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Raw Fuck Boys - Update

June 09, 2021

Brogan & Mikah Kansas City

Brogan's muscle daddy chest feels right at home to Mikah. As he rests his head on his smooth, broad pec, he can't resist taking a hard nipple in his mouth, sucking on it as the beefy top's cock swells up. Seeing Mikah nuzzle on him made him so happy and horny. And like a good boy, Mikah's mouth makes its way to Brogan's thick dick, taking it to the back of his throat and sucking on it with the same passion and feeling. Brogan bends Mikah over the couch, giving the bottom a chance to show off his perfect ass and hungry hole. Brogan gives it a proper rimming, getting it wet and warm before sliding his bare cock deep inside. Brogan knows how to take care of his boys, making them moan, melt and beg to be bred before fucking them hard.

Czech Hunter - Update

June 04, 2021

Czech Hunter 565

I went to a fitness park near my apartment. The plan was simple: do some pull ups and look for cuties working-out. Before I even started, there was a young nicely dressed man passing by. He was writing something down in his notepad so I got interested and approached him. The dude worked for an electricity company and his job was to write down numbers on meters people have in their homes. That sounded pretty boring to me, so I offered him a much better way to make cash. He was a bit shocked at first but agreed. The park was busy for anything serious, so we moved to my place. The guy was straight, but he had a lot of talents. He was even able to take my cock in his virgin ass and enjoy it.

Chaos Men - Update

June 02, 2021

Gino & Johnny Raw

Since Gino Zanetti had done previous video work, I decided to have him jump right into a RAW video. Johnny Cohen was my first pick. Gino said previous guys could not handle the girth of his cock, and Johnny knew for sure he could handle his cock. Lots of good chemistry in this video. I wasn't sure if Gino was even willing to kiss, but he jumped right in eagerly. He is young at 19 and still has some limits, but we pushed through several of them on this shoot. Both guys suck cock like a pro, and they spend a good amount of time servicing each other. Johnny is naturally passive, and Gino took charge, fucking him doggie-style while Johnny eagerly rams his ass back into him. Johnny also rode his cock, and Gino really shows off his fucking skills.

Czech Hunter - Update

May 14, 2021

Czech Hunter 561

For some reason mushroom picking is a big thing in the Czech Republic. When the time comes, forests are teeming with people looking for mushrooms. Since I’m no exception, I decided to have a nice walk in a forest and look for both mushrooms and guys. It didn’t take long and I met a dude, who picked and sold mushrooms as a part-time job. He was from Russia but lived here for a while. The guy had no full-time job and worked here and there to make enough to get by. Maybe that was why he was so easy and cheap. This dude looked innocent and inexperienced at first… but as soon as he put my cock in his mouth, I knew this was going to be awesome. He was incredibly talented, and I think he enjoyed our time together a lot.

GDude-JP - Update

May 12, 2021

Construction Site Adventure

Poker's a fun game for the guys, and you never know which direction things might go. Boys will be boys. When Yowei and Akira played a few hands at home, Akira won. In a cocky mood, he decided to raise the stakes with a sexy dare for Yowei. Off the two went to explore the abandoned Woodson construction site. Besides the wild animals who make it their home, there seemed to be human creatures making some strange noises in the darkest corners. Will Yowei and Akira find out the naughty goings on at the construction site after dark? Are they ready to face that hot dirty action?

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 11, 2021

Dax Hazed

Nikko met Dax at the gym and talked to him about making some money by doing a video. Since Dax is really cocky, Nikko thinks a hazing with a few surprises would knock him down a peg. He straps Dax to a chair and blindfolds him, then has fun tweaking Dax's nipples and playing with his cock. Just as Dax starts getting into the handjob, Nikko goes down on him. Dax freaks a bit at first, but Nikko helps him to chill and enjoy it. It doesn't take long before Dax is breathing heavy, and he shoots his big, sticky load.

Czech Hunter - Update

May 09, 2021

Czech Hunter 560

On my way home I noticed a young man hitchhiking at the roadside. I hadn’t fucked a hitchhiker for a while, so I decided to pull over and try my luck. The guy looked surprisingly calm given the bad day he had. He lost his wallet only a few hours ago, his entire salary was inside. He had no money and decided to better go home. I was more than happy to make a little detour. This dude was only 21 years old and very handsome. Thank god I still had some cash on me, it wasn’t much but he was cheap. I parked the car at a nearby forest and we set out to find a comfortable spot. I was very horny and couldn’t wait so we didn’t get too far. This dude was incredibly cute, his naturally muscular and yet lean body was so hot! He was also really nervous, which made everything even hotter

Dirty Scout - Update

May 09, 2021

Dirty Scout 250

Dominik seemed to be a very competent young man with plenty of experience. He worked as a crisis manager and his skills were valued very high. Unfortunately, the job was quite stressful and our guy had enough of that. He wanted to manage regular situations and finally be able to enjoy free time without being interrupted. That was why I offered him a pleasant job in Vienna. Did I mention that Dominik spoke four languages? He was also really cute. This guy was a perfect employee and that was the problem. How do you bribe someone who is seemingly perfect into having sex during a job interview? It was surprisingly easy in the end because Dominik lost his wallet and couldn't withdraw money to pay our fee... Bingo! Soon he was masturbating right in front of me. And that was just the beginning.

English Lads - Update

May 06, 2021

Straight Hard Uncut Cock

Ethan Williams is one lean, toned footballer who's extremely laid back and happy to go with the flow and today is he finds himself very horny having not wanked in a whole week! Ethan's up for his first-ever spanking experience today and I use the leather spanking paddle to give him a nice red bum as he bends over and spreads his cheeks to show off his hairy ass hole and brilliant hairy body and legs! Ethan's uncut cock steals the show and is rock solid throughout - and wow - he's big! Ethan let's me power wank his huge thick cock until he explodes all over himself with lots of cum everywhere! Great to have you back, Ethan! A pairing with another model next time!?

Hard Brit Lads - Update

May 02, 2021

Troy & Caleb

Hot muscle lads Troy Haydon and Caleb Ramble like things on the strong, intense side. Both are seriously hot - 6'2" Troy with his stunning good looks and amazing tattoos, and short, sexy power bottom Caleb, with his incredible body and big thick uncut cock. Wearing shiny sports kit, they kiss and grope, getting rock hard immediately. Troy completely dominates Caleb, pulling him into his chest to lick and suck his nipples. Troy licks Caleb's nipple whilst playing with his dick, then they return to kissing. Troy pushes Caleb down and pulls off his shorts. Caleb starts sucking, managing to take Troy's cock down to the balls. Troy then grips his head and holds Caleb there for as long as he can manage. Troy fucks Caleb's mouth and throat then gets up off his knees and they kiss.

Japan Boyz - Update

March 31, 2021

Topping Tomoki

New boy at Japan boyz Tomoki is wrapped in a towel gazing at the lights of Tokyo when Kouya steps over and bundles into a sheet with him, leading him straight to bed. Smooth and sexy Kouya deftly smooches Tomoki's nipple while he works the towel off his groin. He slurps away at Tomoki's stiff woody, cupping his nuts in one hand. Locking lips with Tomoki, he pins his legs back so his open ass is just a convenient few inches from Kouya's rod. Before you know it Tomoki's ankles are wrapped around Kouya's waist and they're ready to fuck. Tomoki gets in a few sucks, crouches on all fours for Kouya to slide on a condom and plow in. He kneels while Kouya plays with his nipples and screws his butt from behind. Kouya slams in hard, his nuts slapping against Tomoki's tight wet crack.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 30, 2021

Robert Rough-Ups Ruslan

Robert Royal roughs up Ruslan Angelo's ass today on Lucas Entertainment! The only thing bigger than Robert Royal's nine inches of thick uncut cock is his punk attitude. Robert Royal is rough in the sack, and he expects his bottoms to take the rough fucking he delivers happily and without complaint. Ruslan Angelo has a tight hole between two big, rock-hard, round ass cheeks. If there's someone who can keep up with Robert Royal's balls-deep anal penetration, it's the bottom slut Ruslan Angelo!

Raw Fuck Club - Update

March 22, 2021

Barebackers Dungeon

It can't get any hotter than getting fucked by a hot big dicked muscle daddy in a dungeon room can it? Well it does and they start sweating to prove it! Jacob White services the big dick of Rick Richards in this hot sweaty sling room scene. Jacob swallows whole Rick's big 9" cock and gets it nice and rock hard so it hangs nicely showing its massiveness. Jacob can't wait to get barebacked by this fucker so quickly gets in the sling so Rick can start barebacking his hot big ass only to reward him with a nice juicy load and mark his territory.

Young Bastards - Update

March 09, 2021

Cramming Raw Boy Cunt

Jean Pierre should have known better when his friend Sly brought him into this horny little dungeon, he should have certainly seen where this was going as his buddy shackled him into the wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling. He's more than happy to become his pals plaything, it seems, his naked body soon being explored and his ass slapped and spanked. With a little toying of his slave boy's hole Sly is ready to give him his cock, lowering him for some good face fucking. The boy knows how to service a dick, that's for sure. His mouth works that meat with skill until his ass is backing up and that naked piece of fuck-meat is crammed deep inside. Sly uses him so well, fucking that ass and only pulling out to start pumping his thick load between those smooth ass cheeks.

Hairy and Raw - Update

March 08, 2021

Jock & Bronco

Jock Dog and Bronco Yote are super hot for each other and they have been for some time. Both are blue-collar workers and after a long day out in the sun there's nothing these two enjoy more than finding different ways to de-stress. And there's no better way than with a good, raw fuck. After making out and stripping down, dark-haired Bronco and blond Jock, take turns sucking each other. But what the bearded tattooed bottom needs most is for his bearish co-worker to stuff him full of cock and pound him bareback. And that's exactly what Bronco does, working up to a good sweat and some much needed release!

Bear Films - Update

March 07, 2021

Artillero & Leo

No need to rush a good time. Artillero and Leo Grin are just coming home from a night of bar hopping in the gay village and are super horny and ready to fuck. They get back to the room and are immediately are on each other, taking their clothes off, swapping spit, grabbing and groping. Artillero loves making Leo beg to taste his cock, but once he gets it, Leo knows just what to do with it. But that sweet treat doesn't last long as they take their time exploring each other's bodies until Leo is on his back, with his legs up, taking a good fucking from his daddy bear. And when Artillero is ready to cum, he breeds his boy deep in his hole and felches it out before working Leo's prostate till he erupts all over his furry belly.

Blake Mason - Update

March 07, 2021

Kamyk & James

Kamyk Walker Makes James Bennett Explode - You can usually tell when a boy has had a great time by the cum load they shoot. James certainly proves that in this fuck with gorgeous young Kamyk! If the oral pleasuring these boys deliver for each other and the sight of their wet uncut meat being so lovingly slurped doesn't do it for you, the vision of Kamyk getting fucked from behind and riding that big boner his new friend has to give him most certainly will. Stick around for the final messy moments and you'll be treated to a cummy display that'll have you gushing out a big mess too!

Hairy and Raw - Update

February 22, 2021

Jay & Luis

When Jay Ricci told us he had a buddy interested in playing with him on film, we were kind of nervous. It was Luis Casola's first time doing both, playing with Jay AND being on camera. But those fears were soon put to rest once these two got on set. The energy between Jay and Luis was intense, so we decided to make it last a little longer by putting Luis on the St. Andrews Cross. There, Jay teased and pleased before finally getting to the main event of fucking Luis bareback. The control and denial of instant gratification only added fuel to the fire already burning between them and the build up to penetration, which in itself was explosive!

Breed Me Raw - Update

February 11, 2021

Tyler & Beau

Whether you're a Tyler Reed fan or just love beefy bossy tops, you're going to love the hairy, thick hung daddy as he takes Beau Reed and makes those hungry holes his own! When we first mentioned the possibility of fucking Beau at the bathhouse, the raw top's eyes lit up and he shot us a knowing smile, one that seemed to say, "Yeah, I fucked that little slut but I'd sure as hell fuck him again." When the bareback pigs met in the locker room they instantly locked lips, making out before taking turns sucking each other. Then, after Tyler gave Beau a rim job, he worked his fat cock inside the bottom's ass using nothing but spit. After fucking the cock whore against the blue metal, hunk Tyler lay back on the floor and offered up that juicy piece of meat.

Japan Boyz - Update

February 05, 2021

Ceremony Of Lust

Yusaku and new Japanboy Tomoki are sitting in proper starched ceremonial outfits. They face each other with hands on their thighs, then move closer and begin kissing. When these Asian studs stand and drop their robes, they peel off their patterned undies and get to work on the real action. Tomoki pulls on Yusaku's big pierced horse dick and takes it down his throat. Covering the cock with little feathery kisses, he pays tribute to Yusaku's edgy manhood. Tatted hipster Yusaku gets on his knees, slowly tongues and swallows Tomoki's tool. Bracing himself with one hand on Tomoki's chest, he slowly, gently feels the dick swelling in his hungry mouth. Tomoki kneels behind bent-over Yusaku and licks his ass.

Cocky Boys - Update

February 01, 2021

Manuel & Olivier

Sexy ginger Olivier Robert returns to CockyBoys and Manuel Skye is more excited than usual to have a go with him! Manuel isn't subtle about it either! He lets Olivier know how eager he is and what he wants to do and puts words turn to action. Manuel makes out with Olivier, gropes his ripped bod, strips him to the waist and pulls down his jeans just far enough to cock-tease his sculpted ass.Soon Manuel slips them both out of their jeans to engage in cock-centric foreplay. Manuel proudly shows off his oozing pre-cum, feeds it to Olivier and then strokes their cocks together. But he soon turns to Olivier's hot ass and tongue fucks his hole before turning him around to suck him.

Hairy and Raw - Update

January 30, 2021

Daemon & Owen

There are places that bring out the slut in all of us. Fort Lauderdale's own Inn Leather, where this scene was filmed, is one of those places. It reeks of sex as it basks under the sun and you can just about feel all the sex men have had there over the years. And just as there are places that get your juices flowing, certain people can do the same. Take Daemon Sadi Said for example, a walking, talking sex mobile, ready to drop trou and open for just about anything. He helps Owen Powers bring out his inner slut but, to be fair, Owen's inner whore isn't buried deep. This is what happens when two inhibited men start to fuck. The kissing, the cock sucking and definitely the musky rimming and tongue fucking.

Hairy and Raw - Update

January 25, 2021

Chip & Peter

There's a thrill about gambling that sometimes pushes people over the edge. They don't know when to stop. They just keep on playing, putting more and more on the line, sometimes risking...well...everything! Now, it's been said that if you must gamble, the best thing to do is place limits on yourself. Spend only a certain amount per day. Know when to walk away. But what do you do if you don't know when to stop? What do you do if you're...a-dick-ted? If you're Chip Young, you give up your ass to the croupier who's guaranteed to take you for all you've got. And with an experienced bareback fucker like daddy Peter Hughes, only one outcome is certain. Raw daddy cock in tattooed sub bottom hole with both spewing big loads of jizz.

Straight Fraternity - Update

January 21, 2021

Kevin & Warren

Go Gay-For-Pay - Now that Warren has become an expert at going gay for pay, Franco uses him to initiate Kevin, a 20-year-old newbie with a six-pack and a big dick who's looking to break into the porn industry. While we're negotiating, Warren tells Kevin about his girlfriend's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Since he's more experienced, I have him get Kevin hard first. It doesn't take much to give this 20-year-old a boner. Kevin takes the hint, gives Warren a blowjob and jerks him until he nuts. Then Warren rubs Kevin's taint while he strokes his big dick and grabs it out of his hand right as he starts cumming.

Maskurbate - Update

January 15, 2021

JP & Manuel Raw

Straight male stripper JP showed up to our studio not knowing really what kind of scene he was doing. When he saw porn star Manuel Deboxer, I felt a connection between the two and the simple muscle worship that Manuel performed on JP turned out to be a lot more. In this exclusive uncut version you'll see a load of new footage, bloopers and exciting behind-the-scene action. A must see!

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