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Hard Brit Lads - Update

February 24, 2022

Harley & Caleb

In their shiny sports kit, our hot muscled lads start off with some passionate kissing and groping. At 6 foot 4, skinhead bodybuilder Harley Everett is a huge bloke, towering over cute horny Caleb Ramble. Taking off their tops for some hot nipple play, both lads have amazing bodies. Caleb is tightly honed and muscular, with an amazing six pack and great legs. Harley has huge shoulders and biceps, and the biggest pecs I ever saw. After licking and sucking hard nipples, they reach inside each others shorts, eager to get their cocks out. Both have big thick uncut cocks, Harley's dick has a very large bulging head on it, and his dick curves upwards while Caleb's is dead straight, and thick all the way to the base. Eager to please, he drops to his knees and gets to work on Harley's meaty 8-incher.

Bentley Race - Update

February 23, 2022

Bryon & Ryan

Our first hot couple shoot for summer stars our beautiful mates Byron Atwood and Ryan Matthews. Byron and Ryan were mates before they met for this shoot. So there were no first time meeting nerves, and they were very keen to shoot together. This is Ryan's second couple shoot, and Byron has done a bunch with our mates in the past. These guys are really sweet together. There was lots of kissing during the photoshoot as they gradually got naked. We had fun taking these photos. But wait till you see the hot video the boys made. It starts out with Ryan getting a rub down on the massage table. Your gonna want to watch it right to the end to make sure you see Ryan getting a cum facial. This is a really great shoot with two of the sweetest guys I know.

BareBack That Hole - Update

February 19, 2022

Diego & Ray

After a great night out on the town, turned to morning, Diego Spynx and Ray Crosswell didn't want to go far for breakfast. Luckily, cock and ass were the only things they were interested in eating. They are also in no rush and plan on making things last as long as they can. Stripping turns to kissing, tasting, and touching before Ray finally gets his mouth on Diego's tool. Diego grabbed Ray's hair and gently helped guide his head up and down his cock before face fucking it. Diego then warms Ray's hole with a few fingers making sure he is ready for a good pounding. And after going a few fingers deep, Diego fills Ray's ass with his cock. Ray loves every inch and shows Diego as they fuck in several positions. They fuck all over the bed until Diego finishes shooting his jizz inside Ray's hole as Ray shoots his creamy load.

BareBack That Hole - Update

February 13, 2022

Micah & Dillon

Micah Martinez is down to fuck all the hot guys in Vegas, and Dillion Diaz has been on the list since he moved to Sin City. Now they were both at the right place at the right time, and nothing was going to stop him from being inside Dillon's ass. Luckily, Dillon feels the same way. They start kissing on the bed, but Micah quickly finds his mouth on Dillon's dick. And after getting a taste, it was his turn to feel the inside of a warm mouth. But Micah is an ass man and can't wait to get his tongue on Dillon's hole. Micah gets his bottom on his knees and devours Dillon's hole before sliding inside his ass. Dillon is ready to give Micah the fuck he's been waiting for as his hole gets opened wide. They fuck until Dillon can't hold back anymore. He shoots on Micah's chest while taking Micah for a ride.

Club Amateur USA - Update

February 11, 2022

Elián 743

Elián is 24 and 5'08" tall and weighs 115lbs with a 7.0" big fat hard cock and Brown Hair, Brown Eyes while he's Gay and Sexploring. Would the real Elián please step forward... lol. Elián messaged me, and we were able to film two days before I was sidelined, and once again, this cutiepatootie allowed me to further push his boundaries and his magic button. Apparently, direct prostate stimulation works for this gay top since Elián's cock grew rock-hard after the L'Amourose Rosa Black Diamond prostate vibrator was inserted. In fact, he was so turned on that he stayed on the cusp of cumming, and without warning, Elián suddenly began to blow -- hands free!

Young Bastards - Update

February 08, 2022

Daddy Gives Sore Ass

Smooth boy Antu is at the mercy of muscled young daddy Faisul, his mouth gagged and his hands bound while the man pinches his tender nipples and spits in his face. The twink can do nothing while his dominant master bites and tweaks, slaps and licks. The boy knows what's demanded of him the moment that big daddy cock is grinding in his innocent face. He gags on the huge uncut meat, the helmet dribbling precum over his tongue. He can't deny it tastes so good, but although he'd greedily suck the load out of it to please his master daddy Faisul needs that ass more than the boy's mouth. With the twink's cheeks red and sore he licks and slurps, finally sliding in his big raw fuck meat and pounding his pucker with demanding thrusts.

Blake Mason - Update

January 22, 2022

Axel & Jake

A Rampant Fuck For New Jake - It might start out smooth and slow and sensual, but we all know Axel Blaise is capable of delivering a real rampant fucking. Gorgeous, tall and slim Jake Ryder probably wasn't prepared for this, but with those gorgeous cocks sucked he's soon sliding down on Axel's length and enjoying a little ride. Things really change when Axel takes over and pumps that arse with the kind of energy we rarely see! No wonder the pair make such a milky, gooey mess by the end of it!

Fisting Inferno - Update

January 14, 2022


Tristan Hunter is laid back with his arms bound while Liam Skye watches helplessly from a steel cage. Dom Devin Franco is pacing the room with his riding crop, taking pleasure in teasing both of his boys. After clamping Tristan's nipples, Devin sees his sub get hard and slips Tristan's jock down to tease his thick cock. Devin directs his attention to Liam and uses his whip to strike his horny prisoner repeatedly. After utilizing several more devices of dominance on Liam, Devin opens the cage and lets Liam face-fuck Tristan who is still bound. From each end, Liam and Devin bareback spit-roast Tristan with their cocks and thick dildos. Completely at their mercy, Tristan takes both cocks in both holes until Devin unleashes a thick load that covers Tristan's crotch.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

January 12, 2022

Matt & Jay

Wearing trackie bottoms and polo shirts, beefy, handsome, dark haired, Matt Brooks and slim, defined, hung chav, Jay Dawson, start off kissing and getting a feel of each others bodies. They take their tops off and take turns licking and sucking each others nipples whilst squeezing each others bulges. There's some great chemistry here right from the start! Jay reaches inside Matt's trackies and pulls out his cock. Like the rest of him, Matt's uncut cock is thick and meaty. Matt reaches inside for Jay's dick, pulling it out. It's a stiff 8-incher and uncut, with a big head on it and natural bushy pubes. They play with each other a bit, then Matt gives Jay's nipples a hard sucking. Matt is one hell of a cocksucker, getting his lips all the way to the base, swallowing the entire eight inches down his throat.

Bi Latin Men - Update

January 11, 2022

Fino & Tag

Fino and Tag are two young Latino Bi Guys who decided to do some hot gay porn. Tag has his name by the Militay dog tags he wears but don't let that get your mind going. Wath how Tag both gives and takes a nice big fat hard uncut Latino cock. Fino is not slouch at all either and is very eager to get thinks hoit and heave right from the start. When you put two studs like this together sparks will fly and they do.

Disruptive Films - Update

January 02, 2022

Young Again

Mitch (Chi Chi LaRue) has a crush on his hot, young across-the-hall neighbor Jordan (Ricky Larkin). Mitch is so smitten with Jordan that his behavior teeters on stalking the younger man. One night, after an awkward encounter with Jordan, Mitch has dark self-harm thoughts. Instead of taking his life, he opens a box of crystals that his sister gave him, reads her inspirational note, and holds the crystals in his hands, wishing that he was young again. Mitch goes to bed and wakes up feeling better than he has in a while. He has more pep in his step and when he catches a glimpse at himself in the mirror, he realizes why. Mitch is himself...but significantly younger (Michael Del Ray). Deciding to take as much advantage of the situation as he can, Mitch makes a play for Jordan.

Men At Play - Update

December 29, 2021

Young Flatmate

It's an important day for John Brachalli. He has been called back for an interview for a job he really wants. While sipping on his coffee, his flatmate, the young Pol Prince, runs half-naked down the stairs and startles him. John spills some coffee on his white shirt and suit jacket, getting it ruined. Pol is extremely apologetic and goes upstairs to get a new shirt and tie to lend John. John is tired of Pol constantly running around almost naked. In actuality, it is not that John hates it - it's that he has been wanting to play with his young flatmate! Luckily, Pol doesn't see a problem walking around like he does nor hooking up with the sexy John.

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

December 26, 2021

Kinbaku - Milk

Being bound and immobilized for sex is not everyone's cup of tea, but putting full control of his stiff dick into Yoshi's caring and masterful hands is holepig Lawrence Knight's wet dream cum true. Tied up once more by Shibari master Encho, this time his dick is getting teased and edged, and not his hungry hole. With arms tied and immobile, there's nothing for Lawrence to do except beg to finally cum. Yoshi edges him with slick, lube-y hands, his mouth and a buzzing vibrator to keep the stimulation turned up to high. Meanwhile, he's controlling Lawrence's breath and drenching him in the spit he loves. Just when Lawrence's stimulation is hitting a maximum level, Yoshi milks his aching cock to give him a delicious mouthful of his own fresh cum.

House Of Angell - Update

December 20, 2021

Lucky Liam Angell

What a lucky boy Liam Angell is. He has two Dads to fuck him and one even lets him fuck back! Will Angell and hubby Bishop Angus teach their boy Liam how to fuck like a pro. Just the image of thick beefy Bishop splayed open in the sling, his fat monster thick cock bouncing on his meaty belly until Liam pulls a load out of him is a dream come true. These are some hot and sexy beefy Bears that just can't get enough.

Club Amateur USA - Update

December 19, 2021

Sevian 737

Sevian is 24, 5'05" 140lbs 6.5" hard cock with black hair, brown eyes and he's straight and sexploring. Sevian contacted me online, and within 24 hours, slid onto table. 24 hours later, he was flying out of PHX to return home to the East Coast. So, since I knew this to be a one-and-done shoot with Sevian, I decided to go with the "Full Meal Deal". As we learn in the post-massage dialogue, all of this was a first for him, and based on his verbal affirmations & physical responses, I do believe that Sevian’s sexperience was a thorough success!

Hard Brit Lads - Update

December 19, 2021

Guy & Justin

Handsome hairy muscle lads Guy Rogers and Justin King start off on the sofa in Adidas sportswear. Both have powerful hairy legs and chests. As they get a feel of each other, they kiss. Then Justin lifts his top. Guy sucks on his big hard sensitive nipples, which gets Justin hard. Guy takes off his sports vest and Justin can't wait to get his lips around Guys hairy nipples. Guy goes back to Justin's nipples, giving them another good play and suck as he rubs the bulge in Justin's shorts. Justin pulls them down, and Guy squeezes his dick over his white undies before taking them off. His dick is uncut, and Guy starts licking the end, jerking him off, then gets into some hot sucking. With Guy pleasuring his dick, Justin reaches out to rub Guy's amazing arse, pulling his shorts down, then his undies, exposing his hairy muscle butt.

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

December 11, 2021

Perfect Cocktail

It's "cocktail hour" in the big city when "Italian XLFF" arrives in Yoshi's hotel room to find him naked on black rubber sheets, bound with arms and legs taped up securely. Yoshi's offering his open cunt to mix up the perfect cocktail, and the hairy young Italian stud plunges his fist in to start stirring things up. That wide-open hole offers no resistance, and soon it's getting punched and pummeled, fucked full of fist and uncut dick at the same time. Time to fill up that twitching cocktail shaker. Italian XLFF slides in an anal tunnel , squirts in a hefty helping of piss and cum. Cocktails are served, mixed up fresh from a juicy, leaking rosebud, and Yoshi gets the first mouthful.

Bear Films - Update

December 05, 2021

Tony & Mark

We were excited to get these two sexy bears together and have them show you what they could do. It was Tony Rivers's first time back on set, and he was hungry for a hot hole to play in. Mark Matthews was more than ready to give Tony his welcome back present. After some deep kissing, these two bears stripped off their clothes and got down to business. Tony warmed Mark's hole up with his finger while Mark's mouth explored Tony's body. But Tony only needed Mark's mouth on his cock to get things started right. Then it was time for Tony to return the favor as they went full sixty-nine on each other's cock. But Tony is more of an ass man and ate Mark's ass like a full course meal. Soon it was time for Tony to feed the beast as he fucked Mark's hole.

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 04, 2021

Riley Wrecks Rocky

It's high time we got to see Rocky get truly, thoroughly railed, and with Riley and Riley's big dick available, Rocky getting thoroughly railed is precisely what we're in for with this episode! Mind you, Rocky loves getting railed! He's truly veers, and so enthusiastically sexual that he is clearly having himself a blast no matter what he's up to in an episode. Whether we're seeing him top or bottom, or even flip, Rocky is having a great time and it shows in the expressions on his face, the noises coming from his mouth, and the load he's blasting off at the end of it all. Of course, with a top like Riley delivering the kind of fuck being delivered here, it'd be near impossible for Rocky to not have a good time! Riley is handsome, hung, and he sets out to show off his stamina in this one!

Bear Films - Update

November 24, 2021

John & Mike Cub

We love giving John Lock new models to break in, and he was happy to be Mike Cub's first. John was still celebrating his birthday but was down to share his special day by giving gifts to others. Mike pulled John's pants down and got to work on his party favor. He sucked on John's cock like a good cub should. John loved looking into his boy's eyes as he took his meat down his hungry throat. After a few minutes, John was ready to fuck his cub's hole but first ate his furry butt like it was birthday cake before slowly sliding his thick cock in his hole. John loved how Mike's ass felt gripping his cock, and Mike couldn't get enough of John's cock wrecking his cubby hole, which made John fuck harder. John worked the newbie's ass with his mouth and cock until he couldn't hold back anymore.

Young Bastards - Update

November 19, 2021

Schaaamlos Live Fucking

BEHIND LA PURGA XXX - Episode 3 - A Cockumentary By Falk Lux - Not many men enjoy shopping, but if you were costume shopping with these hot Spanish stallions (and their mare) you really wouldn't mind it. Cocks are out, underwear and fetish gear is filled to bursting and more than one dick swells up with excitement as the cast of La Purga XXX get their look for their last adventure in Berlin. The final raucous live sex show in front of a huge audience at "Schaaamlos" party in Berlin leaves us all in awe, what a wild production it's been!

Club Amateur USA - Update

November 18, 2021

CAUSA turns 18 with Oliver

Oliver, 49 years old, height 6'01" weight, 210 cock, 6.0" Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Bisexual and Sexploring. Oliver's original "Rub N Tug" was filmed September 19, 2003 when he was 31 years old, and in the last 18 years, Oliver retired from the military and fully embraced his bisexuality. When Oliver contacted me in early Spring, I knew that I wanted to capture him on video again for CAUSA, and asked him if he'd mind waiting until October, so he could be a returning model for Club Amateur USA's 18th birthday. Oliver thought it was an awesome idea and agreed. So, on Friday, October 29, at 49 years of age, Oliver returned for his second go on the table, and this time around, Oliver sexperienced much more than a rub and a tug.

Straight Fraternity - Update

November 15, 2021

Johnny & Angel

Johnny & Angel's First Gay Experiences - Johnny and Angel just met, but I know they'll do almost anything for the right price. I give these two young, inexperienced guys an afternoon they won't forget, with their first gay 69, face-fucking, tea-bagging and one guy cumming on the other. First, I want them to experience sucking cock while having your dick sucked, so it's time for some gay 69'ing. Johnny kicks back as Angel sucks his cock some more. They concentrate on getting off, and after a lot of stroking Angel finally shoots his load on Johnny's dick. In the end, Johnny beats his cummy dick into a froth until he nuts, too.

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

November 15, 2021

Dirty Mind

It's the spooky season for bright kinky color and shades of creepy action. Yoshi's October trick turns to a special treat when two filthy pigs get together to play. His buddy Jin Ueo plays horny mad scientist, inserting a mysterious syringe full of neon-bright gooey slime up into Yoshi's guts, not stopping till his ass is filled. Yoshi tries in vain to hold the weird glop in, but his sloppy hole can't keep from leaking goo back out of a blooming rosebud. Frenzied by the slime, their kinky play escalates when Yoshi begins fisting Jin's eager hole. Once he's wide-open, it's Jin's turn to take an ass-full of goo. As soon as he's full to the bursting point, his hole spurts it out Alien-style onto Yoshi's mouth for both to share.

GDude-JP - Update

November 13, 2021

After School

Mr. Keaton, the school janitor, has struck up a friendship with a hard-working schoolboy who stays late after classes to study every day. They meet, greet and chat after every school day. Now it's become the most important moment in Mr. Keaton's day. And one day it turns into something even more... If you are into hot and sexy Japanese guys then these two studs will make your day.

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