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Sex Japan TV - Update

Monday February 19, 2024

Real Asian Milfs 3

A buzzed and vibrated snatch is what gets hot little Suri's hungry twat into gear. And her horny boyfriend has just the big toy to rev up her pussy engine. Even when she's riding his stiff cock, he keeps that vibrator handy and she's satisfied and dick crazy. Suri gets the buzz she's thirsty for and a buttload of hot creamy cum splattered across her pretty pink butt cheeks.

Japan Boyz - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Rikiya Reams Kurosuke

If you're looking with hot guys obviously having fun hooking up, this might not be the first video you'd run toward. These studs have a different way of expressing themselves. Tough muscle top Rikiya stares off into the distance more often than connecting directly with Kurosuke, who often wears a grimace that serves as universal expression of pain, pleasure, concentration and intensity. But don't be fooled, their sexual connection is real and hot. Kurosuke really wants that big cock of Riki's and is very motivated to take it, even if it's hard to keep up with Rikiya's deep drilling. He pants and groans like he's on fire, and his hard cock burns with intense pleasure while his ass is struggling to take it. Finally both Asian studs hit their groove and their bodies collide together like a well-oiled machine.

Axel Abysse - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Quad, Part One

Eight fists, three holes, there's so much they can do ! Punches, doubles, deepthroating, the boys are in heat and the pool can't cool them down!

Sex Japan TV - Update

February 13, 2024

Real Asian Milfs 2

Noni is a shy MILF with thick chestnut hair and a sweet smile. Her date takes over with his busy hands, leading Noni to the bathtub where she warms up and gives him some head before the main event. When he leads her to bed and fucks her, she's skittish again, but then just overwhelmed with satisfaction.

DamianXDragon - Update

February 12, 2024

Sharing Is Caring

Damian & Kemono Dragon x James Antonio: Kemono and I are back at it again. We meet James and pass him back and forth until both his holes are loaded and sloppy with our cum. We have a deep wet make-out session, trade sloppy blow jobs, destroy and load James' tight hole and then coat his face with a thick load of dripping cum.

Japan Boyz - Update

February 12, 2024

Sex Toy Lovey Dovey

Haru and Ruito are a perfect pair of buddies on and off camera, so when the director offered them a new sex toy to try out together, we knew they'd get every bit of fun out of exploring that toy on each other. It's an electronic vibrating massager that fits right over the head of your dick. At first the buddies were a little skeptical, but wait till you see their eyes light up when it's wrapped over their dick head and they press the power button. But the toy isn't any match for the connection these two 20-somethings have for each other. Getting their dicks buzzed and massaged is just an entree to get their mouths, dicks and butts into gear. Haru's in a topping mood, and Ruito's definitely not complaining. After Ruito feels the wild sensations the toy raises in his cock.

Japan Boyz - Update

February 05, 2024

Topping Yusaku

Sometimes, turnabout is not just fair play, but a lot of unexpected fun. We know Yusaku as an edgy, tatted and pierced stud whose reputation is as a cool, tough top. Meanwhile, sexy muscleman Reach is more often a cock hungry bottom for bigger or tougher guys. But that's not the way this hookup is headed! From the deep, soulful kisses when they get started to the passion and connection Yusaku and Reach share, this is not your ordinary Japanboyz fuck scene. Reach is here to top Yusaku, and both guys are 1000% into these unexpected roles. Yusaku's butt is starved for a good deep fuck, and Reach is up for that HOT duty. They take turns sucking cock and rimming booties, then Reach's long stiff woody drills deep into Yusaku's ass.

TheBroNetwork - Update

February 05, 2024

Bro, You Look Like Your Sister

When Arno Antino comes over to visit his girlfriend he finds she's away running errands. But when her little brother Dane Jaxson invites him in to play video games while he waits he learns that Dane and his sister have a lot in common not least of which is their taste in guys. It turns out Dane is a horny fuck with a history of seducing his sister's boyfriends. Arno can't get the thought out of his mind, so why not give it a shot? If it feels good, do it!

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

January 29, 2024

Meat Puppets

Three mouths, six fists and three relentless holes, so many possibilities... Dee Dungeon and the Fist Trainer are about to exhaust them all, with the thirsty assistance of Yoshi. Dee and Fist Trainer lie in bed resting after a hot night of fist play. Yoshi's not close to being done, licking Dee's nipples to get the action going again. A quiet moan and a kiss from Dee starts things revving back up to full speed. Fist Trainer joins in the fun as he and Dee tweak Yoshi by the sensitive nips. Yoshi's hole twitches to signal it's ready for fists. As Yoshi rolls over Dee dives in to eat out his voracious pussy and the musky smell of Fist Trainer's spit and pits drive Yoshi's libido wild. Dee slides his fists into Yoshi and heeds his cries for more and deeper. As he punches in harder Yoshi's rosebud is in full bloom and his piss starts squirting out.

Sex Japan TV - Update

January 29, 2024

My Big Tit Asian Girlfriend 4

Aimi - Aimi Natsukawa has a hairy little Asian hole that's seen a lot of dicks, and isn't getting a break any time soon. She loves having sex with dudes, especially men older than her, so Takashi has a blast shooting his load into her pussy. She's got a huge rack on her, so he was horny enough to shoot a load straight up into her pussy.

Japan Boyz - Update

January 28, 2024

Sweet Sugar Koki

We've referred to adorable Koki as "Kissy boy" in the past, and he sure lives up to that name. When he and Rio get together for a night of horny fun, they smooch and suck face so passionately you'd think they invented kissing. Koki is not the "wham bam" type, he likes to mix in mix in a lot of impromptu romance with some nasty hijinks, and Rio is definitely along for THAT ride. The sweet boy plants a big wet one on Rio's lush lips and they're off to the XXX races. After the customary rubbing and nipple tweaking, the guys trade dick sucking turns, then Rio moves down to lap at Koki's hungry hole. When he slides his raw dick in, Koki pants and gasps like it's the greatest sex ever. We like that for sure. Rio takes his time and builds up to a smooth steady thrusting rhythm, and soon both studs are too hot to hold back.

DamianXDragon - Update

January 27, 2024

Vance - Prostate Milking

A sexy, sensual and connected moment with Vance. Vance and I are definitely connected through this hot scene. Our lips are locked and cock hard and dripping precum. I start stretching Vance's hole with my fingers and he starts moaning in ecstasy. I warm his prostate up by hammering it with my uncut cock until he can't handle it anymore. I pull out and slide my fingers back in and milk his prostate until he starts to dry cum. I release the pressure and pull out and Vance's huge sticky load explodes all over his stomach

DamianXDragon - Update

January 21, 2024

12 Fucks Of Christmas Pt. 2

Over the past Twelve Days of Xmas I was looking back at the best twelve hot fucks and dripping cumshots of 2023. Here's the Part Two and in no particular order.

Japan Boyz - Update

January 17, 2024

The Happy Ending Massage

Worn-out Ruito perks up when his masseur appears in the form of hot and hung Kurosuke. He's even more intrigued and turned on when the sexxxy masseur offers his "special services", (Note: the first minute in its Japanese dialogue is untranslated, since it's a tale old as time when the masseur gets handsy and offers the fabled "happy ending".) Next thing you know Kurosuke is on top of lean, good looking Ruito, rubbing his body against the horny client's. Here Ruito was just looking for a massage, but tonight he hit the jackpot. And he isn't complaining. Kurosuke does remember to perform a bit of a back rub before he goes down to rub Ruito's nether parts with hands, mouth and fingers, Ruito takes every new bit of erotic attention gladly, especially when Kurosuke climbs on ad straddles him, slides Ruito's tool in bareback and balls deep.

DamianXDragon - Update

January 14, 2024

12 Fucks Of Christmas Pt 1

Over the past Twelve Days of Xmas I was looking back at the best twelve hot fucks and dripping cumshots of 2023. Here's the Part One and in no particular order.

Sex Japan TV - Update

January 10, 2024

My Big Tit Asian Girlfriend 2

Asami - A hot brunette from Asia with a tattoo Asami Uemura found a guy to whom she wanted to show how beautiful and big her boobs are, and of course to fuck him. On the bed, he ripped off her bra and started kneading her big boobs, which turned them both on. Before fucking, the guy decided to tease her and began to caress her pussy with a sex toy.

Japan Boyz - Update

January 09, 2024

Kouya Gets The Ryo Treatment

We've all received the "silent treatment" from a friend or partner who hides their true feelings behind a wall of stony silence. But when Kouya encounters movie-star handsome Ryo for a hookup, the treatment he gets starts quiet but for some moans and happy whimpers. Then it warms up to a more manageable level that gives Kouya the encouragement he needs to find out what the sexxxy little stud wants and deserves. Kouya is a strong but considerate top, dishing our his big bare dick at the rate his partner desires. Ryo's one of the newer guys around the Japanboyz stable but this versatile bottom boy learns fast. Soon he's on top riding Kouya and enjoying every thrust of deep hard drilling.

DamianXDragon - Update

January 09, 2024

Japan 2023 Pt. 9 - Saru

I had a taste of Saru's cock when Kemono and him hooked up and I wanted more. Schedules were tight and I caught up with Saru while he was on a break at work. He knows how to treat his bottom right. He'd got me close to the edge before I sat on his cock and took his load deep in my ass.

DamianXDragon - Update

January 02, 2024

Jesse Kim: Masked Man

Masked man, Jesse Kim, hammers my hole deep before he sits on my cock and rides it balls deep. I can't get enough of Jesse's rock hard cock so I flip onto my back and let him piston fuck my prostate until he milks a load out of me.

Japan Boyz - Update

December 28, 2023

Ruito Needs Dick

Handsome Ruito is in a pinch and who better to help out than the original Japanboyz superstar model, Fuji. Ruito's been topping a lot of the new models and has been neglecting his own needs. And now it's time to rectify that. To put it simply, Ruito needs dick, and Fuji's the man to give it to him. It's been a while since Ruito got his tight booty banged, and Fuji takes his time warming up the goodlooking Japanese stud till he's begging for more. In Japanboyz style, they spend a good bit of time kissing and nibbling on nips before they wander down to the hot sweaty prize below. Taking turns sucking each other's swelling cocks, they're soon aching to slam gonads together in an epic clash. Fuji drills in from behind, rams Ruito's ass in missionary, their climbs on and screws down into that hungry hole.

Peter Fever - Update

December 28, 2023

Circle Jerk of Life Ep. 5

Cumpleting the Circle - What would any good porn story be without its happy ending in the form of a big group scene orgy? This Circle Jerk of Life is no different. When Kai and Sunny snuggle up like new bffs next to the fire pit, Dane has a seat next to them and begins kissing and massaging Sunny. Meanwhile, officious host Jessie keeps bobbing up behind the deck rail to have a peek. Wearing a Groucho disguise of bushy eyebrows, mustache and thick black glasses, he finally breaks into the action to announce "It's circle jerk time!" Ditching the goofy gear, he kisses Dane and the festivities kick off in grand style. As Dane gobbles down Jessie's big knob, Sunny slurps on Kai. Like any proper orgy, the lines get muddled and soon all four are a writhing, moaning mass of man flesh. Dicks slip down throats in every hot combination.

DamianXDragon - Update

December 28, 2023

Sireno Pacifico

Smashed and Wrecked - Sexy Sireno was passing through NYC and I couldn't resist a smash session with my fellow split tongue boy. He sucks my uncut cock balls deeps. I flip him over and dive into his hairy hole with my tongue before I wreck it. I can't wait to slide my cock into his hole and drive deep into guts. We fuck connected and I look deep into his eyes as I blow my hot sticky load.

Sex Japan TV - Update

December 28, 2023

Petite Asian Girls 4

Nan Gets Rammed - Nan is an Asian slut who can't get enough dick rammed into her Hairy twat. She does a Striptease as she peels off her pink Lingerie and gets on her knees to give a POV Blowjob. Nan spreads her bush to reveal a tight pink hole and then takes a big white dick balls deep before she gets a load of jizz.

Sex Japan TV - Update

December 21, 2023

Petite Asian Girls 3

Ayumi - While resting with her boyfriend sexy Asian Ayumi Sakurai wanted to get fucked. And the guy immediately got down to business. Taking her vibrator, he got her into ecstasy and began to masturbate after which he took out his dick and fucked her hard in her hairy pussy.

Japan Boyz - Update

December 20, 2023

Trendy Japanese Boyz

Haru and Kouya are at the forefront of the trendy set among Japanese gay guys. But when it comes to sex, they aren't afraid to stick to the traditional fucking that's guided men through millennia. They start kissin, cuddling and rubbing crotches in the shower, then Haru and Kouya each take a turn down on their knees in the hot splashing water to grab a musky mouthful of hard cock. Both back on their feet, they decide to take their action to the adjacent bedroom. When it gets to the excitement of topping and bottoming, golden boy Kouya lets Haru take charge. He lies back with legs apart and Haru enters him passionately with bare, natural dick. Their moans tip off how much these two trendies get off on each other in the sack. Kouya climbs up to straddle Haru, grinding his hungry booty against the stiff tool inside.

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