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BadPuppy - Update

Saturday September 23, 2023

Bobby & Alex

Remastered Classic: We find our two hunky studs, Alex Slater and Bobby Rail, already shirtless and making out on the couch. These two have been fuck buddies for over a year, so they don't waste any time getting down to business; and they know exactly what each other wants. Alex kneels down to unzip and remove Bobby's pants, and we get a look at the huge bulge in Bobby's tight skivvies. Alex pulls down Bobby's underwear, revealing Bobby's already hard cock straining to be free. Alex wastes no time getting his mouth around Bobby's tasty cock, and begins his expert blowjob. He bobs up and down, sucking on Bobby's enormous mushroom head. After a few minutes of this, Bobby wants to return the favor. He kneels down in front of Alex, sliding down his pants and underwear, and out pops Alex's thick cock.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

September 08, 2023

Reality Porn 11: Jacob & Tex

Tex Pat has called an awning company for a possible installation when the technician Jacob Lord shows up so does the sexual energy. Jacob has forgotten his measuring tape and Tex conveniently has one that he only uses to measure his friends cocks. Tex declares that Jacob is his new friend. Jacob unleashes his growing hairy cock and Tex is handy and ready to measure away. After meeting the measuring requirements, Tex drops to his knees and begins sucking on Jacob's growing, meaty, uncut cock. The guys move inside from the terrace and prying eyes, where Tex continues with his deep throat cock sucking. Tex brings Jacob's cock to full mast in no time then rises up to share the pleasures with Jacob.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 11, 2023

Casting Couch 493

The muscle bear fest has begun in this casting where Jacob Lord inducts Zeb Hadid into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. These muscle bears are hot, horny, furry, and fantastic. Take a watch or join in. After the niceties of introductions, kissing, fur exploration it's time to strip the underwear and get this party started. Zeb shoves Jacob onto the bed and takes his entire cock into his mouth and comes to rest at his balls. With his nose buried in Jacob's full bush, Zeb inhales all that magnificent, musky aroma wafting from his crotch before continuing with his deep throat cock sucking. Jacob has been dying to get at it and finally takes his time when he begins sucking on Zeb's meaty cock. Jacob is also a gifted deep throat cock sucker and makes sure that he gives Zeb's fat cock the lip service it so richly deserves.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 15, 2023

Gustavo, Babylon & Oliver

Gustavo Cruz and Babylon Prince begin their encounter with the adorable and hot Oliver Hunt by man-handling him and taking off his clothes. When he's fully nude and on display for us all to see, Gustavo plays with Oliver's ass while the bottom and Babylon are making out. Gustavo and Babylon get rougher with Oliver as they strip down and start passing him back and forth. The bottom first sets his sights on sucking the enormous baseball bat of a dick Gustavo Cruz has between his legs. The oral action gets both tops good and exited to take turns slamming Oliver Hunt up the ass bareback.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 23, 2023

Lucas Men Extravaganza 2

Gay Porn Orgy Part 2: Watch the second part (of two) of this gay bareback orgy starring nine of the sexiest and most cock-crazed gay porn models out of all the Lucas Men! You will not want to miss out, because the Lucas Men are about to have an unforgettable fuck party, and you have an all-access invite to check out the dick-sucking and hole-slamming gay bareback action! Join Kosta Viking, Babylon Prince, Harold Lopez, Brian Bonds, Santos, Jack Bailey, Bruno Galvez, Derek Kage, and Gustavo Cruz for this amazing LUCAS MEN EXTRAVAGANZA!

Trans Angels - Update

March 18, 2023

Real ASState Part 1

Real estate agents Jexxxica Blake and Arabictsmariam are giving muscular stud Roman Todd and his fianc?e a tour of a newly listed property, but Roman realizes he's in for more than just a house viewing when sexy blonde Arabictsmariam leads him upstairs to the bedroom and begins deep-throating his thick dick! Away from the prying eyes of his future wife, Roman kneels down and gets a taste of Arabictsmariam's shenis before bending over and inviting the stocking-clad hottie to fuck him from behind doggystyle. Soon after, busty trans babe Jexxxica slips away from Roman's cuckquean and joins the horny pair to make it a racy threesome! Handsome hunk Roman gags on each of the voluptuous tgirls' throbbing she-cocks, then buxom beauty Arabictsmariam twerks her curvy booty in Roman's face as he eats it out.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 01, 2023

Gay Cockold Fucking

It is hard for Pol Prince to keep it in his pants, an his boyfriend Babylon Prince has come to accept this. He actually sometimes enjoys the whole gay cuckold situation he finds himself in. You see, Babylon Prince is one hell of a hunk, and it would take nothing at all for him to step out on Pol Prince. But he instead enjoys the erotic fantasy. Babylon watches on while Pol Prince gets some action with Jordan Jameson before joining in and taking turns fucking the needy hole of Pol Prince!

Masqulin - Update

February 01, 2023

Club Cruising

Philippe checks himself out in the Club bathroom when he notices an unmistakable shadow visible under-stall. Peeking over, he finds Benjamin Blue jerking his stiff cock, but gets caught peeking and ducks away. Excited at getting caught, Philippe spits on and strokes his growing rod, and knocks at the stall door for access. Benjamin is eager to fuck and unlocks the door, inviting the muscular peeping top's inside to devour his thick cock. Philippe throat-fucks the slim blue-eyed bottom hungrily, going in dry and immediately delivering a hard deep pounding, putting him in the throes of pleasure and pain. Benjamin rides Philippe, before shooting his load all over the stall floor before getting a deep bareback breeding.

Frock The World - Update

December 30, 2022

Brooklyn Boys

You are in for a real treat with BK hotties Aram and Amin. These boys redefine 'local trade'. We've seen a lot and we promise this is some of the absolute hottest footage we've ever captured. These real Brooklyn boys are sucking dick, eating ass and fucking each other and it's SOOOOOOO HOT. After a little kissing, they're edging each other's cocks one stroke at a time. Jake gets down on his knees and starts punching his tongue in and out of Aram's hole. You can practically feel how good Jake's rimming is by the look on Aram's face. Soon, Aram is on his back with his legs up waiting to get fucked by Jake's huge cut cock. These two are hot for each other...and you can tell.

DamianXDragon - Update

December 21, 2022


How to Drain a Dragon: Kemono and I melt together with every kiss and every fuck. I make his insides throb for my uncut cock driving deep into his hole. Watch one of our most intimate moments as we try to forget about the camera and fall deep into each other's bodies.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 05, 2022

Boyfriend Swapping

Adam Franco and Sean Weiss are in the mood to swing and swap boyfriends in this gay porn encounter. Being two men who do not believe in suppressing their desires, they invite Pol Prince and Babylon Prince over. it doesn't take long for Adam to take on Pol Prince, and Babylon Prince gets Sean on all fours and fucks his pink little pussy. At one point during the swap Pol Prince and Sean Weiss are side-by-side getting their prostates pounded from behind by Adam Franco and Babylon Prince!

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 10, 2022

Workout That Hole 3

Jim Fit and Apollo Fates know that they're not supposed to practice in the gym unless they're in full uniform, but the two love staring at each other's exposed muscles too much to follow the rules. Once each of them is shirtless, Jim cuts his training short for the chance to have Apollo swallow his already-hard cock and rim his smooth hole. Hungry for more, Apollo thrusts his bareback dick between Jim's cheeks before bringing his hands in to fist the bubble butt jock. Apollo fills and toys with Jim's wrecked hole as Jim puts on a smile and begs to be drilled harder by the athlete's muscular arm. With a few more pumps, a satisfied Jim is soon busting a hot load all over his defined abs and is ready to hit the showers.

Club Amateur USA - Update

October 02, 2022

CUMpilation 2022 2 of 4

CUMpilation 2022, CAUSA 762 2 of 4. Soren, Jairo, Adrian, Elián, Jamie, Will Carrier, Ashton Sin, Leeroy Jones are all in this one. And here we are... My gawd, where dafuq did 2022 go? Can't believe that we're a month away from ClubAmateurUSA turning 19! Given that August turned out to be the famine part of feast or famine in terms of shooting new content with new models or returning models, I decided to make September the CUMpilation month with four full-length scenes in lieu of two. So, without further adieu...

Jalif Studios - Update

September 21, 2022

Francisco & Stany

What a special treat Stany Falcone has in store for him when he arrives home. His friends all gathered to celebrate his birthday, and they didn't come empty handed! Upon arrival, he is greeted by his buddies, cheering and singing, only for them to reveal a special gift: sexy, Francisco! Francisco is exactly what Stany likes, and his friends are kind enough to arrange a special playdate for him and the smooth, dark-skinned twink. Decked out in merely a skimpy jockstrap, Francisco wastes no time in letting Stany know that he wants to get him alone and have all the fun they can handle! As Stany leads Francisco down the hall and into their own private room, he can't help but reach out and feel his exotic friend's bubble butt. Francisco is delighted and wants more!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

July 13, 2022

Aiden & Babylon CC: 467

Aiden Tyler is being inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men today and begins us off with a little strip tease as he awaits the arrival of the Babylon Prince. When Babylon does arrive, he quickly strips down and shoves his meaty, dark, Middle Eastern cock into Aiden’s hungry mouth. Aiden takes the dark, delectable delight all the way to the base as Babylon leans over and begins eating Aiden’s hairy ass. Aiden then stands up and begins feeding Babylon his rock-solid cock. Babylon devours his throbbing cock, which causes Aiden’s balls to draw up tight and position themselves for an explosive eruption. Babylon services and edges Aiden to the point where he can no longer hold back and shoots his load all over Babylon’s pumped chest.

Hot House - Update

July 12, 2022

Dirty Intern

Injured hunk Arad Winwin is at the doctor's office to see new intern Michael Boston, about getting his cast off. During the visit, Arad whips out his hard cock from under his robe, prompting Michael to eagerly wrap his lips around it. After a lengthy cock-worshipping session, the 'Dirty Intern' hops up on the table to let Arad tongue-fuck his ass. The deep rimming is just a small preview of what Michael is about to receive. Arad joins Michael up on the table and works his thick cock into Michael's round ass bareback. Arad feels so good inside him, and Michael pushes back on Arad's cock begging him to go deeper. Arad gives the intern what he wants and relentlessly stretches his asshole. The strokes keep coming from Arad's meat from behind until Intern Michael rolls onto his back and gets his cock jacked while Arad slides past his prostate.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 02, 2022

Kosta Babylon Spit-Roast Ruslan

When you land Ruslan Angelo in the sack, you know that his ass is as good as slammed. Ruslan loves taking dick in his butt, and even more so, he loves the lead up before that initial moment of insertion. Kosta Viking and Babylon Prince sit down with Ruslan Angelo for a Bareback Auditions interview, and when they’re done talking they start fondling and making out. Kosta and Babylon start playing with Ruslan’s hole; quickly after they want to see how much pressure the orifice can take. What does that mean? First Babylon Prince slips his fist inside Ruslan Angelo’s rectum, and then after he pulls out, in goes Kosta Viking with his own fist. Soon after the anal fucking starts, and everyone gets so turned on by Ruslan’s power as a bottom that Kosta and Babylon ride some dick too!

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 21, 2022

Tariq 751

Tariq's last shoot in January 2018 was a little challenging when he couldn't cum, and I had him come back a day or two later to film the cumshot. As he explained to me this week, Tariq was all up in his big head during that shoot -- worried about who may see him in the video. As a Middle Eastern man, he could be literally stoned to death for participating in my content. So, that explained quite a bit in terms of his last shoot. Fast forward to April 2022, and Tariq's mindset is much much different -- to the point of his thick cock pulsing throughout the anal play with him on the edge of orgasm throughout, as well. And when I flipped him over and got started working on the front side, Tariq surprised us both not too far into the rubbing and sucking.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 06, 2022

Uncut Foursome

When you see the big, fat uncut cock that Jeffrey Lloyd has between his legs, it’s no wonder he’s called a papi. Jeffrey is a quiet kind of guy, but don’t let his disposition fool you. When you’re in bed with Jeffrey and he’s going to fuck you, and you’re going to get pounded by papi dick good. Jeffrey Lloyd brings his buddy Babylon Prince to share the asses of the beautiful Kosta Viking and the handsome Pol Prince, who both do an awesome job taking dick up their ass for a long (and hard) time!

Fisting Inferno - Update

March 27, 2022

Stripper Hole Tryouts 3

Experienced club manager and hot daddy Drew Sebastian wants to show dancer Jim Fit that he can still roll with the young bucks. Bending over to show off his ass, Jim takes the invitation to get his fist deep into Drew's hairy ass. As Jim goes deeper and deeper, Drew grabs onto the stripper pole and opens up. To get a deeper angle, Drew sinks down onto Jim's fist and bounces up and down while Jim sucks his cock. As Jim passes Drew's threshold, Drew's legs shake while he strokes his massive cock. Lying on his back, Drew gives Jim full control of his tight ass as the dancer works on opening Drew up. Jim is wrist deep in Drew's ass when the club manager yanks on his pole so hard his thick ropes shoot all over his hand that Jim rushes to lick up and not waste.

Southern Strokes - Update

March 16, 2022

I Kept My Promise

Never be a sore loser. That's what I thought when I had to pay up for my team losing to Finn's team. I really thought we had a chance, so I bet Finn a blow job to the winner. But here I was, never having sucked a dick before, but I had to keep my promise. We went to his place, where he pushed me on the couch and told me to pay up. He pulled his shorts down, and I started sucking his cock. He then laid back on the couch and gave me full access to his big dick. I did as much as I could, but then he started sucking on me. I was in shock because I didn't expect that or for him to put me on my side and fuck my ass. But that's just what happened, and I loved every stroke. He then took my hole from behind before throwing me on my back, fucking me, and cumming on my face. The things I do for my team.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

March 14, 2022

Big Dick Bottom

I always like when I can use these pigs to fuck n get fucked. Keeps cost of filming to the cheap. All these fuck bois be turning into cum dumps. Just takes a week at my house b4 all they can think about is gettin' that nut. Don't matter if your fucking a tight ass or getting yrs wrecked. These fucks started out as a bottom now my whole teams fucken here to blow out these hole.

Twink Top - Update

March 13, 2022

Myott Hunter Ch 1

Sports Therapy - Coach Navarro started working with the college baseball team about a month ago, and quickly realized that his most talented player was under-performing. The problem, he deduced, was a lack of confidence. Young Myott is a naturally gifted sportsman. He's tall, lithe and has great instincts, but lack of self-belief is holding him back… The coach has studied the psychology of sportsmen and wants to explore a radical technique - based on light hypnosis - which he hopes will install some confidence in the handsome boy. Navarro invites Myott to his office and gets the boy feeling relaxed on the couch. It takes a few minutes of deep breathing to get the boy into a frame of mind where he can finally begin to think like a hero.

Amateurs Do It - Update

March 04, 2022


Cute Aussie, Kaleb, is 25 years-old. He's just under six feet tall, with a lithe, tanned, swimmer's body and a winning, kinda naughty smile. He's got a 7-inch, uncut dick and describes himself as fully versatile (while admitting to a slight penchant for being dominated!) He's a dancer and an acrobat and plainly has the sort of flexible body which would make any partner very happy. He shows us a few of his tricks. He walks on his hands, falls into the splits, performs a nifty pirouette and arches his back into bridge, a movement he repeats in just his jockstrap. His tight, lean torso is peppered with tattoos. He performs a go-go dance, gyrating his hips seductively, thrusting his groin backwards and forward and rippling his ripped body like a needy slut.

Fuckermate - Update

March 01, 2022

Morning Cravings

Hot things happen in our kitchen every time our horny mates are at the stove. Today young stud Victor Ferraz, visiting Barcelona for few weeks from his homeland Brasil, catches there Latin muscle bottom Dann Grey, intent on preparing his breakfast. Victor is hungry for something different and he doesn't take too long to take control and orders Dann onto his knees to crave and lick his hard bone. When the guys moves to the living room Grey keeps on sucking and then the Brazilian jams the tongue deep in his horny hole till he begs to get fucked hard and bare. The raw ride he takes on Victor's thick cock is just what he deserves and what he needs to curb his morning cravings, but the service couldn't be complete without the huge load of cum he takes on his face and mouth!

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