances to make the spark and connection. Sitting so close as they work on their laptops that they must feel the heat from each other's muscular thighs, almost touching under the desktop. Ryuji turns down the lights so no one can see the action inside their glassed in cubicle.

DamianXDragon - Update

July 23, 2023

Japan 2023 Pt 3

Nohara Shyusaku - Shyusaku and I have been long time IG friends who needed to fuck when I got to Japan. We both prepped to flip for each other when we hooked up but I couldn't get enough of his thick uncut cock fucking me and I became the insatiable bottom that I can be at times.

Japan Boyz - Update

July 16, 2023

Under the Sheets

Some of the hottest sex starts with a kiss, a cuddle or a roving hand under the sheets when you're there with a horny buddy. Yuki's there with newly brunette twink Haru, and they start with just those cuddles and innocent kisses. But once they get a hold of each other's throbbing tools, the sheets come down, their pajamas fly off and they're off to the races! After sliding down to tease Haru's tender nips, Yuki keeps moving till he's face to face with his buddy's swelling crotch. Obviously he's not going to pass up the chance to slurp, suck and swallow, to Haru's loud groans of appreciation. Haru returns the favor, then things heat up even more when Yuki buries his face in Haru's smooth butt. Before you know it, he's lubing his bare cock and sliding into Haru's twitching asshole.

DamianXDragon - Update

July 16, 2023

Threesome 3-Pack 3

DISCIPLINE - Kemono Dragon and I DISCIPLINED our boy Caged Jock. This punk needed to be abused past his limits. Humiliation, degradation and punishment. What a punk needs to become an obedient boy. This punk will be in training all his life until it's fucked into him.

Japan Boyz - Update

July 10, 2023

Shizuku's Hot Hookup

What would a skinny gay guy sitting quietly on his bed think when a hot tatted muscle stud strolls up behind him and starts reaching for his nips? If he's new Japanboyz model Shizuku, he might think he's hit the jackpot, having a hookup date with handsome, horned-up top Rikiya. Rikiya wastes no time locking lips and groping Shizuku's crotch to get the ball rolling. He bends the good looking bottom back to get a good look at his pretty ass and quivering hole, then dives in for a musky taste. The usually reserved Shizuku opens up and begins to moan as his erotic temperature rises. Slicking on some lube, Rikiya slides his big thick tool in bareback. Shizuku's legs spread open reflexively to give Riki free rein to plow in deep.

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